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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 50


Volume 06 Chapter 50 - Growth

Luo Feng spread his spirit energy around, sensing on his left about 100m away a bottlegourd plant, about 2m long.

Directing his spirit energy forward to open a path, he went straight ahead.

’’Luo Feng, this cloud contact vine is going to be your companion for life.’’ Babata sighed, ’’Of course, I, Demon Babata, will also accompany you for life. Only if you die will I leave. Following the Master's command...until you become a domain lord, I will be your master.’’

Babata's words sounded in Luo Feng's mind.

’’Oh?’’ Luo Feng suddenly realized.

In the three bank accounts left behind in the universe star river back, each account held different treasures for the different levels, mainly the star level, universe level and the domain lord level! Meaning the biggest and last treasure can only be attained once he reached that level. The living AI Babata will also only recognize Luo Feng as his master when Luo Feng reaches the domain lord levell.


His teacher will only approve of him after he reaches the domain lord level!

Carefully placing this bottle shaped young contact cloud vine until his bag, Luo Feng rushed straight to the sky!


Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

From the depths of over 10,000m underground, he broke through countless rock stratum layers, through the surface of the lake and into the sky. The sky was blue and clear, clouds as smooth as silk floated around, one in awhile, a huge flying monster would pass by. Luo Feng floated in mid air soaking in the sights and surrounds, he was in a good mood.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng looked at his communicator, a missed call?

He called back.

’’Hi, Luo Feng, what happened earlier? I called you two to three times but was unable to get through?’’ Liu He's voice transmitted from the watch communicator.

Luo Feng was shocked...

Suddenly, Babata's voice ringed in his mind: ’’Luo Feng, when you were in the Yun Mo Planet ship earlier, all outside communications were blocked.

’’That's weird.’’ Liu He seemed troubled.

Luo Feng quickly thought about different answers. Communication systems these days were extremely efficient and reliable, almost under no circumstance would there be a situation where a call couldn't get through.

’’Oh, is that it, my communicator watch was almost out of power, that's why I shut it off. I've just left underground, getting ready to go back! I can charge my communicator in my auto jet, that's why it's on now.’’ Luo Feng quickly came up with an excuse.

’’Oh? Turned it off? Doesn't it tell you when the other person's phone is off? However, it does have problems at times.’’ Liu He didn't pursue the matter further, ’’Luo Feng, you said you were getting ready to return? We are still underground looking.’’

’’I feel like I can't find anymore, so I've stopped.’’ Luo Feng laughed.

’’Alright, we'll keep searching, who knows what we might be able to find.’’ Liu He hung up.

’’Looking for Mu Ya crystals? There's no way they'll find anymore.’’ Babata laughed.

Luo Feng flew straight towards his auto jet, controlling it to take off.

’’You are saying there's no more crystals?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

The ship swiftly stopped in mid air, opening its cabin door for Luo Feng to enter through.

’’No.1, return home.’’ Luo Feng ordered.

’’Of course not,’’ In his mind, Babata's voice resounded, ’’those crystals were all left there because I put them there. I threw them out from the ship's cabin door up! I relied on the ship's energy to emulate a virtual shape, and because of that, I cannot leave the ship. I initially threw the crystals up to attract the strongest geniuses of earth, to test their mental aptitude.’’

’’Test?’’ Luo Feng was shocked, ’’When we were searching for the crystals, you tested us all?’’

Luo Feng remembered back in the archeological ruin 9, that test took pretty long before it completed.

’’Do you think my efficiency is as low as that outpost's AI? Babata proudly said, ’’however, you earthlings' aptitude are seriously too low, so many star travellers and a large number of wargods...mental capacity wise, you are the best with 22, the next would be a wargod with 16, the 3rd is a star traveller level 2 with 15.’’

’’16?’’ Luo Feng asked, ’’who's that?’’

The 4th representative Eastbourne, mental capacity 15, Luo Feng wasn't surprised.

But there was actually someone higher than him.

’’It's a kiddo from India.’’ Babata answered.

’’India? Oh...’’ Luo Feng didn't question further.

If he was from China, Luo Feng would train him. Since he was from India, forget it, he can rely on himself. But since he's already a wargod, he seems to be doing well.


