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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 48


Volume 06 Chapter 48 - The Teacher's Inheritance

Within the huge octogram shaped hall.

Luo Feng stared at the enormous crystal coffin. The white blonde man in a black robe that was lying peacefully within was almost like a god. This was the man who walked parallel with the universe, with nine undying servants...Yun Mo Planet's master! In his heart, Luo Feng had always respected and worshipped such a warrior, and he was very clear of the difference between having a teacher and guidance versus not having one, two roads that were vastly different.

What's more...

With the black robed Babata staring at him, what choice did he have?

’’How do I pay my respects?’’ Luo Feng looked at Babata.

’’Very good, you choice is the right one!’’ Babata raised his head, ’’because of your choice, the entire earth will benefit. With the help of I, Demon Babata, Luo Feng, your name will resound throughout the entire milky way, even around the countless planets in the Black Dragon Empire, countless humans will worship you and look up to you. Your one word will determine if an entire planet's culture rises or perishes, you...’’

Luo Feng had mixed emotions as he interrupted the excited Babata: ’’How do I pay my respects?’’

’’Uh...following tradition, when the master accepts a new student, he should have his closest friends around, with a lavish event. However, now that he's dead and Yun Mo Planet is gone, everything is simpler. Babata looked at the crystal coffin, his voice suddenly dropping deep and low, ’’You only need to kowtow eight times in front of his body.

Luo Feng nodded.

Looking at the crystal coffin, the one who had lived for over 60 million years, Yun Mo Planet's master, had been dead for 50 thousand years. And now he was taking him as his teacher!


Luo Feng knelt down, knocking his forehead against the ground heavily 8 times.

’’From today, you'll be the masters 5th disciple, and his last, the only living disciple!’’ Babata looked at Luo Feng

Luo Feng immediately understood...

His teacher was Yun Mo planet's master, and his fellow disciples were all dead. What kind of enemy did his teacher actually fight with? So much so that the entire Yun Mo planet was destroyed.

’’Luo Feng, as the master is dead, he cannot personally teach you, therefore...I will take the place of teacher to teach you.’’ Babata looked at Luo Feng.

Luo Feng nodded.

’’Rest assured, before his death, master assigned everything to me. In fact, as an AI who has always been beside master, master's initial teachings and instructions to his disciples, I can display them to you on a screen. Don't worry.’’ Babata confidently said.

Hearing that, Luo feng didn't worry at all anymore.

’’I'll first give you a spatial storage item.’’ The black robed Babata waved his hand casually and a silver light flew out.

Luo Feng caught it, opening his seemed like an ordinary silver ring.

’’This spatial storage item can be made into many forms, rings, wrist guards and many more.’’ Babata smiled, however, to build a 'spatial ring' is very difficult. Even in the universe, it's considered a luxury good. This spatial ring's material is very unique, it can enter and stay within your skin.’’

Luo Feng put on the ring on his left middle finger.

Without a sound or trace, just like mercury flowing, it entered his skin, Luo Feng felt a chill and the ring on his finger had disappeared completely.

’’You can use a little spiritual energy to permeate into it, let your energy imprint within. You just need to do it once, never again in the future.’’ Babata said.

’’Spiritual imprint?’’ Luo Feng was suspicious, ’’How do I do it?’’


Babata was angry, ’’Spiritual imprint, every person's soul, no matter how strong, will always have its own innate differences and weaknesses! No two souls are completely the same, you just have to use your spiritual energy to permeate into it and print! Don't care about anything else.’’

’’Oh.’’ Luo Feng's intent shifted, a thread of spirit energy quickly flowed from his hand down to his finger, permeating the ring.

The ring slightly changed, quickly...

Luo Feng felt something, the ring had become like his hand itself, without the use of any spirit energy, he could feel it there. This ring had an empty space within it, extremely high capacity, just feeling it, almost like a space that was 100m tall.

’’This ring's space is a cuboid shape, following your earth's measurements, it's about 612m long, 521m wide and 108 m tall. I won't go into the decimal points.’’ Babata looked proudly, almost as though he was hoping to see Luo Feng's shock.

’’Oh.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’Damn, don't you know how hard it is to actually cut a piece of the universe's space and input it into an item? And such a big space at that?’’ Babata was unsatisfied with Luo Feng's reaction, ’’If any of the universe's warriors knew, you'd be dead. However, as long as you don't tell anyone, no one will know.’’

Luo Feng was secretly shocked...

To build a space within a ring, was to actually rip space from the universe? Unbelievable! It was no wonder even in the crazy and proud Babata's words, it was an extremely difficult task.

’’Let's go up.’’ Babata said.

’’Oh, this crystal coffin...’’Luo Feng looked at the coffin.

