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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 6



Music flowed into every corner of the hall. Handsome waiters and beautiful waitresses served fragrant wine and food.

In the hall, all sorts of famous people were chatting with each other.

’’Old Li, what are you hiding here by yourself for?’’ a deep sound rang. A tall, middle aged brute was wearing a suit as he smiled and walked over. Li Da Wei looked over and couldn't help but to laugh: ’’Ye Zhong, even though you're a huge mayor, you sure came early today’’

’’All our old friends are gathered here for once, so how can I not come early?’’ smiled the burly brute.

Just from his appearance, this burly brute seems more like a fighter from the military than a mayor! After the Grand Nirvana period, there are only six headquarter cities across all of China. Each headquarter city's mayor is a high ranking official;their position is way higher than the mayors, governors, etc. before the Grand Nirvana period.

As of now, two people are in command of a headquarter city together, namely the 'mayor' who looks over the civilians, and the highest ranking military official in the headquarter city. And the highest ranking military official in Jiang-Nan city is Li Da Wei.

’’I heard you took a trip to Ming-Yue sector a few days ago?’’ smiled mayor Ye, ’’Anything good?’’

’’Luo Feng is patriotic’’ smiled Li Da Wei. Suddenly, his eyes glanced towards the distance and couldn't help but to laugh, ’’Look, the people of the Xu family have arrived.

Mayor Ye also turned his head and looked over. While doing so, he even said: ’’The Xu family? I heard this examiner Luo is dating with that little girl from the Xu family? Oh, that must be Xu Xin. Hm..... no wonder Luo Feng likes her. This girl is quite nice’’. In the distance, three people from the Xu family have arrived.

The one leading was a slightly chubby, white haired old man. Beside him was a middle aged woman wearing a black dress who seemed like a noblewoman. The other was Xu Xin in her purple dress! A woman's greatest weapon is her youth.

Xu Xin was already young, and after wearing this shoulder-revealing dress, it made her seem even more beautiful.

Which could cause people's eyes to light up.

’’You aren't satisfied with this little girl from the Xu family being with Luo Feng?’’ mocked Li Da Wei, ’’You can also find a pretty young girl from the Ye family to steal Luo Feng away from the Xu family's little girl. This is a 19 year old invincible wargod who could become an 'existence surpassing the wargod level'. If you don't strike now, you won't have any chance in the future man’’

Mayor Ye couldn't help but to glance at him and laugh helplessly: ’’An old man like you doesn't seem like a general at all’’


In the corner of the hall.

Xu Xin was currently holding a wine glass as she chatted with her aunt in the corner. Even though their Xu family is one of the 12 families, everyone who came here today are extremely important people. Their Xu family isn't conspicuous at all. As for Xu Xin and her aunt are even more quiet since they are using their family's identity to come.

’’Who's the one talking with grandpa?’’ asked Xu Xin quietly.

’’The Thunder Dojo's examiner's son, Lei Yu Feng’’ her aunt also responded quietly.


’’Yu Feng, your father hasn't arrived yet?’’ the head of the Xu family, Xu Yun Guo, was currently smiling as he talked with a long haired youth.

’’Today is the day to welcome the examiner of the Dojo of Limits. That examiner Luo hasn't even arrived yet and my dad is the examiner of the Thunder Dojo. To come so early..... probably isn't such a good idea’’ said the long haired youth. His voice wasn't kept quiet either, so quite a few servers of the Dojo of Limits glanced over with dissatisfaction.

Chairman Zhou Zheng Yong glanced over.

’’Chairman, this Lei Yu Feng is too cocky’’ chief Yu Sun couldn't help but to say quietly, ’’Even though this is a banquet to welcome the examiner of the Dojo of Limits, he is so disrespectful’’

’’Their Thunder Dojo has always been competing with our Dojo of Limits, so it would be weird if they were respectful’’ scoffed Zhou Zheng Yong. ’’Don't mind him, our new investigator is an 'invincible wargod'. Their fate has been sealed..... as long as Luo Feng is here on the soil of Jiang-Nan headquarter city, they will be below us!’’

Chief Yu Sun on the side couldn't help but to nod and let out a smile.


The Thunder Dojo and the Dojo of Limits are the two leading fighter organizations on earth.

The Dojo of Limits is a bit stronger, but the Thunder Dojo isn't far off.

Both Dojos fight over regular students! If they encounter a particularly talented fighter, both Dojos would send their invitations to recruit them. For example, Luo Feng also received the Thunder Dojo's invitation back then.

Fighters are always competing!

If you build a training camp, I'll build a training camp too! You have examiners? I have examiners too! You have investigators? I have investigators too! From the lowest ranking people to the highest ranking people, the two Dojos have always been competing. They only have one competitor anyway, since no other power on earth can oppose them.

Even the two powerful heads are eternal rivals!

Thunder God, second strongest fighter on earth. World's best blade technique, and also claims to have the world's most powerful body and fastest speed!

And Hong, is the indisputable number one fighter on earth.

Usually, if your strength, speed, and reaction speed are all number one..... with the explosive power of Thunder God's 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》, he should be able to become the world's most powerful fighter! Many fighters think so too, but after all these years, Hong has remained the indisputable number one fighter.

’’Old Xu, this is?’’ Lei Yu Feng's eyes couldn't help but to flash after seeing Xu Xin all dressed up.

