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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 33


Volume 06 Chapter 33 - Stationing at the Misty Island

After the ceremony ended.

The Dojo of Limits' Headquarters, which was an enormous spaceship construct. Within it, lay a metal passageway.

The man in black 'Hong' walked ahead, with Luo Feng following behind him.


The metal door opened automatically for Hong and Luo Feng to enter, before closing by itself after.

’’Luo Feng, this is your first time in my Dojo of Limits Headquarters. Have you have ever thought about whether this Giant Spaceship construct is really a flying ship, or just modeled after one, incapable of flight?’’ Hong spoke. Luo Feng smiled a little before answering, ’’I've had my guesses, but only a slight suspicion.’’

’’I'm telling you, this is a real interstellar spaceship.’’ Hong said.


Luo Feng couldn't help but be astonished as he surveyed the passageway. Hong proceeded to move into a secret room, and Luo Feng naturally followed.

The room was empty except for a large display screen.

’’This is a damaged interstellar warship.’’ Hong's expression was quiet and calm as he continued, ’’When I discovered it many years ago, it was already damaged and unable to fly in the universe. However, while this warship seem like an empty shell, it's defensive capabilities still far exceed any of Earth's military constructs.’’

’’In future, once I have the ability and resources, I will get it flying again.’’

’’It will become an interstellar warship for the Dojo of Limits Headquarters! Even lasers would not be able to attack this interstellar warship.’’ Hong gestured towards the display screen and it began to light up, displaying a shot of the universe. ’’This universe, isn't as simple as what we earthlings and commoners think.’’

’’We people of Earth can get so arrogant at times.’’

’’Even on dry land, we have yet to discover every form of animals and plants. The sea has so much more to discover too. All of this means that we have not even fully explored our Earth. Yet, people can say with full confidence, that there's no other intelligent life forms besides us in the universe. Isn't that just a joke?’’ Hong looked towards Luo Feng as he speaked.

Luo Feng smiled as he nodded.


Ancient civilizations of Man thought that the Earth was flat, and only discovered later on that it was in fact round. Ancient civilizations of man thought that the Earth was the center, and that the Sun revolved around it. It wasn't till later, that they learnt everything revolved around the sun!

Man tended to believe that when he learnt any new information, he understood and knew everything.

It's not only till later when he learns more that he realizes how ridiculously wrong he was before.

Without even a grasp of Earth's many species of life and principles, he bases on simple deductions that the whole universe and milky way, and even further cannot have any other forms of intelligent life other than man!

’’How dogmatic.’’

’’What a joke.’’

’’The endless seas have yet to be fully explored by Man.’’

’’What's more, the universe is so much bigger than the sea, a trillion times maybe? Not even close! The limitless universe, can't possibly be judged by the humans on earth. Isn't this synonymous with the story of the frog in the well, thinking that the world and sky is only as big as his well?’’ Hong shook his head, ’’The civilizations that exist in the universe, race and ethnicities, are complex and mysterious beyond compare.’’

’’Luo Feng, look at the screen. These are the true ranks of the military, spiritual and scholarly level.

Hong pointed at the screen.

The screen displayed detailed analysis of the military, spiritual study ranks, apprentice level, star traveller level, star level, universe rank! Every rank had 9 levels! In addition, the screen video even displayed the star traveller's champion, the star level's champion and even the Universe level's champions and strengths.

’’My god.’’ Luo Feng was completely dumbfounded.

Even the bald headed crystal people know that the universe level champions are scary, but looking at the screen, it was clearly one a different level altogether!

’’A whole city turned to ashes just like that?’’


’’What is that, white dwarf star?’’ Luo Feng exclaimed as a white planet was displayed on the screen. The screen showed a recording of a white planet with 2 fighters, landing on the planet to duel hand to hand. There was even an introduction on the side stating that that land had a gravitational pull that was 3 hundred million times of earth!

A gravitational pull of 3 hundred million times!

Luo Feng could get up to a 1000 times normal gravity in the elite ancient civilization training room. Yet, this was in no way close to 300 million at all.

300 million, this wasn't simply just another number.

Under such terrifying gravitational pull, even atoms will get pulled down and crushed. Going by human's law of physics, there was no way any human could live and battle on the White Dwarf planet.

’’Battling on the White Dwarf Planet.’’

’’Unbelievable isn't it. However, the mystery behind the true limits of man's body, can it really be measured by science? Can they even fathom that our bodies within can have a miniature planet, that they can generate magnetic fields? A body can only weigh as much as a few hundred kilograms, yet a punch can generate a few kilotons of strength, does this adhere to Earth's ’’physics or science?’’ Hong spoke indifferently.

The deeper one digs into research, the more he realizes he knows nothing.

Luo Feng agreed strongly with that.

The video left Luo Feng completely shocked.

Regardless of what the bald crystal person said, this video alone was way more shocking.

’’This is the a video of the universe level champions battling, the only record and video of universe level champions fighting that I have.’’ Hong watched the video, eyes filled with a sense of longing, ’’Universe level champions could cross the universe and fight barehanded with warships! They can even live on the White Dwarf Planet. Destroying earth and man would be as easy as eating a bowl of rice to these champions!’’

’’Star Traveller champions, in the universe, could at best be a bodyguard or lackey, just to get some pay and eat.’’

’’Star level Champions are the important ones.’’

’’Universe level Champions, those are the most important and revered champions, almost like emperors and rulers. They could randomly join a universe army and instantly own large portions of space and land, commanding more than a thousand troops and people.’’ Hong spoke in a calm voice, but with a very slight shudder, that was so subtle it was hard to detect.

