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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 5



’’Archaeological ruin?’’ As if a bucketful of water poured onto his head, Luo Feng shuddered. He stopped his smiling and instantly became serious. His eyes were like lightning as they stared at the mail. He said softly: ’’Open!’’


The mail instantly opened, and a letter with Chinese on it appeared.

’’Examiner Luo Feng:

Please arrive at the world headquarters of the Dojo of Limits in Hong Ning headquarter city before 6 PM, 9/29. Many wargods will assemble and head to 'Archaeological Ruin #9' together.

Three reminders:

1, 'Archaeological Ruin #9' is one of the safer ruins. It is the only place to get a 'Black God set'. Wargods have a 28% chance to succeed and a 72% chance to die. Please think carefully before deciding whether or not to enter. Once you enter, you cannot back out.

2, Everyone only has one chance to enter 'Archaeological Ruin #9'.

3, Fighters who enter 'Archaeological Ruin #9' are forbidden from using special defensive gear like the Black God set. They are only allowed to use battle uniforms created on earth.

Please think carefully before making your decision!

If you decide to enter, please prepare! Arrive at the appointed location before the specified date.

Dojo of Limits

August 31st, 2057’’

At the end of the letter was the emblem of the Dojo of Limits, which was shaped like a stamp. Just this simple letter caused Luo Feng to calm down completely. He lowered his head as he stared at the three reminders. He felt like the temperature around him dropped by several degrees.

’’72% chance of death?’’ Luo Feng frowned, ’’and a success rate of 28%. Which is to say..... if you fail, you die!’’

’’And this is too high. Three out of four people die!’’


Only confident wargods would dare to enter 'Archaeological Ruin #9′. However, even though they're confident..... the death rate is still as high as 72%! This means that the humans on earth have not found the trick to succeeding. If they knew, then the death rate wouldn't be so high!

’’And you're not allowed to use special gear like the Black God set?’’ Luo Feng frowned.

’’What kind of bullshit place is this! They even forbid you from using certain gear!’’


Deep into the night. Luo Feng sat on the sofa in the listening room quietly. He frowned as he contemplated.

He knew absolutely nothing about archaeological ruin #9. Knowledge is the key to victory. If he just charges into the archaeological ruin like a blind man, and is also forbidden from using the Black God set..... without enough defense, he might lose his life.

’’Luo Feng, how about this one?’’ on the display, Xu Xin changed into another dress.

’’Yea, not bad’’ Luo Feng raised his head and squeezed out a smile.

’’What's wrong?’’ Even Xu Xin in the main city sector could tell something was wrong with Luo Feng through the display.

’’I still have some things to take care of, I'll tell you later’’ said Luo Feng.

’’Oh, alright. Don't pressure yourself too much, you're already doing great’’ encouraged Xu Xin.


The projection turned off.

The listening room returned to darkness. Luo Feng sat on the sofa alone. It was already deep into the night, so it was very quiet.

After thinking alone for a bit, Luo Feng made his decision.

’’Beep, beep, beep ’’

He dialed the inner Dojo of Limits' phone number. Even though it is a bit rash to do so, he definitely cannot go into archaeological ruin #9 without knowing anything.

’’Hello’’ the low sound rose.

Even though he talked to this mysterious person a few times, Luo Feng realized that this mysterious person's voice almost always remained cold and low. Only when he said ’’thanks, mister’’ last time did this mysterious person's tone change as he laughed a bit.

’’Hello, I'm Luo Feng’’ said Luo Feng.

’’I know it's you, examiner Luo Feng. What do you need?’’ the voice was cold as always.

’’I just received a mail titled《Archaeological Ruin Discovered》. It said that this time's target, archaeological ruin #9, has a death rate of 72%. And, we cannot use the Black God set. Correct?’’ asked Luo Feng.

’’Yes’’ answered the low voice easily.

Luo Feng continued to ask: ’’I want to know, do wargods encounter the same challenges and dangers?’’


’’As long as your fitness level reaches the wargod level, you can enter archaeological ruin #9’’ the low voice didn't pause at all, ’’Beginner level wargods, intermediate level wargods, and advanced level wargods encounter different challenges and dangers after entering archaeological ruin #9. Some advanced level wargods could lose their lives while beginner level wargods succeed!’’

Luo Feng's face changed slightly.

This was what he was most afraid of: different difficulties. Then it's up to luck. Even though he's strong, what if he gets into an extremely dangerous situation?

’’However, according to the data, advanced level wargods have higher success rates than intermediate level wargods. And intermediate level wargods have higher success rates than beginner level wargods’’ said the low voice.

