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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 46


Volume 06 Chapter 46 - Undying, Eternal, Deity

A low level civilized nation is like an ant in front of Yun Mo planet's master?

Luo Feng was shocked by this sentence.

This Silverblue Empire is a vast empire that controls the Milky Way galaxy, the Beta Galaxy, and six other galaxies! Just the Milky Way galaxy has over 210,000 planets with large amounts of life on them, so how vast must this empire be? Earth is like a grain of sand in the ocean compared to this empire!

But such a powerful empire seems to be nothing in Babata's mind.

’’Don't doubt’’

’’You cannot even begin to imagine the might of my master.’’ There was a bit of praise in Babata's eyes.

’’I've already said that the Milky Way galaxy, Beta galaxy, and the other six galaxies come together to form the Silverblue Empire, a low level civilized nation in the universe!’’

’’According to what the map of the universe describes, your galaxy is part of the 'Black Dragon Mountain starfield', which contains a total of 8,000 galaxies! And the one that controls the 'Black Dragon Mountain starfield'...... is a pretty decent medium level civilized nation in the universe the Black Dragon Mountain Empire’’

’’The Black Dragon Mountain empire has direct control of over 6,000 galaxies and over 500 low level civilized nations. And the Silverblue Empire is just one of the nations that belongs to the Black Dragon Mountain Empire’’ Babata spoke fluently.

Luo Feng was a bit flabbergasted.

The Black Dragon Mountain starfield? Contains around 8,000 galaxies? Has control of over 500 nations? The Silverblue Empire is just one of the nations under its control?

’’Don't give me that look’’

’’Even though the Black Dragon Mountain Empire is a bit more powerful, they still have to be polite in front of my master!’’ said Babata, ’’As for powerful fighters, if they develop normally...... around 1,000 galaxies will give birth to one 'sector lord level' fighter’’


yelled Luo Feng.

’’What?’’ Babata looked towards Luo Feng.

’’What sector lord level? I only learned from archaeological ruin #9 that..... fighters are categorized into the student level, star traveller level, star level, universe level, and the level above the universe level’’ asked Luo Feng. As he listened to Babata speak, he felt like he was looking up to an extremely high mountain, and then realized that there were even taller mountains behind that mountain!

The limitless universe contains an uncountable number of powerful fighters!

’’Oh, let me develop your common sense a bit’’ said Babata, ’’The fighter and spirit reader categories can be split into... oh and don't mention students to me. Students do not have the right to be called 'fighters, spirit readers'’’

’’They are mainly split into the star traveller level, star level, universe level, domain lord, and sector lord, these five major levels. Once you surpass sector lord...... you become undying!’’

’’The star traveller level can only wander around in the universe. They can be guards for hire, servants, or cannon fodder’’ said Babata with quite a bit of disdain.

’’The star level can count as a major figure on some insignificant star in the universe. However, on some more important stars, they should keep a low profile’’

’’The universe level, hmm, yeah, they can count as a powerful fighter! After all, a galaxy usually only gives birth to one universe level fighter. They can easily earn a few dozen stars as territory after joining a civilized nation’’

’’The domain lord can count as the king of an area! Low level civilized nations wouldn't mess with domain lords, and they can build up their own powers and organizations. In the vast universe, any civilized nation fights over domain lord level fighters!’’

’’The sector lord, hehe, they have authority! It's extremely easily for them to earn an entire galaxy as their territory! Sector lord level fighters..... have definitely reached the 'inner world' state where they control an entire world..... Luo Feng, if you can become a sector level fighter and have no ambitions, you can wander the universe’’ said Babata seemingly jokingly as he looked at Luo Feng.

Luo Feng listened carefully.

According to what he heard in archaeological ruin #9, a countless amount of planets only give birth to one universe level fighter, so it seemed hopeless for Luo Feng. And now, he heard that above the universe level is..... the domain lord! And there's even a sector lord above the domain lord! One can imagine how difficult it would be to reach such a level!

’’Only above the sector level can you become undying’’

Babata's expression became serious.

’’Whether the star traveller level, star level, universe level, domain lord, or sector lord, they are all under the restraints of life. Star level fighters can live for one era at most, universe level fighters can live for 10 eras at most, domain lord level fighters can live for 100 eras, and sector lord can live for 1,000 eras! Of course, using the time of your earth, sector lords can live for a bit more than 10 million years’’

’’Sector lord existences will still fall with time!’’

’’Only those surpassing the sector level become undying! Undying fighters, also called 'eternal fighters', also called 'deities'’’ Babata's eyes were shining, ’’Once you become an undying fighter, you can enjoy eternal life! Master..... was an undying fighter!’’

Luo Feng held his breath.

Undying fighter?

Star traveller, star, universe, domain lord, sector lord, undying!

’’Undying fighters have a countless number of special abilities!’’

’’Even a star railgun that can instantly vaporize a galaxy cannot injure an undying fighter!’’ smiled Babata, ’’Now you should understand why I said..... that a low level civilized nation is like an ant in front of my master’’

Luo Feng's blood was boiling.

An attack that can instantly vaporize a galaxy? Cannot even harm an undying fighter?

’’Don't think so far ahead’’

’’1,000 normally developing galaxies give birth to only one sector lord!’’

