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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 19


Volume 07 Chapter 19 - Hercules Jack

’’There's hope of even killing a star level 7 or 8?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

He had learned much from his time spent in the virtual space over the year.

He also understood more...a universe level fighter could go up against an interstellar fleet without any weapons! A star level 7 or 8 was at least a 100 times stronger than a star level 1, it was extremely close to the universe level! It was one of the top warriors in the universe, even an interstellar fleet would have problems killing one, much less a scout ship.

’’This is a black dragon mountain...X81 ship!’’

Babata said, ’’There are 8000 over galaxies in the black dragon mountain starfield, countless planets. These are considered very good scout ships, they are mostly used by universe level fighters or those with wealth and reputation. Only these people can afford them. A ship used by universe level fighters that comes with weapons capable of killing star level 7 or 8 fighters, what's strange about that? Also, all I'm saying is there's hope and a chance, powerful fighters would not stand there stupidly or put themselves at such risks!’’

Luo Feng couldn't help but carefully analyze the ship in front of him

Pure black, disc shaped.

’’Hehe, with this X81, I demon Babata won't have to work that hard to build a ship from scratch. As long as I can hack into the X81's AI system and take over the control systems. Then I'll do some modifications on this X81 scout ship. Luo Feng, once that's done you'll be able to ride it and have adventures in the universe.’’ Babata was excited.

Building from scratch couldn't compare to the convenience of just getting one immediately.

’’Ok.’’ Luo Feng nodded his head.

’’Also Luo Feng, even if I build a ship, it won't be better than this, its craftsmanship is good, and its foundation material used to build the entire ship is a metal called black yttrium! The lousy remains that you gave me could never come close to this metal black yttrium. You can't get anywhere without the proper equipment, no matter how good I am, with such lousy materials, all I can build is a normal universe ship, it can never be better than this.’’

’’This X81, with the black yttrium metal, even universe level fighters have to use a large amount of effort to break through.’’ Babata praised it, ’’Normal universe level fighters normally ride ships of this grade. They normally wouldn't bear to buy anything even more expensive than this.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

This ship, was a universe warrior's standard for ships, the Yun Mo Planet ship, was for a champion amongst the undying, the master of the Yun Mo Planet.

It was a pity...

That it was broken.

If it wasn't broken, riding the Yun Mo Planet ship, with just a straight rush, it'd cut through the golden horned beast! It was after all a terrifying ship capable of cutting through planets.

’’Luo Feng, controlling this ship would be very difficult.’’ Babata said, ’’Earth's countries have risked so much just for this X81 scout ship, they've lose countless lives, without even being able to enter the cockpit door.’’

’’Babata, how do we get in?’’ Luo Feng asked.

Following the document Hong gave him...

The toughest part of the archeological ruin no,12 was the entrance route, once the cabin door was open, there was only one path to follow! At the end of the path was the cockpit door. Yet, many of the various countries elites have all died just in that path, to open the cockpit door was something even Hong or Thunder God couldn't do.

’’The construction details of the X81, I'm very familiar with it!’’

Within the virtual space, Babata was was wearing a black robe, he lifted his head, ’’After opening the main door, the main and only path is a laser path! The lasers shot out in this path can easily kill even a star traveller level 5 or 6. Earth's representatives, star traveller level 1 or 2, would still die even if their black god sets mitigate some of the damage. Only Hong or Thunder God, with the black god sets might stand a chance.’’

Luo Feng listened carefully.

’’The lasers are very powerful weapons. If you humans on Earth carefully researched lasers more, you might have better results.’’ Babata assessed.

’’Very powerful?’’ Luo Feng hardly heard Babata praise something like that.

’’Of course it's powerful!’’

Babata continued, ’’Logically speaking, the more light is concentrated in one point, the stronger it gets, this means it's power can constantly increase...Theoretically speaking, the laser's power can rise indefinitely! Of course there are many difficulties doing this in reality. However, the laser weapons from the higher civilizations in the universe are weapons that even sector lords have to be careful of.’’

’’Of course, the lasers in this path aren't of that level.’’ Babata said, ’’All you have to do now is to rush past the laser path and open that cockpit door!’’

’’Once you pass the laser path, we can get in from there.’’

’’Opening the cockpit door won't be easy! Your Head Hong and that so called Thunder God, honestly speaking, Thunder God, that name irks me.’’ Within the wrist cuff's virtual space, Babata snorted, ’’The two of them do not have the means to open the door! This cockpit door, to lift it up, requires a star level 3 or 4 warrior to open.

’’Star level 3 or 4 warrior?’’ Luo Feng shook his head.

He definitely wouldn't be able to lift it.

The difference was too huge.

’’Can we just break through it? With the knife shard.’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’The door's material is black yttrium metal, you think you can break though? I just said, even universe fighters would have to use a large amount of effort. The hybrid copper essence shard may be powerful, but with your power...’’ Babata said, ’’Ok, that's it, all you have to to put this plaything and wedge it in the groove below the cockpit door.’’


A strange tool appeared in front of Luo Feng.

