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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 30


Volume 06 Chapter 30 - Stepping into the Star Traveller Level

The birth of the mysterious monster led to a bloody hunt in the Pacific ocean. However, the humans on earth did not realize that at all, and Luo Feng was still continuing his '81 spirits forging' in his emperor level auto jet.

Time flowed, January 1st, 2059.

Ming-Yue sector, Luo Feng's home.

’’Sorry, Mr. Wang, my brother isn't home’’ Luo Hua smiled in the living room as he spoke to an elegant middle-aged man with glasses.

’’Today is new years and representative Luo isn't home?’’ this elegant middle-aged man was a bit shocked.

’’Yes. Very sorry’’ Luo Hua nodded, ’’My family still has things to do, so we won't be keeping Mr. Wang. Next time..... I will personally welcome Mr. Wang’’

’’Okay, then I will be leaving now’’

Mr. Wang politely left.

As he watched Mr. Wang leave, Luo Hua shook his head. This is already the 12th wave of invitations within the past few days. To be confident enough to invite a representative level fighter, this person must be an important figure! Powers like the Xu family, if not for Xu Xin, don't even have the right to go up to a representative's home.

That Mr. Wang from before came on behalf of the top level in China's government.

’’Where did bro go?’’

Luo Hua stood in front of his home's door, ’’People from the Dojo of Limits, army, government, and even HR alliance are all inviting him. People from Europe and America have been sending their invitations too! It seems like..... nobody knows that my bro is busy’’

’’What is he doing?’’ Luo Hua thought to himself.

Barely anyone knew of Luo Feng's situation.


On the night of new year's day, most people were watching the celebrations. And in an auto jet in Ming-Yue sector, there was a bit of faint light in the cockpit, and Luo Feng sat cross legged inside without moving at all.

In his realm of consciousness.

’’HUAHUA~~’’ the marvelous galaxy transformed into a whirlpool. Water rotated like crazy inside, forming whirlpool after whirpool.

The whirlpool furiously spread out, and suddenly, the flowing water became much thinner, as if it became transparent.


The originally spread out transparent curtain of water furiously contracted, becoming a gigantic, rotating ball of water! The ball of water was half transparent and had some weird, shining light in it. An extremely small amount of shattered dark golden pieces were mixed inside too, as they clearly haven't dissolved yet.

Expand, contract!

Expand again, contract again!

The spiritual force in the form of 'flowing water' was like a heart. It contracted and expanded over and over again, as if it had its own life. In this special rhythm, the dark golden shattered pieces slowly dissolved, causing the flow of water to become more powerful.

’’Expand, thin like a cicada's wings’’

’’Contract, transparent ball of water’’

’’80th step complete!

’’I can begin the 81st step now, the final step!’’ Luo Feng was a bit excited. This 81st step was the most important and most difficult step of '81 spirits forging'.

In Luo Feng's realm of consciousness.

A gigantic ball of water that was completely transparent continuously rotated, as if it was a rotating planet. There was no emanating mist, and the size of the ball of water didn't change at all.


And then Luo Feng started controlling it.


In his infinite realm of consciousness, the hovering gigantic transparent ball of water started rumbling from its core. Spiritual force in the form of mist emanated out and eventually spread throughout the entire transparent ball of water! 10 portions of spiritual mist, 20 portions of spiritual mist, 30 portions...... gradually, the entire transparent ball of water was covered in spiritual mist.

Time passed slowly.

Under Luo Feng's extremely delicate and precise control, the transparent ball of water continued to change slightly. The mist surrounding its surface became more and more powerful, and even formed a gigantic ball of mist. You couldn't even see the 'ball of water' inside the ball of mist.

After who knows how long......

The super gigantic ball of mist was 100 times bigger than the ball of water.

’’Still hasn't separated yet, now's the time!’’


Luo Feng roared in his heart.


The super gigantic ball of mist in the infinite realm of consciousness furiously expanded in an instant! As if a supernova at the end of a star's life, the gigantic ball of mist instantly exploded! Right when it exploded, it spread to every location in the entire realm of consciousness! Right after that, an extremely powerful suction power was born in the core of the realm of consciousness.



Large amounts of mist and water, as if falling into a black hole, crazily gathered in the core!


The entire realm of consciousness trembled!

Everything was empty. All the mist and water completely disappeared. In the vast, limitless realm of consciousness, only a 'point of light' was left in the core, as if there was only one planet in this vast, limitless universe. On the surface of this 'planet' was a layer of light, as if it was a ball of light.

In the core of the realm of consciousness, was just a single ball of light.


This was a beautiful and dreamy ball of light. Other than the layer of light on its surface, the essence of this ball of light was large amounts of 'pyramid' shaped transparent crystals. The densely packed transparent crystals gathered together to become a planet! A shapeless, yet odd, wave continued to spread out from this ball of light.


