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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 36


Volume 06 Chapter 36 - The Big Excavation

The over 3000m long grand emperor's body was definitely a sight to behold. The strong personnel from every country had gathered around Misty Island's Lake, these also included the strong beyond compare Star Traveller warriors. Every one of them felt as though their heart had stopped beating, their blood stopped flowing as they saw this sight. It was too unbelievable, too exaggerated!

In the air above the lake, Hong, who was dragging the corpse of the grand emperor, was heading towards the wilderness land, before descending slowly, allowing the corpse to rest on the land.

Pu tong!

Each of the rough 1500m long tentacles began to fall on the wilderness land, causing the entire land to rumble as though an earthquake has occurred.

’’So strong.’’

Luo Feng looked up towards the black clothed 'Hong'. While his face was ghastly pale, his eyes were bright and shining, with a sense of glee and satisfaction! Floating high above, Hong surveyed his surroundings, almost like a King overlooking his territory. No one dared make eye contact with Hong.

’’Invincible amongst the Star Travellers? Even in the water, he was able to kill a water grand emperor.’’ Luo Feng was really shocked.

Invincible amongst the Star Travellers only meant that no other star traveller could be his match. It didn't mean that he had the ability to kill the star travellers at his level! Like how the ’’Higher Monster leaders’’ were as strong and fast as the wargod leveled humans, because of their diversity and growths, had a natural advantage in power and strength.

Grand emperor! Just it's body strength and everything else should be above 'Hong'.

It was even in it's natural habitat, the water, when it battled. If it wasn't for Hong's own domain, any other level 6 star traveller would have instantly died! Because Hong had his own 'domain', he was invincible amongst the star travellers. Be it on land or air, he was able to kill any enemy.

However, in water, his power was greatly diminished, while the monster's power was greatly boosted. One diminished while the other got stronger.

That was why Hong was not guaranteed to kill the grand emperor in the water!

This time however, with the Cloud Contact Vine, along with a few well-timed attacks and opportunities that he took advantage of, Hong succeeded!

’’Grand Emperor, one day, I want to be able to kill one by myself.’’ Luo Feng looked far at Hong, who seemed almost like a god, and his heart was filled with great longing.


While Luo Feng and some of the other warriors were still in shock over Hong's battle accomplishment, the other governments from the countries of earth began to feel an itch for the materials.


’’Grand Emperor corpse, this is the first the world's ever seen and acquired. It's price is immeasurable.’’


’’My Prime minister, we at the National Research Department have never gotten a piece of a grand emperor's body, I beseech you Mr Prime Minister, please talk with the Dojo of Limits to let us have a piece of the grand emperor's corpse.’’


’’I suggest immediately buying a piece of the grand emperor's body, and the part we should research first should be the bone structure and skeleton, skin composition and more. We, the HR Alliance are the world's leading weapon suppliers. We need this to research and create more powerful weapons and battle armors to continue to dominate the high-end market.’’


The 5 great countries, HR Alliance and more were all eyeing the corpse greatly.

One has to know that when the first corpse of a King level Monster first came about, this allowed man to create the SS grade battle armors and weapons. This ultimately led to the SSS level grade battle armors and weapons. However, in comparison, the SSS leveled items were too expensive as they were completed made with high grade and expensive materials. That was why almost no one bought the SSS grade armors.

With that kind of money, one would rather buy a Black God Set!

Now that the first grand emperor corpse was acquired, with intensive research and study, who knew what results and discoveries would be made!


Night had come and it was dark.

The Australian Mainland, over the vast wilderness, had what seemed like a small mountain of a corpse lying on it. A black clothed Hong was standing at the side, in comparison to the size of the grand emperor's corpse, was like an ant next to a giant.

’’Liu He.’’

Hong began to speak.

’’Head.’’ Liu He, who was far in in the Hong Ning base immediately responded.

’’Immediately dispatch a research team, along with 2 special small teams of wargods. Using the fastest speed, get over here to Misty Island to meet me.’’ Hong ordered.

’’Yes, Head.’’

Liu He followed his orders.


Not just that, Hong immediately ordered 'Beast' of the three royal guards to rush over. With that, all of them would be gathered here! In the most crucial moments, these were the people Hong trusted the most.

’’Yes, Master.’’ A low thick voice emanated from the phone's communicator.

’’Brother Hong.’’

A voice filled with ridicule sounded, face still pale without a hint of blood, Hong turned coldly towards the voice. It was from the white robed baldy 'Thunder God'. Thunder God was smiling, raising his head to look at the enormous corpse: ’’Brother Hong, I really admire you, you actually killed the grand emperor.’’

Hong just nodded his head a little.

’’Damn, not in the least modest.’’ Thunder God couldn't help but blink his eyes.

Hong gave Thunder God a look with a sense of helplessness.

They were both born right before the period of the Great Nirvana, Thunder God was a mixed blood, with a little Chinese and Indian lineage. Thunder God's father was a Yoga Master who once specially went to India to study Yoga, that was where he met Thunder God's Mother and subsequently returned to China.

Thunder God's demeanor had always been fun and mischievous, but due to the influence of movies and television, grew to love Chinese Martial Arts.

