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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 42


Volume 06 Chapter 42 - Earth's Most Powerful Weapon Appears!

China, year 2059, 8th January Night 11:36. The continent of Australia where the Misty Island stood was however, afternoon.


From the vast surface of the lake, Luo Feng broke through from below, floating in mid air.

’’It's been three days since I've seen sunlight.’’ Luo Feng raised his head towards the blue sky, watching as several monsters flew past, before looking back down at the lake, ’’within three days the excavation of the Mu Ya Crystals have almost finished. The biggest haul was done on the first day, the second had a lot less and the 3rd, so far there's only been two.’’

However, just by comparison, his haul over the three days have been pretty good.

Firstly, his luck has always been good, coming across three crystals in one go.

Secondly, as a star traveller level spirit reader, his searching ability was originally amongst the top three... with these two factors together, Luo Feng on his own found another crystal, making it his 5th! If he included the ones he worked together with Ice Mountain, Allure and the other royal guards, there would be many more.

’’Luo Feng.’’ The Head's voice transmitted from his watch's communicator, Luo Feng's watch had been in constant contact with the Head and a few others these three days.

’’Head.’’ Luo Feng replied.

’’Come to where I'm at.’’


Luo Feng followed the coordinates in his watch and locked in, ’’Hm? He was actually 2000m underground. At one of that underground lake's bends.’’


Luo Feng immediately dug down, breaking through the surface of the water and swiftly underground.


At a particular point at the vast underground lake.

The black clothed Hong, along with the three royal guards wearing their golden masks, Allure, Beast and Ice Mountain, plus the other investigators from the Dojo of Limits, all of them were gathered together. ’’Luo Feng!’’ The ceiling broke apart and Luo Feng came down, floating back up the moment he touched the surface of the lake below.

’’Head.’’ Luo Feng shouted.

’’Hm, we'll begin in a moment, others haven't arrived.’’ Hong nodded his head, looking at Luo Feng with a sense of accomplishment...

From the Dojo of Limits, Hong being the strongest on earth had acquired the biggest returns, next in line would be Luo Feng!

Luo Feng, in this Crystal Feast/battle, had made a name for himself! All of Earth's star travellers were clear, with his current power, he was already able to break into the 2nd tier of strength! To be able to compete with the 3rd, 4th and 5th chairmen on the same level. This was truly a frightening power.

Out of those three charimen, the 3rd and 5th were level 3 star travellers! The 4th was Eastbourne, a level 2 star traveller spirit reader!

With such a general under the Dojo of Limits, Hong was indeed happy.


Another silhouette flew in, this was one of the Dojo's investigators Liu He, ’’Head.’’ Liu He paid respects to the Head before flying towards Luo Feng and the others, laughing: ’’Luo Feng, You've earned big this time. We four other investigators have yet to even come close to your earnings.’’

’’Luck, just luck.’’ Luo Feng politely laughed.

Hong initially only brought Luo Feng, Allure and Ice Mountain, later on bringing Beast. The other five investigators weren't brought along...


When the news of the Mu Ya Crystal spread out, The Dojo of Limits other five investigators knew of the crystals' worth, and that a good number of earth's star travellers were all gathered there at Mist Island. Immediately, Liu He, Vladmir and the others took a fighter jet over.

However, those that missed the initial excavation chance naturally had lesser returns.

’’Alright, everyone is here.’’ Hong looked towards the three royal guards and the six investigators and immediately secluded the surrounding space.

’’This time, our Dojo of Limits have had a bountiful return.’’

Hong couldn't help but smile, ’’Following our agreement, discovering the crystal and finally acquiring it, the discoverer gets 30% while the person who battled for it gets 30%, finally the remaining 40% goes to the Dojo.’’

’’Beast, you discovered one on your own, so you get 60%, 0.6. You also helped in battle three times, considering you had different contributions for all three battles, they add up to 1.2 crystals. So ultimately, you get 1.8 Mu Ya crystals.’’ Hong reported.

’’Yes, Head.’’ royal guard Beast respectfully replied.

’’Allure... in total, you get 1.6 crystals.’’

’’Ice total, you get 2.2 crystals.’’

’’Liu total, you get 0.3 crystals.’’


