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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 31


Volume 06 Chapter 31 - Extra Reward

This is the first time that Luo Feng isn't restricted by the gravity of earth. The feeling of being able to fly however he pleases was quite splendid.

Night, wilderness.

Luo Feng hovered in midair and then lowered his head as he looked at his mini quantum computer: ’’Thankfully I have this mini quantum computer, I'll test my speed!’’

The mini quantum computer was a necessity for members of Yun Mo planet. Its capabilities far surpass earth's 'tactical communications watches'. The mini quantum computer is able to evaluate the basic strength of fighters from the student level to the universe level. It can also scan the surroundings within a certain radius, test speed, test the power of an attack, etc.

’’I'll test all of my flying speeds under different conditions!’’

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Luo Feng, who was wearing black, flew across the sky like lightning over and over again, his speed differing each time.

In just a few moments, he finished all of his testing.

In the first situation, he didn't form a magnetic field and didn't use his soaring shuttle. He only used his spiritual force, and his speed reached 912 m/s!

In the second situation, he didn't use the soaring shuttle but formed a magnetic field and used his spiritual force. Most spirit readers do this. Luo Feng's speed reached 1,223 m/s.

In the third situation, which is Luo Feng's best, he let everything explode: the soaring shuttle, magnetic field, and spiritual force! His speed reached an astonishing 2,412 m/s.

’’The difference between using and not using the soaring shuttle is completely different’’ Luo Feng himself was shocked by the numbers, ’’an average star traveller level one stage spirit reader has an average speed of 1,200 m/s. With the soaring shuttle, my speed was able to reach 2,400 m/s. My speed was completely doubled’’

Luo Feng was clear that the faster you fly, the more resistance you encounter. So it would be extremely difficult to increase your speed starting from 1,200 m/s. And don't even think about doubling your speed. Even star traveller level four stages or five stages wouldn't be able to reach such an astonishing level of speed.

From this

We can see the power of the 'soaring shuttle'.

’’A spiritual weapon really does greatly increase the strength of a spirit reader’’ Luo Feng was amazed.

’’Let me test my current attack power’’

With a thought, one of the blade pieces of the soaring shuttle came out and 'whoosh', under the effects of the spiritual force, instantly transformed into a flowing light and cruelly smashed into an old gas station on the ruined highway. The gas station was like tofu as the blade piece directly created a hole by piercing through. A powerful shockwave exploded, causing most of the broken gas station to collapse.

Luo Feng lowered his head and looked at the display of the mini quantum computer.

’’Attack power: Star traveller level one stage 28% (spirit reader)’’

This made Luo Feng smile.

There was an introduction in the mini quantum computer. The 'highest value' of a star traveller level one stage's attack power is double the amount of the 'lowest value'. The lowest attack power of a star traveller level one stage (spirit reader) is about one million kg! And the highest value is two million kg!

And star traveller level one stage 28% (spirit reader), means that Luo Feng's blade piece's attack was around 1.28 million kg!

’’I just entered the star traveller level one stage and my blade piece is already so powerful, not bad’’ Luo Feng himself was quite satisfied.

According to the introduction on the mini quantum computer.....

After stepping into the star traveller stage, spirit readers and genetic fighters differ greatly!

Genetic fighters' power come from the 'power of their body' and 'genetic energy'. After stepping into the star traveller stage, their genetic energy can be released! Their genetic attacks can reach one million kg, and their physical attacks can reach one million kg too! So a star traveller level one stage (fighter) has a range of two million kg four million kg.

Double the spirit reader's range!

It seems like fighters are more powerful!

However, keep in mind..... that in terms of battle ability amplifiers, it would be good for fighters to have an amplifier of four or five. 'Thunder God', who has the highest battle ability amplifier on earth, only has an amplifier of seven!

And Luo Feng? After stepping into the star traveller stage, his battle ability amplifier is already 16!

And the advantage in flying speed..... furthermore, spirit readers also train their genetic energy! Since you need a powerful body to withstand spiritual force.

’’Now, I'll test the power of my soaring shuttle's first form, 'mountain drill'’’


In the dark night, a golden light drew past, which caused a series of rumbling explosions.

’’Attack power: star traveller level one stage 28% (spirit reader), battle ability amplifier 36!’’ after reading the numbers on the display, Luo Feng felt great.

An amplifier of 36!

Thunder God is only at seven, and the other star traveller level on earth is only at 14, which is a huge difference from his own.

Even though Luo Feng used 12 portions of spiritual force, which is equivalent to a battle ability amplifier of 12, to activate the 'mountain drill first stage', the 'mountain drill' can triple the power of the spiritual force Luo Feng merges into it! So that's why the battle ability amplifier reached an astonishing '36'.

’’According to what the bald crystal person said, most of the star travellers on earth are at the star traveller level one stage. A few of them are at the star traveller level two stage and there are two star traveller level three stages! Only Hong and Thunder God are higher than that’’

’’Two star traveller level three stage fighters! They probably aren't that much more powerful than me, and my flying speed is probably faster than theirs’’


’’Now I'll see how many small weapons I can control’’ with this time's transformation, Luo Feng felt his mind become much stronger. He just doesn't know..... exactly how much stronger it has become!

