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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 18


Volume 07 Chapter 18 - Archeological Ruins No. 12

Luo Feng grit his teeth as he stared at his watch communicator, his eyes blood red, his fist clenched so hard you could hear his bones grinding, the veins popping out from the back of his hand.

’’If it was a human star level 1, a 1.5 hundred million tons of explosives would kill him immediately. The golden horned beast really lives up to its elite bloodline of the space beast. Be it defense or offense, they all have the metallic properties of a devouring beast.’’ Babata was feeling proud for the space beast.

Metal properties, were naturally stronger in defense.

Not too mention a devouring metal type, one that swallows metal to grow, its defense was just absurd.

’’Don't say anymore.’’ Luo Feng raged.

Within the wrist cuff virtual space, Babata, who was lying on the sofa was just about to continue singing the beast's praises, discussing the golden horn beast. However, Luo Feng's cold remark totally cut him off.

’’You actually dare to chide me, demon Babata.’’ Babata bared his teeth, revealing his fangs, before muttering apprehensively, ’’I'm the great demon Babata! Back then, I've killed countless sector lords, to actually be chided by...this punk, who's on the verge of insanity from mourning. Forget it, I'll be the bigger man and forgive him.’’ Babata understood the logic behind Luo Feng's pain.

However, he himself was unable to experience it, after following the Yun Mo Planet's master for over tens of thousands of eras, seeing one planet and its race get destroyed was an all too familiar sight.

That was why he felt nothing.

But he knew...Luo Feng was on the brink of losing his mind! It was safe to assume that the Earth's elite were all on the verge of hysteria, trying their best to suppress their madness.


Luo Feng couldn't care too much, he immediately called his family.

’’Little Feng, we just saw the northern side light up very brightly, almost like a sun, your little brother said this was from a hydrogen bomb, what exactly has happened...’’ Luo Hong Guo just spoke before Luo Feng said immediately: ’’Dad, mom, all of you should immediately head to the 2nd floor and into the gravity room! If you want to know what's going on outside, bring my Taiwanese notebook and go onto the internet to check it out. All the other computers right now shouldn't be able to enter the web anymore Remember, if I do not return, you all shouldn't come out from that room.’’

’’Ok, ok.’’

His family could feel the sense of urgency and desperation of the situation.

Yet they didn't know...just how serious the entire thing was!

After hanging up the phone, Luo Feng lowered his head to look into the dark endless ocean: ’’The only hope now, is to find a weapon capable of killing the golden horn beast within one of the three dangers, archeological ruin no.12.’’


Luo Feng's gaze was like an ice cold sharp blade, stepping on the soaring shuttle, with an aura about him, he rushed straight into the ocean...


Darkness within the ocean from night, ripples about, endless and vast.

A beam of light shot straight into the water, rushing straight downwards!

’’Luo Feng, the distance between the surface to the seabed is about 5100m. And archeological ruin no 12 is below the seabed by 3300m.’’ Babata said.


With Babata's instructions, even though he was surrounded by seawater, Luo Feng's path remained clear and straightforward.

This serene waters had a large amount of sea creatures! With a large number of sea creatures actually following the rivers and attacking inland, yet...there still only made up a small portion of the sea creatures. Afterall, there were just too many, too many sea creatures!

One must know, Man's strength was above that of the dry land monsters, but why does Hong still have to enter into negotiations with them? And not just kill all of them?

This because...

The land creatures had some emperor class monsters, but no grand emperors. However, with the entire population of human warriors only hitting up to 1 million, an outbreak of a level 3 tide mouse alone usually ranged up to the hundreds of millions! A level one outbreak usually ranged in the 100s of millions! If the land creatures were to forcefully go against humans, their numbers and strength would be too much, one nest alone had quite a number, humans couldn't compete.

No matter how strong Hong was, would he be able to kill the countless number of monsters on earth? That's why they maintained peace!

The land creatures forced humanity into this...

Be it in numbers, or variety, the land creatures were much less than the sea creatures, even if they blocked all of the rivers, it would only mean a small portion of their population was blocked.


Heading downwards, Luo Feng saw a large number of sea creatures.


Luo Feng, who had become a beam of light, had killed all the sea creatures within a 100m, fresh blood stained the ocean around.


It was totally convenient to kill, Luo Feng's rage, pain and sense of injustice led to him killing all these sea creatures to vent of the steam! Also, Luo Feng could imagine...what would happen if the countless sea creatures had rushed inland through the rivers, attacking the bases, killing countless humans.

’’Sea bed!’’ Luo Feng had reached the bottom, the place was uneven, almost like a mountain range.

5000m deep, the sea's pressure was terrifying, but Luo Feng's cloud contact armor had greatly reduced it. It reduces damage, helps in defense, his cloud contact vine far exceeded the capabilities of a black god set. Especially the first feeding, had helped the cloud contact vine evolve greatly.

’’3300m below.’’

Luo Feng swiftly head downwards!

