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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 4



’’Spirit reader at the peak of the advanced level wargod level? You indeed are quite different’’ right when commander LI saw Luo Feng enter, he started observing this legendary genius. The Luo Feng in front of him was wearing a regular training uniform and had a few balls of sweat on his forehead. A seemingly formless energy emanated from Luo Feng, which caused him to seem like an extremely powerful beast.

This caused commander Li and executive officer Wang's heart beats to accelerate a bit.

They didn't know, that this was because Luo Feng was practicing the 《Celestial Deity Catalog》a few thousand times earlier this morning. Due to his exhaustion, he couldn't perfectly control his spiritual force, which caused quite a bit to leak out.

’’You guys chat, I'll go out first’’ smiled Wu Tong.

’’Thank you, chief instructor Wu’’

Li Da Wei and Wang Luo Han watched Wu Tong leave. Even though Li Da Wei and Wang Luo Han are of high status, Wu Tong is still part of the 'Dojo of Limits'. The Chinese government still want to remain on friendly relations with the Dojo of Limits.

’’Commander Li, executive office, let us sit and chat’’ smiled Luo Feng as he sat down.

Li Da Wei and Wang Luo Han both smiled as they sat down. Li Da Wei smiled as he said: ’’I have long heard of Mr. Luo Feng's grand name. In the Palace of Wargods, I watched Mr. Luo Feng from afar. And now, after meeting face to face, I realized that Mr. Luo Feng seems even more extraordinary than he did in the Palace of Wargods’’

’’If commander Li keeps complimenting me, I'll end up flying’’ laughed Luo Feng.

’’Not a compliment, respect!’’ smiled commander Li, ’’I will be 62 this year, but I'm still an intermediate level wargod. This is my limit. According to our military's information, Mr. Luo Feng once defeated Phantom Demon Catalan, Blood Shadow Ethan, Great Bear Keita, and Vulture Li Yao, the four great advanced level wargods. And three of these four have 'Black God sets'...... this battle score is outstanding. The highest title, 'invincible wargod', was given to Mr. Luo Feng by the Dojo of Limits, which also matches Mr. Luo Feng's strength. As a fighter..... I truly respect Mr. Luo Feng’’

After hearing this, Luo Feng didn't let it get to his head.

Truthfully, when someone is complimented, especially by someone with high status like the commander of the south eastern military sector, it would make them really happy! However, Luo Feng hasn't meddled around in the government. He is in a high position because of his ability, and also because of his personality.

Just a few simple sentences caused Luo Feng to have a good impression.

Since Li Da Wei and Wang Luo Han were clear even though they held high positions in the Chinese government, as Li Da Wei is the commander of a military sector and the general of the land forces..... Luo Feng is an examiner of the Dojo of Limits. And the Dojo of Limits is the earth's most elite power!

Of course they'll hold an extraordinary position! Even though they haven't formed a country, none of the five great countries are willing to mess with them. Instead, they would prefer to be on friendly terms.

If they have a request for Luo Feng, they of course have to get Luo Feng into a good mood. Otherwise, if they get escorted out by Luo Feng..... even if they are the higher ups of the military, they can't do anything about him.

’’Mr. Luo Feng, if you don't mind, I'll disrespectfully call you Luo Feng. And no need to call me commander or anything..... just call me Li Da Wei, old Li, or even brother Li’’ smiled Li Da Wei.

’’Haha, I'll call you old Li’’ smiled Luo Feng, ’’Old Li, feel free to say anything you guys came here for’’

In the envelope the Dojo of Limits gave to Luo Feng about the 'responsibilities of an examiner', things that the examiner would face and things that the examiner is responsible for..... all of these were mentioned. So Luo Feng vaguely knew what these two people were here for.

’’Alright, I'll be direct’’ Li Da Wei's face became a bit more serious, ’’Even though our human society has powerful fighters and laser cannons, the monster hordes are too powerful!’’

’’Not that I'm trying to lower morale! In terms of numbers, even the land monsters far outnumber us humans’’ sighed Li Da Wei as he shook his head, ’’If it weren't for the threat of the 'laser cannon', how could humans live peacefully in headquarter cities?’’

Luo Feng slightly frowned as he continued to listen quietly.

’’Humans and land monsters, are in a stalemate!’’

’’We won't use our laser cannons against the emperor level monsters. And the emperor level monsters won't join the monster hordes in their invasions against the headquarter cities! Both sides have an agreement’’ Li Da Wei sighed as he said, ’’Actually, about the agreement...... your head, 'Hong', was the one who negotiated with the emperor level monsters back then’’

Luo Feng froze.

Negotiations between humans and monsters? Hong went to negotiate?

’’The monster hordes on land and the monster hordes in the sky aren't too dangerous. Last year, our China had one grade one monster tide, six grade two monster tides, and 21 grade three monster tides. These are all within an acceptable range’’ said Li Da Wei nonchalantly.

Luo Feng was shocked.....

These numbers were all confidential. Luo Feng didn't know that the country was attacked this much every year.

