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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 15


Volume 07 Chapter 15 - Grievous news

Yang Zhou City's Ming-Yue sector.

Within the gravity room, Luo Feng opened his eyes. He swiftly got up, the door of the room automatically opened.

’’Xu Xin, Xu Xin.’’

Luo Feng quickly rushed down the stairs.

Xu Xin, who was in the living room watching television saw Luo Feng coming down and got up asking: ’’Luo Feng, what's happened’’

’’There's no time, come with me now, we have to go get my parents and little brother back.’’ Luo Feng was insecure about his family being outside, ’’I'll explain along the way.’’

’’Oh, ok.’’

Xu Xin could see that something major had happened.


Within the Emperor class auto jet, they swiftly flew out of Yang Zhou city.

’’Hello, mom? Where are you two? Dongbei headquarter city? Good, I'll be heading over, don't leave. I'll pick you two up. Don't ask, I'll explain on the way back.’’ Luo Feng hung up and called his brother, ’’Hello, Luo Hua, where are you? Oh, in Yang Zhou city? Rush back home now! Yes, immediately!’’

Only after finishing the two calls did Luo Feng let out a sigh of relief.

’’Luo Feng, what's happened?’’ Xu Xin only just dared to ask.


’’It's earth and humanity's calamity.’’ Luo Feng said seriously, this made Xu Xin's expression expression change immediately.

’’A 'swallowing monster' has just appeared from amongst the sea creatures. I, Hong and Thunder God are no match for it.’’ Luo Feng said, ’’Even the strongest laser cannons have yet to leave a mark on its scales! Right now, the American side has lost many bases and hundreds of thousands of people, and it's quickly rising!’’

’’Xu Xin was slightly shocked: ’’Hundreds of thousands? That many?’’

’’Many?’’ Luo Feng shook his head, ’’At this rate, the South America, North America, Africa, Asia, Europe and other headquarter cities will all be destroyed, The amount of deaths will go up to the hundreds of millions. And without the headquarter cities, humanity will be like lambs sent to slaughter.’’

This calamity, might be even worse than the Grand Nirvana period.’’ Luo Feng said.

At this, Xu Xin was finally flustered.

The Grand Nirvana? It was humanity's greatest disaster, however, for Luo Feng, Xu Xin and that generation of people who didn't experience it, they often heard from their parents' generation , to them, it was like a nightmare! The entire humanity's nightmare!


Returning from the north east base with his suspicious parents.

Mid flight on the return trip, Luo Feng let Xu Xin keep his parents company while he himself looked at his watch communicator and ordered: ’’#1, connect with my communicator and pull up a virtual display.’’


A screen with the words, ’’Archeological ruins’’ appeared in front of him.

’’Archeological ruin #1. Located at the North Atlantic, the Bermuda seas' surroundings right at the ocean floor. It is a 1200m tall silver pyramid. It is extremely dangerous, any material which entered gets destroyed immediately with the warrior. Till now, the no. 1 ruin and its remains have yet to have more discoveries.’’

’’Archeological ruin #2, located in underground Russia's 'Wrangel Island', is a remains of a split open spaceship.’’

’’Archeological ruin#3...’’


’’Archeological ruin#31, located deep within China's Hubei's 'Shennongjia', is a gigantic circular shaped ship with a diameter of over 800 meters. Its surface has many small holes, which are releasing a large amount of poisonous gas. These gases can permeate skin...Till now, no one has survived after entering ruin 31. It has the same level of danger as no. 1 and no. 12. Entering these three means certain death!’’

Scanning till the end, Luo Feng carefully thought about every one of the ruins.

Some of them were scary, like no. 31, while some of them were only remains, like no.2. Some of them were special, like no.9.

’’Babata.’’ Luo Feng's thoughts went through.

’’You've seen it right, what do you think, which should I go to?’’ Luo Feng asked in his mind.

’’Except for the three big dangers, the other ruins in the countries have all been searched. No point going.’’ Babata said, ’’These three big dangers, #1 and #31 are the real dangers. These are ruins that even universe fighters will die if they go! You should go to #12 of the 3.’’

’’Universe fighters will die from them?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

’’Right, when you have greater power we'll come back. Your target will be archeological ruin #12.’’ Babata explained, ’’This ruin, with your current power, might come with some dangers, but with caution, it shouldn't be too big a problem.’’

’’At this time,’’ Luo Feng's gaze were as sharp as knives, ’’No matter the danger, I still have to go!’’

Within the wrist cuff space.

’’Babata rubbed his face, while he didn't fully approve of Luo Feng's stupidity, however, towards his master's disciple's willpower and determination, he was extremely satisfied: ’’The master once said, be it evil people or good people, or even demons, the truly strong always have a determined heart.’’


Luo Feng was very clear on his motives and path, even in the virtual meeting room, he was shocked and shaken by the news initially but he quickly made up his mind.