With a thought.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Blade pieces left the soaring shuttle one by one as they circled Luo Feng at their maximum speed. Each blade piece held Luo Feng's maximum attack power.

One blade piece, two, three...... sixteen, seventeen, eighteen!

’’I can't get the power of the 19th blade piece up’’

’’18 blade pieces’’

The smile on Luo Feng's face became brighter and brighter, ’’18.....’’

’’Doesn't that mean I can start training the second stage of the first form in《Soaring Sky》?’’

The first main form of the soaring shuttle has three stages. The first form requires one to be able to control 12 small weapons to train. The second stage requires control over 18 small weapons. The third stage requires control over 24 small weapons! It is extremely hard to strengthen the mind. Luo Feng had to rely on the star traveller's transformation to be able to strengthen his mind.

In the future, he can only train one step at a time.

’’The power of the first stage is already so great’’

’’What about the second stage?’’

’’Even if it's also triple the power, 18 multiplied by 3, which is an amplifier of 54! Besides Hong and Thunder God, I can beat everyone in one hit!’’

Raising his throwing knife count from 16 to 18 is an extra reward from stepping into the star traveller level! And this reward allowed Luo Feng to directly start the first main form's second stage in 《Soaring Sky》. However...... after he actually started practicing it, Luo Feng discovered that it was way too difficult.

Back when he could control 16 throwing knives, the requirement of the first stage was merely ’’12 throwing knives’’. And just learning that took him a few hours and tens of thousands of failures!

This time, Luo Feng barely met the requirement.....

January 2nd, failure!

January 3rd, still failed!

January 4th, once again, failure!

Luo Feng finally realized the difficulty of practicing 《Soaring Sky》. However, even though it's hard...... once he succeeds, Luo Feng's spot as the third most powerful fighter under Hong and Thunder God will be secured. As for now...... even though Luo Feng has confidence in defeating the third and fourth chairmen, he will have difficulty in killing them in one hit!

It's just that his strength is near them.


January 5th, the day that Luo Feng becomes an investigator.


Above the ocean, a blood red colored triangular fighter jet swiftly flew past. This fighter jet was indeed Hong's unique 'Prehistoric level auto jet’’

Inside the jet.

The black clothed 'Hong' and the white robed 'Thunder God' were both sitting on chairs.

’’Brother Hong, you better not fight over the good parts of the misty island with me’’ said Thunder God.

’’Good parts? If you want to talk about the good parts, how about we get rid of that grand emperor level monster first’’ Hong glanced at Thunder God and then picked up a tea cup and sipped a bit as he sighed, ’’This grand emperor level monster is the third grand emperor on earth. Even though it just appeared, it can perform perfectly on land, water, and underground’’

’’Well, there are difficulties to deal with. This misty island definitely has some huge treasures’’

Thunder God said with dissatisfaction, ’’Even if we ignore those spirits of nature, you discovered the 'cloud contact vine' on this misty island. According to the data we've read in the archaeological ruins, this cloud contact vine..... even in the vast universe, is an extremely rare treasure. With the cloud contact vine, brother Hong's strength is probably going to increase by quite a bit’’

’’The cloud contact vine is still growing, right now it can probably increase my strength by around 50%’’ the black clothed Hong let out a rare smile’’


’’Brother Hong, you are already invincible in the star traveller level. With another 50%! And the more the cloud contact vine grows, the more effective it becomes’’ Thunder God couldn't help but to say, ’’A cloud contact vine appeared in the misty island, and an extremely powerful monster we've never seen before came out of nowhere. This must be because there are treasures in the misty island, which attracted so many monsters’’

Hong slightly nodded.


’’Back when Luo Feng discovered the misty island, there were large amounts of monsters in the surrounding lake. Back then, I was confused..... why were there so many monsters gathered in that lake? However, my thoughts were all on the cloud contact vine. After I took away the 'cloud contact vine', I quickly looked through the misty island. Since I didn't find anything, I left’’

’’Now that I look at it ’’

’’Not only are there tons of horde leader level monsters in that lake, a 'grand emperor' appeared’’ frowned Hong, ’’It seems like it has an octopus-like shape, so it clearly belongs in the water or underground. Normally, monsters at the grand emperor level should enter the limitless sea. And yet, this monster is staying underground a few thousand meters below the misty island’’

’’Spirits of nature, cloud contact vine, grand emperor.....’’

’’This misty island is indeed special’’ Hong looked towards Thunder God and slightly smiled, ’’However, everyone has a chance for the treasures in the misty island. Don't worry, I won't find over them with you. But you also know...... that things in places like archaeological ruins cannot be obtained with just strength alone. Luck is also a factor’’

Thunder God slightly smiled and then laughed: ’’After I finish participating in your Dojo of Limits' investigator ceremony, I'll be staying in the misty island. I don't believe..... that I won't be able to get any treasures’’

’’Even if you keep staying there, I'll be there too. We'll just have to see which of us brothers is luckier’’ Hong slightly smiled.


Thunder God only said that one word.


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