The auto jet was cruising in the Australian skies, quickly heading towards the Asian region, Jiang Nan city.

Inside the ship.

’’Luo Feng, the cloud contact vine is very loyal, it'll recognize its master for life. This is also why when my master first died, the cloud contact vine also died. Once it's recognized its master, no one else can use it. That's why...The process of it recognizing its master is extremely important. Before that, let me make a few changes to your auto jet's system.’’ Babata said.

’’The auto jet's system?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

Several buttons and consoles lit up within the ship, lights filled up the consoles for a good 15 seconds before returning to peace.

’’Now it's good.’’ Babata said.

’’Why change the system?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’This auto jet's system, answers first to your Dojo of Limits Head Hong, second to you. That's long as he wishes, he can find out whatever you do or did in this ship. He can also take it back whenever he wants.’’ Babata said, ’’Now that I've changed it, Hong won't even notice, it will listen first to you and 2nd to Hong.’’

Luo Feng was shocked, and understood immediately.

If he had bought an intelligent warship on his own, he would have left something within it too.

’’This cloud contact vine, is much stronger than what Hong has.’’ Babata sighed, ’’During the Great Nirvana before, Earth began to generate stronger warriors. In order to attract these warriors, I tossed a cloud contact vine out which began to grow! Also, after absorbing three Mu Ya Crystals, along with two crystals that I made into powder, they got absorbed into the plants, becoming what you call the spirits of nature.’’

’’It's a pity...’’

’’Hong and his underlings immediately took away the cloud contact vine and spirits of nature. I could only use the Mu Ya crystals to cultivate an Emperor level monster to attract you all over. After that, I used the crystals one by one to attract the countless warriors so that I could pick out the one with the highest mental capacity.’’ Babata explained, ’’Initially, I piled a small number of crystals at the ship's entrance, throwing them out. Three of them I purposely threw to your side! And the eight crystals were left close to you on purpose...’’

’’However just by throwing a few, I reached my goal.’’

’’As I am unable to leave the ship, I could only use the ship's natural spirit energy emitter to invade your thoughts, subtly influencing you to where the shard was and to pick it up. Later on, I subtly instructed you to come to the ship's entrance. ’’Babata said in one breath.

Luo Feng was shocked!


From the start to the end, the entire Misty Island saga was orchestrated by Babata!

Spirits of nature, cloud contact vine, Monster emperor, Mu Ya Crystals!

Luo feng was initially suspicious, why would the monster emperor not collect the other crystals, they were in fact thrown only at the time! And he acquiring the shard, discovering the ship, were all inception by Babata!

’’Spirit energy emitter? Why would it influence me?’’ Luo Feng urgently said.

This thing was too scary.

’’It's not as strong as you think.’’ Babata said, ’’By itself, it's very weak, it can only subconsciously attract you. You were previously blindly searching underground, under my suggestions, you naturally headed in the right direction! If I had suggested to you to, for example, kill yourself! You would have definitely noticed, don't you agree?’’

Luo Feng nodded.

Indeed, when he was talking to Xu Xin earlier on the phone, his mind was wandering.

’’Let's not talk about this anymore, let's make the cloud contact vine recognize its master.’’ Babata said, you just have to slit your wrist, this cloud contact vine requires quite a bit of fresh blood.

Slit my wrist?

To a star traveller, this wasn't dangerous at all, Luo Feng was initially shocked but went ahead and slit his wrist, chi! He cut it right next to the cloud contact vine, fresh blood flowing out straight into the vine as it absorbed it. With Luo Feng's regeneration level, the wound quickly regenerated and he had no choice but to cut it open again!

’’Xiu!’’ A blood red fruit like a grape appeared out of nowhere, falling onto the vine's body, large amounts of vine curling up.

Si la! Si la! Si la!

Blood red strobes of light began to peek out from the vine's body.

’’What's up? Babata?’’ Luo Feng asked, that fruit earlier was definitely the handiwork of Babata, other than himself, only Babata had a crystal core for a storage space.

’’The first time feeding the cloud contact vine!’’ Babata explained, ’’I've always been afraid of feeding the vine's young body, as feeding it makes it stronger. If you are weaker than it, then you cannot tame it! That's why throughout these years, I've been laying the foundation, now that it's recognized it's owner, it's the best time for its first feeding!’’