At first glance, it looked something like an axe, the edge of the blade was extremely thin, also, this tool was about 3m long, 1m wide.

’’You just have to use that thin side and wedge it between the door and the ground in the groove, That'll do it.’’ Babta said.


Luo Feng's channeled his thoughts, immediately, the cloud contact vine leaves extended, becoming an armor that protected Luo Feng's entire body.

Following the dust filled ground, walking towards the ship.

’’Cabin door!’’

Luo Feng floated at the cabin door, both hands grabbing the cracks of the door, pushing forcefully, ’’Open!!!’’

Hua La!

The cabin door was opened, what appeared was a pathway that was about 30m long, both walls on the sides had little clusters of holes, not glass items and such as what Luo Feng had imagined.

’’Laser path eh?’’ Luo Feng took a deep breath, the soaring shuttle had transformed into the mountain bulwark, protecting his body.


He fiercely rushed forward!

’’Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!...

Immediately, beams of white light lit up the entire pathway, some of the lasers, as though they had sensed Luo Feng, the holes in the walls adjusted and bent accordingly, shooting directly at Luo Feng.

The speed of the lasers...300 thousand kilometers per second!

Even the golden horned beast wouldn't be able to dodge it, much less Luo feng.


A portion of laser hit the mountain bulwark, and that smashed into Luo Feng's body! More lasers began to hit Luo feng's body directly, at the same time, over 10 beams hit him!

Within the pathway.

Luo Feng, who originally rushed in, used an even faster speed as he got shot to fly back out.


On the ground, Luo Feng was rubbing the ground for a few dozen meters, before punching the metal wall of the mother ship.

’’Luo Feng, what are you doing?’’ Babata couldn't help but shout.

’’Rush in and wedge this tool between the ground and the door, wasn't that what you said?’’ Luo Feng massaged his chest, ’’If I don't rush in, don't tell me I can just use my spirit energy to control this tool? I'm just afraid the moment it goes in, it'll be destroyed by the lasers.’’

Luo Feng had full faith in the cloud contact vine.

The first cultivation helped it evolve extremely quickly, it ate mostly Mu Ya crystals after that too. Currently, the cloud contact vine's power was at the star traveller level 7 or 8. If the vine were to battle Luo Feng, unless Luo Feng used his hybrid copper essence shard, he wouldn't be a match.

It was because of the vine's strong defense that Luo Feng dared to enter.

’’No problem, this tool won't be destroyed so easily.’’ Babata said, ’’Just use your spirit energy to control it!’’

’’That makes it much easier.’’

Hearing those words from Babata, Luo Feng didn't have to worry about the durability of the tool anymore.

Those were, after all, lasers that could kill star travellers.


Once more in though the cabin door.

Luo Feng used his spirit energy to control the axe-like tool, nineteen strong threads of energy wrapped around the tool.


The axe became a beam of light!


A white laser beam hit it, the axe immediately got shot outside.

’’It really didn't break?’’ Luo Feng's spirit energy was controlling the axe tool, ’’The lasers are too fast, what can we do?’’ Luo Feng glanced around before coming up with a plan.

’’Mountain bulwark.’’

The soaring shuttle broke into 365 knife blades, swiftly forming the mountain bulwark.

The mountain bulwark covered the top of the axe tool, sticking to the ground.

’’Go!’’ Luo Feng's gaze was cold.


The mountain bulwark and the axe tool below it moved as quick as lightning, lasers shooting directly at it!

’’Gather!’’ The lasers hit the mountain bulwark.


The mountain bulwark actually immediately separated into 365 knife blades, with so many knife blades, a large number of the laser beams began directing themselves towards them, and the axe tool on the ground was moving as quick as lighting, sticking to the ground and heading straight in!

Between the yttrium cockpit door and the ground, there was bound to be an extremely small, extremely small gap.


The axe tool penetrated in with its extremely thin blade.


The axe tool began to emit a weird noise, all that could be seen was the black yttrium cockpit door begin to lift up! Under the door was the axe tool, what was once the extremely thin blade of the axe tool had actually become two levels, the upper level unrelenting in lifting the door! It lifted the whole black yttrium door, this scene made Luo Feng dumbstruck.

’’Babata, you said this black yttrium door requires a star level 3 or 4 to lift up.’’ Luo Feng was amazed.

’’Why don't you look at what I'm using, this is a hercules jack. Oh, with the universe language, it's called XXX.’’ Babata said, ’’It's similar to Earth's normal jack. You must know, maintaining a spaceship requires lots of tools. When I was building ships before, I acquired many different tools. This hercules jack is just one of them.’’

’’Like when a ship gets damaged, or whatever gets stuck. If the warrior cannot move it, what can he do? Use the hercules jack!’’ Babata said proudly, ’’This hercules jack's technical capability is extremely high.’’

Luo Feng was amazed.

’’Luo Feng, why are you not rushing in yet!’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng looked towards the end of the laser pathway...

The cockpit door had already been lifted a good 1m, the universe repair tool 'hercules jack', was still continuously lifting the door.


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