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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 16


Volume 07 Chapter 16 - Boom! Boom! Boom!

It was a very crucial time, no time to waste at all for Luo Feng.

’’Dad, mom, all of you should remain in the house, no matter the danger, you just have to enter the 2nd floor's gravity room. Luo Feng emphasized, the material of the gravity room was incredibly durable, even a star level warrior would have a hard time trying to break though! It was afterall a training device for a star level warrior.

Within the gravity room, they would be much safer.

’’Babata, set the gravity room for my parents, my brother, Zhen Nan and Xu Xin these five max.’’ Luo Feng said, ’’Also, set the gravity to one time, normal.’’

’’Already done.’’

Babata's efficiency was extremely high, he could control it directly from a distance.

’’Little Feng, be careful.’’ Luo Hong Guo, Gong Xin Lan said to him as they were returning after finding out the severity of the problem. Only Luo Hua and Zhen Nan weren't too clear on what was happening.

’’Big brother, come back early.’’ Luo Hua shouted.

Luo Feng waved and swiftly left the house into the night.


This night was humanity's race against the time!

Luo Feng's auto jet was swiftly flying in the night, leaving Yang Zhou.

The fastest speed of the auto jet is currently 8,000m per second. How long will it take to reach archeological ruin 12?’’ Luo Feng asked, this auto jet's basic speed wasn't very fast, however, during his free time, Babata had kept the jet in his virtual space and made several adjustments.

It's speed immediately rose, from ten times the speed of sound rising straight to 8,000m per second!

Following Babata's words: ’’This improvement didn't count as anything, to be able to fly in the universe, for a ship to be able to go light speed was the most basic thing ever! Compared to light speed, their current speed was nothing.’’ Luo Feng didn't say much, he had no place compared to Babata who was from a higher civilization in the universe, the living AI.

Such an improvement was indeed easy.

’’To reach archeological ruin 12 will take about 20 minutes.’’ Babata said.

’’Oh?’’ Luo Feng's handphone rang, he checked, it was the Head Hong calling.

’’Hello.’’ Luo Feng picked up.

’’Luo Feng, there's something we need you to sacrifice.’’ Hong's voice came through.

’’Please speak, Head.’’ Luo Feng said without any hesitation.

’’Following the nuclear warhead attack plan, before my prehistoric level auto jet attacks, there will be other 'Limit model' auto jets carrying atomic bombs attacking! This is to confuse it.’’ Hong explained.

Luo Feng nodded slightly as he heard.


Hong's prehistoric level auto jet, was a unique jet from the dojo of limits, it was triangular! Just like Luo Feng's. The other countries all had disc shaped auto jets, to allow Hong's auto jet not to raise any suspicion, they needed to have more triangular battle ships carrying atomic bombs to attack first, making the creature lower its guard.

Atomic bombs?

Several tens of thousands tons of atomic bombs, even Luo Feng, Hong or Thunder God, they wouldn't even bother them. Much less the swallowing beast.

’’We want to use the other triangular auto jets to carry atomic bombs to attack. The beast will realize that the attacks have no danger.’’ Luo Feng's eyes lit up, ’’After that, we will suddenly send what seems like another harmless attack, but with a much more powerful explosion!’’ Luo Feng thought about it and agreed it was a good plan.

It seemed simple, and easy to succeed.

’’Luo Feng, there aren't too many auto jets from the Dojo of Limits in Asia.’’ Hong said, ’’I need to reach the battlefield within the shortest amount of time possible. I hope your auto jet can be used as one of our cannon fodder.’’

’’No problem.’’ Luo Feng said without hesitation.

One auto jet didn't mean much to Luo Feng, much less during such a crisis. Even Hong was willing to sacrifice his higher level auto jet, how could he be petty about it?

’’Your auto jet actually has a backdoor command, I can control it from afar’’ Hong said, ’’I'll begin controlling it now, are you currently in the jet or out?’’

’’Come out.’’

Luo Feng flew out directly.

Looking at the dark blue triangular autojet, Luo Feng watched. While in Babata's eyes, this ship was only capable of flying within atmospheres, in the universe it was nothing but cheap goods and a toy. However, it had been with Luo Feng for a pretty long time.

’’You've also done your part for humanity.’’ Luo Feng looked at his auto jet.

’’I'm controlling it to leave.’’ Hong's voice sounded from his phone, immediately, the dark blue triangular auto jet swiftly left, heading towards the Jiang Nan headquarter's main sector. It was obviously heading to stock up on atomic bombs first.

’’Head, can you tell me, how much explosives is going in?’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but ask.

’’Due to the lack of time, we are going with 150 megatons.’’ Hong said, ’’During the Great Nirvana, there was no space to test such a large amount. When the time comes and it explodes, even if it's night, even China would be able to see a little sun illuminate the darkness.’’

150 megatons?

Luo Feng nodded his head, this was humanity's last weapon, it might actually help mutate and evolve a large amount of the creatures...

However, they couldn't care anymore, to have to deal with emperor class monsters was actually a good thing, they couldn't compare at all to the swallowing monster.

