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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 10


Volume 07 Chapter 10 - End of The World

Luo Feng quickly went into the bathroom. He went in the shower and washed himself with warm water.

Immediately after, with just a thought, a golden energy surrounded his body, evaporating the water droplets. He quickly got dressed and ran downstairs! At this time, Xu Xin had just parked her car and was walking in with her food basket.

’’Wow.’’ Luo Feng opened the door.

’’You've bought quite the number of ingredients.’’ Luo Feng was surprised when he saw the basket.

’’You just wait and eat.’’ Xu Xin said confidently. Once she had placed the basket in the kitchen, she took out an apron from her bag and put it on.

’’You come prepared.’’ Luo Feng laughed.

’’But of course!’’

Xu Xin went directly into the kitchen, closing the door behind her, beginning her battle with the pots and pans!

Luo Feng laughed and walked towards the sofa, turning on the television. It was now the winter holidays...his little brother's girlfriend was on holiday and the two were happily on tour, enjoying their alone time. His parents had unexpectedly decided to go travel too! Suddenly, all that was left was Luo Feng.

It was lucky Xu Xin came regularly, the two had some alone time.

After about 40 minutes.

The kitchen door opened, a fresh aroma emanated out, Luo Feng picked up the smell: ’’Wow, it smells good, I wonder how they it tastes.’’

’’It's time to eat!’’ Xu Xin was wearing gloves as she brought out a large soup pot and placed in on the dining table.’’

Luo Feng went in to help with the rice bowls and other dishes.

’’It's complete!’’ Xu Xin took off her gloves, apron and sat by the side, ’’Three dishes and a soup, Luo Feng, try them!’’ Saying so, she looked with anticipation at Luo Feng, almost like a child who had finished writing her first essay and awaiting approval.

’’Let me wash my hands first.’’ Luo Feng got up.

’’Try it first.’’ Xu Xin pulled Luo Feng back, clearly a little impatient as she stared at him.

Luo Feng laughed: ’’Alright, I'll first try this potato with fried diced meat.’’

’’Eh, it's potato with shredded meat.’’ Xu Xin corrected Luo Feng.

’’This is shredded?’’ Luo Feng looked surprised at the chunks of meat on the plate, Xu Xin was embarrassed as she said: ’’I have no experience, so my slices were not thin enough. I just chopped it up a little more.’’

’’Ok, as long as it tastes good.’’

Luo Feng held back his laughter, using chopsticks, he took some potato along with some meat and put them in his mouth and chewed. His conditioned reflex to smile was well prepared from before, since it was his girlfriend's first time cooking, he had to encourage her no matter how bad it was.


His expression froze.

’’What's wrong?’’ Xu Xin was startled, surprised as she looked at him.

’’Oh? It's actually not bad!’’ Luo Feng said shocked as he looked at the 'shredded meat', picking up another piece and eating.’’ Wow, it's really not bad! This taste is not far off from the restaurants, not at all. Whoever said that girls can't cook on their first try are clearly lying.’’

Xu Xin looked at Luo Feng mumbling to himself;’’What are you saying!’’

’’Eh, It's nothing, I'm complimenting you.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’But of course, I've tried some in the kitchen, it was delicious.’’ Xu Xin picked a piece up and ate, ’’I must say I have some natural talent in cooking.’’

Luo Feng wasn't lying at all, Xu Xin's dishes were not bad.

He secretly let out a sigh of relief...he was lucky his stomach didn't have to suffer.

Luo Feng and Xu Xin began to eat, chatting as they ate. Xu Xin spoke frankly about her business and other matters.

’’Luo Feng, the couple safety amulet you gave me, I'm always wearing it. It keeps me refreshed.’’ Xu Xin lifted from her neck a safety pendant, this was in fact a very special silver pendant that had unique engravings on it.

’’It's of course something good, you can't even buy it with money.’’ Luo Feng took one out from his neck too.

These pendants were actually gifts from Babata for Luo Feng and his wife, with one each, they had some protective abilities.

’’Items from the archaeological ruins are obviously good things.’’ Xu Xin laughed.

’’Oh, these safety pendants were made for married couples.’’ Luo Feng looked at Xu Xin, with a queer smile, he said, ’’Xu Xin...when are we getting married? My parents are pestering me.’’

’’Marriage, my family has been pestering me too.’’

Xu Xin's perfect smooth face began to grow red, ’’However, there's no rush for this.’’

’’Yup, no rush!’’

Luo Feng caught on and nodded, ’’That's good too, let's wait a few years.’’

’’You...’’ Xu Xin stared at him wide-eyed.

’’Angry?’’ Haha, are you worried you'd be left on the shelf?’’ Luo Feng immediately laughed.

Xu Xin was even more flustered!

’’Come on, don't be angry, how about we register for the marriage this month?’’ Luo Feng said.

’’That's too soon.’’ Xu Xin seemed nervous.

’’One's too fast, and the other's too long. Women.’’ Luo Feng sighed a big sigh, Xu Xin said with dissatisfaction: ’’I'm just not ready and nervous.’’

To see the usually calm and collected Xu Xin throw such a little girl's tantrum made Luo Feng feel a sense of warmth in his heart.

Indeed, this year had been warm and peaceful.

