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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 25


Volume 06 Chapter 25 - Death Penalty

Translated by: Zebulin

12/27/2058, afternoon. Outside of the Dojo of Limits world headquarters were large amounts of parked 'disc shaped fighter jets' and 'auto jets'. Each of these fighter jets were extremely expensive. Luo Feng's 'emperor level auto jet' could only count as an average jet here;it didn't stand out at all.

Because, over 30 representatives have come here today!

15:10, over half of the powerful representatives, and an extremely small amount of wargods with a lot of authority, were gathered inside the court in the gigantic spaceship structure.

’’Luo Feng, let me introduce to you, this is representative Bygrave’’ under the introduction of Luo Feng's friend, 'investigator Liu He', Luo Feng met a few famous people one by one. These representatives were also respectful towards this soon-to-be sixth investigator.

’’This is representative Zhu Xi’’ smiled Li He, ’’He is also from China’’

’’Hello, representative Zhu Xi’’ Luo Feng extended his hand.

’’Hello, representative Luo Feng’’ the skinny man with an aquiline nose, 'Zhu Xi', shook Luo Feng's hand.

This scene seemed to be exactly the same as the other scenes he just experienced when meeting the other people, but Luo Feng's heart was full of amazement right now. Back then when wargod 'Lu Gang' died, representative Zhu Xi also attended the memorial. The scene of the large figures from the government, economy sector, military sector, and fighter circle respectfully greeting representative Zhu Xi greatly shocked Luo Feng, who was still in the fire hammer squad back then.

And after a blink of an eye, he also has become a representative.

’’Luo Feng, look, at that guy with white hair and seems to have no life to him at all, that's representative Yan Hai’’ Liu He lowered his voice, ’’Even though he is also from China, he has an extremely good relationship with Li Yao. Since Li Yao is going to die because of you, things between you two are irreparable! It will be hard to be on good terms with him’’

’’He is extremely powerful and has the right to go for the spot of the fifth chairman. But don't worry, he won't dare to mess with our Dojo of Limits’’ said Liu He quietly, ’’Of course, don't mess with him for no reason’’

Luo Feng glanced at him and then simply smiled.

Representative Yan Hai? Not just Yan Hai, even the third, fourth, and fifth chairmen won't be his opponents after he practices '81 spirits forging' and steps into the star traveller level one stage.

Yan Hai glanced at Luo Feng from far away without an expression and sneered! The time he spent with Li Yao together back in the Grand Nirvana period was an experience on the border of life and death. After that, Yan Hai treated Li Yao as his own son. After all, going through an experience like that indeed forges a deep relationship.

Sadly, his opponent is part of the Dojo of Limits. Even though Yan Hai has a grudge, he can only keep it in.

’’That's Luo Feng?’’

’’It is said that he can control 16 small weapons at once. His most powerful impact attack can reach around 8,000,000 9,000,000, which can indeed compare to some representatives’’

’’So what if he can compare to them? He still hasn't become a representative yet. His movement speed on land and various techniques in combat cannot compare to us! If he really had to fight against a representative, he probably wouldn't even be able to defeat one’’

’’Some representatives can control fire while others can control ice, so their attacks are indeed more flexible than his’’

Some representatives were quietly discussing in a few corners in the court gallery. While they discussed, they formed a barrier around them to prevent their voices from spreading out to Luo Feng. After all, these star traveller level fighters don't want to antagonize Luo Feng, they're just slightly looking down on him.

And their negative feelings were born from jealousy.

They were jealous of Luo Feng's potential! To have such attack power at the 'peak of the wargod level', Luo Feng will definitely stand out when he breaks through to the star traveller level!

’’So what if he has high potential. If he fights with us right now, he's still not enough’’ quite a few representatives were thinking this.

After chatting with many representatives, Luo Feng noticed that these representatives were keeping a bit of distance with him. Only the investigators of the Dojo of Limits were approachable and kind to Luo Feng.

’’The first and second chairmen are here’’

’’Hong and Thunder God’’

The powerful representatives and wargods in the gallery all quieted down. From the side door of the court walked in one black clothed man and one bald monk in a white robe, one in front and one in back, towards the front of the gallery. The black clothed man, Hong, seemed to swallow all the light around him, while the bald monk gave off a feeling that made one's heart shake.

’’Hong, star traveller level six stage’’

’’Thunder God, star traveller level seven stage!’’ Luo Feng looked at these two people.

The black clothed man, Hong, cold and expressionless.

The white robed Thunder God, filled with warm smiles but seemed a bit fearful.

These are the two most powerful fighters on earth! In terms of fitness level, Thunder God surpasses Hong. But since Hong has his own domain, he completely overwhelms Thunder God!

When Hong and Thunder God arrived, court quickly went into session. Luo Feng sat at the plaintiff area while Li Yao and Venina stood at the defendant area with handcuffs on.

The judging of two advanced level wargods is quite a rare event.

16:20, afternoon. The court made their decision.

’’Li Yao, Venina※Paulinus, instructed other people to kill the family members of a representative. Their guilt is clear, decision: death penalty! Immediately!’’