Back then when he talked to the southeastern military sector's military commanding officer Li Da Wei...

Luo Feng had made up his mind...'When I close my eyes for the final time when I die, I don't want to have any regrets because I didn't work hard enough in the past!.'

No Regrets!

’’If I don't risk it all now, and watch as my people die, my culture destroyed while only my family lives on this earth, will I regret this in the future?’’ Luo Feng's asked himself in his heart, the answer was clear as day, definitely!


Now's the time to risk it all! Do it!

Even if he was down to his last drop of blood, as long as he succeeds, he believes that when he dies and closed his eyes, he would be smiling! Actually, ever since he chose the path of becoming a warrior, Luo Feng had never feared the thought of death, he just wished his death would be worth it!


Late night, the moon shone brightly on the villas, many of which still had lights on.

The auto jet landed on a grass plain, Luo Feng, Xu Xin and his parents walked down.


Luo Feng picked up the phone.

’’It's me, Jia Yi.’’ An obviously distressed voice sounded, ’’Luo Feng, something bad has happened.’’

’’What else could have happened?’’ Luo Feng was somewhat shaken.

Now that the calamity had come, what else could happen?

’’Luo Feng, previously in the meeting room, the various leaders, using the satellites had discovered, after the swallowing monster had destroyed all of North America's bases, it actually began to swiftly head over to Europe and began destroying some of their important bases. I believe very quickly, it will head over to Asia's bases and do the same!’’

’’Without the bases to stop the sea creatures, countless sea creatures would rush inland! I'm afraid it'll only be a day or two before our main base will have to battle it!’’

Jia Yi's words made Luo Feng go pale.

’’You, you mean...’’ Luo Feng's eyes were red.

’’With the swallowing monster travelling over 10 thousand meters per second, it can destroy all the bases on earth within half a day! When that happens, the countless sea creatures will quickly follow the rivers and kill inland! Even if we fought it out...I'm afraid humanity's struggle will last at most, three days, three days before half of us gets wiped out! Seven days, everyone will be gone.’’

Luo Feng choked and cleared his throat.

My god!

’’I, I thought we had one month.’’ Luo Feng shook his head in disbelief.

In the sector, Luo Hong Guo and his wife, along with Xu Xin, were all shocked at Luo Feng's expression...ever since Luo Feng had attained his position and status, they've hardly ever seen him so distressed.

’’Right, I too thought we had time...but...’’ Jia Yi's voice was low and serious, filled with pain and agony.

’’Why! Why is it like this!’’ Luo Feng was flustered.

There was too little time, too little!

Initially, if the swallowing monster had moved slowly, eaten a few bases everyday, humanity would have more time! But right now, the monster was actually preparing to destroy all of humanity's bases within half a day, allowing countless sea creatures to attack humanity!

It was too cruel!

However, Luo Feng understood, if he was a swallowing beast, he too would first quickly destroy his enemies, and comfortably devour everything else.

’’Luo Feng, the swallowing monster will destroy the bases, along with the laser cannons. It's too intelligent, it has intellect, it's very clear the laser cannons are dangerous towards the emperor level creatures. That's why it easily used its golden beams to destroy the cannons.’’ Jia Yi said, ’’It's even too lazy to chase after the fleeing armies, it lets the emperor level monsters do that job.’’

’’To be chased by an emperor level creature, even the armies ranging in the tens of thousands would all die.’’

’’To kill an emperor level monster, is to save over 10 thousand people or more.’’ Jia Yi said, ’’And one representative alone doesn't have the guarantee to kill an emperor level monster.’’

’’Understood.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

He himself had to, within the shortest time possible, go to the archeological ruin! And come back just as swiftly...

When the time came, building the weapon would be left to Babata!

And himself...

He would have to go on a massacre!

’’Emperor level monster? You want to massacre humans, I'll massacre you all!’’ Luo Feng's gaze was ice cold, unprecedented cold, at a time like this, he himself was going a little crazy.

Anxiousness, rage!

To be forced to the edge of such a cliff, with nowhere to run!

’’Luo Feng, because of how crazy the swallowing beast is, we'll carry out the nuclear warhead plan today.’’ Jia Yi said, ’’If we can just kill that swallowing beast, we will have hope. Right now it is in Europe, looking at it's direction, it'll quickly head to Russia's side...When that happens, we'll carry out the nuclear plan in Russia.’’

Luo Feng nodded his head.

Before the Grand Nirvana period, Russia was the largest country on earth. During the headquarter city age though, area didn't have any meaning. Man could only live in bases.

And the population in Russia was lower.

The bases were all constructed on the continental plates, that's why...there was over 10 million square kilometers of uninhabited space where it would be ideal to conduct the nuclear warhead attack!


’’Tonight?’’ Luo Feng silently prayed in his heart.


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