Going through their efforts and calculations, everybody's returns were calculated.

’’Finally, Luo Feng, who earned the most this time. He singlehandedly acquired four crystals, following the 60% rule, this equals 2.4 crystals. Joining forces in battle 4 times, with different contributions, these add up to 2.1 crystals. Finally, they come up to 4.5 crystals.’’ Hong finished and began distributing the crystals.

Luo Feng first handed in the Mu Ya crystals he had and then received four Mu Ya crystals.

Allure received one.

Ice Mountain received two.


’’For each crystal, I can give you twenty stars worth!’’ Hong commanded, ’’For example, Luo Feng, you currently have four in your hand, in your account you still have 0.5. This means just from your account you have ten stars! Of course you can use the crystals to trade.’’

’’It's the same for everyone else.’’

’’Once we return to base, you can use your crystals to trade for stars, which can be further used to buy items and goods.’’ Hong said.

Hearing Hong's words, the three royal guards and six investigators smiled.

’’Luo Feng, you earned so much this time. One crystal gives you twenty stars, you have 4.5, that equates to ninety stars! You can even buy a prehistoric level auto jet’’ Liu He laughed, ’’I'm so poor, with just 0.3 crystals, that equates to 6 stars only, nothing compared to you...’’

’’Just luck, just luck.’’ Luo Feng humbly laughed.

In actual fact, he had actually acquired five crystals, not just four.

During the excavation, most of the news of discoveries were official and public. However, there were times when crystals were discovered without anybody else around. Luo Feng's four out of five crystals were discovered with others around, one in exception was in secret, so he naturally hid it.

This was actually an unspoken rule.

To be able to acquire one without anybody else finding out, just hide it. Hong too knew about this rule, if no one realized one's wrongdoing, one would have no enemies. Hong wouldn't be too strict. What's more, the returns to the Dojo were already 40 crystals, it was definitely enough.

’’Right now, Misty Island's underground lake, not much of the crystals are left.’’ Hong looked towards his people, ’’Our search shall officially end here, those who want to return can go while those who want to further try their luck can stay and search! Whoever finds anything from here can keep 100% of it. However, almost the entire area has been searched, so don't get your hopes too high.’’

’’Yes. Head.’’

Luo Feng and others exchanged a few more words before separating.

Liu He who came later was determined to get more, thus continuing their search. Beast on the other hand was getting ready to return to the main base.

’’You guys go ahead and search, I'm fine.’’

’’Luo Feng, you've already gotten so many, naturally you are fine, hm, I'll head on first to search.’’

Luo Feng and Liu He parted ways, before digging fiercely 3000m below the lake. Gathering his spirit energy to create a cave.

Using his mini quantum computer.


Luo Feng contacted Xu Xin's phone. Earth's communication systems were far more advanced. Other than special areas like archaeological ruin #9, even in the deep underground or in the rock stratum, one could easily get a signal! This was a great discovery from the archaeological ruins.

’’Luo Feng, you are only calling me now, what've you been doing?’’ The screen display lit up, Xu Xin was wrapped in a bathrobe, hair still dripping wet.

’’I've been at the continent of Australia these few days.’’ Luo Feng laughed.

’’Oh? I heard that the whole world, HR Alliance all went over there. Right, what have you all been doing exactly? Even my grandfather hasn't been granted access to the information, the HR Alliance say it's SSS grade news and we are not allowed to it.’’ Xu Xin was filled with curiosity.

’’Getting treasures, they are called Mu Ya Crystals.’’ Luo Feng answered.

’’Mu Ya Crystals, what are they for?’’ Xu Xin was curious.

’’I'm not sure either, I just know they are infinitely valuable, converted to money, a huge passenger plane's price doesn't even come close to one crystal.’’ Luo Feng paced around in the cave as he talked.

’’What? That's not possible right?’’ Xu Xin was alarmed.

'Right, your entire Xu Family's wealth added together, can't even buy one crystal.’’ Luo Feng nodded his head.

’’Oh my god.’’ Xu Xin finally understood why even her family didn't have the authority to receive the news.

Luo Feng wasn't lying.

