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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 3



Ever since the Grand Nirvana period, the ocean has always been the territory of monsters! The area of the ocean far exceeds the area of the land. And thus, the boundless ocean gave birth to countless types of monsters! You can say that, if you throw someone in the ocean, only bones will remain after a few seconds, no matter how good they are in the water!

Pacific Ocean, around 3,000 meters deep.

The gigantic, black, oval shaped egg sat there motionlessly. After 12 minutes it fell into the ocean, a fish-type monster with blue scales that was around seven to eight meters long swam to the egg and started circling it. This fish-type monster slowly swam. Having a bit of intellect..... it determined that this egg in front of it probably isn't a rock.


The fish-type monster opened wide. Each of its teeth in its mouth were huge and sharp. Two rows of teeth were intertwined like a saw. It opened its mouth and ferociously bit the black egg!


The gigantic fish-type monster shook its head around in pain. Blood could actually be seen drizzling out the side of its large mouth, and a few cracked teeth fell out! Keep in mind that the force of its bite is quite astonishing. As for this fish-type monster, its bite can easily crush bedrock. Even a horde leader level monster's corpse wouldn't cause its teeth to shatter!

In fear, the green scaled fish swung its tail and, ~whoosh, left swiftly.

As for the gigantic, black egg, it stayed there like usual. The surface of the egg's shell was still black with mysterious golden markings mixed in. The fish-type monster's ferocious bite from before didn't even leave behind a single mark.

The humans on earth continued to live their lives like usual.

After Luo Feng and Xu Xin confirmed their relationship, Xu Xin no longer had class, since it was summer break. This young couple would frequently travel around the world. Every morning and night is Luo Feng's training time. As for the afternoon..... that'll be the time for Luo Feng and Xu Xin.

After eating lunch, the two of them rode on the auto jet, which could fly to any headquarter city in China in a small amount of time.


August 26th, morning. Yang-Zhou city's Ming-Yue sector. Inside Luo Feng's private training room on the first floor of Limit Hall.

He sat cross legged on the soaring shuttle as he hovered in midair.

’’The third drawing’’ Luo Feng closed his eyes. In his brain was a clear, yet complicated, drawing that seemed like a maze. Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! 13 blade pieces swiftly circled Luo Feng as they followed the tracks of the drawing in Luo Feng's head. And since that drawing had many intersections

Quite a few times, the blade pieces would barely manage to pass each other.


’’Faster, even faster’’

’’Not good, brake!’’

Luo Feng was so nervous that sweat could be seen appearing on his forehead. One of the dancing blades suddenly stopped, and three blades flew past from the front, side, and back.


’’Got it!’’

Luo Feng rapidly opened his eyes and scanned towards the tactical communications watch on the wrist of his left hand. The timer on the watch was moving swiftly.

’’5.11 seconds? Kind of slow, but this was the first time I managed to complete the entire third drawing’’

’’However, my 'brake' in the middle wasted a few tenths of a second, leading to this poor result’’

’’I'm at 5.11 seconds, but need 3.6 seconds to pass’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but to shake his head.

The farther you go, the harder it is to shave time off your record. A completion time of 5.11 seconds vs a completion time of 4.8 seconds. The time difference doesn't seem big, but the difference in difficulty is gigantic...... as for the '3.6 seconds' required to pass, Luo Feng isn't even close to that point. The path was long, so he could only diligently move forward one step at a time.

’’Continue!’’ Luo Feng closed his eyes and continued.

Usually, he can finish one drawing in a few seconds!

So Luo Feng practices his《Celestial Deity Catalog》 several thousand times a day! His entire morning is spent on training the 《Celestial Deity Catalog》. After his training ends, his entire body becomes exhausted. As for night, Luo Feng spends his time training his fitness level, blade technique, technique, etc.


The sun was high up in the sky and it was around 10 AM. Luo Feng was still focused on his training. His powerful spiritual force allowed him to continuously training. The only part of him that gets tired..... is his mind. Even an invincible wargod can't be in a state of extreme focus thousands of times throughout the morning of each day without enough willpower.

If you want to become powerful.....

Talent is important, but effort is even more important!

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng opened his eyes and looked outside through the window.

A dark blue saucer-shaped fighter aircraft was slowly descending from the sky. It landed on a grassy lawn in the sector. Chief instructor Wu Tong had a few fighters with him and was currently welcoming someone. The hatch of the dark blue saucer-shaped fighter aircraft opened and a total of three people came out. Sadly, Luo Feng didn't recognize any of them.

’’Who are these three people, coming all the way to Ming-Yue sector?’’ Luo Feng's eyebrows slightly raised as he sat cross legged on the soaring shuttle, ’’It seems like they have some authority, since they are able to ride on such a fighter aircraft’’

’’Since Wu Tong didn't notify me to meet them, they probably aren't too important’’

As of now, Luo Feng is the investigator of Jiang-Nan headquarter city and is an 'invincible wargod', so very, very few people can make him go out and personally welcome them.


Luo Feng closed his eyes and continued training his 《Celestial Deity Catalog》. Luo Feng was clear...... that his talent allowed him to shoot towards the 'peak of the advanced level wargod level' like a rocket. After that, his dark golden ball shattered, and breaking through the wargod level to the 'existence surpassing the wargod level' isn't even done through talent.

