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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 41


Volume 06 Chapter 41 - Mu Ya Crystal Feast

’’They didn't chase me, that Mo Henderson is probably worrying about the last time he became my target.’’ Luo Feng swiftly flew through the rock stratum, his anxiousness relaxing a little.

He initially thought Mo Henderson and the other two would attack, but he met no obstruction, even after he left into the rock layers.

The three thought that even if they tried, they didn't have the power to stop him.


The European Union's two representative warriors, watched wide eyed as Luo Feng left. They couldn't help but feel urgent and helpless, turning towards Mo Henderson, one of them, a middle aged man with brown curly hair said: ’’3rd representative, that was three whole crystals, how could you just stand by and watch as Luo Feng take them away.

’’Three crystals.’’ The other chimed in urgently.


The Ice Emperor looked coldly at the two, he had known of these two's intentions from the start, laughing coldly, ’’Bo Ni Te, if you two want the crystal, go get it yourselves! If you think you can use me Mo Henderson, you must be dreaming!’’ Once finished, the Ice Emperor became a silhouette and dug into the rock stratum, breaking apart huge chunks of the rock.

Only the two from the European Union remained, their bodies began to emit a burning flame and a green light, causing all the rocks around them to float up.

’’That's weird.’’

’’What caused this Mo Henderson's temperament to change?’’

The two representatives from the European Union looked at each other, feeling helpless. Watching Luo Feng get away with three Mu Ya Crystals, they were definitely envious...However Luo Feng killed Li Yao even before he broke through to the star traveller level, now that he was one, he was definitely stronger and not something the two of them could deal with.

They had hoped Mo Henderson would have attacked! They had calculated that if the 3rd representative had attacked as they hoped, the two would have been able to at least snatch away one of the crystals in the scuffle.

’’This Ice Emperor had such a bad temper before. His tyranny, who doesn't know?’’

’’Hmm, he is overbearing, I really thought he'd attack just now, not just stand there without doing anything.’’

’’Bo Ni Te, I heard that the Ice Emperor had a fight with Luo Feng during the appearance of the first crystal.’’ The blonde curly haired white man spoke softly, ’’I thought it was just rumors before, but at the looks of it, I would say that news is 8 or 9 out of 10 true. In fact, during the fight, the Ice Emperor might have been losing, or just unable to gain an advantage.:

’’Oh? The brown haired middle aged man stared blankly.

’’Unless Luo Feng's power made him worry, otherwise how could he not attack? Do you remember, just for one crystal earlier, the Ice Emperor brought backup to fight with the Soviet Russia's side, resulting in a huge battle! If he did that just for one, how could he do nothing for three!’’ The blonde's eyes were lit brightly.

’’Makes sense. That's right, we should quickly spread the news of Luo Feng's three crystals!’’

’’Yes, we cannot let him just get them too comfortably.’’


These two representatives, along with the Ice Emperor Mo Henderson, swiftly spread the news of Luo Feng attaining the three crystals!


Deep in the darkness of the underground, a decayed smell permeated the air.

’’Luo Feng.’’

A message tone came from his watch's communicator, Luo Feng immediately responded: ’’Head.’’

’’You acquired three Mu Ya crystals?’’ Hong's voice came through the communicator.

Luo Feng was a little shocked, the news sure spread quickly. He had just obtained the three crystals not a minute ago and the Head already knew. Several thoughts quickly formed in his head, Luo Feng answered: ’’Yes, Head.’’

’’Very good, stay there, I'm coming immediately.’’ Hong said.

Awhile later...


A black light broke through the rock stratum, appearing beside Luo Feng, it was a black clothed Hong.

’’Head.’’ Luo Feng bowed his body slightly.

’’Luo Feng, your luck is really good.’’ Hong couldn't help but laugh and compliment, ’’You obtained three Mu Ya crystals, as per our earlier agreement...60% belongs to you, which means 1.8 crystals. To round it off, you've obtained two crystals, the last one goes to the Dojo of Limits.’’

’’Yes, Head.’’ Luo Feng didn't hesitate and handed one crystal over.

Hong raised his hand and kept the crystal that emanated a fragrant rice smell.


