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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 27


Volume 06 Chapter 27 - It's Called the Soaring Shuttle

On the other side of the tactical communications watch, the head, 'Hong', went silent for a moment, and then couldn't help but to ask: ’’You said Li Yao was killed by Luo Feng?’’

’’Yes, head’’ Liu He was also extremely confused.

Luo Feng can control 16 small weapons and the fact that an advanced level wargod level spirit reader is comparable to a 'representative level fighter' can be accepted by them. But no matter how powerful he is, for him to kill a representative? That's sleep-talk! Unless he saw it for himself, Liu He would never believe this.

’’Head, I'm sure I saw it. Luo Feng transformed the soaring shuttle into a golden light, which pierced through Li Yao and killed him’’ said Liu He.

’’Soaring shuttle? Golden light?’’

On the other side of the tactical communications watch, Hong went silent for a bit and then commanded, ’’Liu He, bring Luo Feng back to headquarters immediately’’

’’Yes!’’ Liu He heeded the command.

’’Also, your auto jet probably recorded the battle just now right? Send a copy to me’’ commanded Hong.

’’Yes’’ Liu He heeded the command.

Besides Liu He, that investigator from the Thunder Dojo, Amuhan, has also finished his report to 'Thunder God'. Liu He and Amuhan exchanged glances and then turned their heads towards Luo Feng, who was still hovering in midair. The hatch was already opened!

’’Li Yao was killed by me!’’ Luo Feng gazed upon the infinite sky, his thoughts in disarray.

Ever since he completed the first stage of the first main form of the 'soaring shuttle', Luo Feng stopped taking the regular star traveller level one fighter seriously. Even though Li Yao made his breakthrough, Luo Feng had absolute confidence in killing a 'Li Yao' without a black god set! However, at the instant he actually killed him for real

Luo Feng's feelings were in disarray.

His grudge with Li Yao has been going on for a long time.

When he was still a rookie fighter, Li Yao was like a gigantic mountain that stood in his path that struck fear into him. Step by step..... as he grew, Li Yao's threat drastically lowered. This time, because of what happened to his parents, his rage decided that Li Yao must die! Which is why he killed him!

’’Luo Feng, what are you thinking about?’’

’’Haha, is it because killing Li Yao in an instant made you feel accomplished?’’ Liu He yelled from the auto jet faraway.

’’Coming’’ Luo Feng smiled and then flew over with the soaring shuttle.

After he entered the plane, the hatch closed.

’’Return to headquarters’’ ordered Liu He.

The auto jet immediately turned around and flew back.

In the plane, Luo Feng could feel that Liu He and Amuhan's eyes were different than before. He couldn't help laugh and say: ’’Liu He, what are you guys looking at me like that for?’’

’’Powerful, powerful indeed. To be able to kill a representative level fighter’’ Liu He stared at Luo Feng.

’’Respect’’ twisted Chinese came out of Amuhan's mouth, and he even gave a thumbs up.

’’It's nothing. That Li Yao didn't have a 'black god set'. If he had a black god set, it would be hard for me to kill him’’ Luo Feng slightly smiled. Liu He and Amuhan were secretly shocked. How many existences surpassing the wargod level are there on earth? All the other representatives don't have the record of killing a 'representative'.

After killing a representative fighter, Luo Feng is still so calm?

Liu He and Amuhan were of course shocked by Luo Feng's maturity.

’’Killing a star traveller level one stage?’’ Luo Feng shook his head to himself.

On earth, this is an incredible thing! But after going through archaeological ruin #9, Luo Feng was clear: star traveller level fighters in the vast universe can barely survive. He, who has received the inheritance of Yun Mo planet, indeed has nothing to be proud of over killing a star traveller level one stage.

After a moment, this universe level auto jet landed at the apron.

Luo Feng, Liu He, and Amuhan. These three representatives entered the large spaceship structure.

’’All the other representatives are at the banquet hall’’ smiled Liu He as he said, ’’This way’’

Under Liu He's lead, Luo Feng and the others quickly arrived at the banquet hall.

The large door to the banquet hall was dark red. Beside the door that was 3.6 meters tall and had detailed engravings on it stood two servants. The two servants slightly bowed: ’’Please enter, three representatives’’. As he said that, he pushed open the huge heavy door. The door slowly opened and the sounds of discussion within immediately spread out.

Luo Feng, Liu He, and Amuhan directly walked in.

At the instant when Luo Feng, who was wearing a black casual outfit, stepped in the banquet hall, all the 'existences surpassing the wargod level', whoosh!, turned their heads and looked over. All of their eyes landed upon Luo Feng.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng was slightly shocked.

Over 30 powerful star traveller level fighters were staring at just him?

’’Luo Feng’’

’’Luo Feng’’

Vladimir, Wang Yu, and the other investigators from the Dojo of Limits came up with a smile and greeted Luo Feng. As for the other representatives, they were all discussing quietly together. However, most of them formed a barrier around them so their voices won't spread out. Clearly, the things they were talking about were not appropriate for others to hear.

’’That Luo Feng still needs to step on a weapon to fly, which means he hasn't broke through yet. He's still at the peak of the advanced level wargod level. He, a spirit reader at the 'peak of the advanced level wargod level', was actually able to kill Li Yao with a golden light!’’

’’Luo Feng must've got an extremely powerful special weapon’’

Representatives discussed quietly with their good friends.

