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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 26


Volume 06 Chapter 26 - Li Yao's Death

’’Chase after him!’’

Liu He and Amuhan didn't hesitate at all as they also soared into the air.

Star traveller level fighters can all fly. This is the biggest change resulting from the student level to star traveller level transformation. However, you can't use your legs when flying in the air, so their flying speed is way slower than their sprinting speed on land!

’’So fast!’’

’’Luo Feng is also very fast’’

Liu He and Amuhan looked at Li Yao and Luo Feng in the air, one in front and one in the back. Both of them were soaring at an extremely high speed and quickly disappeared from Liu He and Amuhan's field of view.

’’This Li Yao's special ability is probably 'light'’’ frowned Liu He, ’’Like the head, those with the special ability of light will be able to fly much faster than us. We can't get him’’. The reason why the universe deems star traveller level fighters as 'true fighters' is because once they reach the star traveller level, fighters obtain their true abilities!

’’Contact the head’’ Liu He commanded the tactical communications watch.

’’Contact the head’’ Amuhan also wanted to contact Thunder God.

The call quickly went through.

’’Head, right in the crucial moment where Li Yao was about to be executed, he broke through to the representative level! And his special ability is probably 'light', so he's extremely fast. He just flew into the air and Luo Feng is currently chasing after him. Amuhan and I haven't been able to chase them’’ Liu He immediately reported. Amuhan also reported.

After their report.

’’Go, let's chase on the auto jet’’ Liu He called the universe level auto jet. However, Liu He and Amuhan were clear that even the auto jet wouldn't help.

The auto jet's flying speed is way faster than the speed of the representative level fighters. However, once the auto jet catches up, Liu He and Amuhan have to get off the auto jet to kill Li Yao. But since they are slower than Li Yao, there's no point in chasing him!


Dojo of Limits world headquarters, banquet hall.

Of course the Dojo of Limits wouldn't make all these representative fighters come over here for nothing, so they held a banquet in the banquet hall just for these 30 representatives. For representative fighters, the deaths of two wargods..... is but a small matter. The only one who would actually care about this is probably Yan Hai.

’’What?’’ in the banquet hall, the face of the black clothed man, Hong, slightly changed.

’’He broke through?’’ the bald monk Thunder God was also shocked after receiving the report.

The entire banquet hall immediately quieted down.

The black clothed man, Hong, gave his order right away: ’’Allure, Vladimir’’

’’Yes’’ royal guard Allure stepped forward.

’’Yes’’ a black man also stepped forward.

’’Get on my prehistoric level auto jet and immediately assist Luo Feng in killing Li Yao!’’ commanded the black clothed man, Hong, ’’Li Yao has already broke through to the representative level! His special ability is 'light'. Depart quickly’’


Allure and investigator Vladimir quickly left the banquet hall as they rode on the prehistoric level auto jet towards the wilderness.

The entire banquet went into an uproar.

’’Li Yao broke through?’’

’’Breaking through before his death. This Li Yao sure is powerful. And his special ability is 'light'’’

The representatives discussed with each other quietly. The old face of 'Yan Hai', who was in the corner of the group of representatives, had a rare smile on as he thought to himself, ’’Little vulture, you definitely must grab on to this chance and escape’’

’’The first chairman ordered Vladimir and Allure to assist Luo Feng? Could Luo Feng be chasing after Li Yao?’’

’’Li Yao's special ability is light, so he is much faster than most representatives. Luo Feng dares to chase after him?’’

’’This Luo Feng is way too cocky’’

’’His attack power rivals a representative, but this Li Yao's attack power isn't any weaker than him right now! And with his special ability of light, his agility is extremely amazing. Luo Feng is doomed this time’’

Some representatives felt bad for Li Yao. If Li Yao made his breakthrough before the court session, he definitely wouldn't receive the death penalty! And now, it's too late! Some also thought that Luo Feng was too cocky. All he has is an attack of over 8,000,000 kg with 16 small weapons. Just with that, he dares to chase after a representative?

’’Brother Hong, this Luo Feng fellow is a bit too courageous’’ smiled the bald monk Thunder God.

’’A bit reckless indeed’’ frowned the black clothed man, Hong, ’’Right now, he isn't Li Yao's opponent. Vengeance and hatred has blinded his eyes..... sigh, he still has to be raised, since he's too young’’

’’Yeah. this Luo Feng fellow is a good seedling. If raised properly, his future will be bright. If we run into something big in the future, he might be able to help us’’ smiled Thunder God.

The black clothed man, Hong, slightly nodded: ’’He has high potential. He might be able to become the third chairman in 10 or 20 more years, assuming he works hard enough’’

In the eyes of the two most powerful fighters on earth, Luo Feng has potential. But now..... he isn't enough.

’’This time, he was reckless’’ The black clothed man slightly shook his head. Clearly, Luo Feng's actions this time has disappointed him.


In the sky, stratosphere.

’’This is the power of an existence surpassing the wargod level, the power of a representative?’’ Li Yao, who was soaring in the sky, couldn't help but to laugh loudly with excitement. His laughter blasted around like a shockwave. The light around him was slightly curved. Sometimes his body was blurry and sometimes it was unclear. The tattered clothes on his body were torn apart by the swift wind.

Revealing his powerful body!

’’Such great power’’

’’My agility and power is way higher than before’’ Li Yao waved his fist and the air burst apart, ’’Using the energy of the transformation to assist with the impact clearly makes strength exertions way easier. No wonder the representative level fighters are all so powerful’’

And behind him


A flowing light swiftly approached.