Breaking past the rock layers on the seabed, constantly drilling downwards...

’’Babata, for such a secret place, how did Earth's countries first discover it?’’ Luo Feng asked as he pushed downwards.

’’Just relying on Earth's apparatus would be impossible. They relied on the apparatus found in some interstellar ship remains to search the entire planet.’’ Babata said, Other than something like me, who's able to actively disguise signals and separate them, making you all unable to detect, every other ruin has probably been discovered already.’’

’’Luo Feng, we've reached.’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng immediately slowed down.


Breaking through the rock stratum, he bumped into something hard, causing his whole body to tremble.

’’Battle ship remains?’’ Luo Feng used his spirit energy to search the place, immediately spreading 500m wide, getting a rough image of the entire structure...This was an extremely large battleship, and Luo Feng's spirit energy could only check and survey a small portion of it. On observation...

Luo Feng could feel, it was bigger than the Dojo of Limit's headquarters by a little.

After swiftly breaking the rocks around, he immediately drilled into a hole from the already damaged ship.

’’Chi chi, Luo Feng, we've come to the right place! We've come to the right place!’’ Babata was excited.

’’What's up?’’

Luo Feng realized too, the walkway within the ship was made with an alloy, one that was already rusted and corroded from time.

’’This is a mothership from an interstellar fleet.’’ Babata said, ’’that means, it is the leading commanding ship of the entire fleet.’’

’’Mothership?’’ Luo Feng's eyes lit up.

’’I initially suspected it was a mothership, otherwise, normal ships cannot be called a danger at all.’’ Babata said, ’’This mothership, is about 16000m long, 3200m wide, 800m tall. While it's not the biggest battleship in the fleet, it's defensive capabilities are the strongest, its offensive capabilities are also one of the strongest.’’

Luo Feng too was getting excited: ’’Where are the weapons? Where's the danger?’’

The mothership's entire body was the real archeological ruin no.12, the real danger, was within the ship's secret cabin.

’’Hold on, let me search.’’

Babata too had his own methods of searching, he swiftly scanned the entire mothership carefully.

’’Luo Feng! Because of the damage, this mothership has no defense abilities. The weapons within has all been taken down, those that weren't have already corroded or rusted. It doesn't have any security.’’ Babata said, ’’Right now, the hope is within this archeological ruin 12. You just have to follow down this path and walk straight...’’

The core of archeological ruin no. 12 was one of the mothership's secret cabins.


While walking within the enormous ship's remains.

’’Luo Feng, all of the countries' leaders have gathered in the wargod palace meeting room.’’ Babata suddenly said.

Luo Feng's heart skipped a beat.

Earth was currently in a predicament it had never faced before, even the strongest weapon, the hydrogen bomb has been used. And after that one time, the golden horn beast would never let humanity get another chance again.

’’They decided, the military will be taking over the countries, they are beginning the survival plan.’’ Babata said.


Luo Feng's expression changed.

The military, represented the bases and markets' stock exchange, markets etc, almost everything! Wherever people lived, what they did, ate, this were all governed by the military! Even rations were determined by them! Where they lived, when to evacuate were all according to their plans!

To enable the military this way, the situation was obviously at its most dire!

Regarding the survival was obvious the countries had all assumed the battle was lost, now the only battle was to see how many survivors they could get. One could only imagine how many people would be lost in this battle...the number of survivors would definitely be very little. Even if they survived, they would still be danger.

’’Hurry, let's find the strongest weapon and kill that golden horned beast.’’ Luo Feng continued heading to the reputed archeological ruin no. 12.

A moment later...

In a secret enormous cabin, a disc shaped spaceship about 100m wide was parked, its entire body was black. Even though it was parked there for unknown tens of thousands of years, its body had corroded very little. A dragon with two wings was engraved on its body.

’’Archeological ruin 12 represents this ship, just this one?’’ Luo Feng raised his head from below to survey the ship.

The various countries have all been wracking their brains over these many years to get into this black disc shaped spaceship.

That was because many have died from entering this ship.

Even representative warriors have died in here! Till today, it remains undamaged!

’’Haha, so it's this, it's actually this!’’

’’Back then, the master destroyed an interstellar fleet, it looks like this mothership was one of them, and within it was probably a prominent figure. They could actually afford a Black Dragon Mountain, X81 model spaceship. It's no wonder no one on earth has entered it, this X81 spaceship, is a reputable ship known for taking risks and dangers within the Black Dragon Mountain Empire.’’ Babata was extremely excited.

Luo Feng knew...

The Black Dragon Empire, it was the empire that controlled the black dragon mountain starfield, even the Silverblue Empire was one of its 500 vassal states.

’’Luo Feng, there's hope! This X81 spaceship's construction cost is more than the entire mothership. The weapons that are fitted in the X81, have the powers to even kill a star level 7 or 8 creature!’’ Babata was extremely excited, ’’Who would've thought, that this mothership actually had someone capable of buying an X81.’’


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