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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 29


Volume 06 Chapter 29 - Birth

Luo Feng began the '81 spirits forging'. The representatives that received the warning from 'Hong' all became well-behaved. The countless regular civilians of China were all preparing for the upcoming new year's day.

The entire earth was calm.


12/30/2058, 21:36. Earth, the Pacific Ocean. Depths of the sea a few hundred km away from the Hawaiian Islands.

Cold, darkness.

In this area of the sea, the black, oval shaped egg that was around 12 meters in diameter has been here for around a year already. Weeds and dirt covered it and it was quite inconspicuous. Quite a few monsters in this area have discovered this mysterious egg in the past year, but none of them were able to bite through the egg's shell. As time passed, very few monsters bothered to deal with this mysterious egg.

’’Crack crack crack~~’’

The mysterious black gigantic egg slightly shook and a bit of the weeds and dirt on the egg fell off. Actually, since a month ago, this gigantic egg would occasionally shake a bit. The shaking slowly became more and more frequent. Yesterday, this mysterious gigantic egg shook around 10 times.

’’Crack crack crack~~’’

The mysterious black gigantic egg shook again and more weeds and dirt fell off. As they fell off, they revealed the mysterious golden markings on the surface of the black gigantic egg.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

The black gigantic egg started shaking violently. It shook more and more and with a crisp sound, a crack appeared on the surface of the black gigantic egg. Soon after was ’’PA!’’ ’’PA!’’ ’’PA!’’ a few heavy sounds. The cracked area of the black gigantic egg broke, and an 'unidentified being' covered in black slime appeared.

’’Kechi, kechi’’ this unidentified being covered in slime started swallowing the egg shell.

As if it was starving for who knows how many years.

It swallowed crazily!

In just around 10 minutes, a third of the black oval shaped egg that was 12 meters in diameter was eaten up, and the body of the black unidentified being was completely revealed. This was an unidentified reptile with four powerful legs that was covered in black scales. Its large, black body had a pair of wings that were covered in scales and a tail that seemed to be that of a dragon's.

On its head was a single horn that was pointed directly at the sky!

However, its entire body had slime on it, so it was impossible to discern its true appearance!

As it ate the black egg shell, the black monster's body started to become bigger and bigger. From a body size of 12 meters, it became longer. When it finished eating up the egg shell, its body became 16 meters long! As of now, all of its slime has been absorbed and the black monster's body became clear.

’’WU ’’

A sharp, joyful shriek rang from its throat.

This was a 16 meter long monster that has never been seen on earth before. Its black scales all over its body were like sharp blades that sent chills down one's spine. The pressure from the odd aura emanating from its body was suffocating. Whether the scales all over its body or its terrifying wings, its powerful four legs, its tail, its horn, all of them were an ice cold black!

To be more specific.....

there were some hidden mysterious golden stripes on its sharp, black horn. However, it was extremely inconspicuous, one would have to look closely to be able to find them.

The mysterious golden stripes went from its horn to the scales on its head, neck, and back, as if there was a layer of golden stripes merged into its back. Some of the densely packed golden stripes on its back even spread out to its wings and limbs!

After finishing the black egg shell, the mysterious monster swam around the area under the sea.

Ancient memories contained in its blood flowed into its mind.

The mysterious monster's eyes ferociously brightened as they became a shining golden color! The golden stripes on the scales of its horn, neck, and back also slightly lit up, and a golden color visible to the naked eye appeared! The water around it suddenly paused a bit, and the bedrock that the mysterious monster was laying on started trembling slightly.

Power flowed into its body.

But, in just a moment, it stopped absorbing energy.

’’WU ’’

The mysterious monster stood up with a bit of anger as it looked around its surroundings, as if it was thinking. Finally, it let out a roar of dissatisfaction and slightly shook its tail. With a whoosh, it started moving forward in the water. It seemed like it was born without the need of oxygen and could naturally move around the sea as if it was flat ground.

Suddenly, a group of fish type monsters appeared in front of it. The monsters had staggered teeth and red eyes. Each of them were over five meters long, and a few peculiar claws grew out of their abdomens.

’’Yu~’’ a shrieking sound came.

The large group of fish type monsters swiftly surrounded the mysterious monster. They have already treated this monster they have never seen before as their prey! There are way too many species of monsters in the sea, so monsters that live in the sea use their body sizes as an indicator of an unidentified monster's strength.

Sea monsters are larger than land monsters.

Emperor level sea monsters are usually over 100 meters long!

Horde leader level sea monsters are usually over 20 meters long!

And this mysterious monster in front of them was only 16 meters long, so it probably isn't at the horde leader level yet. Of course this group of fish type monsters wouldn't be scared. If they work together, they can even hunt a horde leader level monster.


The command was given.

Fish type monster after fish type monster ferociously charged out. At the same time, 'whoosh' 'whoosh' 'whoosh', red beam after red beam shot out of the eyes of these fish type monsters. The red beams shot out by the densely packed fish type monsters swiftly formed a net, which covered the entire mysterious monster. The mysterious monster looked at the countless amount of fish type monsters charging at it with its ice cold eyes.

’’WU ’’

A roar.


The blade-like scales covering the mysterious monster's wings suddenly spread out! Its wingspan was at least 20 meters!

It moved!

The mysterious monster instantly transformed into a blurry image that carried a bit of golden light with it. The image instantly spread out across a 300 meter radius, and that 300 meter radius instantly became a zone of pure death! All the fish type monster instantly died, and all the other sea monsters in that area were minced to death too!

They were killed by the pair of wings!

’’Kechi, kechi’’ the mysterious monster picked the corpses of the three strongest sea monsters. The size of the corpses of the three monsters were even larger than its own body size.

