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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 13


Volume 07 Chapter 13 - When the root dies, how can the leaves live?

'It's over', 'there's no hope', 'it's over', Babata's words were like a hammer pounding on Luo Feng's soul, his entire person was in shock.

The Earth is done for?

It seemed exaggerated. However, since 5000 years ago, from the ancestors of China, the three sovereigns and five emperors, from the Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties, the spring and autumn and the Warring States periods, there were countless births of special people that shone lights on eras. The Qin Emperor, Liu Guan Zhang of the three Kingdoms who united the kingdoms, burning Red Cliff etc, Liang Jin of the Northern and Southern dynasties, Yuan Ming Qin of the Tang Song dynasties...up to the 21st century, man was living in a modernized society. During the escaping and evacuation when the Great Nirvana happened, it had been peaceful within the bases and people lived happily.

At a particular base and citadel, there was a student at a high school.

His name was Luo Feng.

His classmates, teachers, his dojo buddies, instructors! His parents and relatives, his loved ones, and the people he had interacted with since he was young! They were all nothing but droplets in the entire Chinese community, however, they were still part of China.

Now...It's over?


Luo Feng felt his soul trembling, a piercing pain!

If the entire earth's population was to die, what was the point of he himself living?

’’We have to kill it!’’ Luo Feng pointed at the golden horned beast on the screen, ’’It, must definitely die!!!’’

’’Luo Feng, what are you thinking?’’ Babata asked.

’’Babata, the gold horned beast must die!’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Are you running a fever? You are only a level 3 spirit reader, what power do you have to even stir up this star level gold horned beast? You are a disciple of Yun Mo Planet, but this beast's background stretches way further. It's of the elite bloodline, its power is huge. To kill it now, is simply, simply just dreaming!’’ Babata said, ’’We have no reason to fight it head on, even if it was dangerous, when the time comes, you just have to enter the Yun Mo Planet ship, once the ship closes, no matter how strong it is, it wouldn't be able to break through! Also with the weight of the ship, it wouldn't be able to swallow it either.’’

’’No!’’ Luo Feng dismissed Babata's suggestion.

’’Don't be stupid, why not we just bring along your family and loved ones into the ship too.’’ Babata said.

’’Babata, are we nothing but tortoises that hide in their shells, hiding away from this crisis! After everything has passed and we walk out...oh the rest of humanity is gone. The colleagues that my parents have, the neighbours etc all dead. All that's left would be me and my family? There's no meaning in that. How can my parents live with that? How can I live with that?’’ Luo Feng asked.

It was impossible to imagine!

It was a scene Luo Feng couldn't imagine, it was terrifying! It chilled his heart.

’’I cannot understand you humans and your way of thinking.’’ Babata was unsatisfied, ’’you aren't a match at all, and you still want to fight!’’

’’Man, cannot live without society.’’

’’Man, cannot live without his nationality or motherland!’’

’’If the earth was empty and lonely with just one survivor, it's as good as being dead!’’ Luo Feng's heart chilled at the thought, ’’Babata, when a country is destroyed, it's survivors have a name, they are called slaves of a vanquished nation!’’

The earth was his roots!

China was his roots!

When the root dies, the leaves too would dry and wilt!

And himself...he was nothing but one of the countless leaves, just one that was a little better.

When the root dies, how can the leaves live?

’’Babata, tell me, how can we kill it.’’ Luo Feng's thoughts went through.

’’Come on, there's no way.’’ Babata said without any hesitation.

’’Babata, you can build a spaceship, can't you build a strong enough weapon to kill it?’’ Luo Feng's thoughts questioned, extremely anxious.

’’A weapon capable of killing a star level creature?’’

Babata understood Luo Feng's anxiousness, he thought about it carefully, ’’Luo Feng! In the universe, a star level is considered quite strong! Universe level warriors and on can battle interstellar fleets with only their bodies! This means, normal interstellar fleets have a hard time killing universe level fights, killing a star level too requires quite a powerful weapon.’’

’’That level of weapon, building it is complicated and difficult, it also requires at least a few years of work.’’ Babata said, ’’however, with the gold horned beast's speed, one month would be enough for it to wipe out the entire earth.’’

Luo Feng understood.

The gold horned space beast was leading countless sea creatures and invading across earth and it's lands, it was indeed too fast.

’’What's more Luo Feng!’’

’’Building a strong weapon is the easy part, what about operating and firing? To hit the target with such a weapon is very difficult.’’ Babata said, ’’That's why, if you really want to fight, there's only one way.

’’Tell me.’’ Luo Feng's heart skipped a beat.

’’There are some wreckage of universe battleships, those remains could be used to build a weapon! While time could have corroded some of them and made them unusable, if I can work on them, they might be able to work again.’’ Babata said, ’’Of course all this relies a lot on luck! Ultimately, a weapon able to kill a star level is considered powerful even amongst an interstellar fleet. For example, your Head's ship is only a transport ship, it's weapons are comparably weaker.’’

Luo Feng listened, there was some hope.


