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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 28


Volume 06 Chapter 28 - Misty Island

Luo Feng quietly followed the black clothed man, Hong, and the white robed monk, Thunder God.

’’These two are the strongest fighters on earth’’ Luo Feng watched their backs and set them as his goal! One of them reached the star traveller level seven stage in just a few dozen years while the other is at the star traveller level six stage but 'invincible in the star traveller level'. This training speed is way faster than everybody else on earth.


Along the tunnel, the metal door opened. The three of them went in and the metal door closed.

They walked forward and quickly arrived at the open-air rooftop.

Hong and Thunder God both sat down. Hong glanced at Luo Feng: ’’sit’’

’’Yes, head’’ Luo Feng sat down on the side, his back straight.

’’Kiddo Luo, how did you kill Li Yao with just the soaring shuttle, tell me the details’’ Thunder God's face was filled with smiles and seemed quite kind, ’’Back then, I discovered this soaring shuttle with your head and spent a lot of time on it. Even though we know that this 'spiritual weapon' is extremely powerful, we didn't know how to use it’’

Luo Feng's heart leapt.

The bald crystal person said that Hong and Thunder God have received inheritances from other archaeological ruins, so they clearly know the power of a 'spiritual weapon'! But the 'soaring shuttle' is one of the unique spiritual weapons in Yun Mo planet. The usage of it is definitely a secret. Even if someone outside of Yun Mo planet gets it, they can't even use it.

’’What should I do?’’

’’The secret of the instruction manual 《Soaring Shuttle》definitely cannot be spread. According to what was on it, if I pass it to other members of Yun Mo planet, hard labor for 60 years. If I pass it to people outside of Yun Mo planet, death without exceptions! The bald crystal person is watching the entire planet. If I expose the secret, he'll definitely know. He might even shoot out a laser beam and kill me’’ Luo Feng didn't dare to take the risk.

Hong and Thunder God exchanged glances.

’’Is there something wrong?’’ Hong watched Luo Feng.

’’I'm thinking about how I should explain this’’ Luo Feng took in a deep breath, ’’I trust that the head has guessed, that there is an AI system controlling archaeological ruin #9 from behind the scenes!’’

Hong and Thunder God nodded.

With so many wargods on earth entering it over and over again, it was really easy to discover that this archaeological ruin was following a process. People naturally guessed that there is an AI system controlling the archaeological ruin.

’’I said before that because of my brain vigor, I took a special exam in archaeological ruin #9, which was my death mission. During the mission, I received a bit of guidance for 'spirit reader controllers'! From there, I learned two ways to use the soaring shuttle: an attacking method and a defending method’’

’’Finally, I successfully completed the mission in one year and three months! And I received a training method for spirit reader controllers’’

’’However, even though I feel like this archaeological ruin #9 is like a teacher picking out students, a lot of things were hidden from us’’ Luo Feng shook his head and sighed.

Hong and Thunder God slightly nodded.

’’That's normal’’

Hong lightly smiled, ’’That archaeological ruin #9 is one of the few archaeological ruins on earth that are functioning perfectly. According to what we know, that's a place to pick out students! However, it prefers spirit readers, which can be determined by comparing the death rates of spirit readers and regular fighters’’

Luo Feng froze.

Yeah, before entering, Hong told him that even though spirit readers at the 'advanced level wargod level' have failed after entering archaeological ruin #9, none of them died! Rather, the death rate of advanced level wargod level fighters is high.

Clearly, this archaeological ruin #9 'likes' spirit readers and isn't very fair on the screening process.

’’So my guess is that, the organization behind archaeological ruin #9 values spirit readers’’ said Hong.

Luo Feng applauded in his mind.

According to what he knows, the master of Yun Mo planet, 'Hu Yan Bo', created many spiritual weapons. Someone who can create spiritual weapons is probably an incredible existence within the spirit reader division! Keep in mind that to use the third main form of the 'soaring shuttle', you have to at least be a universe level spirit reader!

To be able to create a weapon that even powerful universe level fighters have to struggle to use.

The strength of this Hu Yan Bo probably exceeds the universe level!

Since the master of Yun Mo planet is such an accomplished 'spirit reader', it isn't weird that he prioritizes spirit reader students.

’’This organization heavily values spirit readers, and archaeological ruin #9 is just an entry level test;how could it teach a lot?’’ Hong shook his head and then looked at Luo Feng, ’’Luo Feng, there is only one spirit reader on earth who has reached the 'representative level': the fourth chairman Eastbourne. However, he isn't as talented as you. Furthermore, that guy is too ambitious, which I don't like’’

’’You can control 16 small weapons now, so you can probably breakthrough?’’ Hong looked at Luo Feng, ’’That Eastbourne can only control at most 14 small weapons’’

’’Probably. Recently, I have been feeling like I can make my breakthrough at any time’’ replied Luo Feng.


Hong and Thunder God both slightly nodded.

Hong and Thunder God are definitely the two people on earth who know the most about the universe! Most of the various archaeological ruins on earth were discovered by these two powerful fighters! Luo Feng's knowledge of the universe doesn't even come close to Hong and Thunder God's. Because they know so much about the universe, Hong and Thunder God don't dare to relax.

’’Keep working hard’’ encouraged Hong.

’’Head, you mentioned a 'grand emperor monster'?’’ asked Luo Feng, ’’What is this grand emperor monster?’’