Luo Feng frowned slightly.

Back when he talked with the head, 'Hong', it sounded like..... that he could easily get a 'Black God set' if he entered the archaeological ruin, as if there was no danger at all. But now that he looks at it, this place has a death rate of 72% and people are forbidden from using the Black God set.

’’Why are we forbidden from using the Black God set?’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but to continue asking.

’’You cannot enter while wearing the Black God set’’ answered the low voice simply.

’’What are my chances of success if I enter’’ asked Luo Feng.

’’Using previous cases of success as reference, the archaeological ruin is full of things that cannot be predicted, so I cannot give a precise answer. I can only give a guess the chances of success should be over 80%!’’ answered the low voice.

Luo Feng went silent.

Yeah, the archaeological ruin is an archaeological ruin because it is special. Humans as of now cannot understand them completely!

’’When I talked with the head, the head made it sound quite easy’’ Luo Feng continued.

’’I don't know’’ answered the low voice.

Luo Feng froze.

’’Usually, you have to apply to enter archaeological ruin #9! As for examiner Luo Feng, the head chose you directly’’ said the low voice, ’’As for whether or not it is easy to pass, from my data, I cannot guarantee you will pass for sure! Maybe the head has other reasons. You can ask the head!’’

Luo Feng slightly nodded: ’’Sorry for bothering!’’


The phone call ended.


Luo Feng quietly sat inside the listening room.

Luo Feng still had no idea what to do even after chatting with the mysterious person. This archaeological ruin #9 was too unpredictable;nobody knows what will happen after entering! Everyone can only enter once, so even Hong probably can't enter a second time to investigate the ruins. Otherwise, there would be no need to send a group of wargods to their deaths.

’’Since the head is letting me go, then I guess I'll ask the head when I go to headquarters on September 29th’’ thought Luo Feng to himself.

Maybe other wargods would try their hardest to get a Black God set!

But to Luo Feng, there is no need. He needs at least a bit of confidence before he can take risks. He has no confidence at all right now, so what if he rushes in and, SPLAT, dies? Wouldn't that be a waste? Only high reward can make people take high risks! A Black God set isn't enough to make Luo Feng risk it!

Night of September 1st, the sky was dark.

In Ming-Yue sector, a group of armed, patrolling soldiers looked towards a lawn in the distance. A dark blue triangular fighter jet was parked on the lawn. Around the fighter jet were 30 armed soldiers. Luo Feng, who rarely dressed formally, was in a suit as he walked towards the fighter jet.

’’Officer!’’ the thirty armed soldiers saluted. Since he was granted the title of major general, Luo Feng had a personal army of 900 people. Since Ming-Yue sector already had soldiers on guard, Luo Feng split his own personal army into three groups. The three groups take turns patrolling, so their mission was indeed quite relaxing.

’’Yea’’ nodded Luo Feng.


The hatch opened and Luo Feng entered the auto jet like a breeze of wind. After that, the auto jet started to rise. It flew out the city's defense systems and transformed into a flowing blue light as it disappeared into the horizon.


Jiang-Nan headquarter city, inside the residential area in Limit Hall. Around 90% of the fighters in the headquarter city are here!

The sound of music reverberated.

In the residential area was a large, snow white, three story villa. Tonight, they are going to hold the banquet to welcome the new examiner here! So, long ago, they blocked off the surroundings outside a 100 meter radius with white fencing, blocking people from entering!

A red carpet extended over 100 meters from the gate of the fence to the entrance to the white villa.

And now

Many big shots of Jiang-Nan headquarter city arrived one by one, like commanders of military subsectors and sectors, representatives of various countries' special forces, and even high ranking officials of the government. The people of the HR alliance were only allowed to participate in tonight's banquet because of their status.

Anyways, this is definitely a banquet of the highest level in Jiang-Nan headquarter city.

’’Haha, commander Li, welcome welcome’’

’’Examiner Luo Feng hasn't arrived yet?’’ smiled Li Da Wei as he asked.

’’Examiner Luo is the main character tonight. This banquet, is a banquet to welcome him. It's normal for him to be a bit late. Please understand, commander Li’’ laughed chairman Zhou Zheng Yong, ’’Excuse me!’’. Zhou Zheng Yong immediately ran to welcome other guests. Even if you only count the wargods, a ton of people came!

And over 10 people with the title of commander in the military have arrived!

Li Da Wei held his glass of wine and walked to an empty corner. A youth wearing a suit came up to him and said quietly: ’’Commander, if everything goes according to plan, something huge will happen within an hour’’

’’Oh’’ a smile appeared on Li Da Wei's face.


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