Previously, Li Yao's breakthrough shocked everyone here. Many representatives were talking about that. And after that the news of Luo Feng killing Li Yao spread! The various representatives of course wanted to know how Li Yao was killed. When faced with over 30 representatives worrying about the same thing, Hong and Thunder God can't keep hiding it.

So, they played the video of Luo Feng killing Li Yao.

Hong and Thunder God didn't put the video on 'slow', rather, they played it at the regular speed! All the various representatives only saw that the special weapon hovering beside Luo Feng instantly transformed into a golden light and shot out, blowing Li Yao into smithereens!

’’Luo Feng's weapon is too powerful’’

’’Didn't he stay in archaeological ruin #9 for a year and three months? He must've got some special rewards. He probably got that weapon from the archaeological ruin’’

’’He, at the peak of the wargod level, can bring out so much strength with this weapon. Then if a powerful fighter who has truly broke through to the 'representative level' uses it, he could probably become even more powerful’’

Everyone wants good things. If a kid is hugging a piece of gold and walking down the street, it would be weird if someone didn't steal it.

One thing is for sure.

These representatives are all a bit envious of that special weapon that can transform into a golden light, but Luo Feng is no child. In fact, he's a powerful fighter that can kill a 'representative'! That's why these representatives are still able to show some self control. However, these representatives still had confidence in themselves, since they are different from Li Yao.

When Li Yao was killed, he didn't have a black god set.

And all the other representatives have black god sets! With a black god set, their defensive abilities go up by over 10 times.

Luo Feng was with the other four investigators.

’’How come I feel like quite a few representatives are looking at me in a weird way’’ said Luo Feng quietly.

’’You made such a big scene’’

The investigator named Wang on the side said quietly, ’’You, a spirit reader at the peak of the wargod level, was able to rely on a weapon to kill a true representative level fighter! Clearly, this weapon is powerful. You tell me...... how can all of these representatives not be envious? They are barely able to control themselves. However, once there's a chance, some of these people will make a move’’

Luo Feng couldn't help but to laugh.

A bunch of representatives?

He seriously doesn't care about them. There are only two people that he is aiming for on earth Hong and Thunder God! As for the others, they're seriously not much.

After going back, he'll start the '81 spirits forging' and directly become a spirit reader at the star traveller level one stage!

At that time.....

The representatives that dare to come after him will end up giving up their lives! However, these representatives probably aren't that daring.

’’RUMBLE~~’’ the door to the banquet opened once again.

Everyone turned their heads.

The black clothed 'Hong' and the bald monk 'Thunder God' walked in, one in front and one in back. All the representatives quieted down and didn't dare to speak any further.


The eyes of the black clothed man, Hong, scanned across everybody in the room. The formless pressure caused everybody's heart to shake with no will to resist at all, ’’I heard your discussions just now nice and clear. Who would've thought that after just a mere 10 years, people have started to forget about the 'Yahan case'’’

’’Bunch of trash!’’ Thunder God also sneered on the side.

The faces of many representatives went pale. The 'Yahan' case was when 'Hong' struck down a representative fighter 'Yahan' back then out of anger.

Not just Hong!

On earth, not just Hong, Thunder God is also a fighter who has killed a 'representative fighter'! Of course, today, Luo Feng will be added to that list. However, unlike Luo Feng..... the representatives Hong and Thunder God have killed were representatives with black god sets!

’’I created the Palace of Wargods with Thunder God so everybody can come together. I wished for the elites of humanity to work together for humanity's survival!’’


’’You must remember this one word! Otherwise, in the battle between humans and monsters, humans might end up being eliminated’’ the black clothed man, Hong, said coldly, ’’The amount of monsters in the sea are many times more numerous than humans. They also have way more emperor level monsters than us, and they have two grand emperor monsters!’’

Luo Feng, who was in the banquet hall, froze when he heard this..... grand emperor? Two of them?

However, the other representatives weren't shocked, as they clearly all knew this already.

’’Unity is the most important thing!’’

’’I don't want to see something similar to the cases of Yahan and Li An Sheng happen again. If they do happen, I and Thunder God wouldn't mind getting rid of them. These kinds of people are just ruining everything for everyone else!’’ the black clothed man, Hong, spoke with a cold voice. None of the representatives dared to say anything. ’’As for Luo Feng's case, Luo Feng's weapon..... is called the soaring shuttle!’’

A bunch of representatives started listening carefully.

’’That is something I gave to Luo Feng’’ said the black clothed man, Hong, coldly, ’’Of course, one point is because Luo Feng has enough talent. Another point is that Luo Feng gave me all of the huge amounts of spirits of nature he got back at the misty island, which was why I exchanged them for a soaring shuttle’’

’’I am a fair man’’

’’If you want something, then you need to give something of equal value’’

The black clothed man, Hong, looked towards Luo Feng, ’’Luo Feng, come with me. The rest of you continue the banquet’’

After saying that, the black clothed man, Hong, turned around and headed outside. The bald monk Thunder God also followed. After Luo Feng heard the command, he also followed them and left the banquet hall.


The huge door of the banquet hall closed once again. Only then did all of the representatives let out a sigh of relief. All of them exchanged glances with a bit of fear in their eyes! Hong and Thunder God have not shown their anger in front of the representatives for an extremely, extremely long time. Humans are a forgetful species. Roughly 10 years was enough time for them to forget about Hong and Thunder God's cruelty.

In that scene before, everyone felt.....

that in front of Hong, their lives were no longer their own! This feeling scared all of them, and none of them dared to think of any twisted ideas.


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