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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 7



The originally noisy hall immediately quieted down. Everyone turned their heads over and saw a slightly skinny middle-aged man in a suit whose eyes were like lightning. He was currently smiling a bit as he looked around. He yelled: ’’LUO FENG, LUO EXAMINER, WHERE IS HE? WHERE? I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO MEET EXAMINER LUO AND SEE WHAT KIND OF YOUNG LEGENDARY HERO HE IS!’’

’’Dad’’ Lei Yu Feng walked to his father's side.

This man

Is the examiner of Jiang-Nan headquarter city's Thunder Dojo Lei Meng! To be able to take up the position of a large headquarter city's examiner, Lei Meng is also a famous advanced level wargod. In terms of power, he's even a bit stronger than vulture Li Yao. Of course, he's a bit weaker than Phantom Demon Catalan.

Phantom Demon Catalan's fitness level has reached the peak of the advanced level wargod level, and he has spiritual force.

And Lei Meng simply has his fitness level at the peak.

’’Lei Meng is here, now things are going to be interesting’’

’’Who knows how things will unfold’’

Various famous people from all over were interested as they prepared to watch the show. Sometimes they would look towards Lei Meng, and sometimes they would look towards Luo Feng!

Across the entire world, who doesn't know that the Thunder Dojo and Dojo of Limits are always competing with each other?! Other people are too afraid to mess with the Dojo of Limits, but the Thunder Dojo isn't! And 'Hong' and 'Thunder God' remain silent when they see their people compete with each other.


Luo Feng was currently standing in front of the representative of China's most powerful special forces sector. After hearing examiner Lei Meng's words, Luo Feng didn't even glance over. Instead, he smiled towards the representative of the military's special forces sector and extended his hand: ’’Hello, I am Luo Feng. I have long heard of representative Jia's huge name and have always been admiring him. I am glad to be able to meet representative Jia's student’’

’’Jiang Long, I am also glad to meet a talented person like examiner Luo’’ Jiang Long's feelings toward Luo Feng, WHOOOOSH, soared up greatly!

Know that the person who was most frustrated with Lei Meng's sudden entrance was Jiang Long!

Because Luo Feng was right about to talk with him. With Lei Meng's sudden appearance, if Luo Feng turned his head and went to talk with Lei Meng while treating him, Jiang Long, as air...... wouldn't that be quite embarrassing? And now, Luo Feng's course of action is to treat that Lei Meng as air and pretend he didn't even see him. After that, he kept smiling and chatted with Jiang Long.

Of course Jiang Long would feel great! However, on the other side of the hall, Lei Meng wasn't feeling good.

’’Examiner, squadron leader Jiang is one of representative Jiang's most powerful students’’ chairman Zhou Zheng Yong woke up and also smiled as he introduced, ’’As of now, he's already an advanced level wargod and is one of the most powerful people in 'Hua Shan'’’

’’When compared with examiner Luo, there's still a difference’’ smiled Jiang Long.

’’In terms of experience, squadron leader Jiang has way more than me’’ Luo Feng also smiled.

If Luo Feng is respectful to Jiang Long, Jiang Long will also be respectful to Luo Feng.

’’Excuse me’’ said Luo Feng.

’’Please go ahead, examiner Luo’’ smiled Jiang Long, ’’We will talk later’’

Only after chatting with squadron leader Jiang from China's most powerful special forces sector 'Hua Shan' did Luo Feng bring Xu Xin with him as he smiled and headed towards examiner Lei, Lei Meng.

’’Examiner Luo, my father rushed all the way here just to congratulate you and happily wanted to chat with examiner Luo. However, examiner Luo pretended that he didn't even see my father’’ long haired Lei Yu Feng frowned as he said with dissatisfaction, ’’This is seriously ’’

’’Yu Feng’’

Lei Meng waved his hand to stop his son from continuing.

Luo Feng laughed in his heart as he saw this scene. If this Lei Meng wanted to stop his son from speaking, he would've stopped him a while ago..... when he received the letter talking about the responsibilities of an examiner from the world headquarters, it mentioned to protect the honor of the Dojo of Limits. Especially when competing with the Thunder Dojo, you have to defeat them!

Competing with the Thunder Dojo has already become a kind of tradition! Since Luo Feng took up the position, he of course has to show some backbone.

’’I am really sorry. I was talking with Mr. Jiang Long just now. Mr. Lei Meng's entrance was a bit sudden, so I could not just shake off Mr. Jiang Long to the side. Examiner Lei, am I right?’’ smiled Luo Feng.

Lei Meng frowned and said nothing.

’’I am really happy that Mr. Lei Meng could come’’ smiles were all over Luo Feng's face, ’’We will talk more later’’. As he said that, Luo Feng glanced at chairman Zhou Zheng Yong.

Zhou Zheng Yong nodded and headed towards the platform in front of the hall.


On the platform.

Zhou Zheng Yong stood on top of it and looked down towards the important figures as he smiled: ’’On this day, September first, our Jiang-Nan headquarter city's Dojo of Limits welcomes a new examiner! Who is he?’’

’’He defeated Phantom Demon Catalan, Great Bear Keita, Blood Shadow Ethan, and Vulture Li Yao, the four advanced level wargods, all alone’’ these phrases caused the face of Lei Meng, examiner Lei, to change for the worse, because even though Lei Meng is powerful, he still isn't at Phantom Demon Catalan's level yet.

And Luo Feng fought the four of them. If Luo Feng really fought against Lei Meng one on one, Lei Meng will certainly lose!

