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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 34


Volume 06 Chapter 34 - 3,500m below the earth

The auto jet floated high above in the air.

Luo Feng looked down from above, one after another, small fighter jets were spread out across the perimeters of the huge lake. Some were there to construct laser cannons, while others had special apparatus for exploration and to monitor the situation at the lake. Whatever the case, a large number of workers, under the protection of a group of warriors, had begun their work! Meanwhile, there wasn't a sight of a single living monster within a span of tenths of Li close to the lake.

Other than these small fighter jets, there were six other enormous spaceships for passengers.

’’The whole world and it's countries have arranged for how many people and horses?’’

Luo Feng sighed with emotion.

A country's ability to command and rally was definitely on a different level. Just an order and all kinds of facilities and construction, along with talents and elites were deployed and gathered over here.


’’Command Headquarters, Command Headquarters, I am number 03, I am number 03, situation normal, situation normal.’’

’’Command Headquarters, Command Headquarters, I am number 08, I am number 08, directional adjustment is complete, directional adjustment is complete.’’

A large number of news and reports were flowing into the command headquarters.

An enormous blood red disc shaped passenger plane stopped at about 1500m away from the lake's shores. This was the exact center of the whole Misty Island Lake, where Hua Xia's men and horses were stationed and based. This was the Command Headquarters.

The 6 enormous disc shaped passenger planes were spaced 1cm apart, lined up majestically on the lake's shores. They each came from different places, Hua Xia, Soviet Russia, India, America and even the European HR Alliance. The construction cost of each of these huge disc shaped passenger planes were extremely expensive, normal bases couldn't even afford it, or just couldn't spare the money to do so.

There were even times where the 5 great nations and the HR Alliance picked and shared one of these huge disc shaped passenger planes to land at the lake's shores, using it as a shared base of operations.

With its great defensive capabilities and high mobility, it was indeed the optimum base of operations.


’’I'd better get serious and finish the 2nd level of the soaring shuttle.’’ Luo Feng was excited and curious, on one hand observing the course of events below while preparing to begin his training on the other.

Suddenly, the mini quantum computer on his arm lit up and began to vibrate slightly.

’’Wei, how are you.’’ Luo Feng answered the call.

’’I am Jia Yi, may I have the honor of inviting representative Luo Feng for a meeting?’’ a prominent but gentle voice came through.

’’Jia Yi? Are you here now?’’ Luo Feng's emotions stirred.

’’Luo Feng, being up in the air, you should be able to see that Misty Island's shore has a total of 6 huge disc shaped passenger planes right? The blood red one is exactly where our Hua Xia's base of operations is located in. I'm in that one. I've already arranged for people to welcome you at the entrance of the base.’’ Jia Yi was very enthusiastic about the meeting.

’’I'll be there immediately.’’

Luo Feng flew directly out of his auto jet and headed towards the blood red disc shaped passenger plane.

’’Testing battle ability, student class ninth level and above display.’’ Luo Feng turned the communicator straight towards the passenger spaceship.

Suddenly, the screen from his arm's mini quantum computer displayed a message.

’’Oh, 4 representatives? As high as the 12 wargods?’’

’’We at Hua Xia have always been pretty strong.’’ Luo Feng was secretly shocked.

Luo Feng flew and landed at the entrance of the passenger spaceship. A pretty and girl with nice facial features humbly approached: ’’Representative Luo Feng, Please follow me.’’ Following the welcome girl into the walkways of the passenger spaceship, the girl explained: ’’This passageway has already been reconstructed to the 'laser path', if there were to be an intruder in here, he would be immediately shot to death. Please hold on a minute.’’

’’Di, Di, Di!’’

The red security light originally shining above the passageway sounded 3 times before going off.

’’The commanders are all gathered at the top floor cabin of the ship.’’ The welcoming girl pointed towards the stairs, of which Luo Feng looked up towards. The metal door at the end of the stairs was close, and it was guarded by 2 wargods.

’’Even the guards are wargods.’’ Luo Feng was secretly surprised.

’’Pleasure to see representative Luo.’’ The 2 guards humbly bowed.

Hua! The metal door opened.

Luo Feng walked directly in, this particular circular hall had already been completely remodeled. It didn't have a single passenger chair, but was fully equipped with the world's leading technological facilities, even some of the ancient civilization's equipment was excavated and installed in here. In the middle of the circular room, was a round slightly protruding stage, and on this round metal stage, stood 4 warriors in full battle armor.

They were not young at all, one even had a full head of white hair.

’’Luo Feng.’’

’’Representative Luo.’’

The 4 men were laughing excitedly as they walked over, led by the skinniest middle aged man who laughed: ’’Luo Feng, have you broken through?’’

’’Oh, I broke through a few days ago.’’ Luo Feng nodded, obviously directed to the fact that he flew over himself without his battle weapon, letting the 4 representatives know that he had officially broken through to the star traveller level. Immediately, the attitudes was drastically different. The representatives in the past didn't have that much respect for Luo Feng, but now that he had broken through...

Even before breaking through, he had the ability to kill Li Yao.

Now that he had broken through, how powerful had he become? He definitely was a champion amongst the representatives, how could they not be passionate and friendly with him?

’’Mr Jia Yi, ever since I knew of Representative Jia's achievements, I've always wanted to meet you. When I was on patrol previously, I didn't get to meet Mr Jia Yi, now it's finally happened.’’ Luo Feng laughed. This was hardly a compliment, ever since his status had risen, he had access to many people's files and records.

Especially once he saw Jia Yi's files, Luo Feng had since then respected this person!

Jia Yi, was quite a legend.

Jia Yi's father's generation, grandfather's generation were all military men.