Look through the ancient ruins, look for a weapon that surpasses humanity's.

’’Babata, can you measure accurately the strength of this space beast.’’ Luo Feng asked, to know oneself and his enemies was the only way to win a hundred battles unscathed


Babata said, ’’Look, that horn on its head that's covered in gold engravings, does it have one protruding out?’’

Luo Feng looked carefully at the screen.

Right! On the head of the gold horned beast, besides the one horn that pierced the sky, there was a slight protrusion beside it.

’’A gold horned beast's growth is very easy to determine! Because at different stages, it has different unique feature. 'Infant stage' it only has one horn on his head! 'Growth stage', it begins to grow it's 2nd horn. 'Youth Stage', it begins to grow its 3rd horn, 'Young adult', the 4th horn. 'Maturity', it grows its 5th horn!’’

’’As its power grows, the engravings on its horns get more complex, until finally, the horns look almost totally gold.’’

’’That's why, it was named the Gold Horned Beast!’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng understood.

’’It's 2nd horn has only just begun to protrude, that means it hasn't stepped into the star level for too long.’’ Babata continued, however, it's bloodline is too strong, its growth speed is terrifying! In its growth stage, it will madly devour metal to absorb, thus it's power rises constantly. To kill it, we need to do it now and quickly, before it gets even stronger.’’

Luo Feng understood.

Once it reaches maturity, it becomes a sector lord Gold Horned beast, its growth speed would definitely be shocking.

’’No wonder he devoured the base, it's mostly made of metal.’’ Luo Feng sighed.’’

’’Relax, as a swallowing beast, while he might have his own internal world, it's still a little punk in its infant stage, there's a limit to its intake.’’ Babata said, ’’however Luo Feng, I still have to advise you...not a single one of the space beasts are worth stirring up, their blood contains accumulated memories and experience from ancient times.’’

’’To kill a space beast is very difficult.’’

’’To kill a gold horned beast that's ranked at the top is even more difficult!’’

’’The master once heard, there was once an undying in the universe who met a sector lord level 'gold horned beast' and wanted to kill it! Normally, for an undying to kill a sector lord was an easy feat. However...while the beast couldn't win the battle, it still managed to flee.’’ Babata sighed, ’’These bloodlines with populations that are extremely small, even if you can win in battle, killing them is extremely difficult.’’

Luo Feng was silent.

’’If we don't try, how will we know?’’ Luo Feng said, ’’Babata... This battle, I have no choice!’’

’’It has to die!’’

’’If not, to allow it to destroy humanity on earth, I'd rather die first!’’ Luo Feng said seriously.

Luo Feng had never regarded himself as noble or great, he could watch an entire base get swallowed by the gold horned beast. However when faced with humanity's extinction and China's destruction, he felt that he was just a leaf without any roots and there would be no meaning to living. He'd rather die than let it happen.

’’That stupid way of thought.’’

Babata was helpless, ’’It's a pity the Yun Mo Planet ship doesn't have any weapons!’’

For undying beings, those weapons didn't have much meaning! Like the Yun Mo Planet ship, it's body was made of the hybrid copper essence, one shard was more than a ton, how much did the entire ship weigh? With its strength, it only needed to accelerate to a terrifying speed, along with its piercing abilities, no one damage it!

Normally, flying about in the universe, breaking through asteroids and banging right through them, cutting them just like tofu.

With impact! Even a planet could be cut through!

Killing a star level, was like cutting vegetables.

It as pity...

The ship was damaged and couldn't fly.


As Luo Feng was discussing with Babata in his head, so were the others in the room.

’’Old Wang, if it is a level 8 or 9 star traveller level creature, we still have hope. If it's in the star level...then the chances of success are only 1%.’’ The 2 old men sat and quietly discussed.

’’Oh, Old Li, anything from your discussion there?’’ an old man with a head of white hair asked.

’’Oh, during the Great Nirvana, there was no place to test a large amount of nuclear warheads. However during the headquarter city era, there were large open spaces with tens of thousands of kilometers! The only thing is.’’ Old Li nodded his head, ’’a detailed plan, has to be discussed by the countries' experts. I'm thinking if we fail...’’

’’You are talking about the human survival project?’’ Old Wang looked at him.

Old Li looked back.

The two of them had worked and lost blood and sweat during the Great Nirvana building the headquarter cities. They of course couldn't bear to lose their country and people!

’’The commoners are all living peaceful lives and suddenly the end is here?’’ Old Wang closed his eyes, tears welling up before he opened them again. His gaze was firm, ’’I believe all the countries are the same, let the human survival project begin quietly! If we are unable to defend against it, we'll do it full scale. For the full details, we'll discuss after leaving the virtual space!’’

Old Li nodded, but he felt a sense of heavy breathing!

’’Perhaps...if things weren't that bad.’’ Old Li said quietly.


The entire meeting room.

Be it fighters like Luo Feng, Hong, Thunder God, or the countries' leaders, or some of the specialist invited by the weapons divisions, they were all racking their brains for a solution.

They were the earth's elite!

No one was willing to give up!


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