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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 17


Volume 07 Chapter 17 - Earth Shattering

Eighteen decoys and one plane carrying the hydrogen bomb. As of now, nine consecutive planes have exploded with their atomic bombs!

The tenth plane!

In this moment, all the star traveller level fighters and the the higher ups of China, America, Russia, and the other countries were watching the direct satellite broadcast. All of their hearts were hanging! Because according to the plan..... the real one would be one of the planes in the range of the tenth to fourteenth.


The golden horned beast lightly waved its scaled wings as it swiftly flew forward. A bit of excitement could be seen in its dark golden eyes. The heat, particle flow, etc. resulting from the consecutive explosions of the atomic bombs caused the portions of its body that came into contact with the atomic bombs to go a bit numb.

And it realized!

This stimulation to its body caused its body to grow faster! For example, when someone trains their muscles, they need to burden them to a certain extent to make them grow faster. As for this golden horned beast, after living in the ocean for such a long time, it never felt threatened before, so it grew normally.

This bit of stimulation.....

Proved quite beneficial!

’’WU!’’ the golden horned beast saw another triangular fighter jet approach from the distance and let out a joyful cry.


The fighter jet was as fast as lightning!

’’WU!’’ the golden horned beast happily shook its powerful tail that was covered in scales. Its tale was extremely fast, way faster than the speed at which the fighter jet was flying at!


When its tail came in contact with the fighter jet, the atomic bomb exploded! An atomic bomb with a yield of 30,000 tons exploded right on its tail. An explosive energy exploded, forming a bright 'sun' that covered the golden horned beast's entire body! The shockwave swiftly spread out in every direction, and the ground shook like a wave.....

Pacific ocean. A human image was flying a few hundred meters above the ocean like an extremely fast stream of light.

’’Luo Feng, your fighter jet is gone’’

Babata's voice sounded in his mind. Luo Feng was staring at his tactical communications watch on his wrist, ’’If it's gone, then it's gone. Watch the 11th plane’’ Luo Feng stared as the display of the tactical communications watch switched to the 11th fighter jet a blood red colored triangular fighter jet!

’’It's the head, Hong's!’’ Luo Feng's heart started pounding.

’’Luo Feng, let me remind you that you've already arrived above the location of archaeological ruin #12’’ Babata's voice rang.


Luo Feng swiftly accelerated, and then stopped above the ocean.

’’Let's wait a bit before going down’’ Luo Feng stared at the display, ’’This 11th time, is the real one!’’

’’If a 150 megaton bomb explodes right on the surface of a 'golden horned beast' that just stepped into the star level... hard to say. Since I've never heard of anyone actually doing something like this before’’ Babata was quite excited. Unlike him, Luo Feng was filled with nervousness and expectation.

Not just Luo Feng!

In this moment, Hong, Thunder God, other peak fighters, the leaders of all the countries, the higher ups of the military, etc. were all watching nervously. The 11th plane! This is the real one!


And humanity will be able to survive this disaster!

And if it fails.....

Then humanity will fall into a nightmare! A nightmare far more horrifying than the Grand Nirvana period!!!


America, main headquarters.

The black skinned president was currently together with his cabinet members as they watched the display in front of them! The president was even grasping on to his daughter's hand, tightly grasping!

’’Dad, it will succeed, it will succeed’’ said his daughter.

’’It will definitely succeed, it definitely will’’ the black skinned president held his breath completely.

The entire room could feel the pressure.

All of the people in there watched the blood red colored fighter jet on the display..... which was swiftly flying towards the golden horned beast.


China, wilderness.

A large number of troops were moving on the ground and a disc shaped fighter jet was patrolling in the air above. This was the forward military base that just retreated in the southeastern military sector.

In the fighter jet.

Commander Li Da Wei was currently staring at his tactical communications watch.

’’It will definitely succeed.’’

’’It definitely will,’’ repeated Li Da Wei to himself silently. His gaze was sucked to the watch's display like a magnet as sweat appeared on his forehead. His entire body couldn't help but to slightly tremble.


At this moment, Russia, India, EU, and the 23 headquarter cities were all watching this same scene at the same time! Everybody prayed to themselves in their heart...... in front of a disaster like this, even crazy people and people filled with ambition and evil were praying for success.

’’Still 30 more seconds until contact with the swallowing beast’’

Hong and Thunder God watched the display in front of them as the AI's voice reverberated in the room.

’’23 seconds!’’

’’22 seconds!’’

In the countdown, Hong and Thunder God's gaze were like blades, as if they were going to cut open the display in front of their eyes.

’’10, 9, 8, 7, 6.....’’


Northern part of Asia.

Its entire body was as black as ink and its single golden horn that had golden engravings on it seemed to pierce towards the sky. When the golden horned beast was flying, it comfortably shook its tail twice.

So comfortable!

Its tail went a bit numb after coming into contact with the atomic bomb. At the same time, its tail started to absorb its metallic power within.