He can only move forward step by step! Many people are stuck at the advanced level wargod level, as they aren't sure what to do. But Luo Feng knows a path suitable for spirit readers

《Celestial Deity Catalog》!

Even though he needs to practice countless times, each bit of improvement brings Luo Feng a bit closer to his breakthrough.

’’Beep! Beep! Beep!’’

After practicing who knows how many times, the tactical communications watch started ringing.

’’Hu’’ Luo Feng opened his eyes and glanced at the tactical communications watch, ’’The alarm rang, it's 11:45. Time to go back and eat lunch’’

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The soaring shuttle instantly transformed into countless curved blade pieces. Each of them flew inside the Black God set from Luo Feng's neck like fish. Luo Feng himself landed on the floor.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng glanced at the fist strength testing machine, ’’I haven't tested my fitness level for around half a month, so let's test it!’’

After this private training hall was built, Luo Feng tested himself once.


Luo Feng, who has consumed 'dragon blood' and the 'thousand year willow heart', only absorbed a bit of their effects in the beginning. A lot of the dragon blood's power and the thousand year willow heart's vitality are hiding in his body, waiting to be absorbed! When Luo Feng trains, this energy is rapidly absorbed, so Luo Feng has recently been improving at an astonishing rate!

’’Fist strength!’’ Luo Feng turned on the fist strength testing machine.


Like a shooting star, Luo Feng's fist smashed into the fist strength testing machine. The machine shook ferociously. And this is a top quality fist strength testing machine sent by chairman Zhuo Zheng Yong and the others.


’’239881 kg’’ these numbers appeared on the display.

Luo Feng let out a smile: ’’Not bad, I'll probably reach 256,000 kg in one or two months’’. Luo Feng's fitness level has been rising rapidly ever since his return. No wonder even 'Hong' said that he doesn't need to consume any other treasure. As long as his body continues to absorb the leftover effects of the dragon blood and the thousand year willow heart, he'll improve rapidly.


Luo Feng turned on the speed testing machine and stood in front of the 80 meter track.


Luo Feng accelerated like lightning and passed the speed of sound after his first step. After that, he continued to accelerate. After a few steps, he reached his top speed. Just like that, only his shadow could be seen as he flew past the speed testing machine. After that, he swiftly came to a stop.

’’583.6 m/s?’’ Luo Feng mumbled to himself as he looked at the numbers, ’’Not bad’’

As for reaction speed?

As a spirit reader, does he even need to test that? He'll definitely reach a grade of superior for a peak of the advanced level wargod level!

’’After one to two months, my fitness level will reach the 'advanced level wargod level'’’

’’After around two years, my fitness level should be able to reach the 'peak of the advanced level wargod level'’’ Luo Feng had his loose training outfit on as he walked out the training hall.


The door to the training hall closed automatically.

’’Investigator Luo’’ in the hallway outside the training hall stood a youth who was smiling. He slightly bowed, ’’The commander is waiting for investigator Luo in the conference room’’

’’Commander? Which commander?’’ Luo Feng asked in a confused tone.

He doesn't think he knows any commanders.

’’The commander from the southeast military sector’’ smiled the youth.

’’Let's go’’ nodded Luo Feng.

However, Luo Feng was shocked...... as of now, each headquarter city has military sectors in the surroundings. However, the usual military sector near headquarter cities are called 'military subsectors'. For example, the military sector to the north of Jiang-Nan headquarter city is a military subsector! However, the southeastern military sector is different..... this southeastern military sector was built to stop invading sea monsters from the eastern sea.

It's a large military sector!

A large military sector, in terms of power, is way more powerful than a military subsector. And of course, the amount of equipment they have way surpasses the amount in a military subsector.


Inside the conference room.

Right when Luo Feng stepped into the conference room, he saw three people inside: a middle-aged man. Even though his hair had some white hairs mixed in, he sat perfectly straight. His gaze was sharp like a panther's. Beside him was a middle-aged man wearing glasses. And the third was chief instructor Wu Tong from Limit Hall.

’’Hello, Mr. Luo Feng’’ the middle aged man stood up, and the man wearing glasses beside him also smiled as he stood up.

’’Hello’’ Luo Feng was a bit confused.

But he did have a nice image of him..... because he recognized that the three people who got off the saucer-shaped fighter aircraft were precisely these few people. They arrived almost two hours ago, but decided to wait quietly instead of interrupting his training! Just because of this, he has to show some respect.

’’Luo Feng’’ smiled Wu Tong on the side, ’’Let me introduce to you, this is Li Da Wei, the commander of the southeastern sector, commander Li. Beside him is executive officer Wang Luo Han, executive officer Wang’’

Luo Feng nodded.

Commander of the southeastern military sector. As the commander of a large military sector, his title is general of the land forces. As of now, it's the highest ranking military position in China!

And commanders of military subsectors, like the commander of the military sector north of Jiang-Nan city, have the title of major general of the land forces. One can imagine just how large the difference is between a 'military subsector' and a 'large military sector' just from their titles!

To be able to lead the southeastern military sector..... this Li Da Wei is definitely one of the most highest ranking people in all of China!

And such a figure actually personally came all the way here and would rather wait quietly for two hours than interrupt Luo Feng's training.


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