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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 47


Volume 06 Chapter 47 - Becoming a Student

’’I must admit I had a very late start.’’ Luo Feng said, his heart heavy, and yet he couldn't deny that on earth, within the pugilistic world, he was considered a genius, always the best and brightest amongst those his age at the dojos! In high school, he was the best and brightest! Once he had become a warrior, entering earth's most prestigious dojo, he was still considered the best!

Just 21 years of age and he had become a star traveller spirit reader, one of the six big investigators! He was even on par with the 3rd chairman!

However, from Babata's words...

His worth was beyond pitiful! He knew himself that what Babata said was true, only that Babata's horizons went beyond earth.

’’Babata, if I do not do the soul transfer, how long will it take for me to reach the star level? And how long before I reach the universe level? Luo Feng questioned.

’’Fifty years to the star level, definitely.’’

Babata confidently said, ’’500 years to the universe level, no problem! As for the domain lord level, with the preparation my master left before he died for his disciples, 5,000 years-10,000 years should be enough! These four levels, I'm definitely confident, as for the sector for about 100,000 years should be able to barely make it, you may even need a longer time than that.’’

’’50 years for the star level? 500 years for the universe level?’’ Luo Feng blinked hard, the amount of time required seemed forever. From the time he was born till now, Luo Feng had only experienced 20 years, 500 years seemed too long and arduous. The famous Journey to the West had a story about Sun Wukong being trapped under the five finger mountain for only 500 years, the entire Chinese culture has only been around for 5,000 years.

It was too long and endless.

’’What, resenting the length?’’

The black robed child Babata was so enraged he jumped up, baring his fangs, roaring, ’’Luo Feng, you have to be clear, earth is in the milky way and should only get a single universe level fighter through normal evolution! Do you think the universe level is so easily attainable? What's more, your aptitude is so low. If I wasn't trapped here in earth...looking at the universe, countless geniuses from the many races and species would kneel before me and beg me, Babata, to become my master's disciple.’’

’’Do you know the position and rank of my master?’’

’’Yun Mo Planet's master!!!’’

’’He wasn't just an undying being, he was a champion among the undying! He had a total of nine strong undying beings under him! At the universe level, even a middle level civilization, such an enormous power, had to bow and respectfully bow to my master, not daring to utter a sound!’’

’’Even the universe's high level civilizations had to be polite around my master!’’

’’The master was one of the most powerful people in the universe, do you not understand?’’

’’With master's careful preparations for you, even with such a weak and low aptitude, 50 years to the star level, 500 years to universe level, 5,000-10,000 years to domain lord, and 100,000 years to a sector lord! You find it long?’’ Babata was angry to the point of shouting, ’’You really are living in fortune and yet are oblivious to it!!!’’

Luo Feng actually knew it himself...

When he was in the 9th archeological ruin, he believed he didn't stand a chance of ever entering the universe level. Even more so the domain lord or sector lord level! Hell, it took 1,000 eras of normal evolution for a sector lord to appear! Within this 1,000 eras, the number of geniuses from the other human races and species were countless, far above his own aptitude. Yet out of this tens of thousands of geniuses that were above him, they may not even become sector lords...

The difficulty in becoming a sector lord was beyond one's imagination!

’’Babata, what did you say before, nine undying beings as servants?’’ Luo Feng opened his eyes, ’’don't tell me those corpses outside were all servants?’’ 50,000 years and not a shred of decay, even their hair and skin were still lifelike, Luo Feng guessed that besides the one that had turned to golden bones, the rest were undying beings.

But he never imagined...they were servants!


Babata lifted his head, full of pride, ’’Do you only now understand the position of the master?’’

’’This ship, the Yun Mo planet spaceship's seven corpses, had one that was left in bones. The remaining six were undying.’’ Babata looked at Luo Feng, ’’You should have seen the six undying beings. One of them had a large crevice in his chest, but no internal organs within, right?

’’Yes.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’That was the enemy, an undying being from the automaton race.’’ Babata sneered, ’’But him coming in here was like sending himself to death, did he think that an injured master was one he could deal with?’’

’’Automaton race?’’ Luo Feng quietly memorized it. That was a race that was completely opposite from the human race, bodies that weren't made from flesh and blood.

’’The other five undying corpses were all master's servants! The Master actually had a total of nine undying servants, however the war that year...involved too many of the universe's strongest, four of his best servants perished in that war, even the master's soul was severely damaged. Even this Yun Mo Planet ship was heavily damaged.’’ Babata shook his head.

Luo Feng was shocked.

The big four undying servants perished? Yun Mo Planet's master soul was heavily damaged?

’’Actually, the master, even if his body and soul were to be wiped out, so long as a single cell existed, he could be reborn. Only during then, the enemy was more vicious and stronger than the master.’’ He shook his head.

’’Was it a human?’’ Luo Feng was dumbfounded.

Both body and soul destroyed, even without a soul, he can be reborn from just a cell or fragment?

’’Don't be surprised, when you get the master's level, every cell contains a soul imprint (spirit imprint), of course he can be reborn.’’ Babata proudly said, ’’and master's self-preservation methods didn't just limit itself to one. There were many more methods...however it was a pity that within the vast universe, endless time and space, there were others stronger than the master!’’

Luo Feng slightly nodded his head.

There's always a mountain taller, one must never get complacent.

’’Babata, you said that earth was considered a low level civilization belonging to the Silverblue Empire!’’