’’The most dangerous monsters to our country are the monsters in the sea’’ Li Da Wei's expression was extremely serious, ’’Even laser cannons cannot threaten the powerful sea monsters that are deep in the sea. And the amount of monsters in the sea vastly outnumber the amount of land monsters and sky monsters. How could they give in and negotiate?’’

’’Also once in the sea, human fighters probably only have 20 to 30 percent of their power left. We cannot even initiate the attack’’ Li Da Wei shook his head.

Luo Feng nodded silently.

Indeed, humans are weakened quite a bit in the water. Even that little lake by the misty island almost ended up killing Luo Feng. And don't even mention the vast, boundless sea. As of now, humanity has no way of initiating the attack against the sea monsters.

’’We can only defend’’ Li Da Wei's face had sadness written on it, ’’The monsters in the sea can attack the inner parts of the country via the rivers! The sea monsters have peculiar powers: as long as there are enough of them, they can create their own rivers! So us humans cannot allow them to enter. We have to block them with terrain, laser cannons, and our army!’’

’’Losses are big’’ Li Da Wei shook his head.

’’Even if we kill billions of sea monsters at once..... who knows how many sea monsters are born every day. The battles between the large and small monsters causes many of them to die. Whether or not we kill them..... makes no difference to the sea monsters overall’’ said Li Da Wei helplessly.

Luo Feng also felt helpless.


Monsters frequently kill each other: survival of the fittest. Whether or not humans kill some sea monsters makes no difference to the sea monsters overall.

’’So, Luo Feng, I hope you can occasionally assist our southeastern military sector when we need it and deal with some of the more powerful sea monsters. Don't worry..... emperor level monsters wouldn't dare to enter the rivers. Our laser cannons are waiting for them’’ said Li Da Wei.

An invincible wargod.....

is sometimes more effective than an army of 10,000 in a battle against monsters!

’’Alright, I accept’’ said Luo Feng without hesitation.

The battle between humans and monsters determines their survival, so he should help!

’’Thank you!’’ said Li Da Wei thankfully.

An invincible wargod..... and a spirit reader!

In a battle against a sea monster tide with no 'emperor level monsters', is even more useful than 10 laser cannons!

’’Luo Feng, according to the rules, the army will grant you the title of 'major general'. Even though it doesn't come with much power, it represents status. You can save yourself a lot of trouble if you ever go to the army from now on’’ smiled Li Da Wei, ’’This title is pretty good already. The title of a commander of a military subsector is major general too’’

’’Haha..... old Li, to tell you the truth, I wanted to enroll into military school when I was in high school’’ laughed Luo Feng.

’’Oh, how come you didn't then? Otherwise, a great talent like you would be in our military’’ followed Li Da Wei.

’’Nobody can predict the twists of life’’ smiled Luo Feng as he shook his head.

He couldn't enroll into military school, but ended up as a major general!

Keep in mind that there is no navy anymore. Airforce? Just look at the price of a fighter jet and you'll know that the size of the air force is definitely small. So as of now, the land army makes up most of a country's army. Which means that a title of major general is indeed quite prestigious.

’’Luo Feng, even though you don't have that much power as a major general, according to the rules, your level of 'invincible wargod' enables you to receive a personal army of 900 people’’ said Li Da Wei.

’’Oh, a personal army of 900 people? What about the examiner of the Thunder Dojo’’ smiled Luo Feng as he asked.

’’His is a personal army of 500 people’’ Li Da Wei and Wang Luo Han, who remained silent the whole time, laughed.

They were clear that the Dojo of Limits and Thunder Dojo are always competing with each other. Both huge dojos are spread across all over the world. As for their heads, one of them is #1 and one of them is #2. Both of them are existences that quickly came to power after the Grand Nirvana period! And Thunder God even claims that his speed and fitness level are #1.

Maybe in terms of strength, he's a bit off from Hong. But clearly, he is the closest man to Hong at the moment.

Just from this chat, Luo Feng became a major general of China and now has a personal army of 900 people. Of course, his responsibility is to assist the south eastern military sector when they need help and deflect the sea monster's invasion!


The days passed one by one and September 1st approached. The night of September 1st is the night where the Dojo of Limits in the main sector holds their welcome banquet for the new examiner.

Night of August 31st.

Listening room, Xu Xin appeared on the wall's display.

’’Luo Feng, how about I wear this? Would this fit for the banquet?’’ on the display, Xu Xin was wearing a light yellow evening dress.

’’Pretty good’’ Luo Feng was smiling a bit as he nodded.

’’Why do you always say pretty good’’ Xu Xin started to get a bit irritated, ’’Answer me right now. Only three answers not good, average, very good’’

Luo Feng touched his nose and smiled: ’’Okay, this one..... is average. Not as good as the purple one from before’’

’’Oh, then let me try the next one’’ Xu Xin jogged away and disappeared from the display.

Suddenly, Luo Feng's tactical communications watch rang Beep! Beep!


’’Mail?’’ Luo Feng pressed the button and opened the mail. The title was 《Archaeological Ruin Discovered》.


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