’’LI YAO!’’ a roar came.

’’Luo Feng!’’ Li Yao glanced at Luo Feng out of the corner of his eye. A cruel light shined in his eye and he actually hovered in midair as he watched Luo Feng. Luo Feng stopped on his soaring shuttle as he hovered in front of Li Yao.

’’All because of you. Because of you, my son is dead. Because of you, my wife is dead..... today, I will let you know the power of an existence surpassing the wargod level!’’ under Li Yao's tattered clothes, the muscles of his body seemed sculpted, the curves were perfect. His eyes were full of killing intent as he stared at Luo Feng.

Luo Feng was cold towards Li Yao as he stood on his soaring shuttle, the black god set on his body transformed into a battle uniform set and a helmet.

An existence surpassing the wargod level?

Just a star traveller level one stage!

’’Li Yao, you are still fated to die by my hand’’ Luo Feng looked at Li Yao coldly.

’’Too cocky!’’ roared Li Yao.

And at this time, the universe level auto jet that the two representatives Liu He and Amuhan were riding on was hovering in the distance. However, because Li Yao and Amuhan were slower than Li Yao, they didn't rush to come out...... since even if they rush out, they wouldn't even be able to touch a corner of Li Yao's clothes. They were only responsible for chasing after him!

As long as they don't lose him, when the people sent by Hong arrive, they can easily kill vulture Li Yao.

’’Luo Feng, Luo Feng, get in the fighter jet quickly’’ Liu He's voice carried over.

But Luo Feng and Li Yao continued to watch each other.

’’Luo Feng, you're too young, too cocky. Today. you die because of your arrogance!’’ sneered Li Yao. After that, he slightly extended his hands. A ray of golden light slowly started to appear on Li Yao's hands, as if they were two blades! His hands also started to become blurry.

Luo Feng's soaring shuttle was already hovering in front of him. Black footboards extended from his feet, which allowed him to hover in midair.

He silently watched Li Yao prepare his ultimate move.

’’Even though the black god set is powerful, your body is still at the advanced level wargod level’’ Li Yao let out a peculiar smile as he closed his eyes. Light slowly appeared from his entire body, and he seemed to be covered in a layer of golden light. This scene shocked Liu He and Amuhan on the auto jet.

’’Going all out right off the bat?’’ Liu He was shocked.

’’This Li Yao indeed has a gigantic grudge with Luo Feng. He's willing to heavily injure himself to kill Luo Feng’’ as star traveller level fighters, Liu He and Amuhan were clear as to what Li Yao was doing.

Li Yao, whose entire body was coated with the golden light, suddenly moved!


He shot towards Luo Feng like a rainbow.

’’Li Yao, die’’ Luo Feng slightly waved his hand as he hovered in midair.

Whoosh! The soaring shuttle instantly transformed into the 'mountain drill'. 12 golden thin lines were born when 12 portions of powerful spiritual force merged into the engravings. They immediately rushed towards the tip of the mountain drill, forming an incredible piercing power. It seemed that the mountain drill contained an impact force formed from hundreds of billions of tons of dynamite.


As if the soaring shuttle drilled through space itself, it formed a golden light as its speed reached an incredible level. Even a star traveller level nine stage probably wouldn't be faster than the soaring shuttle in the 'mountain drill' form!

’’WHAT!’’ LI Yao's mind only had enough time for shock;there was no time for anything else.


Under absolute speed, Li Yao, who was preparing to unleash his ultimate move, had no time to think nor dodge as a huge hole was drilled through his chest by the 'mountain drill'. And the powerful rotation power of the mountain drill instantly shred Li Yao's corpse into pieces. Blood and flesh was scattered everywhere.

HUA! The mountain drill instantly disassembled into the 'soaring shuttle' and returned to Luo Feng's feet.

Li Yao, dead!

Right when he became an existence surpassing the wargod level and was preparing to have his revenge, he was directly killed by Luo Feng!

Just like that!

The soaring shuttle is split into three main forms. In the soaring shuttle's first main form, it can transform into the 'mountain drill' and the 'mountain bulwark'. And the second main form of the soaring shuttle requires a battle ability amplifier of 30 to start training it! As for the third main form of the soaring shuttle, you need to have reached the 'universe level', have a battle ability amplifier of 48, and have your own domain to start training it.

Maybe the second transformation of the soaring shuttle is even more absurdly powerful.

However, the first form's transformations, 'mountain drill' and 'mountain bulwark', just the power of the first stage has completely satisfied Luo Feng.

’’Holy!’’ Liu He froze in the distance.

’’Great Buddha, I, I....’’ Amuhan was also stunned.

A representative fighter was killed by a golden light!

Luo Feng's movements were too fast just now. He instantly transformed the soaring shuttle to attack. Even Liu He and Amuhan weren't able to see what the golden light Luo Feng sent out was! They only saw..... that before Li Yao's seemingly powerful attack was able to reach Luo Feng, Li Yao himself was blown to smithereens!

’’Head, head’’ Liu He quickly contacted.

’’Head’’ Amuhan did the same.

Both sides connected.

’’Liu He, Luo Feng is fine right. Hurry and let him in the auto jet and tell him to calm down and stop being reckless’’ right when they connected, Hong immediately gave his command.

’’Head, Li Yao was killed by Luo Feng’’ said Liu He after clearing his throat.


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