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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 9




Luo Feng charged into the Huangpu river. With his naked eye, he could only see peculiar shaped sea monsters. When his spiritual force spread out, it covered the surrounding 100 meter radius! Within this 100 meter radius were over 100 different types of fish type monsters, and various other monsters of different types.

’’There sure are a bunch of them’’ Luo Feng could feel the threat that sea monsters had against humanity.

Keep charging downwards!


As of now, plane after plane flew in the air and dropped large amounts of a new kind of napalm bombs like a celestial maiden spreading flower petals. With the military base as the center, the surrounding 1,000 meter radius was covered with the weapons that the sea monsters hated the most! Even both sides and the surface of the Huangpu river were covered!


The surrounding 1,000 meter radius instantly became a sea of fire! The monsters' bodies aren't afraid of being burned! But...... the water in their body is swiftly evaporating!

Monsters like cnidaria-type monsters, jellyfish, etc. can probably stay alive on land for 2 or 3 hours after their mutation. However, in a fire, they rapidly lose large amounts of water, so they can't even last for 2 to 3 minutes! According to the type, different monsters can last for different amounts of time.

These napalm bombs, even after being dropped onto water, continued burning!

Water cannot extinguish it! Dirt won't put it out either! Rolling around on the ground will do nothing. In fact, doing that will just increase the amount of flames on your body! Which is to say, even if you escape the sea of fire, you'll still be on fire!

You can say, that this is the weapon that sea monsters hate the most!

Without a doubt

In the sea of fire, the overall power of the sea monsters dropped by around 70%!

But even so, it is still going to be extremely difficult for the military base to block off this attack.

Huangpu river, 50 meters below the surface.

Because the sea monsters have been swimming around here for dozens of years, the Huangpu river was indeed much deeper than it was before.

’’Just these three big guys?’’ under the light of the fire on the surface of the river, Luo Feng, who was at the bottom of the river, saw three gigantic beings in the distance with a glance. The shortest of the three gigantic beings was around 60 meters long. The largest one was at an astonishing 90 meters long.

If you put it upright, it can rival the height of a 30 story building!

The one thing they have in common is...... they all have a sharp horn! The sharp horn on their heads crazily slammed into the foundation of the military base. Every time their sharp horn attacks, it can pierce into a distance of 7 to 8 meters. This caused the entire base to rumble. However, the horns can't pierce a large enough hole for their gigantic bodies to enter through.

So, they can only attack over and over again to get the desired width, go in a few meters, and then go back to crazily attacking again.

As of now, they have only moved forward by around 10 meters.

’’Two mountain shaking whales? And..... a roaring sky beast?’’ Luo Feng was astonished. The largest one was indeed the roaring sky beast. The other two mountain shaking whales, determining from the size of their bodies, are probably medium level horde leader level monsters. And that roaring sky beast..... is probably a high level horde leader level!

The current Luo Feng doesn't really care about high level horde leaders.

But, this roaring sky beast!

Even though Luo Feng knew very little about sea monsters, he still knew quite a bit about the extremely horrifying and infamous sea monsters. The roaring sky monster was indeed one of these extremely horrifying monsters.

’’The roaring sky monster has a gigantic amount of power. Its strongest attack is the sound wave attack!’’

’’Sound wave attack?’’

Luo Feng slightly frowned as he immediately transformed his Black God set into earplugs and stuffed his ears. His black helmet formed layers and layers of protection over the portion of his ears.

’’I need to kill the roaring sky beast as fast as possible and then eliminate the two mountain shaking whales’’

Luo Feng stepped on his soaring shuttle and transformed into a black bolt of lightning as he charged!

The fact that the soaring shuttle is amazing cannot be denied. Even the water can help it speed up! No wonder it's a treasure that even 'Hong' deems important.

’’ANG ’’

The gigantic roaring sky beast suddenly turned its head and, without any warning, immediately let out an ear piercing sound. The sound then disappeared.


A vacuum was immediately blasted out of the water of the river between the roaring sky beast and Luo Feng. The river water around Luo Feng completely disappeared, and the sound wave attack instantly hit Luo Feng! It was so fast that Luo Feng was given no chance to escape. The sound wave attack that countless wargods feared struck Luo Feng.

However, after going through the special material that makes up the 'Black God set', the attack rapidly weakened!

And Luo Feng's ears were heavily protected, so the target of the attack, the obvious 'head', was easily spared from disaster.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng only had a slight headache and nothing else. He couldn't help but to let out a smile, ’’The black god set is indeed powerful!’’

’’It can deflect sharp attacks’’

’’It can weaken impacts’’

’’It can greatly decrease the effect of sound waves’’

This mysterious treasure originating from archaeological ruin #9 was indeed mysterious.


After deflecting the sound wave attack, Luo Feng immediately transformed into a bolt of lightning as he charged towards the gigantic roaring sky beast. However, at this time...... the river water beside Luo Feng started rumbling and formless attacks struck towards Luo Feng.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Six curved blades immediately flew past the river water like moon light around 70 to 80 meters to the left side in front of him. After that, a painful scream rang. The river water rumbled and a milk white colored blood spread out.

’’Hmph, a transparent jellyfish type monster actually tried to ambush a spirit reader. I guess it was tired of living’’ scoffed Luo Feng to himself.