The price Hong put on the crystals was twenty stars, one must know that dragon's blood was only worth one star! One portion of dragon's blood was worth 80 billion, one could only imagine the crystal's worth...not to mention the crystals were worth more than weapons and armies to the countries! It wasn't something that could be measured with gold or money!

No one would trade the crystals for money!

It's worth far surpassed the world's currency. In truth, the twenty star price that Hong put one it was pretty low, but since more that ten crystals appeared in the world suddenly, he couldn't give too high a price.

’’One crystal alone is worth more than my family's fortune.’’ Xu Xin was shocked.

’’Surprised? In this battle for the crystals, the number of wargods who died was more than twenty! The number of representatives who died was three! If it wasn't for the elixir of life, I'm afraid more than ten representatives would have died!’’ Luo Feng initial news didn't seem to shake Xu Xin much, hence he reported something more shocking.

’’Representatives, beings that have surpassed the wargod level? Three died?’’ Xu Xin was deeply shocked by this news.

Luo Feng was still in the deep underground cave, pacing step by step while looking at the quantum computer screen. Seeing Xu Xin's shocked expression was interesting to him.


Pacing around the cave, Luo Feng suddenly felt pain at his soles!

’’What's going on?’’ Luo Feng stepped back, cold sweat dripping from his head, moving his body about 10m away. He was a star traveller spirit reader, donning a SS Grade battle armor along with a black god set! With this kind of defense, what kind of attack could let his leg feel pain?

He didn't even realize it happened.

’’Just what could it be?’’ Luo Feng used his spirit energy to sweep the area.

His spirit energy swept the area.

The place where he felt pain before lay a piece of rock that had an item stuck in it.

’’This is?’’ Luo Feng controlled his breathing and walked over.

Reaching out to the rock which held a blood red broken shard, he realized it was really heavy! Laying as big as his palm, Luo Feng felt it weighed about a ton, far surpassing the density of any known material on earth.

A broken blood red shard. One side was a sharp knife's edge.

This shard, should have come from a battle knife or sword.

Who knew how long this shard had been stuck in this rock, and all he did was step on it and it hurt.

’’My leg?’’ Luo Feng lifted his right leg to check, the SS grad battle armor was slit open! There was an open slit! As though the armor was sliced open like tofu.

’’My god.’’

Luo Feng stared at the slit, shocked.

’’This, this, this...’’ Luo Feng was stuttering, face flushed.

’’This is a SS grade battle armor.’’

What exactly was the SS Grade Battle armor? It could withstand an attack by a king level monster, only after repeated attacks by a king level monster would it break apart! Just like the Mountain Drill, only with Luo Feng's twelve blades joining forces can it break apart an SS grade battle armor.

Otherwise, even with the Mountain Drill, even if it was a wargod, one couldn't break the SS grade battle armor.

’’My god.’’

’’I didn't use any strength, just walking and just by stepping on it, it cut through the ss grade battle armor?’’ Luo Feng's hand held the blood red knife shard, just grasping it and he could feel an indescribable fear, almost as though that shard could cut through anything or material.

’’It, just how sharp is it.’’ Luo Feng immediately took off his battle armor.

Right hand holding the shard.


He easily swung it around.

Pu! Pu! Pu! Almost like cutting tofu, the SS grade armor was immediately cut into small pieces falling on the floor, with hardly any resistance.

’’I haven't even used much of my strength, about 10% maybe, and it easily cut through the SS material.’’

’’If I use my full strength, cutting through the monster emperor's defense should be easy too.’’

With that thought, Luo Feng's heart pounded.

Almost like seeing a ghost while he stared at the shard, this was a divine weapon! Stronger by who knows how much than his Soaring Shuttle, with just a shard, it can cut through the SS armor like tofu!

This weapon was too powerful.

This weapon was scary enough to threaten the monster emperor, maybe even Hong or Thunder God.


’’This weapon is too scary;I cannot reveal it at the moment. Once it's matter how much they respect me, Hong or Thunder God would never allow such a powerful weapon to stay in my hands.’’ Luo Feng was clear on this point, that this was the most powerful weapon on earth! An unbelievably powerful weapon!

’’Just, just who does it belong to?’’

’’How, how did it even break?’’

Luo Feng carefully analyzed the blood red shard in his hands as he felt the ancient powers it held within it...who knew just how old these powers were.


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