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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 11


Volume 07 Chapter 11 - Emergency Summons

Following the declaration-like roar from the mysterious creature, the two Grand Emperor monsters was an enormous octopus shaped monster that covered both the land and skies, engulfing the entire island, the other was something out of the chinese legends, a dragon whose length meandered over 1000 meters, except its body was constantly flickering with electricity and energy.

The two grand emperors too let out earth shattering roars!


The roars spread in all directions, countless other roars and noises started to come from the water below, where the countless number of water creatures began to swiftly follow the flow and attack into humanity's mainland area!


China, Jiang Nan headquarter city's Yang Zhou city, Luo Feng's house.

It was currently 8pm.

On the sofa in the living room, Luo Feng sat with Xu Xin, watching television while eating some fruits and snacks.

’’Today one of my subordinate ladies ran over to tattle on someone. While I'm not too fond of these 'reports', our company's manager Li really doesn't know how to conduct himself in public! Does he have to be so narcissistic and arrogant? It puts me in a spot.’’ Xu Xin chatted with Luo Feng as she watched television.

’’Just fire him.’’ Luo Feng said frankly.

’’Running a company isn't that easy, I can't just fire anyone on a whim.’’ Xu Xin said, ’’Manager Li's skills and expertise are still decent, I'll have a word with him when I get back.’’

’’Oh, I don't know anything.’’

Luo Feng casually said, ’’Right, my parents are returning tomorrow.’’

’’What.’’ Xu Xin was shocked, ’’what do we do?’’

’’What do we do? Relax! You can just stay here.’’ Luo Feng turned to look at her, saying, ’’Anyway you are already mine, what's there to be shy about.’’

’’What do you mean I'm yours!’’ Xu Xin stared hard wide-eyed at him.

Luo Feng immediately laughed out loud.

’’You!’’ Xu Xin immediately brandished her claws and prepared to pound on him.

’’Hold on, telephone.’’ Luo Feng shouted.

’’Don't lie to me.’’ Xu Xin said, disbelieving.

’’There's really a call.’’ Luo Feng picked up the telephone and answered it.

’’How are you Luo Feng.’’ A deep voice resounded.

’’Oh, Mo Henderson.’’ Luo Feng smiled, ’’Do you need something from me?’’

Ice Emperor Mo Henderson?

Xu Xin shut her mouth shocked, she didn't dare to utter a sound or disturb his conversation in any way.

Since the incident on Misty Island, this Ice Emperor and Luo Feng has had a little grudge, both had not been in contact ever since. Luo Feng never would have thought that America's number one strongest and 3rd representative Ice Emperor Mo Henderson would personally call to look for him.

’’It's a very important matter, it concerns the survival of humanity. You should hurry into the Palace of Wargods, all the representatives, chairmen, government officials and higher-ups will be there.’’ Mo Henderson said.

’’What's happening?’’ Luo Feng said shocked.

Earth and humanity's survival?

’’There's no time to explain in detail, I still have people to inform. Just hurry over to the Palace of Wargods.’’ As he finished, Mo Henderson hung up.

Indeed, for the American government to relay news to someone as important and with status as Luo Feng, they couldn't just pick a random worker to call, lest Luo Feng just dismisses it! However, someone like Mo Henderson relaying the news had a lot more credibility.

There was silence in the living room.

Luo Feng arched his eyebrow.

’’Luo Feng, what's happening?’’ Xu Xin said worried.

’’No idea, I'll enter the virtual space to see. I'll tell you when I get back.’’ after telling her, Luo Feng directly went to the 2nd floor and into the gravity room.


Closing the gravity room door behind, in its normal condition, the room maintained just 1x earth's gravity.

Luo Feng sat crossed legged.

’’Babata, help me connect straight into the virtual space of the Palace of Wargods.’’ Luo Feng's directed his thoughts straight to his wrist cuff space, talking to Babata.

’’No problem!’’

Laughed Babata, who was wearing underpants, lying in a rocking chair, and being massaged comfortably by a servant within the wrist cuff space.



An enormous room, this was the first time Luo Feng was entering the room where the wargods lived. He entered into the room donning a full golden Chinese robe.

’’Representative Luo, please head straight to the top floor's meeting room.’’ An automated voice sounded in that room.

’’Top floor's meeting room?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

That was the wargods' biggest meeting room, usually most meetings were held there. For the gathering this time to be held obviously meant something big had happened.

Luo Feng quickly left the room and headed up.

Up the winding stairs, Luo Feng met two other representatives, along with some wargods in white robes. Luo Feng began chatting with the two representatives and it was clear... that these two representatives weren't sure of what was happening either, just that the American side and urgently informed everyone to enter the virtual space.


At the Wargods' top floor meeting room, already more than 50 representatives donning golden robes had appeared, along with wargods in white robes! The many in white consisted not only of wargods, but also the higher ups and leaders from the five great countries.

Those leaders may be presidents or vice presidents, but their battle strength aren't all at the wargod level.

Normally, they wouldn't have the authority to come in, today, however, they had special permission.

’’Luo Feng.’’

