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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 35


Volume 06 Chapter 35 - Hong and the Monster Emperor

In the overcast sky above, 30 or so silhouettes hovered. They were all world renowned warriors who stood at the peak of strength, existences that surpassed the wargods.

Luo Feng, along with Jia Yi and the 3 other representatives were floating a few hundred meters in mid air.

’’The last time Hong attempted to kill the monster emperor, he failed and left. While he may have damaged the monster emperor, he himself was also injured.’’ Jia Yi used his remote control from afar, the big auto jet stopped moving, ’’It's only been a few days since you, Luo Feng, have had your big appointment ceremony and he intends to immediately deal with the monster emperor?’’

’’It is indeed strange.’’ The other 3 representatives were also suspicious.

Man cares a lot about their reputation.

Hong's first attempt at the monster emperor was a failure, but everybody could understand.

But without a solid plan of attack, he's attempting it a second time. This naturally led to suspicion and discussions behind his back.

’’I reckon the Head has confidence.’’ Luo Feng's eyebrows cringed together.

’’The confidence to kill the monster emperor?’’ Jia Yi and the other representatives shook their heads gently, ’’If he had the confidence and guarantee, the other 2 monster emperors in the sea would have been settled long ago..’’


A good number of representative warriors were all hovering in the air high above, waiting to watch the battle.

The large number of small aircrafts and battleships by the shore were all flying back to their respective bases. All personnel below the level of representative had already returned straight into the bases! They had already witnessed plenty the last time Hong battled the monster emperor. They knew that it was a huge deal and battle, and the moment the battle had any crossfire or leaked out, even the representatives had to be careful not to lose their lives.

’’Look, Hong and Thunder God.’’

’’Are the two of them teaming up this time?’’

Up above, the representatives still had good vision and a good view.

’’Retreat, Retreat, don't ever get too close to the shore, get further away Luo Feng. The airspace above the lake is a really good spot to get caught in the crossfire. Whether it's your Head or the Monster Emperor, a single stray punch or blow isn't something we can handle, do not get careless.’’ Jia Yi and the other representatives were moving away, Luo Feng followed suit and flew backwards.


Misty Island's Lake's surroundings were quiet, the bases around were all monitoring every movement happening in the lake.

The 30 representative warriors, who were almost all clad in black, were hovering high in the sky, focusing all their attention on 'Hong' and 'Thunder God'.


The black clothed 'Hong' and the white robed bald monk 'Thunder God' were flying close together towards the center of the lake. Thunder God looked at Hong, whispering softly, ’’Brother Hong, once that tentacle monster enters the lake, it will be like fish getting into water. On the other hand, we human warriors lose a lot of our power in water. You failed the last time. Just bringing the cloud contact vine along gives you the confidence to win this time?’’

Man's every action and movements were affected by water resistance.

The faster one was, the higher the resistance!

Hong and Thunder God met with exceptionally high resistance and limitations under water, yet the monster emperor was at it's strongest there.

’’With the Cloud Contact Vine, I have three times the confidence to kill the tentacle monster. Even if it isn't killed, we'll be able to return safely. Unless it hides. Otherwise there's no way I'll get injured again.’’ Hong was floating calmly towards the lake, ’’What's more, this Misty Island's Lake's strongest creature is that monster emperor, it is the biggest obstacle between us and the treasure, how can we not kill it if we want the treasure?’’

Thunder God was stumped for words.

Indeed, without killing this monster emperor, there was absolutely no safe way to go excavate below.

’’Your actions will be helping the five countries, HR Alliance,’’ Thunder God laughed, ’’and also helping me.’’

’’I've said before, attaining the treasure relies on fate and destiny. It's like the soaring shuttle, it was mine and yet I couldn't and didn't know how to use it. The moment it landed in Luo Feng's hands, it became so powerful. The Soaring Shuttle and him were destined to be!’’ Hong smiled, ’’This Cloud Contact Vine, may not be of Earth's origins. I've never left earth, and yet it landed in my hands. It can be said we were fated to be.’’

Thunder God laughed: ’’I look like a monk because I'm bald. You however aren't bald and yet you sound exactly like one!’’

’’You baldy, can stay here and watch how I deal with this tentacle monster.’’ The black clothed Hong finished speaking and immediately became a black light, rushing fiercely into the surface of the lake. The middle of the lake gave a shake, and the black clothed Hong was already 300m or more below the surface, breaking in the mud and rock stratum.

It was an extremely quick infiltration!


The sky steadily grew darker, the lights in the 6 bases began to light up.

The 30 silhouettes looked vaguely like gods and angels, hovering in the sky.

’’Look, it's moving.’’

Jia Yi stared at his watch communicator's screen, the three other representatives along with Luo Feng were all glued to the same screen. The screen displayed the figure of the enormous monster emperor. It had been still without movement for the longest time, and yet now it was moving frantically, three of it's tentacles waving madly!

At the same time, it's whole body was quickly rising up!

’’This red light represents Hong.’’ Jia Yi was pointing towards a little light that was floating on one of the tentacles. A figure that was no taller than 2m, while each tentacle was about 1500m, the difference between the two was simply jarring.

’’Hong is moving quickly, the monster emperor has to rely on its tentacles to retaliate.’’

’’Look, the whole ground and wilderness is shaking.’’

Luo Feng and company were a little afraid as they looked at the ground a few hundred metres below, as this monster emperor, 'tentacle monster', was violently retaliating, the whole surface was shaking from its attacks.