His parents had been happy, his brother too had opened an investing company and his own progress in training had been phenomenal and steady. With his constant evolution, and his relationship with Xu Xin steadily growing stronger, they were indeed ready to talk about marriage.


Since the incident at Misty Island, the entire earth had had peace for an entire year!

The five countries, HR Alliance, two big dojos, they all had at least three or four Mu Ya crystals from the incident, the lucky ones got seven or eight of them! This helped the several powers gain a few more representative fighters within the year, 2059 that year, was the year where the number of representatives on earth had increased by the most, a total of thirty of them!

Even though they lost several representatives during the Misty Island incident.

However, the number of representatives on earth had reached a staggering 81! With humanity growing stronger, dealing with the sea monsters had become easier. With the countries deploying star traveller warriors, there was no shortage of fighters.


A.D Year 2060 13th January dusk, North America, New York.

New York, during the Great Nirvana, was earth's economic center, it was deemed the planet's capital! Back then, the predecessor of the HR Alliance, along with the various financial groups, families were all in New York. However, the great nirvana occurred and since New York was closest to the Atlantic Ocean, it was the first to get attacked.

Hence, it became a paradise for the monsters!


Just like China's Shanghai being linked directly to the East China sea, so was New York to the Atlantic.

Hence, America built a big military sector not far from New York. It even built a military base in New York to prevent the sea monsters from entering the mainland.

A base that exceeded 500m in length, was like a malevolent monster had taken up that space in the river itself.

Within that base.

The rays of light from the sunset shone in, within a bunker below, five american soldiers sat crossed legged on the floor gambling. There were hardly any battles that occurred, and when they do occur, there wre many casualties. Hence when the soldiers gambled, the higher-ups wouldn't bother.

’’Oh my god, lousy card!’’

A young black man cursed as he threw his card away.

’’Ten of spades, ten of spades, ten of spades!’’ a white youth beside couldn't stop shouting, picking up the card that was dealt to him, flipping it over only to curse. ’’What bad luck, I've lost again!’’

’’Haha, I've won again.’’

A youth with blonde curly hair laughed, through the bunker's little gap in the wall, he sent a flying kiss out,’’ Oh beautiful statue of liberty, continue to shower me with good luck!’’ The gap faced straight towards the statue of liberty, however the statue had long fallen and turn to ruins.

’’Bullshit! The statue of liberty has already fallen, I don't believe you'll keep winning, again.’’ The bald youth shouted.

’’Wow, quickly come see, what is that!’’

One of the soldiers was pointing through the gap, the others immediately ran up to look.

’’My god!’’

’’Oh god!’’

’’It's an emperor level monster!’’

An ear piercing alarm rang, sounding through the entire base. The calm and relaxed base became busy and tense immediately, countless soldiers began to take their positions and prepare for battle!

With the sunset rays shining down, in front of the enormous military base...a large monster had appeared!

This monster's body was about 180m long, it's body structure was similar to a 'lion' type monster, its body was covered with black scales that were as big as houses, every one of them seemed terrifying. It even had a 200m wingspan that was covered in black scales, they looked like they were made of steel!

The horn on its head seemed to want to pierce through the heavens.

It's singular black horn was wrapped by a gold pattern, its complex patterns spread down to its neck, all over its back and even to its tail! It was like its entire body was covered by a gold and black mixed armour. What was most chilling was those dark golden pupils!

A pair of dark golden pupils, almost, almost like god's eyes, keeping its gaze on the tens of thousands of creatures below it!

A pair of pupils concealing a malevolence.

Ice cold!


This was it! An existence that had never appeared on earth before!

’’An emperor level monster in the air, it's courting death.’’

’’Use the laser cannons to shoot it down!’’

’’It's definitely going to die.’’

While the base's many soldiers were shocked and afraid, they were still very confident in their laser cannons, man's greatest weapon!




Three white beams at frightening speeds attacked the black and golden monster's scales directly!

The beams dissipated!

The scales...were undamaged!!!

’’Wooo...’’ A low humming noise. It was as though the god's roar filled everywhere.

The entire ruined New York's monster population lowered their head in fear, it was oppression on the spiritual level. All the soldiers in the base felt nothing but extraordinary fear. The generals in charge could only look in fear at the monster figure that took up more than half the screen.

’’Just what is that creature?’’

’’Even the powerful laser cannons couldn't hurt it one bit?’’


The creature opened its mouth!



The earth was dark, in an instant, the space around the creature's mouth had warped, the entire base actually lifted off the ground and flew towards its mouth. As it flew closer, it became smaller and smaller! The base, which was originally bigger than the creature's entire body had actually shrunk to no more than five meters long, the soldiers who nothing more than ants to the creature were all petrified with fear, shouts and screams of fear filled the air.

The creature swallowed the base in one gulp before closing it's mouth!

The entire base was gone!

’’Oh my god!’’

In the distant ruined skyscraper from which the laser was shot from, the soldiers were all pale, almost as though they had seen a ghost.


Two other enormous sea creatures surfaced, if Luo Feng or Hong and the others had seen this, they would have recognized...these two creatures were the other two 'Grand Emperor' monsters. The waters began to boil as countless other sea monsters surfaced, they all looked as though they've seen their god in that mysterious creature.

’’Howl!’’ The creature raised its head and roared, it's horn piercing the skies!

It was almost as though it was announcing...It had come!


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