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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 1


Volume 07 Chapter 1 - Assembling a Spaceship?

Luo Feng's return made his parents very happy. However Luo Hong Guo and Gong Xin Lan didn't know that within the short span of three to four days, Luo Feng had experienced so much! Early the next day, just as the morning mist had permeated the air, Luo Feng bid his family goodbye again, preparing to head towards the Hong Ning headquarter city.

’’You just got back and you are leaving.’’ The dining table was filled with breakfast, his mother got up to push the wheelchair to send Luo Feng off.

’’It'll be quick, I'll be back for lunch.’’ Luo Feng laughed.

’’Back for lunch? Mom will personally go get ingredients and cook a delicious meal of your favourites.’’ Gong Xin Lan said happily.

Luo Feng nodded.

Even though he's had luxurious delicacies within the virtual wargod palace, much better than what his mother cooks, whenever the smell of his mother's cooking permeates the air, Luo Feng would feel a sense of joy from the bottom of his heart.

’’Dad, mom, I'll be leaving. When afternoon comes, I'll give you all a surprise.’’ Luo Feng laughed mischievously and ran towards the auto jet.


Sitting on the wheelchair, Luo Hong Guo and his wife Gong Xin Lan looked at each other curiously.


The dark blue triangular auto jet swiftly flew from the Ming Yue district, heading straight towards west asia, towards the Hong Ning headquarter city.

’’I've always wanted to let my parents use the spirits of nature, this time, I can finally trade for some of them.’’ Luo Feng was excited and filled with glee.

’’Luo Feng.’’

A clear crisp voice resounded in his head.

’’Babata?’’ Luo Feng channeled a thread of spirit energy into the space within his wrist guard.

’’Luo Feng, this is a good chance to exchange.’’ Babata continued, ’’while the spirits of nature may have some benefits and powers, its sum is too little. It's only useful to normal people and student levels. To a star traveller, it hardly does anything! After obtaining some spirits of nature, let's see if there are any other treasures we can exchange for! Your head may have been hiding some good stuff.’’

’’Oh, ok, anyway I officially have 4.5 crystals, I can exchange for a total of 90 stars worth of stuff.’’ Luo Feng's thoughts flowed, ’’I'll exchange for a few spirits of nature, whatever else you can decide.’’

’’Haha, relax, let me handle it!’’ Babata said.


Location: Hong Ning Base, a large spaceship is in construction.

Donning an expensive black fur clothing, wearing a hat, and looking around 60 years old, a silver haired old lady walked out from the ship's entrance. The three underlings who were waiting below from earlier immediately went to receive her.


’’Chairman, are we returning now?’’

Out of these three underlings, two of them were actually wargods, and the last was a butler.

’’No rush, we'll stay in the Hong Ning headquarter city for three days. While our negotiations with Hong didn't succeed, we can still look for other investigators and guards.’’ The silver haired old lady's voice was prominent and her face expressionless. Yet when she surveyed the surroundings with her gaze, no one around her dared make eye contact.

Even though she was a woman!

She was the king of the entire earth's underground, the HR Alliance's chairman!

’’Pay attention to Hong Ning headquarter city, if you discover any of the three guards or the six investigators, let me know.’’ The silver haired old lady ordered.

’’Yes.’’ The butler beside her acknowledged.

’’Let's go.’’ The old lady ordered.

Very quickly, a lavish Maybach car seemingly filled with history, under the underlings' protection rolled up. This old lady entered the car. As the wheels began moving, the car left the Dojo of Limits headquarters.

Approximately one hour later.

A dark blue auto jet descended from above, landing in the landing pad beside A youth donning black casual clothes with a backpack jumped out and the cabin door closed behind him automatically.



The base's guards saw Luo Feng, bowing with respect.

Luo Feng had on a backpack, walking briskly towards the entrance. These spaceship bases, even within the Dojo of Limits, few higher ranked personnel had the authority to enter. Barging in without access permission would only result in the defense systems shooting and killing. Yet obviously...Luo Feng was one with permission and clearance of the highest degrees.



Under the greetings of a few personnel in blue, Luo Feng went straight to look for the Head.


At the same time...

’’Chairman, Dojo of Limits' Investigator Luo has just entered the base.’’ News swiftly reached reached the Chairman of the HR Alliance.


Walking to the entrance of the ship's construction.

’’This is an interstellar transport ship.’’ Babata's voice was filled shock and curiously as it resounded in Luo Feng's mind, ’’I wonder what damage it has received. I would really like to survey it, but its system is completely locked down, no way I'm getting in.’’

’’What will you get from surveying it? This is the Head's ship.’’ Luo Feng communicated.

’’Simpleton, since the Yun Mo Planet Ship is beyond repair, I now have to think of a leave the earth. Without a ship, how will you leave?’’ Babata retorted.

’’This ship can still fly?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’Nope, this interstellar transport ship is damaged and hasn't flown for too long. I estimate several parts have rusted and corroded;over time's endless flow...even the strongest masters will decay. A completely perfect condition interstellar transporter, left underground for thousands of years will also have problems, much less one with damage.’’

Luo Feng nodded: ’’Then why are you so stunned?’’

’’It is damaged, but it proves a point that there's still many universe spaceship remains on earth. Get more remains, we might be able to build a small ship from them.’’ Babata excitedly said.

’’Build a spaceship?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

’’That's a small task! Don't you know who you are talking to, I am a living AI! My knowledge compartment has stored vast amounts of information, several high level civilization information etc. With enough machinery, materials, robots etc, a large interstellar battleship is possible too. Don't even mention putting together a simple spaceship.’’ Babata said confidently.