Even Jia Yi's old grandfather, once fought in the 8 year war, resisting the US and assisting North Korea! This was a family of military personnel, and yet Jia Yi was fraught with illness when he was young. He had a poor constitution and was small and skinny. However, during the Great Nirvana, that was Jia Yi's time! There were so many legendary stories of his rescues, saving over 10 million Hua Xia people!

During the Great Nirvana, warriors didn't have a proper training system.

But because of this, Jia Yi became the military's first 'existence to surpass the wargod level', his contributions in the building of the base were even bigger. He took pride in his military background, especially having become the 'existence surpassing the wargod'. Jia Yi didn't have the slightest hesitation and was still as loyal to his country!

Over many decades, the number of people saved by him ranged more that 10 million. The ones he indirectly saved were even more!

With his hard work and power, Jia Yi was the current vice-chairperson of the military commission, with authority and power ranking in the top 3 in Hua Xia. He was considered in the Hua Xia military to be a true and elite leader.

’’Star traveller level 2!’’

’’If Jia Yi was living in my generation, with proper guidance and training, he'd be at a much higher level.’’ Luo Feng had much respect for him, especially for the fact that he had saved 10s of millions of people during the Great Nirvana.

’’Haha, I would also like to see what Hua Xia's new generation of geniuses can do.’’ Jia Yi smiled. ’’Come, the 3 people beside me, you recognize them don't you.’’

’’Representative Zhu, Representative Tuo Ba, Representative Deng.’’ Luo Feng smiled.

The 3 representatives smiled back. Luo Feng looked towards the circular hall, it was filled with many types of apparatus, many of which he had never seen before. He couldn't help but comment: ’’Looking at the types and construction, these are really unique apparatus, not like any of earth's construction I presume.’’

’’Some were excavated from the ancient ruins.’’

Jia Yi pointed towards a large screen and commanded,’’ Send the readings from Misty Island's lake here.’’

’’Yes, Commander.’’

The screen immediately lighted up and displayed the Mist Island Lake, there were countless complex figures around the lake.

’’These figures, are they all water creatures?’’ Luo Feng curiously looked at the screen, ’’Amazing, the entire lake's population of creatures can all be scanned from here.’’

’’It's not hard, the great 5 countries can all do it.’’

Jia Yi walked to the front of the screen, pointing at it, ’’Look, Misty Island's Lake's average deepness is approximately 300m. The deepest regions go close to 1000m. However, the Monster Emperor, is not in the lake.’’

’’Scan 3500m below.’’ Jia Yi ordered.

The screen's diagram started to fluctuate irregularly, until it went 3500m below ground level.

’’This is...’’ Luo Feng's eyes opened wide with shock.

’’This is the Monster Emperor, named by us as the 'Tentacle Monster'.’’ Jia Yi pointed towards the blur figure. The figure was enormous. The screen depicted the whole island 3500m below ground level, and yet this figure took up a good half of the screen, showing just how big this creature was.

’’Monster Emperor 'Tentacle Monster,' has a total of 13 tentacles, each spanning approximately 1500m.’’ Jia Yi pointed towards the figure. ’’Look, it even carries a shell like toy, able to hide all it's tentacles in the shell in a flash.’’

’’This isn't all.’’

’’It even has a special feature unique to tentacle creatures, it can easily and quickly regrow any of it's lost tentacles.’’ Jia Yi shook his head, ’’We've already combed this island for many days and we've yet to discover any trace of a treasure or secret! The main thing is that monster emperor is down there and we do not dare to go down.’’

Luo Feng nodded slightly.

Enter the ground and kill the monster emperor? In your dreams.

’’A few days ago, Hong went down once and managed to cut off two of it's tentacles, before it got away.’’ Jia Yi looked at Luo Feng and smiled, ’’It's usually very special when a treasure appears, and it usually relies heavily on luck. When it comes to power, Hong alone was stronger than all the representatives together. However, when it comes to luck...’’

’’Luo Feng, are you willing to join us, give Hua Xia a hand.’’ Jia Yi looked at Luo Feng.

The other 3 were also looking at Luo Feng.

Luo Feng was stumped.

This Jia Yi really knew how to pull at a Tiger's skin, looking for treasure in Misty Island's Lake, using the country and patriotism to rope in Luo Feng. If the country was really in trouble, Luo Feng would definitely help, but this was something else...

’’Mr Jia Yi, I'm sorry. The Head is here, I do not feel good going up against him.’’ Luo Feng laughed embarrassedly, ’’I've got other matters, I shall take my leave.’’ After rejecting them, Luo Feng didn't feel too good staying around them.

Jia Yi noticed the situation and smiled: ’’It's fine. We'll be here for awhile, do come and chat when you have the time.’’


Luo Feng smiled. Including Jia Yi, all 4 of the representatives personally sent Luo Feng out, and once they saw him fly by himself, his position in their hearts had risen a great deal.


Walking out the Base's door, there was a squall going on, the wild leaves and weeds were leaning low.

’’Attention all personnel!’’

’’I, the Dojo of Limits Head 'Hong' have entered the Misty Island Lake in an attempt to kill the Monster Emperor. In order to avoid dying from the crossfire, all personnel not at representative level should immediately enter their bases! Representatives near the lake should also be careful.’’ A thunderous voice sounded throughout the lake's perimeter.

Luo Feng looked up. Up high in the sky, the black clothed man that was shouting in the air was indeed royal guard Ice Mountain.

’’The Head wants to go kill the monster emperor?’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but be shocked.

’’What, Hong wants to kill the monster emperor?’’ Jia Yi and the 4 representatives behind Luo Feng were also shocked by the news.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

One by one, the warriors began to fly and leave the scene.


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