’’Luo Feng, archeological ruin #12 is in the Pacific ocean, not far from Hawaii and that group of islands, from here to the destination is 8000 km. You can only rely on the soaring shuttle now to fly...estimating a speed of 5000 meters per second, you require 1600, your speed exceeds 5000m per sec, it will be about 25 minutes to get there.’’ Babata said.


’’Let's go.’’

Luo Feng didn't hesitate, jumping on the soaring shuttle and becoming a beam of light, swiftly heading towards the pacific ocean and Hawaii.


Europe, China, Russia all teamed up. Europe gave three atomic bombs, China gave five, Russia gave eight. The dojo of Limits gave two. These 18 atomic bombs were separated into 18 triangular battleships, one of which was Luo Feng's.

And the 150 megaton hydrogen bomb and the atomic bomb used to detonate it, were contributed by Russia!

As time was critical, during the rush to find the warheads, they realized...

Russia, one of the five great countries could actually produce a perverted plaything with a yield of 150 megatons, and in humanity's crisis, Russia would definitely not hide it anymore. They actually just took out this huge thing! They placed it within Hong's prehistoric level auto jet and flew it towards north Asia's district.


With 18 other cannon fodder, there were a total of 19 triangular battleships! They came in different colors, some were red, blue, black etc.

Within in was Hong's higher level ship, one heaven and earth level ship, four emperor level ships, and thirteen other limit level ships. These thirteen ships may be weaker, but they could go into autopilot mode too! All 19 were unmanned! Just from appearances wise these 19 ships hardly had any differences.


’’We must succeed.’’

’’We must succeed.’’

America, Russia, Europe, China, India, twenty three headquarter cities, HR Alliance, the whole world's elite were relying on the satellites, watching as the 19 battleships flew. The 19 were separate, some were in front while some flew in the back!


Night, the pacific ocean, Luo Feng had become a beam of light after riding the soaring shuttle and swiftly flying towards the group of islands around Hawaii.

Luo Feng had the ability to control 19 weapons separately, while rushing there, he was watching his watch and multitasking. This itself was definitely nothing to him!

’’The 1st ship! Luo Feng was watching through his communicator watch.

On the screen.

A black triangular battleship was swiftly flying towards northern asia, where the swallowing beast was in the wilderness destroying a base.


North Asia.

The black beast which was over 180m long, its claws waved and it flew swiftly into the sky above, its golden pupils ice cold. They were brutal and savage! The golden horned beast, was the most fearsome of all the space beasts, it's bloodline itself contained savagery and was tyrannical!

Suddenly, it stopped and floated.

It had noticed a little speck of something flying towards it. Perhaps it couldn't keep up from behind. However with the satellites tracking, and coming on from the front, it had the chance to clash!

’’Wu!’’ The gold horned beast waved its right claw!


The 1st triangular battleship, was one of the emperor level battleship cannon fodder. Following the AI system's order, it would explode the moment the swallowing monster began to attack, regardless of the distance!


The moment the emperor class battleship exploded, the 20 thousand ton yield atomic bomb too exploded!


On Luo Feng's communicator watch screen, all that could be seen was a little sun that illuminated the dark night, stirring the far away swallowing monster. The mushroom cloud rose up and the ripples of shock waves rushed in all directions just like water rippling, brightness.

With just a breath, the swallowing beast was over 100km away.

There were no signs of damage on it's body.

A 20 thousand ton yield atomic bomb exploding a few 100 meters away was nothing than a breeze to the swallowing beast.

’’The 2nd ship is coming.’’ According to the screen, the 2nd battleship was flying over.


Eighteen cannon fodder atomic bomb ships, all with about 15 thousand to 60 thousand tons of explosive power. If a 20 thousand ton yield atomic bomb was to explode in a city, from the center out, a few hundred meters would be laid waste, and two to three thousand meters out would be covered in damage and glass and debris, a city with a population of a few hundred thousand would lose a hundred thousand.

With this kind of power, detonating it here with an area of over 10 million square kms of uninhabited land was ideal and wouldn't affect humanity.

’’The 2nd ship, it didn't attack the 2nd ship from the distance!’’

’’That's great.’’


Mid air, night.

The gold horned beast opened its huge wings, the explosion from before piqued it's interest, the 2nd ship was only 50m away from it before it used its claw to attack!


Another little sun had ignited in the wilderness, a mushroom cloud rose into the sky!

’’Wu.’’ The gold horned beast felt the explosion on its claws and thought it was rather comfortable, and according to this ancient memories, the moment it stepped into the star level, this planet had nothing that could damage it. This was the reason it only surfaced after reaching the star level!


The 3rd atomic bomb, the 4th atomic bomb...

One after another, little suns illuminated the night sky!

One after another, mushroom clouds rose up!

The bombs were just like fireworks in the Northern Asian region, exploding one after another!

Explosion! Explosion! Explosion!

The entire Earth's elite watched anxiously as each ship attacked. Even Luo Feng, who was flying above the sea, Hong who was in the Dojo of Limits and Thunder God were all nervous to the point their palms were sweaty! Because...the main meal that was mixed amongst the cannon fodder was about to make its entrance!


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