Luo Feng was filled with curiosity towards the vast universe.

Especially the virtual universe network, according to Babata, entering the network would allow him to meet with the vast universe's countless cultures and clans.


While his heart wasn't ready to wander the universe yet, building a ship capable of just that was always a good idea.

’’Babata, I can buy a lot of machinery, materials for you to build.’’ Luo Feng said.


Within the virtual space, Babata's face had a helpless expression. ’’Covering long distances in the vast universe demands a lot from a ship! It's not just the internal power supply system etc, the body itself has to be durable! The material on earth, strength and durability wise doesn't even come close. Hence, the best option is to get remains from spaceships and rebuild from there.’’

’’This isn't urgent, once you've reached the Star level, checking out other planets occasionally wouldn't be too far.’’ Babata said.


Regarding the building of the spaceship, Lou Feng left it to Babata to plan, putting his own energy and concentration into his own training.

Within the ship, the room was still.

’’Head.’’ Luo Feng bowed.

’’Luo Feng, sit,’’ A black dressed Hong sat crossed legged on a praying mat, Luo Feng followed and sat crossed legged.

’’For what purpose have you come?’’ Hong looked towards Luo Feng.

’’I would like to exchange for some things’’ Luo Feng directly said, ’’using the Mu Ya crystals!’’

’’Haha, good.’’

Hong couldn't help but smile, he was very clear on the Mu Ya crystals' abilities! Be it for his own training or to feed the growth of his cloud contact vine, Hong needed them! Thus, he was very appreciative of others coming to exchange their crystals.

’’This is the exchange catalog, it's more detailed than what you saw before!’’ Hong waved his hand.


Within the dark quiet room, a large screen appeared, displaying a large number of goods, with their explanations and their price.

’’It's definitely more than before.’’ Luo Feng's eyes lit up.

’’Whatever you want to exchange for, just exchange.’’ Hong looked towards Luo Feng, ’’You should be able to exchange for 90 stars worth of goods. If you have more Mu Ya crystals, you can also use them.’’ Finishing his last line, Hong's face revealed a smile, he had already guessed that in the Misty Island treasure hunt, there would be people who secretly hide one or two Mu Ya crystals.

Luo Feng was glued to the screen.

’’Spirits of nature, three of no. 2, two of no. 5, and two of no. 9.’’ Luo Feng immediately reported.

Hong nodded as he heard that.

He wasn't afraid of Luo Feng buying, in contrary, he was more afraid of him not buying!

’’Babata, have you seen the screen?’’ Luo Feng's used his thoughts to ask.

’’I can see it. I knew early on that you earthlings wouldn't have any treasure. And as I suspected, you guys sure are poor, using these toys as treasures.’’ Despite having prepared mentally, Babata was still disappointed with the low level of goods Hong had displayed.

’’Ah, there's a small treasure.’’ Babata shouted, ’’Luo Feng, the ancient apparatus right at the bottom, the gravity room.’’

Luo Feng quickly looked below.

Ancient gravity room: 1-1000 times earth's gravity, price 90 stars.

Luo Feng was shocked!

Isn't this the renowned training device gravity room? In the previous exchange, it wasn't there. This time, Hong actually could bear to take it out, looks like he really wants the crystals.'s priced so high? 90 stars, that was 4.5 Mu Ya crystals, looks like there's very little in the entire world.

The Head purposely priced it at 90 stars, obviously to lure Luo Feng to use all his stars to buy.

’’Head, this ancient gravity room, I want it.’’ Luo Feng said.


Hong looked shocked at Luo Feng, ’’Looks like you've really had some other findings, this ancient gravity very efficient for training, I've always been reluctant to sell it. Now that you want it, I'll sell it! Those spirits of nature, do you still want those?’’ The price of the ancient gravity room was 90 stars, officially, Luo Feng could only afford that much.

’’Add on two more portions of dragon blood, and two portions of 100 year black crow root, sum it all up.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Spirits of nature, two 1000 year black crow roots equate to three stars...a total of 20 stars. Along with the gravity room, it's a total of 110 stars!’’ Hong was shocked as he looked at Luo Feng.

110 stars, that's worth 5.5 Mu Ya Crystals!

5 Mu Ya Crystals appeared from Luo Feng's black casual shirt, plus the 0.5 owed to him from Hong.

’’Tsk tsk, Luo Feng, your earnings this time is not small at all.’’ Hong smiled.

’’Indeed it wasn't, no one else saw.’’ Luo Feng smiled, ’’however in an instant, my pocket is empty.’’

’’Spirits of nature, you'll receive the moment you leave! As for the ancient gravity room, you'll have to wait a few days, I'll have people to send it to your place.’’ Hong was happy, the entire earth's powers only attained a total of how many crystals? And knowing its capabilities, everyone was trying to vie with each other for more, who would sell them?

And Luo Feng sold them, this made Hong's mood extremely good.


As Luo Feng walked out of the cabin door, his hand held a silver briefcase, filled with the spirits of nature.


Luo Feng was shocked, in front of him stood a silver haired old lady in lavish black fur clothing. Surrounded by three underlings, she smiled as she spoke with proficient chinese, ’’How are you, Investigator Luo, allow me to slightly disturb you, you can call me Isadora! I wonder if I have the honor of having a cup of coffee with investigator Luo?’’

’’Isadora?’’ the name immediately jolted Luo Feng's memory.

The underground empress of the world, the HR Alliance's chairman...Isadora !


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