Having been trained under his father from a young age, his yoga was pretty good. Along with that, his hard work and study in chinese martial arts gained him quite a reputation among the martial arts circles as the 'Thunder Madman'. Within the Chinese martial arts circles, everybody knew there was a really competitive mixed blood youngster. When the Great Nirvana period came, Thunder God combined his Chinese martial arts and Yoga to create his powerful body's technique, <Nine Stage Lightning Blade>. Unlike Thunder God, before the Great Nirvana, Hong was an assassin!

A killer and a buffoon, what a bizarre combination.

While their characters were different, they did share a similarity, and that was their expectations of themselves were extremely high and strict!

From knowing nothing to being strictly trained in yoga by his father, Thunder God could definitely do hard work.

There was no need to even mention Hong. His background as an assassin led to his cold personality.

During the Great Nirvana, the two's power levels suddenly soared, in addition to a few miracles plus their natural genius, the two mutually verified, their strengths grew even faster! With the basics of the body and a proper training regime from a young age, Thunder God naturally grew stronger than Hong. Also, with such a systematic form of training and learning, his improvement speed had always been shocking.

Be it body strength, speed, sturdiness and usage of the muscles and their limits, Thunder God was above Hong in all.

Hong only had one thing, his perception and wits were extremely high, a star traveller having his own domain! Naturally he became the world's strongest.

Of these 2, one established the Dojo of Limits while the other the Thunder Dojo.

While those under them were constantly fighting and competing, Hong and Thunder God never stopped or intervened. The two have been through countless life or death situations together and were on good terms. The competition between the warriors below them had their benefits.

’’Brother Hong, you've already killed this grand emperor, there's still two more in the sea, can't you kill them too?’’ Thunder God asked, ’’If you do that, our lives would be a lot easier and safer.’’

’’It's not the same.’’

Hong shook his head,’’ This lake's depth is only 300m, in spite of its large area. To the grand emperor, one tentacle alone is 1500m. This means that in the lake, it is difficult for it to fully move. The shallow depth limits its full capabilities. Not to mention it barely just evolved to the grand emperor level not long ago, not fully learning how to utilize its body and power. It's all these reasons put together that I was able to kill it.

’’The two old bastards in the sea however, evolved to the emperor level during the Great Nirvana period, before growing to the emperor level afterwards! Those two have fought countless battles in the sea before gaining the emperor status.’’

’’This tentacle monster seemed to have popped out of nowhere suddenly, with little experience and control of itself. It doesn't hold a candle to the other 2.’’ Hong shook his head.

Thunder God nodded his head slightly.

’’No rush, our strengths are greater than those two bastards, they will never dare to come on shore!’’ Hong said, ’’When we finally enter the Star level, or my Cloud Contact Vine grows more powerful, we will definitely stand a chance. The cloud contact vine is still very weak.’’

’’Don't talk to me about the cloud contact vine. It makes me green with envy.’’ Thunder God couldn't help but spit out,’’ Damn, to be able to find a Cloud Contact Vine on earth, your luck definitely is off the charts.’’

Cloud Contact Vine

It was definitely an invaluable treasure. In the vast universe, just one of them was indefinitely valuable. It was because of some universe knowledge passed on from previous generations that one knew what it is worth of. Hong was extremely excited then from attaining this treasure, so much so that he gave the 'spiritual weapon' to Luo Feng. That was because to Hong, the spiritual weapon couldn't compare to the Cloud Contact vine!


’’Luo Feng, gather here with me.’’ Luo Feng received his phone call.

’’Yes, Head.’’

Luo Feng flew towards his Dojo's Head's location, overlooking the enormous grand emperor's corpse below. In his heart, he felt a little suspicious. If the Head had enough power alone to kill the grand emperor, why did he need to gather him over? To Hong, a few more helpers and representatives shouldn't make any difference.


Luo Feng descended, at the same time Hong was standing at the side of the grand emperor's corpse, beside him stood the Great Allure and Ice Mountain.

’’Head.’’ Luo Feng landed.

’’Luo Feng.’’

Hong looked at Luo Feng, slightly nodding his head, ’’I've already killed the grand emperor, the biggest obstacle in our excavating of the Misty island lake is gone. The other countries, HR Alliance etc and the representatives, some of them have already begun their excavation of the lake! There are many more who've begun to prepare to work.’’

’’I've already arranged for many to come over.’’

’’Right now, you three should immediately begin entering the lake and excavating for treasures!’’ Hong ordered seriously, ’’The moment you discover a treasure, if you can take it, take it! If it's not possible, let me know immediately.’’

’’Yes, Head.’’

Donning a golden mask, Allure and Ice Mountain, along with Luo Feng immediately followed his orders.

’’Of course, once you've discovered a treasure, if we've successfully acquired it, the person who discovered it will too be rewarded 30% rewards. The person who acquires it too will get 30%. The remaining 40% will go to the dojo.’’ Hong stated seriously, ’’This means that once you discover a treasure and acquire it, you automatically get 60% of the rewards.’’

Allure, Ice Mountain, and Luo Feng nodded their heads.

To get 60% was not a bad deal. Also, once they acquired the treasures, they didn't have to worry about theft or fights from others, since they had Hong backing them.

’’Good, you three can set off now!’’ Hong ordered.


Luo Feng, Allure and Ice Mountain followed the order.

They immediately became three bright lights rushing towards the lake. At the same time, countless other representatives and warriors, occasionally one or two at a time, flew towards Misty Island lake. A big excavation that captured the attention of the whole world had just officially begun.


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