’’It's like your earth infants, mother's milk is very important. For this first feeding, what it eats is also very important.’’

’’Firstly this treasure, next, it has to be something the vine can swallow.’’ Babata explained, ’’That fruit earlier, was something your master specially left for your cloud contact vine. If you do a price comparison, it's worth more than even your red shard.’’

Luo Feng was extremely shocked.

Babata had easily thrown out a fruit that was more valuable than his red shard, proving that Babata had his own private stash.

’’Are you saying the master left me just these?’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but ask.

’’I'm only giving you these. Within my storage space, what's there is for the vine. Don't think about the treasures I have, I'll adhere strictly to my Master's instructions and plan to train you.’’ Within that space within his wrist, Babata's face was filled with pride.

While they were talking...

The cloud contact vine, which was originally green, began to change to a dark red, and its surface had traces of red silk flowing around.

’’You can keep it now, straight into your skin. This first feeding...the fruit I gave was too powerful, it'll take a long time to digest.’’ Babata said, Luo Feng curiously raised his hand to rub the vine, their minds linked and the vine's thoughts went into Luo Feng, teaching him the methods to use the vine.

It's usage was really simple.

With a thought, the vine quickly shrank, like a half a meter long whip, swiftly entering Luo Feng's skin and vanishing.

It felt like he had another layer of icy clothing, very comfortable!

The vine's simple and innocent reliance on Luo Feng was conveyed in that mind link, like that of an infant towards its parents, Luo Feng could feel...The vine was like his child.

’’Since its first feeding was so good, it's initial step will be way above other cloud contact vines. Once it's first evolution has completed, it'll become your helper. By then, your black god set will be useless. Babata was proud, ’’I dare say, within the entire Black Dragon Empire, there aren't that many as extravagant as to feed something so good the first time!’’

Luo Feng was already used to Babata's haughty ways.

’’Babata, if I use the shard, what levels can I fight against?’’ Luo Feng finally asked the question that was egging him.

’’You? Hm, your usage as a spirit reader right now is very raw, and you use the 'hybrid copper essence' shard too simply. I calculate you should be able to fight normal star traveller level 6 warriors! This thing is after all something even undying beings have trouble destroying.’’ Within the space, the black robed Babata shook his head, ’’However, once you get home and receive the manuals and training from the master, along with some basic training, you'll be able to deal with star traveller level 8s. That Thunder matter how much he tries, won't be your match.’’

Luo Feng's heart trembled...

Thunder God?

’’What are you shocked for! Can't you see who I, Babata, am? You are the only disciple from the Yun Mo Planet, using the hybrid copper essence shard, dealing with some guy who hasn't properly trained even if he is 7-8 levels higher should be very normal no?’’ Babata was proud, ’’your teacher was an undying being! And a champion amongst the undying.’’

Luo Feng's heart grumbled one sentence...

In the end, he still perished to an even strong undying being.

’’Right, Babata, how did master die to the enemy?’’ Luo Feng was very curious, someone who was walking parallel with the universe, how did someone like that die?

’’You really want to know?’’ Babata asked.

’’Yes.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’If you want to know, then first become an undying being.’’ Within the space, Babata's small fair face revealed a mischievous smile.

’’Undying...’’ Luo Feng said hoarsely.

Too far away.

To become a sector lord required 100,000 years, how long would it take to become undying? China's culture was only 5,000 years old.


The dark blue triangular auto jet was flying towards Jiang Nan city in the middle of the night.

The bright moon shone down on the little district, Luo Feng's house's lights were still lit, standing at the entrance of the courtyard was his little brother, mother and others.

Luo Feng had called earlier to inform them about his arrival.

’’Dad, mom, look at the fighter jet.’’ Luo Hua kept saying towards his father who was in a wheelchair and his mom who was looking at the side.

’’Little Feng has returned.’’

The family all went out excitedly, a dark blue fighter jet began to descend from high above, stopping about 100m away on a grass patch away from the house. The cabin door opened, Luo Feng, donning a black armor walked out, excitedly shouting: ’’Dad, Mom!’’


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