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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 49


Volume 06 Chapter 49 - A Rewarding Journey

’’Plenty? That's extravagant.’’ Luo Feng could feel from Babata's tone of voice how wealthy and overbearing he was.

’’Luo Feng. I'm not scolding you, but as Yun Mo Planet's only living disciple, you have to set your sights much further, don't always have the foresight of an ordinary human on earth.’’ Babata said dissatisfied. ’’If master was still around, as his only disciple, your position would be higher than the emperor of the Silverblue Empire! Set your sights on the vast universe! Disciple of the undying, who doesn't use countless treasures to train?’’

’’You must understand!’’

’’Usually within 1000 planets, one sector lord will occur through natural evolution!’’

’’Hence, to guarantee becoming a sector lord, one has to surpass others from the start. Your aptitude is very low, using these crystals doesn't mean a thing. Compared to the other undying disciples, your rank is much lower.’’ Babata has followed the Master of the Yun Mo planet all over the universe for countless millions of years, his sights were plenty and high.

Luo Feng: ’’I understand.’’


Babata continued,’’ When you train, you can rely on the crystals. For defense during the star traveller stage, your teacher prepared the black god set for you. Since you already have it, that's good! Also...I still have a young cloud contact vine, when it's time, it can be used to protect and attack. It's the best companion to have.’’

’’Cloud contact vine?’’ Luo Feng had heard of this from Hong and Thunder God's conversations.

The cloud contact vine is the universe's most popular plant life, especially amongst powerful fighters and their disciples.’’ Babata continued, ’’In cultivating it, the cloud contact vine continuously evolves and gets stronger. It has many paths of evolution, the main component being what treasures it gets to absorb.’’

’’If left on earth, it can only absorb the universe energy, peaking at a star traveller level 7 or 8 power.’’

’’However, if you have countless Mu Ya crystals for it, it can definitely grow to universe level.’’ Babata's eyes lit up, ’’Master spent more than half his wealth on cultivating his cloud contact vine, that particular one...ultimately became an undying. Master has relied on it many times to escape trouble. Only this last time, the enemy was too strong...the cloud contact vine also died.’’

’’More than half his wealth?’’ Luo Feng couldn't imagine.

One who has nine undying servants, more than half his wealth must be really shocking.

It was reasonable to say that this Yun Mo Planet ship was already expensive beyond comprehension.

However, it seemed that it was only worth a small fraction of the master's wealth.

’’Babata, with the crystals we have, can we let this cloud contact vine grow to the universe level?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’You must be dreaming!’’

’’Universe level! That requires countless crystals!’’ Babata shook his head, ’’These are good for you to train, just enough for you to reach the star level. For the cloud contact vine, which has such a voracious appetite, it's definitely not enough. Relax, I'll tell you in time how to cultivate this cloud contact vine. There are many ways to do it, knowing how to do it is easy, acquiring the treasures required for it is difficult.’’

Luo Feng listened carefully.

’’The master also left you a spirit weapon, suitable for a star traveller to use. It is called the 'arc cutter blade'. However, it's a basic weapon, comparable to your soaring shuttle. On the way back you can decide for yourself which kind of weapon you want to use.’’ Babata smiled, ’’Between the arc cutter blade and the Soaring Shuttle, these are both secondary. Your strongest weapon right now is actually the shard from the ship.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

He definitely understood, that shard was something even the undying had trouble destroying, its worth was something one could imagine just by closing one's eyes.

’’Luo Feng, listen carefully.’’ Babata grew serious, ’’This concerns your little life.’’

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

’’This shard's material is extremely valuable, domain lords will all vie for it crazily, while sector lords may not be as crazy for it, they might still eye it.’’ Babata continued, ’’Once discovered by an informed warrior, snatching away the shard is simple, he might even kill you to see if there's any more treasure, that's the big problem.’’

Luo Feng's heart trembled.

My god.

Domain lords will crazily come snatch this thing? Just this shard?

’’Relax, domain and sector lords who recognize 'hybrid copper essence' are few. What's more, if you meet a domain lord in the milky way, you can go buy the lottery.’’ Babata said.’’ On the way back, you should ponder on how to change the form of this shard to something that even those who know what the Scarlet Mother is wouldn't recognize it.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

It's hard to meet a domain lord in the milky way, so what's there to be afraid of?

’’Hm, master prepared the arc cutter blade for offense, black god set for defense, enough Mu Ya crystals , a spatial ring and training manuals for your star traveller level.’’ Babata said.

’’That's it?’’ Luo Feng looked at Babata.


Babata nodded, ’’When one's power is weak, carrying a bunch of treasures would be akin to courting death. Master has left you three bank accounts in the Universe Galaxia bank, separately for when you reach the star level, universe level and sector lord level. Once you reach the sector lord level, you will be like a tyrant, able to take huge wealth and treasures.

Luo Feng nodded.

This deceased master had indeed very meticulously prepared for everything, even leaving three accounts behind.

’’Only what suits you is good.’’

’’There are many treasures that you will acquire that you will not be able to use. Acquiring them will only spell disaster.’’ Babata said.


