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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 8




’’#1, follow the disc shaped fighter jet in the very front!’’ commanded Luo Feng.

The black suit on Luo Feng instantly started to change. Soon enough, it completely disappeared, revealing the white collared shirt within. Luo Feng took off the white shirt and revealed the black vest within. Throwing knives danced as they flew out of the vest.

Huhu~~ they quickly assembled, forming the soaring shuttle.

’’The amount of monsters in the sea monster horde will be uncountable, so my golden silk net will just get in the way’’ thought Luo Feng to himself. He didn't bring his golden silk net, because it is only useful in a 1v1 situation!

The black membrane covered his entire body and swiftly transformed into the shape of a battle uniform set.

A black helmet even appeared on his head!

’’Fellow wargods’’ a sound carried from the tactical communications watch, ’’I am Li Da Wei, I am Li Da Wei, 50 more seconds to arrive at the front lines’’

’’There are an uncountable amount of sea monsters ahead. Fellow powerful wargods, please enter the front lines and assist the army in fending off this time's monster tide. Wargods with 'Black God sets' could try and enter the horde to attack within’’

’’We have arrived!’’

After hearing this sound from his tactical communications watch, Luo Feng quietly said: ’’#1, open the hatch’’


The hatch opened. Luo Feng, who had his black uniform set on his body, helmet on his head, and ghost blade on his back, stepped onto the soaring shuttle and directly flew out. After that, the auto jet closed its hatch and then hovered in midair.

Fighter jets swiftly landed in the forward base below. This forward base was blocking a region of the Huangpu river. This region was completely clogged with large amounts of boulders and reinforced steel. A miniature military base built out of reinforced steel was built on top!

Large amounts of cold light fired out of large, sturdy cannons.

’’So this is a grade one monster tide!’’ Luo Feng was hovering on his soaring shuttle around 1,000 meters above the ground and was completely stunned as he looked below.

The Huangpu river was an important passage for the limitless sea monsters in the south eastern sea to attack the mainland through. For dozens of years, tons of sea monsters caused the Huangpu river's depth and width to become even more astonishing than it was before the Grand Nirvana period! Who knew how many sea monsters were lying in wait in the great Huangpu river.

And the military base here was clogging up the entire Huangpu river!

So the monsters can't get past!

And now

’’RUMBLE~~’’ as if the sky was going to fall and the earth was going to shatter, the sound of cannon fire rumbled throughout the area.

Densely packed sea monsters of all types covered the entire ground as they either flew out or crawled out from within the Huangpu river. Within these monsters were ferocious arthropod type monsters, crawling type monsters which were most familiar with the land, peculiar cnidaria type monsters, echinoderm type monsters, and tons of tons of fish type monsters!

The monsters in the sea are at least 10 times more horrifying than the ones on land!

One, there are tons of them. Two, they have extremely odd abilities!

For example, just look at the shrimp type and crab type monsters within the arthropod group. Before the Grand Nirvana period, thousands of different species of shrimp and crabs have been discovered. If you count in the ones that haven't been discovered, there are probably tens of thousands of different species! After mutating, the shrimp type and crab type monsters have reached an even more astonishing number. And this is even more so the case for cnidaria types and echinoderm types.

Before the Grand Nirvana period, humans have predicted that there are over two million different species in the sea!

And now?

After the Grand Nirvana period, nobody knows!

They only know that there are way too many horrifying monsters of all types. What happened to the various island countries from back then are an example of their power, so no country dares to underestimate the monsters in the sea.

’’Holy shit!’’

’’What types of monsters are these?’’ Luo Feng was flabbergasted.


Luo Feng's gaze turned cold and the membrane instantly covered his face, revealing only his eyes. After that, he soared downwards on his soaring shuttle!


From the sky, the monsters seemed densely packed. After charging downwards, the monsters seemed even more formidable. Huge amounts of all types of fish type monsters jumped to a height of 20 to 30 meters out of the Huangpu river. A seemingly infinite amount of fish type monsters savagely revealed their teeth, which could even grind reinforced steel!

’’Luo Feng, Lei Meng, please kill some of the horde leader level sea type monsters on the land’’ commander Li's voice carried from the tactical communications watch.

’’Horde leader level?’’ Luo Feng looked below.

Right away, he saw a gigantic sea monster that was around 15 to 16 meters long with a huge turtle shell on its back. There were even some portions of the gigantic turtle shell that were sticking out and also had a faint gold color to them. Its head was like a dinosaur's head. It had a tough skull and even grew out a black pointy horn. Its gigantic sawblade-like mouth made none doubt its destructive power.

It was currently swiftly moving without pause.

’’Can't aim, it's moving too quickly’’ in a building around a thousand meters away, one of the operators of the laser cannon said in a panic, ’’These horde leader levels have all become smart. After getting hit before, none of them stop moving after landing on shore’’

No matter how fast the laser cannon is, it still needs a human to press a button to command it!

A human's reaction time, added with the time it takes to press the button, isn't fast enough.


The cannon balls fired from cannons with calibers of over 100 mm rained all over the front lines. The 200 meter region between the real military base and the sea virtually became a sea of fire. An uncountable amount of sea monsters crazily charged while the military base crazily fired all sorts of cannons!