’’Three of the four had 'Black God sets'. But even so, when they encountered him, they lost. Furthermore, he even received the highest title of our Dojo of Limits, 'invincible wargod'. And he is also extremely young’’

’’Even if I do not name him, we all know who he is!’’

’’Let us welcome

’’Jiang-Nan headquarter city's Dojo of Limits' new examiner ’’

’’Invincible wargod ’’

’’LUO FENG!!!’’

Chairman Zhou Zheng Yong's great voice echoed around the hall. The guests below also smiled as they clapped. At the same time, the music suitably rang. While the music played, Luo Feng told Xu Xin he was going and then smiled as he walked towards the platform alone.

Zhou Zheng Yong walked down and Luo Feng walked up.

On the platform.

Luo Feng looked down towards the guests. As he glanced past that Lei Meng, examiner Lei, his expression didn't change at all;he remained smiling.


Luo Feng looked towards everyone, ’’Jiang-Nan headquarter city, here, is my home! To be able to become Jiang-Nan headquarter city's Dojo of Limits' examiner after growing up makes me feel extremely honored! I won't say too much, but, as an examiner, I will definitely perform my duties and responsibilities well! I will not lower the prestige of our Dojo of Limits!’’

These words caused a round of applause. The people from the Dojo of Limits clapped especially hard.

But Lei Meng and the others watched silently.

’’China is my native country. If my native country is in trouble, I won't just watch. And the war between monsters and humanity will not allow me to retreat. Previously, I have accepted general Li Da Wei's invitation’’ Luo Feng looked towards commander Li Da Wei below, and commander Li Da Wei smiled and nodded.

’’Alright, that will be it. The most important thing tonight is for everyone to be happy. Chairman Zhou, prepare the banquet’’ smiled Luo Feng.


The various guests ate dinner together. Well, pretending to eat and mostly chatting! Since the people who came to this banquet are all major figures, they rarely have the opportunity to meet. For example, who can just meet the important members of the country's special forces whenever they want to?

After the banquet, the various guests ate fruits as they chatted in groups.

Soft music reverberated around the hall and the atmosphere was quite comfortable.

Luo Feng was also chatting with squadron leader Jiang and Liu De Kai. Right when everyone was chatting in the hall.

’’WHAT!’’ a loud exclamation rang across the hall, which caused everyone to stop discussing and look over. The one who yelled was actually the commander of the south eastern sector, general of the land forces Li Da Wei. Li Da Wei was currently having a call.


Li Da Wei's expression was serious as he hung up.

’’Commander Li, what's wrong?’’ headquarter city mayor Ye Zhong came over.

’’Huge problem. The monster hordes from the sea have already come into conflict with the front lines of the south eastern sector’’ Li Da Wei's expression was serious. After saying this, the entire hall went into an uproar.

The sea monsters have formed hordes and are invading?

’’What grade?’’ asked mayor Ye.

’’Grade one monster tide’’ said Li Da Wei.

Everyone in the hall was stunned. Even Luo Feng was stunned. Keep in mind that 'wargod Lu Gang' lost his life to a grade three rat tide! That tide already had an infinite number of rat type monsters. Above the grade three monster tide is the grade two monster tide, grade one monster tide..... and of course, the legendary disaster grade monster tide!

However, a disaster grade tide has rarely occurred on earth! The label for a disaster grade is when an emperor level monster is included! Which leads to disastrous results!

A grade one monster tide already represents an unending wave of monsters.

’’Now that there's a grade one monster tide, I need to go back immediately. I hope the wargods here can help when we need it the most!’’ Li Da Wei looked towards the guests, since there were quite a few wargods here.

’’How can we retreat at a time like this’’ the Thunder Dojo's examiner 'Lei Meng' said loudly. At the same time, he purposefully looked towards Luo Feng.

’’Commander Li, there's no time to waste. Let's leave immediately’’ Luo Feng directly headed towards commander Li.

For cases like this, especially times like these!

Lei Meng and Luo Feng are competing, so how can the two examiners retreat from a grade one monster tide? Wouldn't retreating harm the honor of their Dojo? Since they have taken up the position of examiner, they naturally have to take up the responsibilities that come with the position. They have to bring honor to their respective dojos.

’’Luo Feng, be careful’’ said Xu Xin as she came over.

’’Don't worry’’ Luo Feng smiled as he squeezed Xu Xin's nose.

After that

Luo Feng got on his auto jet. Lei Meng also got on his disk shaped fighter jet. Other wargods who wanted to help also got on their fighter jets. They all soared and swiftly headed south east.


In the fighter jet Li Da Wei was on.

Commander Li Da Wei and the youth from before were both sitting on a chair.

’’Commander, some people might have guessed this move’’ laughed the youth beside him.

Li Da Wei's expression was serious: ’’So what if they know? The sea monsters have been gathering. The amount of sea monsters in the Huangpu river region is starting to scare us. If we don't fight today, the monster hordes will probably attack after one or two months! We can't just always wait for the monster hordes to initiate the attack can we? We might as well start the battle earlier!

’’We can attack before the sea monsters make sufficient preparations’’

’’And using this banquet, we can get quite a few wargods to help’’ smiled Li Da Wei, ’’Especially Luo Feng and Lei Meng. One of them is an invincible wargod while one of them has a Black God set. If the two of them cooperate with our army, they won't be less effective than a huge army of 200,000 people!’’

The youth nodded.

’’Tell me, who will be able to kill more horde leaders later: Luo Feng or Lei Meng?’’ smiled Li Da Wei.


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