Two silhouettes immediately appeared beside them, drawn in by the fragrant rice smell, Jia Yi and Zhu Xi noticed that it was actually Hong and Luo Feng. Jia Yi was surprised and couldn't help but laugh: ’’1st representative has obtained yet another crystal, congratulations.’’

’’It's nothing, it's just that Luo Feng just obtained three crystals and passed me one, that's all.’’ Hong replied.


Jia Yi looked at Luo Feng, ’’Then truly congratulations.’’ Following that, he took Zhu Xi along with him and left.

After watching the two leave, Hong turned over to Luo Feng, smiling: ’’Luo Feng, these crystals are extremely dangerous...if you meet anybody else, tell them you've passed all of them to me. They won't give you any trouble then. While you may be pretty strong right now, if several other representatives teamed up, you'll be in danger.’’

Luo Feng nodded his head slightly.


The Soaring Shuttle could only attack one person at a time, if several representatives teamed up and attacked him, with his weaker physical body compared to them, he would definitely be in danger.

’’Continue. This misty island seems to be hiding many more Mu Ya crystals.’’ Hong let out a rare smile, before turning and digging into the rock stratum.

’’What powers did these crystals have?’’

Luo Feng watched as his Head left, heart filled with suspicion, ’’The fact that the Head and the others have refused to say anything, I shall not question then. Forget it..I'll work hard to collect more of them. There can only be good, no bad from collecting more!’’ remembering how he couldn't even attain the spirits of nature, he knew that attaining these treasures were extremely difficult.

While he may be a star traveller, this did not guarantee he could get the spirits of nature.

He definitely had to take advantage of this opportunity and get more crystals!


Since 2:30, Luo Feng alone acquired three crystals, making Man's total seven to nine crystals. It seemed Earth's warriors had run out of luck right after, with a solid three hours of no yield.

Early morning 6:08, Hua Xia finally obtained their first crystal, making the total yield to man ten crystals.

Afternoon 8:36, India obtained one, making it eleven crystals in total.

At about the same time, the 12th was obtained by Hong.

This was an excavation that shook the entire earth!

Before long, it was the 2nd day's dusk 5:31. It had been a total of nearly 20 hours since the beginning of the search, a total of eighteen crystals were discovered by Man, excluding the one eaten by the earth dragon king, the other seventeen had all been acquired. Of course the eighteen crystals news was openly broadcasted.

Several country's powers, individuals had discovered and acquired some of the crystals alone and kept them, without letting anybody know.

That means to say...

While the official count was: 18 discovered, acquired 17;The truth remained that the total count should have exceeded twenty crystals!


It was at dusk 5:31, the biggest haul was to be welcomed by Man's warriors, a total of eight crystals together had appeared! The first to discover these eight crystals were none other than Luo Feng and the European Union's Eastbourne and a few others, however the eight had emanated such a strong fragrant smell that many more would come.

Within a few seconds, the number of star travellers caught in the battle grew to ten!


2000m underground in that expansive underground river, ten star travellers were engaged in battle!

’’Careful, Luo Feng.’’

’’Get out of the way.’’

Two representatives from the American side nervously shouted.


It was as though the sound of space and time had been ripped apart, a golden light, almost like an invitation from the King of Hell, violently smashed into a black representative's abdomen region, smashing his SS grade battle armor immediately. The dreaded golden light later went on to heavily attack the black god set within, causing the black man to violently smash into the side rocks, shaking the entire area. Following a quick silence, a large number of cracks were seen and rubble began to fall.

’’Pu...’’ The black representative spit out fresh blood, body sprawled against the wall and sliding down.

’’Life water.’’ While falling, he took out a test tube and threw it into his mouth.

Ka Cha!

Biting straight into the test tube, he quickly absorbed the life water. ’’Pu.’’ The black representative spit out the broken glass pieces mixed with traces of blood.

’’Move out of the way!’’

Luo Feng roared, directing his attention to another fighter 'Eastbourne'.


Transforming into the 'Mountain Drill', the soaring shuttle became a golden light and charged straight towards the 4th representative 'Eastbourne', Eastbourne hardly managed to use his spirit energy to control his concealed weapons to withstand Luo Feng's attacks and to luckily dodge.

’’Good job.’’ A totally blonde man who resembled a lion's big physique punched heavily, sending star travellers one after another flying, roared excitedly, grabbing one of the crystals.

’’Wild Beast, beautiful.’’ Luo Feng shouted.