The swallowing beast discovered the 11th triangular fighter jet, which was a blood red colored fighter jet! The swallowing beast immediately let out a joyful cry that shook the sky and earth. Even though..... the 'golden horned beast' has a long history, this one has only been born for a few short years. As of now, it can only count as a child.

The swallowing beast spread out its scaled wings! And then it flew forward!

Its scaled stomach was preparing to come into contact with the plane. It will definitely be comfortable for its stomach to go a bit 'numb'.


’’It definitely must succeed!’’

’’KILL IT!’’

’’God, protect humanity!’’

’’Please succeed!’’

As of now, the higher ups and elites of the world were all extremely nervous. Luo Feng, Hong, and the others were so nervous that they didn't even dare to breathe! When they saw that the swallowing beast was going to use its stomach instead of its tail or claws to 'come into contact' with the hydrogen bomb, an unsuppressable excitement rose in everyone's hearts!



The final countdown rang in Hong's room in the Dojo of Limits headquarters.

Time seemed to be frozen in this moment!

The skin on the golden horned beast's stomach collided with the 'blood red colored fighter jet' with alarming speed. And around 10 meters before they collided, the atomic bomb in the blood red colored auto jet already exploded! The explosion of the atomic bomb triggered the explosion of the hydrogen bomb with a '150 megaton yield'! Humanity's most threatening weapon!

The fighter jet self destructed!

The hydrogen bomb exploded!

When faced with this explosion which was who knows how many times more powerful than the previous ones, the golden horned beast immediately retreated off of instinct! Clearly, it sensed danger.


The hydrogen bomb exploded right in front of its stomach. How could it hope to retreat in time?


It blew up!

In this moment, the screens that Luo Feng and the others were watching instantly became white!


China, Jiang-Nan headquarter city main city sector.

The lights on the street were shining in the night.


’’To the north!’’

’’So bright!’’

To the horizon in the north appeared a sun in the sky! This sun had an unrivaled brightness! This caused many people on the street to freeze.

’’How could there be a sun late into the night?’’


Quite a few people excitedly made phone calls to tell their family and friends. Some people even prepared to record this on their phones!

’’No signal on my phone’’

’’What's going on! How come I disconnected!’’ in a cybercafe to the side, a few teenagers rushed out.

’’Wow, there's a sun in the night!’’

’’It's a nuclear bomb, a nuclear bomb, it definitely is a nuclear bomb’’

The streets went into an uproar.

In this moment, all of China, all of Russia, and all of the EU saw this shining sun! The gigantic mushroom cloud caused one to gape at it with their eyes wide. And..... over half of the world's communication lines were cut off. In China, EU, and Russia, only the higher ups with special connection lines were still able to communicate.


Leaders from every country, the higher ups from the military, and every star traveller level fighter was staring at their display. The display wasn't so glaring anymore. It's just that..... the smoke was rumbling and the gigantic mushroom cloud charged to a height 100 km above the ground as it entered the ionosphere.

The number of monsters that instantly died in the northern part of Asia reached an astronomical number!

Large numbers of monsters were instantly vaporized into nothing by the high temperature, and even more were directly killed by the powerful shockwave!


’’Did it work?’’

Above the Pacific ocean, Luo Feng stepped on his soaring shuttle as he stared at his tactical communications watch nervously. All of the higher ups on earth were watching and waiting nervously.....

As if they were waiting for the declaration.

The declaration as to whether all of humanity lives or dies!

Northern part of Asia.

A golden flowing light ferociously charged out of the rumbling smoke, and then stopped flying.

Black scales covered its entire body. The scales that extended from its neck and back to its tail had golden engravings on them, as if it was wearing black and gold armor! Its head was still held up high, and its golden horn was still as sharp as usual! However..... a gigantic wound that was over 10 meters wide appeared on its abdomen. Blood was flowing from it. Its large and powerful muscles could be seen entangling each other like tree branches as it self repaired!


The golden horned beast let out a roar of anger! Something as majestic as it was actually injured on this planet!!!


China's Kyoto headquarter city, main headquarters.

After seeing the swallowing beast raise its head and roar with anger and the wound on its abdomen on the display, everyone froze.

’’This, this ’’

A gray haired old man widened his eyes, his face filled with nervousness, surprise, anger, and dissatisfaction, ’’PU ’’

He immediately spit out a mouthful of fresh blood and then collapsed onto the ground.

’’Head’’ someone immediately went to support him.

However, all the other leaders either were trembling, had pale white faces on, or were filled with disbelief.

’’No, this can't be’’ Jia Yi in a chinese suit stared at the display.



In this moment, a very small amount of higher ups on Earth directly died of stroke. Some of them had heart attacks. All the other higher ups were completely filled with anger and disbelief! They couldn't accept this! In this moment, no matter the skin or ethnicity, all of them felt the same despair and disbelief!

The golden horned beast was alive!

Which basically declared for the humans on Earth death!


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