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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 12


Volume 07 Chapter 12 - Space Beast

’’The sea monsters are on the move and progressing, with that mysterious creature as the leader, we have no way to defend! Everybody, what should we do?’’ The black skinned president anxiously looked around the meeting room, everyone's expression was serious, the president continued worriedly: ’’Currently, the death toll has already hit 210,800, this means over 21 hundred thousand death notices!’’ His eyes began welling up.

Everybody's hearts sank as they heard this.

They had lost so many lives already!

Luo Feng watched the mysterious creature on the screen, the creature was killing and eating American people, while it was painful to watch and he pitied them, his feelings weren't particularly strong. On the contrary...what he felt was more of an oppressing feeling! If it was America today, what about tomorrow?

If it were his own Chinese countrymen being eaten in the tens of thousands, so many of them dying...

He couldn't imagine such a scene happening!

’’That must never be allowed to happen!’’ Luo Feng clenched his fist tightly.

’’Just where did this creature appear from? No one has ever seen it before!’’

’’Four claws, with wings, with scales that cover the wings!’’

’’How is it able to swallow a base in one gulp?’’

’’What is this monster?’’

There was a soft discussion in the meeting room, the various countries' leaders, chairmen, representatives all had a difficult and worried expressions. Facing such an unknown creature that popped out from nowhere, such a terrifying beast, it had everybody flustered and lost. Even Hong, Thunder God looked serious, they were clear...

To be able to lead two Grand emperor monsters and to be unscathed against the most powerful laser beams.

This creature's power far exceeded theirs!

’’I know!’’

’’I know!’’

Suddenly, an English speaking voice resounded, Luo Feng's ears automatically activated the virtual space's translating facilities. ’’What do you know?’’ Luo Feng turned his head, everybody in the room turned, an old man with a full head of white hair shouted, everybody looked over, the old man said: ’’I am Claus, from the HR Alliance, I'm in charge of the archaeological ruins research and documentation.’’

’’What do you know?’’ Hong, dressed in black, asked him.

Everyone in the meeting room turned to him.

The old man with a full head of white hair bowed slightly before straightening up: ’’Greetings chairmen, representatives, everybody get to the representative level is to in fact step into the star traveller level 1.’’

Most of the representatives remained silent.

However, a few country's leaders along with the few dozen wargods in this meeting were shocked.

’’Silence.’’ Hong said seriously.


The white haired Claus continued: ’’Following the ancient civilization records and data, once a star traveller reaches level 9, to progress further would be to reach the star level. Above that lies the universe level! And it takes countless galaxies to give birth to a universe level fighter. However in the vast universe, there exists some very unique monsters...the space beasts!’’


Hong, along with Thunder God and others were shocked, they obviously didn't know of the space beasts before.

’’Space beasts, are extremely few in numbers, any one of them grown up can easily reach the universe level! They can easily destroy a planet.’’ Claus's eyes were lit, he pointed towards the screen's mysterious creature, ’’This mysterious creature, is probably a space beast...the swallowing type of space beast.

’’The swallowing type, is a particularly strong type among the space beasts.’’

’’To be able to swallow the base means that it has some special devouring abilities. In the universe, only this particular type of spaces beast should have this kind of ability. So I assume that this is a swallowing type space beast!’’ Claus said with confidence.

There was a moment of silence in the room before noise erupted.

’’What's the universe level?’’

’’What's the star and universe level.’’

’’Space beast?’’

’’It takes countless galaxies for a universe level fighter, does that mean that there's intelligent life from other planets?’’

The meeting room was chaotic beyond compare.

While this old man's news was extremely shocking, with the various earth's powers discoveries about the ancient civilizations and ruins, many powers on earth actually knew of the universe and it's basic knowledge! People like Hong, Thunder God were very familiar with the cloud contact vine and its information, some countries even knew about the Mu Ya crystals! With that said, Hong and Thunder God felt even more pressure to push into the Star level!

Obviously, the upper levels of humanity wouldn't be that clueless.

It was just....

The news was too shocking to release publicly! Normally, people who became representatives and reached the countries' upper echelons would only then be deemed worthy of receiving such information. However, it was clear that many in the meeting room didn't know about these things.

’’Silence.’’ Hong spoke up.

There was immediate silence in the meeting room, the elites of the entire world turned to look at him.

’’What he said earlier isn't wrong.’’ Hong said seriously, ’’To become a representative means to step into the star traveller level 1! And there's a total of 9 levels! Above that is the Star Level and above that lies the Universe level.’’

’’Universe level warriors are extremely strong, they can easily destroy a planet!’’

’’I shall not mention more about anything else.’’

Hong's voice was cold as ice, ’’All I know is that this mysterious creature, which is actually a space beast, is a catastrophe that is hard to get rid of. We all need to work together to think of a way out of this predicament. Claus, can you send all the information on the space beasts over here.’’

Claus froze, he looked at Isadora, the chairman of the HR Alliance behind him and saw her nod.

’’Okay.’’ Claus nodded.

’’Oh, can you tell me, just how strong this space beast is approximately? Is it at the universe level?’’ Hong said seriously.