Hong and Thunder God exchanged glances.

Hong said seriously: ’’You haven't been in the circle of representatives for a long enough time. This actually isn't a big secret! Whether humans or monsters, after breaking through the 'wargod level' and 'emperor level', it's not like their strength doesn't grow anymore! Our representative fighters are of varying power, and me and Thunder God surpass the others by far’’

’’Monsters are the same’’

’’There are strong emperor level monsters and weak emperor level monsters. However, usually, the difference isn't too great, just a difference of a few times’’

’’However, the sea, with an area several times that of land, has countless monsters. There are also many emperor level monsters! Naturally, a few horrifying monsters will be born! We call these two monsters the 'grand emperor monsters'! Each of them have an astonishingly high amount of strength. Except me and Thunder God, anyone else on earth who encounters them will die for sure’’ said Hong without hesitation.

Luo Feng was shocked.

Such horrifying monsters exist?

But after thinking a bit, one can understand that the higher your authority, the more you will know. For example, regular fighters don't even know things like 'spirits of nature'. If the news of the 'grand emperor monsters' goes out, human society will just go into more turmoil. As long as the representatives know that there are still monsters that can kill them within a second, they'll keep working hard without relaxing.

’’Keep in mind that the representative level is only the beginning and not the end’’ said Hong seriously, ’’Do not let your guard down’’

’’Understood’’ nodded Luo Feng.

Of course he understood.....

that the so called representative level is actually the 'star traveller level'. He even knew that the star traveller level was split into nine stages and the level of the two heads: star traveller level six stage and star traveller level seven stage.

’’Okay’’ Hong paused a bit before saying, ’’Our appointment of the sixth investigator of our Dojo of Limits is going to be broadcasted around the entire world, so we have to pick an important day. I think..... the 1st, 5th, and 18th of January are all good days, you can pick one’’

’’Appointing the investigator?’’

Luo Feng thought a bit and then smiled, ’’January 1st is new years, so that probably is not a good day. We can do it on January 5th’’

’’Okay’’ Hong nodded, ’’Alright, go participate in the banquet’’


Luo Feng obeyed and immediately left.

Only Hong and Thunder God remained on the open-air rooftop.

’’Brother Hong, I think this little fellow is hiding something’’ Thunder God smiled as he looked towards Hong.

’’Everyone has their own secrets. Some secrets cannot even be told to one's own family, so is there a need to force it out?’’ Hong said seriously, ’’The thing I am worrying about is that earth will one day be discovered by the countries and organizations across the universe! At that time, it is hard to say..... whether humanity will be eradicated, sold off as slaves, or will somehow be able to luckily survive.’’

’’So, we must enter the 'star level' as fast as possible. That way, we will have the ability to protect earth’’

’’Yeah’’ Thunder God slightly nodded.

The two peak existences on earth..... were worrying about humanity's fate.

They were clear how insignificant earth was in the universe! And the humans on earth are only living on the land of this planet......

Knock! Knock! Knock!

A knocking sound rose.

’’Enter’’ Hong spoke, and the door opened automatically.

Royal guard Allure walked to the open-air rooftop and said respectfully: ’’Head, we just received news that there has been some special change at the misty island. It will become clear after the head watches the video’’

’’Misty island?’’ said Thunder God with shock, ’’Brother Hong, isn't that where you got the cloud contact vine?’’

’’Play it’’ commanded Hong.


Ming-Yue sector.

Night, Luo Feng and his family were eating dinner.

’’Dad, mom, I have to go out to deal with some business tonight. I probably need about five to six days’’ Luo Feng held his bowl and picked up a piece of scrambled egg.

’’Five to six days?’’

Beside the dinner table, father Luo Hong Guo, who was sitting on a wheelchair, mother Gong Xin Lan, and brother Luo Hua were all shocked.

’’You just came back for two days, how come you're going out again?’’ Gong Xin Lan couldn't help but to say, ’’There's no danger is there?’’

’’Our child is going out to do important things, don't hinder him’’ scolded Luo Hong Guo.

’’I'm just worried about Feng, what're you yelling about’’ yelled Gong Xin Lan immediately.

’’Okay, dad, mom’’ followed Luo Feng, ’’There won't be any danger this time. I'm just going to deal with something important. I'll be able to come back five to six days later’’

Only after that was the family at ease.

Since Luo Feng indeed just disappeared for a year and three months.

Deep into the night.

Luo Feng stepped on the soaring shuttle and silently left home. In the night, he entered the 'emperor level auto jet' without a sound.

Inside the auto jet.

The seat was placed horizontally and was as flat as the ground. Luo Feng silently sat cross legged on it.

’’Don't worry, be good, I'll call you later’’ Luo Feng ended his call with Xu Xin.

’’#1, do not allow anyone to disturb me until I come out’’ commanded Luo Feng.

All preparations were made!

He told his family and Xu Xin. His investigator appointment was also on January 5th, so he had eight or nine days, which was enough for him to break through to the 'star traveller level'.

’’81 spirits forging’’

Luo Feng took in a deep breath, closed his eyes, and swiftly recalled the 81 steps of 81 spirits forging.

’’No problem’’



Luo Feng's breathing became steady and his heart rate slowed down. In his vastless realm of consciousness, the originally calm, galaxy-like spiritual force ferociously surged. ’’RUMBLE~~’’ The surging spiritual force started rotating and started constantly accelerating, accelerating.....


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