Out of the sea monsters, there are many types of jellyfish type monsters. As of now, three types that are completely invisible to the naked eye have been discovered! Even though they attack in different ways, they have still been categorized together as the 'invisible jellyfish type'. For human fighters, they pose a gigantic threat.

But even if you can't see it via sight, Luo Feng's spiritual force detected it a long time ago.

’’Roaring sky beast! Mountain shaking whale!’’ Luo Feng seemed like he was going to slaughter some sheep as he charged towards the three gigantic horde leader level monsters!


This battle between monsters and humanity was as tragic as always!

It continued on until 8 AM of the second day.

Even though the sea monsters never broke past the military base, quite a few horde leaders charged in by themselves! Large hordes of sea monsters capable of 'discharging electricity', and large hordes capable of spitting 'poison', and even hordes that can shoot 'air bubbles' like shockwaves.... all sorts of attacks from all sorts of peculiar sea monsters seeped into the military base, which caused quite a few casualties for the human army.

Command room of the military base.

High ranking people of the military and the wargods that came to assist were gathered here. Everyone was in a good mood.

’’Thank you, everyone. We were able to successfully defend against the wave of sea monsters! Within half a year, the sea monsters probably won't launch an assault of such a scale’’ commander Li Da Wei was in an extremely good mood. Even though losses were great, they are quite insignificant when compared with the losses in the past.

The one who did the most work..... was Luo Feng!

Luo Feng and Lei Meng were the only two people who possessed black god sets out of all the wargods, including the ones originally part of the army! And even though Lei Meng is powerful, the sea monsters can escape once they lose. So even though Lei Meng can defeat horde leaders, it is extremely difficult for him to kill them.

But Luo Feng is different!

With his soaring shuttle and blade pieces, which horde leader can escape such speed?

They all died!

And this battle!

Lei Meng, killed two horde leaders! He also fought back quite a few of them during critical moments, which helped the army quite a bit.

Luo Feng, killed 15 horde leaders!

’’Fellow wargods, sell all your monster materials to our HR alliance!’’ laughed an old man in the command room.

’’Those preparing to sell them to Dojos, ask me’’ laughed commander Li Da Wei.

Even though the wargods risked their lives to fight for the army, they usually don't ask for anything in return. However, as long as they can find the corpses of the monsters they killed, they would usually sell them to the HR alliance, since the HR alliances offers better prices! The Chinese army also supports this process.

Because the Chinese government receives a bit of profit from the HR alliance, since they allow them to spread across the country.

’’This time, examiner Luo Feng earned the most’’

’’Examiner Luo Feng, you're going to be rich’’

A group of wargods smiled as they congratulated.

Because Luo Feng was blocking the front, none of the wargods in the military base died! So everyone was in quite a good mood.

’’I have three horde leaders' materials here. As for the other horde leaders, I don't need them’’ the huge black bag that Luo Feng was carrying automatically opened, and large amounts of monster materials poured out from it and dropped onto the ground. Even though he killed 15 horde leaders, he used his blade pieces to cut off the important parts and put them in his bag at the same time he killed them.

He only stored the materials of three horde leaders, which were all high level ones.

As for the other ones...... he'll donate them to the country!

’’Haha, then I will shamelessly accept them’’ Li Da Wei didn't decline.

’’Commander Li, you're not humble at all’’ a powerful wargod started laughing on the side.

Li Da Wei smiled: ’’Would a rich man like Luo Feng care about such a small amount?’’

Out of the 15 horde leader level monsters, the most valuable materials are from the three that Luo Feng kept for himself.

The old man that was currently examining the materials from the three high level horde leaders couldn't help but to glare at Li Da Wei: ’’Old Li, even though the other horde leaders are low level or medium level ones, there are a lot of them. I estimate that the total will come to 30 billion!’’. A low level horde leader ranges from 500 million 3 billion at the HR alliance.

A medium level horde leader ranges from 1.5 billion 9 billion!

Out of the 12 that Luo Feng killed, most of them were low level horde leaders and not medium level horde leaders, so the total would indeed come to around 30 billion.

’’Roaring sky beast?’’

’’Nine headed snake dragon?’’

The old man that was examining the materials was flabbergasted. The roaring sky beast were extremely horrifying high level horde leaders. They were even more powerful than the steel armored dragon. Since they are both in the sea, it is harder to kill them.

’’I'll take these two for 20 billion. As for this one, I'll take it for 12 billion. In total, 52 billion Chinese dollars’’ smiled the old man.

’’Okay’’ nodded Luo Feng.


Luo Feng wasn't too happy with the results from this war. Money? After becoming an invincible wargod, money is not as important. Real treasures cannot be purchased with money.

Military base.

Li Da Wei personally escorted Luo Feng outside. The two of them walked side by side out the base.

’’How are the losses this time?’’ asked Luo Feng.

’’Around 1,000 warriors died and almost 1,000 people are handicapped’’ Li Da Wei shook his head as he sighed, ’’And these results are considered good. With you here, the most threatening horde leaders were killed off, so we had an easier time dealing with the monster horde. Just you alone can match a gigantic army of 200,000! In the past.....’’

Li Da Wei couldn't help but to shake his head.

In the war against the sea monsters, human casualties are too great. Otherwise, he wouldn't purposefully use the gathering of wargods this time.

’’And ’’

Li Da Wei shook his head as he laughed helplessly, ’’The billions of sea monsters we killed this time, to the countless sea monsters in the sea, is like a drop in the ocean! Just a drop in the ocean!’’


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