If it was a universe level existence!

Then there would be no need for resistance, because there was no power at all to do it. The only way was to arrange for evacuation procedures, for humanity's survival and future generations.

’’No, it's definitely not at the universe level.’’

The white haired old man shook his head, ’’According to my calculations and from what I know, a universe level space monster should at least be about a few thousand meters long, some are even crazier, a few ten's of thousands of meters long. This particular devouring beast, is a total of only 180m! According to my calculations, it's probably a star traveller 8 or 9, maybe a star level.’’

Hong and Thunder god looked at each other, this was a predicament humanity might have a chance of resisting!


Luo Feng looked at the mysterious creature on the screen.

It was actually easy to guess, a grand emperor monster was about a star traveller level 6, this particular creature was much stronger. Hence, a star traveller level 8 or 9 or even a star level was possible!

’’If it's at the star level then it'd be troublesome.’’ Luo Feng creased his eyebrows.

’’Please sit everybody.’’

The 3rd representative Mo Henderson shouted, ’’Let's all think together of a solution, how can we deal with this...let's just call it temporarily the swallowing monster! How to we deal with it, not killing it means more people will die.’’

In the meeting room.

Everyone sat down and began their discussions. Even with the discussion, the truth was humanity's hands were tied! The strongest weapon they had before: Laser cannons, with it's highest efficiency and power didn't even leave a mark on that devouring monster's scales, what else could they do?

There was only one way left!

Nuclear warheads!

Nuclear warheads definitely had a terrifying power, however it required the target to be hit directly in the center for the damage to be highest! Also, the radiation that results from the blast usually creates even more mutations of creatures. Under normal circumstances, humans would never resort nuclear warheads. The gains didn't justify the losses.

This time however, there was no choice, humanity didn't have any stronger trump card.

’’Using nuclear warheads?’’

’’How big of a yield? 50 megatons? Or more?’’

’’Is there a guarantee?’’

The world's elite were all anxiously discussing.


’’At the start of the footage, when it flew out from the water, how fast was it!’’ someone shouted immediately.

The speed was calculated quickly.

’’When the devouring monster first showed itself, its speed was 13082 meters per second! Subsequently, according to satellite records, there was an instance when it was even faster, 14899 meters per second!’’ A worker from the American side messaged through the internet to the virtual space meeting room.

’’That fast?’’

Hong, Thunder God's expressions changed. Their speed was way slower than this creature.

Luo Feng's expression too wasn't looking good.

Now that he was a level 3 spirit reader, even with the soaring shuttle, his max speed was only a little more than 5000 m/s! This was relying on both his spirit reader powers and the soaring shuttle! Luo Feng estimated...flying speed in the air, as a fighter, even Thunder God wasn't faster then himself. Yet the speed between him and the devouring monster was too different.

’’Babata, Babata.’’ Luo Feng's thoughts shouted out.

’’What do you need me for, I'm sleeping!’’ Babata's thoughts reached Luo Feng.

Within the virtual space, AIs were able to enter, it was afterall a space built by the AIs.

And Babata was above the AI that built the Wargod palace, much much stronger! That was why he could enter the space without the Wargod palace's AI even noticing.

’’Tell me, that creature on the screen, what exactly is it and is there any way to kill it.’’ Luo Feng said.

Only Babata could help now, his knowledge and experience of the universe was much more vast than earth and humanity.

’’Oh? Let the demon Babata take a look!’’ Babata said confidently.

Luo Feng waited quietly.

’’My god!!! Babata shouted surprised, ’’I've seen a ghost, where did you get this footage, how did you get this footage?’’

’’What footage, this is earth. Right now this mysterious creature is on earth destroying and slaughtering.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’On earth?’’

’’You are saying, that this 'golden horned beast' is on earth?’’ Babata said disbelieving.

’’Right! It's currently in the North American continent.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’This, this, how is this possible? In the master's 60 million years of life, travelled countless galaxies, he only met a total of three space beasts, and none of them were of the higher level bloodline!’’ Babata couldn't believe it, ’’and a golden horned beast actually popped up on earth!’’

Luo Feng was unsatisfied: ’’Babata, clarify yourself!’’

’’Remember what I told you before!’’

’’In the universe, the space beasts are really powerful, and among the space beasts there are various bloodlines, three types specifically, one of them is the strongest, the one that when it reaches maturity becomes a sector lord! This is the strongest bloodline in the universe, the one I introduced that eats the milky way, the flaming star beast.’’

’’And what you see here is the space beast that is similar and is at the top of the bloodline, the golden horned beast, it's even more ferocious than the flaming star beast! It's reputation is even bigger!’’

’’Once it's fully grown, it'll be a sector lord!’’

’’These golden horned beasts and flaming star beasts all belong to the space beasts swallowing type, however the flaming star beast is fire based, and the golden horned beast is metal based. It's the strongest type, stronger than even Man's strongest bloodline! The golden horned beast is ferocious and brutal, its attacking powers are extremely strong!’’ Babata sighed, ’’It's over, now that it's on Earth, Earth is done for, There's no hope, it's over.’’


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