’’Be careful Allure.’’ Ice Mountain shouted from the side.

A white silver sword was heading in Allure's direction sneakily.


This was a messy battle.

Within a short 10 seconds, the thick fragrant smell emanating from the crystals had attracted eighteen star travellers, it was by good fortune that Ice Mountain, Allure and Wild Beast all three were present, giving a big help to Luo Feng! This allowed the Dojo of Limits to have a great advantage in power over the battle, giving them the opportunities to grab the crystals.

’’It's too crazy, eight crystals appearing together?’’ Luo Feng couldn't believe it.

’’This underground lake, the first crystal appeared upstream, even after careful searching, one would never expect eight to pop out like that.’’ Luo Feng had realized that these floating crystals were moving about on their own.

’’Why isn't the Head here yet?’’ Allure shouted.

’’The head will be here soon!’’ Wild Beast roared.

’’Make way.’’

Luo Feng fiercely roared.


The familiar spiraling began again, The European Union, America, India and the HR Alliance members were all painfully suffering. In the big battle for the sudden appearance of eight crystals, Luo Feng's special attack has really made a name for itself! That golden light...

Extremely fast attack speed and crazy amounts of power!

Even the 3rd chairman Ice Emperor cannot dodge it!

Even the 4th chairman Eastbourne, who was similarly a spirit reader couldn't totally dodge it.

’’Weird, too weird. The moment my spiritual energy tries to exert any force on his golden light weapon...the moment it gets close, the golden energy actually rips it apart.’’ Eastbourne was troubled over the mysterious power of the soaring shuttle.

Such strong penetrative powers! Even my spirit energy gets ripped apart when it gets close!


The surrounding air shook, a black silhouette appeared amidst the battlefield and the star travellers.

It was as though time had stopped!

The black domain quickly engulfed the area, almost as though it was a god's domain, spreading swiftly to a 100m area, placing Luo Feng and the twenty star travellers within it.


Luo Feng felt as though he was an average person being pushed down by several hundred kg's of force, unable to walk or lift his arms properly. As though there were countless plants and vines wrapped around his arms. He couldn't move at all! In Hong's Domain, no one could resist at all, everyone fell silent.


In the air above the underground lake, everybody stopped their battles.

Hong reached and acquired the last available crystal before going over to Luo Feng and company's side. Allure immediately reported: Reporting to Head, the four of us acquired a total of four crystals, the main thing is Luo Feng discovered them and even in the battle he was the decisive factor, stopping both the 3rd and the 4th representative.

’’Hm.’’ Hong nodded his head slightly, before turning to Luo Feng, ’’Luo Feng.’’

’’Head.’’ Luo Feng replied.

Hong nodded his head:’’ Not bad!’’


The battle had barely lasted 30 seconds and the Dojo of Limits was the biggest winner, acquiring four Mu Ya Crystals, America got one, the European Union got one, the HR Alliance got two and the Indian group got none.

Watching Hong and his crew leave, the other star travellers began their discussions.

’’4 crystals. The Dojo of Limits have gotten quite a reward.’’

’’It was mostly Luo Feng, who held down the 3rd and 4th representative.’’

’’Luo Feng's attacks are scary.’’

’’Such power, if not for the Life Water, there would be at least three dead representatives from him.

’’Even the 3rd and 4th representative couldn't do anything about him.

The representatives were all softly discussing, they had previously respected Luo Feng but had not cared or worried too much about him. But they had never seen such power from Luo Feng, or the extent at which he was on par with both the 3rd and 4th representative. They made a mental note to themselves never to cross paths with Luo Feng!

They believed in their hearts...

The earth's strongest were Hong and Thunder God!

The next level would be Luo feng, the 3rd,4th and 5th representatives!

Jia Yi, Yan Hai and a few other level 2 star travellers, along with with level 1 star travellers with special skills, a little over 10 people, these formed the 3rd level.

The remaining 40 plus level 1 star travellers formed the 4th level of strength!

’’Let's go! Seize the time and look for more crystals.’’ The Indian representatives started shouting out.

’’Quickly, quickly, quickly.’’ Ice Emperor shouted, clearly anxious and rushed.


A large number of star travellers flew swiftly and separated, the Mu Ya Crystal Feast had yet to end!


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