’’Jia Yi.’’ Luo Feng walked over to shake Jia Yi's hand, ’’Do you know what's going on?’’

’’I think something big has happened in America, I'm not too sure of the details.’’ Jia Yi shook his head, ’’However according to the brief conversation we had with the American president, things are very serious! Something catastrophic. However, they didn't get the chance to explain things in detail, they had to rush to inform all the other countries and parties.

’’Catastrophic?’’ Luo Feng's heart sank.

’’Let's go, you still haven't met quite a number of our Chinese leaders, go get familiar with them.’’ Jia Yi pulled Luo Feng along to meet several leaders.

The number of people in the meeting room steadily grew.

The atmosphere in the room was tense, before five minutes were up, all the representatives, leaders of the five great countries, the HR Alliance chairman and people had all arrived! It could be said that...within that short time span, all of earth's powers, leaders and governments had all gathered in that one space.

’’The 1st representative is here.’’

’’America's president is also here.’’

Luo Feng turned his head, Hong, Thunder God along with Mo Henderson and others had arrived together, amongst them was the president. The meeting room suddenly grew silent.

The president walked straight to the podium.

’’Fellow leaders, representatives, chairmen.’’ The black skinned president had a troubled expression and lowered his voice as he spoke, ’’Right now all of the world's powers are gathered here, it should be a joyous gathering. However, I must painfully inform everybody...catastrophe and the end is upon us!’’

Everyone's expression changed.

A country's president, couldn't possibly lie in front of everybody.

’’I'm unable to fully explain it, please everyone, take a look at this footage!’’ The black skinned president said seriously.


A large screen appeared at the front of the meeting room, it began to run a video.

At the start, the sun was setting, a military base was peacefully sitting on the river.

’’It's the district in New York from the Great Nirvana period.’’ Jia Yi said softly.

’’Just what's going on?’’ Luo Feng's eyebrow arched as he looked on.

On the screen.

The scene was calm, until suddenly...a huge silhouette broke out from below the water, its speed was terrifying and fast that it was hard to see clearly. One could only make out a black silhouette that rose up and floated in front of the base! This was a mysterious creature that man had never experienced before!

Strong claws, enormous wings that were covered in scales, a powerful tail and a horn that pierced the skies! Plus those cold expressionless golden eyes!

This was a huge creature whose length exceeded 180m!

’’What kind of creature is this?’’

’’Never seen before!’’

’’Looking at its length, it should be the emperor level.’’

’’An emperor level monster appearing in front of a military base, is it courting death? A laser cannon would kill it immediately.’’

The representatives along with some of the countries' leaders had begun a soft discussion, everyone was still glued to the scene, waiting to see how it would unfold. At the same time, everyone watching the screen and the creature all had a certain indescribable sense of fear, however, the magnitude was different between the strong and weak, Hong and Luo Feng didn't feel too much fear! This made Hong, Thunder God, Luo Feng and several other stronger fighters very suspicious.

At their level, there shouldn't be anything on earth that could make them feel fear.

On the screen!

Three glaring laser beams hit the creature directly, everyone held their breaths as they watched.

The lights dispersed!


’’The scales are undamaged?’’

’’That's impossible! Even a Grand emperor monster may be able to defend against the strongest lasers but it wouldn't escape unscathed!’’

The meeting room erupted in noise

Even the calmer warriors, including Hong, Thunder God and Luo Feng changed their expressions immediately! Under the power of the laser beam, the grand emperor monsters, Hong nor Luo Feng wouldn't be able to escape unscathed!

’’Everybody, I can guarantee that those three laser beams were at 100% power.’’ The black skinned president said seriously, ’’Please continue watching!’’


Everybody continued watching.

On the screen, the mysterious creature opened its mouth, warping the space around it, this was clear even to the naked eye. The base, which was much bigger than the creature had actually floated up! It even grew smaller and smaller as it flew towards the creature's mouth, to the point that it had shrunk till no more than 5 meters wide before it was swallowed.

’’My god!’’

’’That's impossible.’’

’’Oh god.’’

No matter how calm the leaders were, or the warriors...everyone was stunned!’’

This scene had completely destroyed man's understanding and physics, it was something science could not explain at all! For a base that exceeded 500m long to fly up and shrink? How was this possible? To actually eat a base?

’’All of the base's 50 thousand soldiers were all eaten, no survivors.’’ The black skinned president said seriously.


He took a deep breath, ’’This, is just the beginning!’’

He pointed towards screen in which the mysterious creature was howling, ’’With this creature as the leader, the other two grand emperor and countless other sea monsters, they all follow its command and have begun to attack inwards!’’ Saying that, countless sea monsters appeared on the screen madly rushing down the river towards the mainland.

On the screen, the scene changed, it was the continent of North America.

The mysterious creature had actually swallowed yet another base!

’’There's no way to resist!’’

’’No matter how strong the base, or how brave the soldiers, how powerful the warriors, it, swallows the all in one gulp!’’

’’It's a nightmare.’’



The black skinned president looked towards everyone in the meeting room, everyone had grown silent, no one could utter a sound.


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