’’This is my granddaughter Xu Xin’’ smiled Xu Yun Guo.

Lei Yu Feng actually went up to Xu Xin and smiled, ’’Lady Xu, hello, I am Lei Yu Feng’’

’’Hello’’ Xu Xin was a bit dumbfounded.

’’Nice to meet you’’ right when Lei Yu Feng finished that sentence

The entire hall went into an uproar.

’’Examiner Luo is here’’

’’That fighter aircraft is an auto jet. Last time our organization offered 260 billion Chinese dollars, but the Dojo of Limits wasn't willing to sell us an auto jet’’

’’Examiner Luo is coming out of the jet!’’

’’Examiner Luo is so young!’’

Discussions were everywhere, and quite a few people in the entire hall headed towards the entrance.

Xu Xin and her aunt also walked over. On that red carpet that was around 100 meters approached a young man in a black suit. He was currently smiling as he walked over. Everyone's eyes were on him! Right now, his formless aura was extremely formidable. As a powerful spirit reader, his eyes could cause one's heart to shake!

’’Examiner’’ chairman Zhou Zheng Yong and the three chiefs, Zhu Ge Tao, Yu Sen, and Wang Ke Fan greeted him at the entrance.

’’Chairman Zhou’’ Luo Feng directly stepped into the hall.

’’Examiner, let me introduce to you a few important people’’ chairman Zhou Zheng Yong wisely brought Luo Feng to the area of the Xu family's head, 'Xu Yun Guo'.

Luo Feng saw that white haired old man instantly. He once saw this old man from a distance, so he recognized him.

’’This is the head of the Xu family Xu Yun Guo, Mr. Xu’’ smiled Zhou Zheng Yong.

’’I am extremely glad to meet examiner Luo. Examiner Luo's name has spread far and wide, and, after meeting, examiner Luo's age is just absolutely jaw dropping’’ Xu Yun Guo had smiles all over his face, as if a flower that has just bloomed, ’’Age and strength, with these..... examiner Luo's future, limitless, absolutely limitless’’

These compliments caused quite a few people to scoff.

You're just making it clear that Luo Feng is your future grandson-in-law..... do you have to be so passionate?

’’You praise me too much. It's my first time meeting old Xu and I'm filled with joy!’’ smiled Luo Feng as he said a phrase.

’’Examiner, let's go there.....’’ Zhou Zheng Yong was about to introduce another guest.

’’No rush’’

But Luo Feng headed straight towards Xu Xin. However, when he saw the long haired youth beside her, he couldn't help but to frown. Men want to be in control, so when a stranger was standing next to his own girlfriend, Luo Feng naturally felt a bit irritated.

’’Please move’’ Luo Feng looked at the long haired man.

Lei Yu Feng was being stared at by Luo Feng. Lei Yu Feng felt like he was going to suffocate just from the pressure brought by Luo Feng's eyes. His consciousness was becoming blurry and he instinctively moved back a few steps.

After seeing Lei Yu Feng move back, Luo Feng stood in front of Xu Xin and winked.

Xu Xin smiled brightly and put her arm around Luo Feng's arm.

’’Let's go’’ Luo Feng and Xu Xin walked next to Zhou Zheng Yong.

Zhou Zheng Yong looked at Xu Xin with shock, and then let out a face of amusement as he nodded, ’’Alright’’

This scene caused quite a few of the famous people in the entire hall to go silent with shock. Doing such a thing in such a place is basically announcing his relationship with Xu Xin! This scene caused quite a few people to be disappointed, since many of them were trying to get close to Luo Feng via marriage.

Xu Yun Guo and his daughter let out a smile

’’Hmph’’ but Lei Yu Feng's face was looking horrible.


’’This is the mayor of our Jiang-Nan headquarter city, Ye Zhong’’


’’Examiner, this, is the director of the country's special forces sector 9, Liu Yan’’


’’This, is the director of the country's special forces sector 11 Liu De Kai, old Liu’’


’’This, is the head of one of the 12 families in our Jiang-Nan city, Mr. Ye Yi Fang’’


’’This, is the commander of the northern military sector of Jiang-Nan city, commander Tong Xue Zhu’’


Luo Feng came to know many special people under Zhou Zheng Yong's introductions. These people had immense power in China. And all of these people were polite when talking with Luo Feng.

’’Examiner, one more’’ Zhou Zheng Yong kept his voice down, ’’The last one's identity is absolutely amazing. He's the leader of the second squad in our military's most powerful special forces sector, ’’Hua Shan'. His teacher is the creator of the organization 'Hua Shan', 'Jia Yi', who is an existence surpassing the wargod level’’

Military's most powerful special forces sector? Hua Shan?

’’Why would they call it 'Hua Shan', how weird’’ laughed Luo Feng quietly.

’’The creator, 'Representative Jia Yi', was the one who named it, who knows why’’ said Zhou Zheng Yong quietly, ’’Jia Yi is one of the few existences surpassing the wargod level in China. He has tons of authority. And of course, the organizations he creates also has tons of authority!’’

Chairman Zhou said no more, as he already brought Luo Feng in front of a middle-aged man.

Right when Luo Feng was going to speak with the representative of the country's most powerful special forces sector

’’HAHA, EXAMINER LUO, I'M LATE, SORRY ABOUT THAT!’’ laughter which could rival the sound of thunder rang across the entire hall.


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