’’Luo Feng, even with my master's inheritance and my help, you can probably barely become a sector lord in 100,000 years! However, to become undying..... the possibility is basically zero!’’ Babata slightly shook his head, ’’Sigh, you humans aren't talented at all. If you lose to everyone else at the starting line, then it will be extremely, extremely, extremely difficult to achieve greater heights!’’

Luo Feng couldn't help but to say: ’’Come on Babata, you don't have to say it like that’’


Babata grinned, revealing two little fangs, ’’I just said basically zero! There's actually a way to speed up your training by ten times, a hundred times’’

’’What way?’’ said Luo Feng curiously.

’’Soul transfer!’’ Babata smiled mysteriously.

’’Soul transfer?’’

Of course Luo Feng knew what this meant.

Babata smiled: ’’You probably have realized that the descendents of the so called 'fighters' on your earth clearly have a higher chance of becoming fighters’’

’’Yes’’ nodded Luo Feng.

The descendents of a fighter have a higher chance of becoming a fighter! That's because their parents' genes are already splendid, so their genes won't be deficient!

’’This is a type of evolution’’ said Babata, ’’If your earth had another 10,000 years or another 100,000 years, every single person on earth can become a 'student level' fighter’’

’’And in the vast universe, there are some human races that have evolved quite perfectly’’ sighed Babata, ’’For example, the human race that ranks in the top ten in terms of lineage Manka planet people. Even though Manka planet people are few in number, each one of them is born as a star traveller level fighter. As children, they are usually at the star level. When they are young adults, they are usually at the universe level. And when they are adults, they are at the domain lord level! They have one of the best lineages out of the human race’’

Luo Feng was flabbergasted.


The difference is just infuriating.

All the humans on earth put their lives on the line to bitterly train. They tried everything they could, got lucky, found a good teacher...... and finally! An absolute genius finally stepped into the star traveller level!

And them?

They just drink and play and when they become adults, they are at the 'domain lord level', able to destroy a planet with a flip of the hand.

’’This, isn't this too unfair’’ Luo Feng didn't even know what to say anymore.

’’Unfair? That's because the ancestors of the Manka planet people trained bitterly to constantly improve and perfect their race! Only after that could their race stabilize at that level!’’ said Babata with dissatisfaction, ’’If earth doesn't give birth to large amounts of powerful fighters, the people on earth will never become powerful’’

Luo Feng slightly nodded, the anger in his chest dissipated.

Yeah, only because of the work of a race's ancestors can the genes of that race become more and more perfect, which leads to more and more talented descendents!

’’How much faster can a Manka planet person train compared to someone from your earth? Can you imagine it?’’ scoffed Babata, ’’In the entire Milky Way galaxy, there are 210,000 planets with large amounts of people living on them. The total population is uncountable. But even from that, it would be nice for one universe level fighter to be born. As for Manka planet people, once they become adults, they become domain lords!’’


’’If you want to become an undying fighter, one way is to..... wait for yourself to become a bit stronger and then steal a more powerful race's body!’’ Babata turned towards the crystal coffin, ’’Do you see that? Even though master's original body was a bit better than you earthlings, it wasn't better by much’’

’’Afterwards, under chance and luck, master used the soul transfer technique and took over a youth's body from the 'Longke tribe'! The Longke tribe can rank in the top 30 in terms of the lineage ranking of humans. When they become adults, they can reach the 'universe level'! With this body, master's training speed soared at an astonishing rate! But even with that, master went through trial after trial to become an undying fighter!’’

’’Since it is extremely, extremely, extremely difficult for a Manka planet person or someone from the Longke tribe to become undying!’’

Babata grinned towards Luo Feng, ’’What, you have something against soul transferring? Can't give up your own body?’’

Luo Feng admits that he wasn't really willing to give up his own body.

’’How stupid!’’ Babata curled his lips helplessly, his blood red eyes looked towards Luo Feng with disdain, ’’And you're a spirit reader. Don't you know..... that the essence of one's self is the soul?’’

’’Oh well’’

’’Soul transferring isn't that easy anyway. You can only soul transfer a target with a soul weaker than yours. If you meet someone with a stronger soul, you'll end up getting eradicated by them’’ Babata shook his head, ’’Too bad you humans just don't have the talent. Since one with a brain vigor of 22 finally appeared, I can't be too picky’’

’’Shouldn't it be 21?’’ said Luo Feng.

Babata smacked his little head: ’’Holy, you are as innocent as a white piece of paper! Do you think that if you keep training as a spirit reader, your brain vigor will never increase? When you were at the student level nine stage, your brain vigor was 21. However, breaking through to the star traveller level is a transformation in life itself, so your brain vigor increased to 22’’

’’However, don't get cocky. These numbers can only be said out loud in the Milky Way galaxy’’ Babata shook his head with disdain, ’’In some more powerful planets or core planets in a nation, there are people with brain vigor reaching 30 or even 40 at the student level!’’

’’Too bad I don't have a choice. Or more accurately, I can only pick on earth’’

’’Gotta pick a tall one out of these dwarves’’

’’I guess the majestic Demon Babata has to graciously help a little star traveller kiddo like you’’ Babata lifted his head up.


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