’’A tentacle has been broken.’’

Luo Feng and company were staring at the screen, one of the tentacles was 1/3 cut off.

’’Hong and the monster emperor were moving extremely fast.’’

’’The monster emperor had already escaped into the lake, ah. Between the rock stratum and the lake, it's movements were faster by countless times! Hong also entered the lake, speed increasing by quite a lot too. But definitely nowhere close to the increase in speed by the monster emperor.’’ A few representatives were nervously watching the battle, discussing the points of it.

’’Not good, retreat!’’ Jia Yi roared in a deep voice.

A tentacle was shown on the screen, rapidly heading to break the surface of the lake.


In the retreat of Luo Feng and company, a long 20m or so tentacle that was covered on its surface totally by rocks and land rushed towards the sky. It rushed up to a length of about 1000m, almost like a raging train linking its carriages together.

One tentacle that was about 1000m long, had about 20m or so of rock and earth, yet, almost like the legendary Sun Wukong's golden staff, it moved swiftly and quickly engulfed everything within a kilometer!

Explosions and rumbling filled the air.

The air exploded and huge waves rose from the lake. A huge number of water creatures were rustled up into the air from the battle, or mashed into meat and dirt. Some just died pitifully while others were crippled or injured heavily. Almost like a dance of tentacles, the monster emperor shook the heavens and earth.

’’It's even crazier than the war against the long vine.’’

Luo Feng could smell from the mad waving tentacle that seemed like it was about to puncture the sky, a really pungent fishy smell! It almost smelled like sea produce, and yet a little like earthworms. It was extremely pungent and made one nauseous! While pungent, the power of that tentacle was definitely shocking.

’’Even if we have the Black God Sets, if we were to even touch the tentacle, 8 or 9 out of 10 of us would die.’’ Jia Yi looked at Luo Feng, ’’Luo Feng, I advise you to wear a SS grade battle armor on top of your Black God Set.’’

’’No wonder you are all wearing battle armor.’’

Luo Feng nodded his head profusely.

Jia Yi and the representatives were all wearing a SS grade battle armor on top of their Black God sets! It wasn't just them wearing the two layers of protection, all the representatives and warriors in the sky were mostly all doing the same.

’’With the monster emperor, this SS grade armor definitely could save our lives.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

SS Grade armor, while unable to fully disperse damage to the entire body, was still able to reduce the amount of damage taken considerably.


Luo Feng and the four representatives stared intensely at their watches' screen. The monster emperor was huge and easy to spot, while Hong was only a small 'red light'.

’’Hong has rushed into the monster emperor's shell.’’

’’What an intense attack!’’


A human silhouette rushed towards the sky from the lake, it was the black clothed 'Hong'. His hand was holding a silver spear, eye's filled with intensity! The surrounding 100m area was enveloped in darkness, as though the God in this area, Hong gripping the spear, once again pierced into the water.

’’The second tentacle is broken!’’ Zhu from the side couldn't help but shout out.

’’Hong is floating on the monster emperor's shell.’’

’’Ah, what's going on?’’

’’What's going on?

’’Luo Feng and the four representatives were shocked, mainly because the light representing 'Hong' had vanished. Luo Feng and company looked at Jia Yi, Jia Yi just shook his head, full of doubt: ’’It's not clear, the device has never reacted this way before. Whatever is alive, should be detected by it.’’

’’Alive? Does that mean that Hong has died?’’ Representative Tuo Ba said softly from the side.

’’Look at the lake.’’ Luo Feng shouted out.

Immediately, everybody looked towards the lake, only to see the originally tumultuous waves exploding up! All that could be seen were tentacles rushing high up, piercing the sky. A good 7 or 8 of them were flailing violently about, without any proper motive or plan, it was just madly waving them.

A large number of water creatures were caught in the crossfire, coloring the lake in red.

’’Na!!!’’ an ear piercing and mournful scream came from below, shaking the the surface of the ground.

’’How ear-piercing.’’

The thirty plus star traveller level warriors floating in mid air couldn't help but cover their ears, face grimacing in pain.

The tentacles, once filled with strength and power were slowly, one by one, slowing down, falling lifelessly into the lake. A couple even fell on the wilderness land by the shore. The weight alone from the tentacles split 2 deep ditches in the land, water rapidly gushing in to fill them.

’’It's dead.’’

’’The monster emperor, 'tentacle monster' has died.’’

’’Look at the screen, the monster emperor's silhouette is fading, his life signal is fading fast, really fast. It's gone!’’

Under the close attention of Luo Feng and company, the silhouette of the enormous monster emperor vanished!

A red light shone exceptionally bright!

That's Hong!

The lake's surface rippled once more!

The thirty plus star traveller leveled warriors floating in mid air all turned towards the vast lake's surface, rippling, until a covered in stone and earth tentacle flew out of the water, followed by the black clothed man 'Hong'. Hong's right hand actually lifted a 10m long tentacle wrapped in vine.


The black clothed man 'Hong' flew towards the sky! Including the tentacle which was longer than 3000m, a monster material, they left the water's surface completely. It was almost as though a huge black floating island had appeared above the lake.

The thirty plus star travellers, the earth's five great countries, the HR Alliance, the commanders from each base, workers etc all stood there in shock as they witnessed this scene.

At the same time, the scene and news were being broadcasted to the whole world and organizations.

Everybody remained silent...


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