15000m deep underground, at the entrance of the Yun Mo Planet ship.

Luo Feng was extremely satisfied with all his earnings. While it wasn't extremely shocking, whatever was left behind was indeed very useful. From the attacking weapon, to the defensive armor, training abilities, spatial storage equipment, combat companion cloud contact vine and the training manuals, everything was very well prepared!

’’Luo Feng, actually these corpses are the real treasures.’’ The black robed Babata looked at each body, ’’These are undying bodies! These will make the Sector lords go crazy for them.


Luo Feng looked towards the bodies on the ground. Of the four undying bodies on the ground, besides one that was similar to the humans on earth, the rest were other forms of humans. The 5th undying was more machine.

’’However, if you dare to take any of the undying corpses out, it'll be courting death. Also, you have no capabilities of using these bodies. Keep them. We'll do as we see fit in the future.’’ Babata said.

’’Yes.’’ Luo Feng's intent moved.

A formless special energy enveloped the surroundings, quickly keeping the five bodies. There was only one set of golden bones left in the big hall.

’’Your senior's bones, Sector lords' bones are also very valuable, he's also your senior...once you leave earth, you can leave his bones to the vast universe, letting him return to the starry skies. Or you can find a secret place to bury him.’’ Babata looked at the golden bones, expression complex.

He was the one who followed the master throughout the universe, he was also the one who bullied master the most.


The master is dead, Yun Mo Planet is gone, the once bright and powerful force had dissipated! While Babata's words were still crazy and proud, he was clear...he was only an AI life form now, without any power, a virtual existence. His only pride would be knowledge and experience.

So he understood...

Without the Master, seniors and elders to protect Luo Feng, the road to becoming a powerful force was a hard one. He had to be extremely careful!


Including the corpse at the entrance, six undying bodies and one senior's bones, all were kept in the ring.

At the entrance of the ship.

The black robed child and a youth stood.

’’This Yun Mo Planet ship has suffered heavy damage and will never be able to fly again.’’ Babata shook his head, ’’To fix this unique and leading ship, even the entire Silverblue Empire doesn't have the ability. Maybe the Black Dragon Empire can.’’

’’Damaged, no ability?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’The ship's main energy is light, but within my own spatial storage space, I've stored energy.’’ Babata shook his head, ’’The main point is the ship's vital system is damaged critically. The self-repair system is also unable to repair it. Luo Feng...I am now a virtual existence, so to leave with you, I need the help of equipment.’’

Babata flipped his hand, revealing a black wrist cuff.

’’This wrist cuff, is common in the universe, not worth a lot. However, in the left wrist, there is a crystal core, that's where my consciousness is currently being stored. This core has its own spatial storage space and within it is a large amount of Mu Ya crystals, the arc cutter blade etc. I'll pass them all to you now.’’ Babata looked at Luo Feng.

Luo Feng nodded, Babata was now his substitute teacher.

’’Wear it.’’ Babata ordered.

He immediately put on the cuff. The black robed Babata laughed, turning to what seemed like soap bubbles before disappearing.


Luo Feng, who was originally standing at the entrance of the ship felt his body tremble.


The enormous Yun Mo Planet ship disappeared immediately, creating a huge crevice, causing a large number of rocks to fall through. A black robed Luo Feng used his spirit energy to envelop his surroundings, not allowing any of the rocks to get close.

’’Luo Feng.’’ A sharp and clear child's voice sounded in Luo Feng's mind.

’’Ah?’’ Luo Feng was startled.

’’Why are you shocked? Real AI's all communicate with their masters through their minds!’’ Babata proudly spoke, ’’From now on, your mini quantum computer is useless and can be thrown away. That rubbish, I have all its capabilities and I'm 100s of millions times stronger. Also, whenever you enter the virtual space, don't wear a helmet, that's very lowly.

’’Those with position in the universe, mini quantum computers, consciousness sensor, livelihood caretaker etc and other systems, are all combined in one.’’ Babata continued, ’’when you want to speak to me, just send some spirit energy into the crystal core, immediately through the mindlink.

Luo Feng tested it out.

That wrist cuff didn't resist Luo Feng's spirit energy, it had already recognized him and let it flow through...Luo Feng felt as though he saw within the core, a black robed child Babata was sitting in a palace throne, smiling at him, revealing his two cute fangs.

’’You are saying I can enter the virtual wargod palace?’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Of course, I can let you into the wargod palace, and also into the virtual space I Babata have built.’’ Babata was proud, ’’your earth's wargod palace, was built by an intelligent processor, compared to the amazing virtual space of mine, it's too far away.’’

’’It's a pity...’’

’’You are an earthling, your consciousness is unlicensed, even if I connect your consciousness to the universe network, it'll still be unauthorized. For someone like you, you need to be present to open an account, to be able to connect to the universe network.’’ Babata was somewhat helpless, ’’also, keep that cloud contact vine beside you into your bag. It is a form of life, so it cannot be stored in the spatial storage space. Keep everything properly and we can leave.’’


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