A black light flew through the infinite sea monster horde like lightning.

Pu! Peng!

Because the firepower covered the entire region, quite a few large caliber bullets shot towards him. There was even a cannonball that flew straight towards him. However, it was controlled by a shapeless energy and ended up blowing up on a rampaging crab type monster. Even though steel pieces flew everywhere, the black shadow's speed didn't drop at all.


Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Six cold blades rotated as they flew in front of him. The blades flew across the neck of the gigantic turtle type monster that was charging at the military base. Like cutting through an apple, the horde leader level sea monster's horrifying head was directly split open. Its huge body kept charging forward, smashing away quite a few other sea monsters in the process. After that, it stopped moving.

’’GREAT!’’ ’’NICE!’’ ’’EXAMINER LUO IS SO POWERFUL’’ quite a few people in the military base yelled in joy.

’’RUMBLE!’’ ’’PU!’’

But now, a gigantic monster that seemed like a snake crashed into the military base. The walls of the military base shook violently. The wall had quite a few holes and cracks in it already, so after it shook, large amounts of concrete fell from it. And at the same time

Without any sound or sign at all!

A blinding white light shot out from one of the towers in the military base.

It gave this huge horde leader level monster no chance to dodge as it directly incinerated it into nothing!

The laser cannon!

However, as the snake shaped horde leader monster crashed into the wall, it also released an extremely powerful electrical attack at the same time! PA! A twisted bolt of lightning rapidly spread out and even slipped inside the military base along the muzzles of the cannons. This horrifying bolt of lightning caused quite a few casualties in the military base.

’’I can't believe there are so many horde leader level monsters’’ Luo Feng scanned around and locked onto another horde leader level monster.


Even Luo Feng's own body is tough enough to ignore some cannonfire. Regular sniper rifles can only threaten 'low level commander level monsters'. These huge cannons can usually kill medium level commander level monsters. As for high level commander level monsters..... it is all up to luck. And for horde leader level monsters? They can only rely on the laser cannon!

But for Luo Feng? The toughness of the 'Black God set' is even tougher than an emperor level monster.

You usually need an astonishing amount of impact force to kill a human wearing a black god set by shocking him to death! Just like how Luo Feng...... couldn't do much against Li Yao. Since the 'Black God set' can absorb 90% of the impact force and the remaining 10% spreads across the entire body, which means every part of the body can help withstand against the force of impact.

Over 90% of the laser cannons in the military base on the front lines were used against 'horde leaders'.

Just that amount of power..... even if Luo Feng accidentally gets hit, it won't harm him!


’’The third horde leader level!’’

A gigantic monster that was around 30 meters long shook its black tentacles like crazy as it tried to kill Luo Feng! Against this gigantic being that seemed like a small mountain, Luo Feng got on his soaring shuttle and nimbly dodged the tentacle attacks again and again. At the same time, his cold throwing knives shot towards this octopus type monster.

Inside the military base, operations room.

All around were 3D holograms displaying the scenes of battle outside. Commander Li Da Wei's expression was serious. Beside him stood other top officials in the military. As for the wargods, they have headed outside to assist the army a while ago to stop the monsters that are capable of charging into the military base.


The alarm suddenly rang.

’’A transparent jellyfish type monster entered the base’’ the alarm system immediately gave its alert. At the same time, the 3D holograms around them immediately displayed an image. Using infrared, they saw a transparent jellyfish with large amounts of soft tentacles entering the outer part of the military base! Thankfully, there were very few soldiers on the outer part.

’’Squad #3, head towards trap h21’’ Li Da Wei directly gave his command.





The entire military base shook violently and the people in the operations room lost balance for a bit.

’’There's an extremely powerful sea monster crazily attacking our military base from the water below!’’ someone yelled immediately.

’’The appetizer is over and now we're playing for real?’’

Commander Li Da Wei remained expressionless as he commanded: ’’With the military base as the center, throw napalm bombs in the surrounding 1,000 meter radius’’


The command was sent out. An old man wearing a military uniform in the operations room couldn't help but to ask: ’’Commander, isn't it a bit early to throw the napalm bombs out?’’. Even though the sea monsters are powerful, even after mutating, they can only stay on land for a short period of time. If time goes on for too long, they'll die from lack of water!

Sea monsters need water, so even if napalm bombs can't burn these sea monsters to death, it can quickly use up the water in their bodies.


Fire is an extremely effective measure to use against sea monsters.

’’Not early!’’

Li Da Wei let out a rare smile, ’’This time we have an 'invincible wargod' to help us. I thought he didn't have a black god set, but he actually does! An invincible wargod with a black god set has an astonishing amount of power’’

’’Contact Luo Feng’’ commanded Li Da Wei.

’’Examiner Luo Feng, please enter the water and kill the large sea monster that is attacking our military base from below’’ requested Li Da Wei.

Through the 3D hologram they could see...

Luo Feng in his black uniform set just killed a horrifying cnidaria type monster. After receiving this message, he stepped on his soaring shuttle and with a 'whoosh', ignored all the various sea monsters and charged straight towards the grand Huangpu river like lightning.


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