Its bloody, large mouth easily ate them up in just around 10 seconds!


The mysterious monster let out a roar of dissatisfaction, as if the three monster corpses couldn't satisfy it at all. Its body was still 16 meters long, no change at all.


It shook its tail and continued forward! It didn't even stop for monsters lower than the horde leader level.

Two horde leader level mountain shaking whales appeared in front of it. It roared and spread out its wings again......

Starting from tonight, the mysterious monster began a bloody hunt in the surrounding area!

Its stomach was like a bottomless hole.

Eat, eat!

It ate a huge amount of horrifying sea monsters, each of them at the horde leader level! If you stack all of these sea monsters together, you could probably make a mountain! However, even though it ate so many monsters within a day, the length of its body didn't change much at all.


For this area of the sea, this was a huge disaster!

The death of large amounts of horde leaders finally brought about the attention of the king of this area a large, powerful emperor level monster, 'dragon turtle'! To be able to occupy the core region of the Pacific Ocean that was thousands of km large, this dragon turtle, even within the group of the emperor level monsters, was an extremely horrifying existence.

Before the Grand Nirvana period, it has already lived in some cave beneath the sea for a hundred years. It was a turtle with a long lifespan.


The gigantic dragon turtle was like a mountain as it swiftly moved forward on the seabed.

Just the turtle shell's diameter was over 300 meters. If this dragon turtle floated above the surface of the sea, it would seem like an island. Sadly, because it's too large, it isn't able to enter land through a river. Otherwise..... with the dragon turtle's famed defense, it will definitely cause a lot of trouble for humanity.

’’It dared to kill such a large amount of my subordinates. I will definitely kill it, KILL IT!!!’’ the dragon turtle howled in its heart.

In terms of intelligence, some emperor level monsters are even smarter and more cunning than humans.

’’So it's there’’

Under the lead of a horde leader level monster, the gigantic dragon turtle swiftly moved forward. It will definitely kill its opponent, who invaded its territory and slaughtered tons of its subordinates! If it doesn't fight..... then it must admit defeat, leave, and allow the opponent to take over this land. This is the rule of the sea monsters.




The mysterious monster, which was born almost a day ago, was unhappy. It ate up a large amount of sea monsters that seemed to be pretty good in this sea. According to its inherited memory, monsters of those size should be pretty powerful, and eating them would be beneficial. However eating that much didn't prove to be of much help.

Not even a ten thousandth as satisfying as the egg shell.


Dissatisfaction and exasperation made the mysterious monster decide to lay down and rest for a bit. After all, it was just a baby that has been born less than a day ago.


The mysterious monster slightly raised its head and looked into the distance. Its pair of cold eyes slightly lit up with a bit of golden light. Its golden eyes seemed to be able to see quite a far distance in the deep, dark seabed. ’’WU~’’ the mysterious monster swiftly got up and, after letting out a roar of excitement, its tail shook and it charged forward like lightning.


The seabed.

A black monster that was 16 meters long and the gigantic being that had a turtle shell with a diameter of over 300 meters, the 'dragon turtle', have finally met. They were only a few hundred meters apart.

The dragon turtle's gigantic eyes seemed to stare at this tiny thing from the 3rd floor of an apartment building.

16 meters long?

It was indeed a tiny thing!

’’What species is this, I've never seen this before? Four limbs, is it a land monster? A pair of wings, is it a flying monster?’’ the dragon turtle was intelligent, but no matter how much it observed, it couldn't recognize which type of monster this 'tiny thing' was! It seemed to move quite freely in the sea, which showed it was comfortable in water.

It seemed like a land monster that had a flying monster's wings, and yet it was a monster that lived in the sea......

What is this thing?


The mysterious monster excitedly roared.

Its pair of wings that were covered in scales ferociously spread out, whoosh! Instantly, the mysterious monster transformed into a blurry image. When faced with this, the dragon turtle simply stared at this 'tiny thing' without any worry. With the dragon turtle's defense, even other emperor level monsters will have trouble damaging it.


The gigantic dragon turtle that seemed to be like an island on the seabed suddenly shook. The mysterious monster's sharp wings flew past its turtle shell, which actually made it crack open. However, thankfully the turtle shell is extremely thick, so there was no problem.

’’This tiny thing.....’’ the dragon turtle looked at the mysterious monster suspended in the water with disbelief.

’’WU~~’’ the mysterious monster seemed to yell with joy.


This time, the mysterious monster didn't spread its wings. It flew in a straight path and, as if teleportation, charged in front of the dragon turtle's gigantic head. After that, the mysterious monster stuck its two forward limbs out. Each of its four limbs had five toes, and now, shua! shua! shua! shua! shua! The claws that were normally hidden extended out like blades!


The claws drew past the dragon turtle's head. The dragon turtle's head, which was covered with tough scales, was instantly slashed open by the claws! Its cerebrospinal fluid shot out!

’’Too fast!’’ the dragon turtle only felt a bit of fear and shock, and then died.


So fast that even an emperor level dragon turtle couldn't dodge!


So powerful it killed an emperor level monster, 'dragon turtle', in one hit with its claws!

’’WU~~’’ the mysterious monster excitedly started to eat up the entire dragon turtle. The mysterious monster seemed to have a much easier time eating the dragon turtle, which was as large as an island, than the egg shell. In just a few minutes, not even a speck was left of the gigantic dragon turtle! And the surrounding horde leader level monsters have long fled in fear..... there's no helping it. This mysterious monster was just too horrifying.

’’WU~~’’ after eating, the mysterious monster comfortably lie down and closed its eyes.

It's finally a bit satisfied.

And as of now

The length of its body finally increased by around 0.1 meters!


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