’’And under the Silverblue Empire, there are 8,000 or more Galaxies and the Black Dragon Mountain Empire.’’

’’What about the high level civilizations?’’ Luo Feng questioned.

Babata smiled: ’’Luo Feng, within the universe, one starfield, has 1,000-20,000 Galaxies. Of course there are some specially small starfields and some specially large starfields! The Black Dragon Empire Starfield has 8000 or more Galaxies.

’’Above the starfield, there are star sectors! The universe's biggest unit of measure.’’

’’One star sector, average level, is about 10,000 starfields, about 100 million galaxies. Of course there are bigger and smaller ones.’’

’’Your earth, belongs to the Ganwu main star sector, Black Dragon Empire starfield, milky way.’’ Babata continued, ’’and this Ganwu main star sector has about 13,000 star fields, galaxies numbering more than a 100 million, it is run by the high level civilization Ganwu universe, with 1,000 or more medium level civilizations under it. This can be considered, in the vast universe, the human race's highest level universe civilization.’’

Luo Feng took a deep breath.

The universe's highest level civilization?

13,000 galaxies in the starfield? The Black Dragon Empire alone has about a 1,000? The Silverblue Empire, such a low level civilization, like grains of sand...were undoubtedly nothing but ants to the master of the Yun Mo Planet.

A high level civilization in the universe, middle level and low level.’’ Luo Feng committed these to memory. ’’My earth, belongs to the Ganwu main star sector, Black Dragon Empire Starfield, milky way.

’’Do not be ambitious.’’

Babata said, ’’The Ganwu universe civilization has existed for countless eras, with vast territories, even undying beings cannot hope to cover all of it.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

The diameter of the milky way is over 100,000 light years, The Ganwu universe civilization has over 100 million galaxies, just how huge is it?

’’Luo Feng.’’ Babata looked at Luo Feng, ’’in the vast universe, the race of man is one of the leading races! Do you know why?

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng was suspicious.

’’There's a wide diversity!’’ Babata emphasized, ’’There's many different types of man, the Manka person from before, Longke, are the strongest bloodlines! However, as there are many different bloodlines and clans ranging up to the tens of thousands, there'll be the strong and the weak! Like earth's bloodlines are considered generally weaker, but don't despair, within the universe, there are many more weaker ones.’’

’’With the many species of man, the population is greater too, hence they became one of the universe's leading clans.’’

’’Besides the leading clans, there are many more different and unique forms of life in the universe! These groups, don't ever think they are easy to deal with! It's just because they are small in population, hence their positions aren't high in the universe. If it came down to power, there are many forms of life that are very powerful and shocking.’’

’’Different strange and weird forms of life, up to tens of thousands, very peculiar.’’

’’While most are weaker in battle power, there are many that are stronger.’’

’’Man's Manka bloodline, become domain lords when they become adults, they are one of man's leading bloodlines...however in the vast universe, there are special forms of life that are even stronger than Manka people! One of the most reputable would be the 'Space Beasts'.

’’Space beasts, once matured, can all wander the universe without any protective gear.’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng was shocked.

’’Space beasts, have many types, the weak ones, are star travellers at birth, star travellers at adolescence and universe level at maturity.’’ These are the weakest space beasts.’’

’’Some are closer to the Manka people, star travellers at birth, star level at growth, universe at young adults and domain lords at their peak.’’

’’The scariest of the space beasts, star travellers at birth...Universe level at youth, domain lords at young adult and sector lords at their peak.' These are the leaders in the universe.’’ Babata looked at Luo Feng, ’’The undying level is unattainable just by relying on bloodlines, so the best bloodline is those that can reach the sector lord level.’’

’’Man's best bloodline, can reach the domain lord level. It is considered very good.’’

’’In the universe some can actually grow straight into the sector lord level, that was like taking a step and reaching the heavens. Of course...this had its cons. Their numbers were shockingly small!’’ Babata laughed, ’’let's take the leading group of space beasts' bloodline, 'Flaming star beast,' they are born within a star, the high temperatures can't even harm them. They swallow countless stars and spend lots of time before becoming sector lords. Once they become sector lords, they don't have the need to swallow stars anymore. One flaming star beast's lifespan is extremely long! But from its birth till its death, it wanders the universe, probably never ever meeting another flaming star beast!’’

’’There are several more types similar to the life of these space beasts.’’

’’Without exception, pitifully small in population!’’ Babata shook his head, ’’However if you ever meet one in the universe, you have to be extremely careful.’’

Luo Feng nodded his head.

My god, a creature that eats stars, what an abnormality! However it may never meet one of it's kind with it's extremely small population.

’’Generally speaking, there are countless races and clans of man, along with countless other forms of life.’’

’’The vast universe, even undying beings have a hard time fully understanding it.’’

’’Even if you are as strong as my master, you can still fall.’’ Babata looked at Luo feng, ’’Luo Feng, before my master died...he said, no matter how strong you are, you still must treat the universe with respect!’’

Luo Feng nodded.

Yun Mo Planet's master, with nine undying beings under him, still perished!

’’Luo Feng, you decide, whether or not you'll call my master your teacher.’’ Babata looked at Luo feng, ’’If you do, then you'll be able to receive what he prepared for his disciples.’’

’’Of course, you can choose not to.’’ Babata smiled, revealing his two fangs, ’’If you don't, to protect my master and his secrets, I will have to kill you.’’

’’Choose, the decision is yours.’’


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