In his realm of consciousness, only this ball of light continued to rotate. A formless energy spread out from it, filled Luo Feng's entire body, and then spread outside of his body.

’’I succeeded!’’

’’This is the star traveller level?’’

’’This ball of light is the core of a star traveller level fighter?’’ with a thought from Luo Feng, refined portions of spiritual force immediately spread out from the ball of light, covering his entire body.

In the auto jet.

At the instant Luo Feng's 'star traveller level spiritual force' spread throughout his body, his originally calm body started to dramatically change! The bones, bone marrow, arteries, muscles, tendons, skin, etc. of his body started to undergo an incredible transformation. His body's inherited genes also started to swiftly disassemble and reassemble!

A transformation of life!

This transformation was much larger than any change in the past! Back in archaeological ruin #9, the bald crystal person said that going from the student level to the 'star traveller level', is the transition of a life form! After reaching the star traveller level, you don't need to breath and you can fly.......

Only having reached the star traveller level can fighters have the right to be called genetic fighters and spirit readers!

Only having reaching the star traveller level can you wander around in the universe and have the right to live! Without reaching this level, you won't have the ability to wander around in the universe.

’’This feeling, is splendid’’

After his transformed spiritual force triggered the transformation in his body, Luo Feng felt like he has never been this amazed before. It's like his body was a gigantic brute who has reached his limit and was unable to grow anymore, instantly transformed into a 'baby'. The essence of his muscles, bones, and organs have changed!

A transformation of a life form!

’’A student level fighter, from the student level one stage (beginner level warrior) to the student level nine stage (advanced level wargod), becomes stronger by building upon the genes that already exist. Once at the advanced level wargod level, the limit has been reached. If you don't break past that limit, you will never become stronger’’

’’And once past it.....’’

’’I have stepped into the realm of a greater life form, the star traveller level one stage, and will gradually grow until the star traveller level nine stage’’


Deep into the night.

Many families have already fell asleep in Ming-Yue sector. The hatch of the auto jet that was parked on the lawn slowly opened.


A human image soared into the sky and then hovered around 300 meters above ground. His black robe swayed in the wind. He wasn't standing on anything;he simply hovered.

’’This is the star traveller level?’’

Luo Feng looked at the city below him while he focused on the ball of light in his realm of consciousness!

He finally realized the true power of the star traveller level. That 'ball of light' wasn't just the core of his spiritual force, but it held a type of mysterious power! You could say it was a 'miniature planet': it rotated and had its own magnetic field. Because of this miniature planet in his realm of consciousness, Luo Feng no longer needed to breathe.

And Luo Feng can even control the magnetic field around him according to his own will!

If he can erase earth's gravity, then naturally, he can hover!

If he changes the magnetic field around him, he can swiftly fly forward!

In otherwords

every star traveller level fighter has their own 'miniature planet'! They are the masters of this miniature planet! According to the star traveller level fighter's will, they can change the strength and direction of their magnetic field! This way, they can naturally fly at will.

However, there is a limit as to how powerful the magnetic field of their 'miniature planet' can become, so there are limits to a star traveller level fighter's flying speed.

’’No wonder it was said that going from the student level to the star traveller level is a transition in life itself’’

’’There's no doubt about it. A star traveller level has their own 'miniature planet', which can rotate by itself and has its own magnetic field. Maybe this 'miniature planet' is still weak, but as the miniature planet grows, it will naturally help its master, the 'star traveller level fighter', even more’’

’’Only powerful fighters with their own 'miniature planet' can be counted as real people of the universe’’ thought Luo Feng to himself with amazement.


The dark night.

Luo Feng hovered above the city with both of his arms spread out!

’’The spiritual force was combined into a 'tiny crystal planet'. My mind strengthened quite a bit because of how densely packed the planet is’’ Luo Feng was extremely happy. A person with a weak body and mind could faint at any time, while someone with a powerful body will be able to stay awake!

And after his spiritual force, which used to exist in the form of a flowing river, was forged into the 'miniature planet'.

Luo Feng's mind strengthened by quite a bit.

However, chances like these are very rare. A transformation in life occurs when one goes from the student level nine stage to the star traveller level, the star traveller level nine stage to the star level, the star level nine stage to the universe level, only transformations like these are a transformation in life itself. Only transformations like these can strengthen the mind. Other than cases like these, you won't have a chance to strengthen your mind.

’’Soaring shuttle!’’

with a thought from Luo Feng.

The 365 blade pieces merged into his black vest swiftly flew out and assembled into the soaring shuttle as it appeared below Luo Feng's feet.

’’I'll form a magnetic field around my body’’

’’And add my spiritual force for a force of propulsion!’’

’’And I'll also step on the soaring shuttle!’’

’’I wonder what level my flying speed will reach!’’ in the sky above Yang Zhou city, Luo Feng, who was like a spirit in the night, instantly left behind an after image, as if teleportation, and directly disappeared from his original position.


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