Hong turned and faced Luo Feng.

Luo Feng was staring intensely at the screen, thinking how impossible it was to battle under 3 hundred million times gravity. However, according to the bald crystal person, out of countless planets' geniuses, only one universe level champion will be there.

’’Luo Feng.’’ Hong said with a deep voice.

’’Head.’’ Luo Feng looked towards Hong.

’’Your brain vigor is really high, and even though I have no means to fully test your abilities, the special test you've experienced in archaeological ruin #9 is enough proof of that.’’ Hong said with a deep voice, ’’You are a genius, and while at the universe level it may not seem like much, at least here on earth, there is no doubt your genius level is the highest!’’

Hong stared at Luo Feng: ’’The Thunder god and I, are the most talented fighters. We are the strongest on earth. Your mental abilities are the earth's greatest, but I hope you do not relax even for a minute. Don't ever get arrogant just because you've become the earth's greatest.’’

’’In the vast universe, we are but human, just inhabitants from another planet.’’

’’The earth's position and status relies on us to fight for!’’

’’Even the future fate of earth and man relies on us!’’ Hong stared intensely at Luo Feng.

Luo Feng nodded his head profusely: ’’Understood, head!’’

It was only then that Luo Feng truly understood why Hong and Thunder God were already so much stronger than everybody else. They never relaxed for a moment and are constantly upgrading themselves.


That day.

Hong brought Luo Feng and both got on their respective auto jets to leave for Australia's 'Misty Island'. Even though he had received Liu Yan's relatives' information, his father's body was currently not fully recovered and unable to travel far for a visit. Once the information was known, there was no doubt his parents would rush over.

This was why Luo Feng had yet to give the information to his parents. ’’Just a little longer, the right time will come once my father's body recovers. I've already waited 20 over years, so another half a year won't make much of a difference’’


A red triangular battleship appeared, with a dark blue triangular battleship following behind.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God were all sitting in the red triangular battleship.

’’We arrived at the misty island.’’ Hong exclaimed.

The projection within the cabin of the plane had already shown the image of the entire plains below. Luo Feng looked at the perimeters of the lake below. Surrounding the huge lake were large numbers of flying warships, triangular warships etc. There were even several bases under construction.

Luo Feng couldn't help but be shocked.: ’’Head, is this Misty Island?’’

’’Of course it's Misty Island.’’ Hong nodded.

’’But, but...’’ Luo Feng looked at the three virtual projections on the screens and it was indeed Misty Island. He was stunned.

There was no mist anymore on Misty Island, in fact, even the island was gone.

All that was left was a mist covered lake!

No mist, no island...was this the same misty island from before?

’’The coordinates are right.’’ Luo Feng looked at his communicator watch's coordinates, and got an even bigger shock.

’’Once the misty island's long vine was taken by me, the mist naturally dissipated.’’ Hong explained, ’’As for the island. In the big war not long ago, it got destroyed in the battle. The land got destroyed and everything was swallowed by the water.’’

’’Destroyed an entire island?’’ Luo Feng said alarmed.

What kind of battle could destroy an island that had a 10 km radius?

Afraid that it was the war on the level of the long vine.

’’Luo Feng!’’

Dressed in white, the Thunder God bellowed as he pointed into the fog towards the lake, ’’This island's lake is strange. There's a huge amount of water creatures that are really strong! In fact, there's even one with 13 tentacles. It was us who discovered the earth's third monster king.’’

’’Monster emperor?’’ Luo Feng couldn't believe it.

That lake...

If one were to ever get too close, one would definitely lose his life. If there was a monster higher than the king level, one would definitely be killed.

’’This misty island is really special.’’

Hong continued seriously, ’’A small island like this, could produce so many spirits of nature! It could even produce the long vine, what a scary existence! The lake's creatures were also far more fearsome and mysterious, much more than the oceans, and there's also this Monster Emperor.’’

’’The long vine, various spirits of nature and the monster emperor, they are all gathered here!’’

’’All the powers in the earth consider this place as a wonder!’’

Previous discoveries by the ancient civilizations have never been so crazy or big. This discovery would shake the earth. Hong pointed to the lake's surroundings, ’’Look at those spaceships and the bases. They all belong to the 5 great nations, each having their own base and some representative champions.’’

’’The number of laser cannons exceed 20 around this lake!’’ Hong said towards Luo Feng.

Luo Feng was shocked.

Lasers that could kill emperor level monsters, more than 20 just here?

’’Whoever gets the treasure, depends all on luck.’’ Hong ordered, ’’If you have no interest, just go back. If you do however, set up around Misty Island's surroundings. I do not however have any place to look after you, go back to your auto jet.’’


Luo Feng nodded his head, and proceeded in that direction.

’’Remember, if you ever meet the Monster Emperor, do not rely on brawn against it. Use your speed to get further away.’’ Hong ordered, before leaving the cabin.


Jumping off the ship and landing on the endless wild plains, all that could be seen was a white mist.

Compared to a year ago, the change was too drastic. Nothing of the old Misty Island remained.

’’Misty Island, what exactly are you hiding for which all the major powers of the world are here?’’ Luo Feng sighed and turned towards his own dark blue auto jet, ’’Hong and Thunder God are here, I hardly stand any chance of getting the treasure with them around. I'd be better off by the sidelines watching the show while practicing the first and second stages of the soaring shuttle .

Luo Feng wasn't greedy.

Man's gift was his self-awareness. With the gathering of the 5 great countries, different bases and the 2 great dojo heads, plus the monster emperor, what place did he have among all these? How can he, Luo Feng compete with everybody present here for treasures.


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