The black robed Babata looked at the body within the coffin, a complex look on his face. Softly: ’’Boss, from today on, I'll be following your disciple. Don't worry, I will handle everything.’’ Very softly, so soft that Luo feng could barely hear it clearly, Babata raised his hand and pointed to the ground.

Ka ka ka

The crystal coffin began to slowly descend into the ground and the ground began to seal up.

’’Up.’’ Babata calmed down.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Luo Feng followed behind Babata through the pathways and up into the round hall.


The lights were shining brightly in the round hall.

Luo Feng looked at the six corpses with a sense of sorrow, these six corpses...five of them were undying beings!

’’Luo Feng.’’ Babata pointed towards the golden bones, ’’This was master's 2nd disciple, also master's most exceptional student. However in that fight, as master was being pursued, the enemy's attack actually broke through the defense of the Yun Mo planet ship and into the interior of the ship! The undying beings were fine, he however...died instantly.’’

’’Past the exterior, straight in?’’ Luo Feng was very shocked.

’’This 2nd senior of mine, what level was he?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’Sector lord!’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng was silent...

A sector lord, attacked by a super undying being breaking into the ship's interior, died instantly! That undying being's main target should have been Yun Mo planet's master!


Luo Feng suddenly stared at Babata, ’’Babata, universe fighters could all battle on the White dwarf planet, this sector lord could destroy one with a flip of his hand. This enemy's attack broke through the ship's exterior and killed him! Yet this ship hasn't been destroyed, just what was it made of?’’

’’You are finally becoming aware.’’ Babata pointed at the surrounding walls, ’’Look, there are dents in the walls and ground! Those are all imprints left from the undying fighters' battle! Even if one wasn't an undying being, he could leave probably only one dent!’’

’’This Yun Mo Planet ship, the product of my master's endless hard work, is an immeasurably prized ship! Named the Yu Mo Planet.’’

’’Price wise? Even if we sold your entire earth, it still wouldn't be worth even half of the ship.’’ Babata raised his head, ’’Right...didn't you pick up a red shard before?’’

’’Oh, yes.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

That blade shard has a ridiculous amount of power.

’’That was a piece of the ship that broke apart when the ship fell into earth a long time ago, lodging itself deep in the ground!’’ Babata laughed, ’’Don't think it was caused by the impact, even if the ship hit a middle sized planet, it would still be undamaged! That was actually caused by an attack from an extremely strong enemy, causing the hull to be damaged, and hence led to a piece breaking off.’’

’’Only initially, the shard was still caught within the ship's protective barrier. Once it crashed into earth and the barrier was gone, the shard flew out.’’ Babata explained.

’’It's just a piece of the ship? So sharp?’’ Luo Feng questioned.

’’Let me show you how this ship's exterior looks like.’’ Babata pointed towards the space in front.


Immediately within the space, a 3D image appeared showing a small replica of the ship!

This was a blood red triangular space ship, just three points, with their own arcs! In addition, the ship's periphery was extremely thin, very sharp!

A very malevolent appearance!

’’Once the ship picks up speed in the universe, with the sharpness of its periphery, even a meteorite zone can be cut through without any problem! Without any detriment to it's speed.’’ Babata proudly said, ’’You used it to cut your armor, is like big materials for a small job. That is a material that even undying beings have difficulty destroying!

’’Oh?’’ Luo Feng wa stunned.

So it was actually just a piece of the ship, and he thought it was a knife's blade.

’’However, the damage it received was critical, now it cannot even fly, otherwise I wouldn't have had to wait on earth for 50,000 years.’’ Babata shook his head, ’’It can't even fly, don't even mention fixing its body! You can keep this shard, I'll teach you in the future how to use it, it's much stronger than your Soaring Shuttle.’’

Luo Feng asked: ’’This shard has it's own special usage?’’

’’Of course!’’ Babata laughed, ’’Your earth's training and battle methods are too primitive and raw.’’

’’Oh, now for your inheritance from your master.’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng listened intently.

’’The Mu Ya Crystals from before, you've kept them all?’’ Babata asked.

’’These crystals, what use do they exactly have?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’They are training devices, and also taming monster and raising plants. They have many uses.’’ He continued, ’’Just one crystal can let a student level 8 or 9, with one month of training go into the star traveller level 1 stage! Of course in the universe, we use it more to cultivate and tame monsters and raise plants. Like the cloud contact vine Hong has, with the crystals, they will grow extremely fast.’’

’’From today on, you shouldn't be absorbing energy from the universe, its results are too low, too low, wasting more than half your time on absorbing energy, you'll never reach the universe level that way.

’’From now on, you'll use these crystals to train. I have many of them here.’’ Babata said.


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