The faces of Li Yao and Venina at the defendant area slightly changed. Truthfully, they have long prepared themselves for this result.

’’Luo Feng!’’

Li Yao and Venina glared at Luo Feng at the plaintiff area.

Luo Feng just glanced at them coldly. The Vulture Scorpion couple actually tried to harm his family..... he already messed up once, so he definitely cannot mess up again. He cannot allow these threats to exist! Letting these two live means he is being irresponsible and ignoring the safety of his family.

’’Li Yao, hand over the black god set’’ two powerful representatives stood in front of Li Yao.

Li Yao at the defendant area scanned the court. There were over 30 powerful representatives in this court and the first chairman, 'Hong', and the second chairman 'Thunder God'. You can say that killing Li Yao would be as simple as a hand raise. Even though Li Yao didn't want to, he could only force the black god set of his body and hand it over.

’’Bring the criminals to the wilderness and execute their death penalty’’ said the judge of the court.

The ones responsible for executing the penalty were two representatives, one of them from the Dojo of Limits, 'Liu He', and the other from the Thunder Dojo, 'Amuhan'. Under Luo Feng's request, Luo Feng was allowed to go along with them.

Inside a prehistoric level auto jet.

LI Yao and Venina had cuffs on their hands and feet and were being watched by the three representatives Luo Feng, Liu He, and Amuhan.

’’Luo Feng’’ Venina stared at Luo Feng, her Chinese a bit accented, as she grinded her teeth, ’’If you're capable, you would've killed us directly in the headquarter city yesterday. But who would've thought you were underhanded enough to judge us through the court of the Palace of Wargods, you disgraceful bastard, even in death I won't ’’

’’Shut up’’ Liu He, who sat in front of her, scolded with dissatisfaction.

’’I'm about to die, I'm not scared of you’’ sneered Venina.

Venina is European. Even though she knows Chinese, she clearly is not good at using Chinese to insult people. Luo Feng simply looked at her coldly. He basically ignored what Venina said..... she's just a pitiful bug about to die anyway.

But Vulture Li Yao simply stared at Luo Feng, not making a single sound.

’’Even though you were trying to hunt me down in the continent of Australia, I never did anything to you. I let you stay in Paris headquarter city peacefully’’ Luo Feng looked at Li Yao coldly, ’’But I never would've thought that once the news of my death went out, you immediately made your move against my family. Li Yao, oh Li Yao. I'M NOT HUMAN IF I DON'T KILL YOU!!!’’

Li Yao stayed silent as he stared at Luo Feng.

’’Wei, I wasn't able to avenge you’’

’’I'm useless’’

’’Over, over, everything is over’’

’’LUO FENG, LUO FENG!!! If an afterlife exists, I won't let you go’’ even though Li Yao said nothing, he kept roaring in his heart. But no matter how angry he is, everything will disappear when he, Li Yao, dies!

’’I can't accept this, I can't accept this!’’

’’I DON'T WANT TO JUST DIE LIKE THIS!!!’’ Li Yao roared in his heart, his teeth were clenched so tightly that blood started seeping out of his mouth.

The prehistoric level auto jet slowly landed.

’’Get off’’

Li Yao and Venina were depressed as they walked down one step at a time. Since their feet were cuffed too, they could only walk tiny steps. Li Yao and Venina stood in the vast wilderness.

’’Liu He’’ said representative Amuhan on the side, ’’You kill Li Yao, I kill Venina’’

’’No problem’’ smiled Liu He.

Amuhan walked towards Venina one step at a time. Venina's face was indeed beautiful, but this beautiful woman's eyes were full of hatred and even had some tears in them. When representative Amuhan neared, the scimitar on his waist instantly unsheathed! A light drew past, and Venina, who wanted to dodge, stopped moving.


A head directly rolled down and a headless corpse fell onto the ground.

’’Venina’’ Li Yao stared at Venina's body and couldn't help but to close his eyes in pain.

’’If I die, everything will be gone’’

’’It doesn't matter how angry I am. It's all useless, useless’’

’’I DON'T WANT TO DIE LIKE THIS!!! But, everything will disappear when I die’’ Li Yao's emotions were in disarray as he closed his eyes. He was angry, unsatisfied, depressed, and saddened. Death itself isn't too scary, but waiting for death like this seems to take an eternity.

Li Yao's body couldn't help but to shake a bit due to these emotions that were stirred up like never before.

’’Li Yao, Venina.... Vulture Scorpion couple’’ Luo Feng glanced at Venina's corpse and then looked towards Li Yao, ’’Let's end this’’

’’Luo Feng, do you want to do it?’’ Liu He looked at Luo Feng.

’’You can do it’’ said Luo Feng.

Liu He smiled and then walked towards Li Yao. Li Yao's entire body was slightly shaking as his eyes were closed. Tears seemed to appear in the corner of his eye.

’’Li Yao, die’’

smiled Liu He as he spoke.


The surrounding light suddenly curved. Li Yao, who was standing there motionlessly, furiously leaped back over a hundred meters, ’’AHHHHHHHHH~’’ Li Yao raised his head and roared. He pushed with his hands, BANG, and broke out of the handcuffs. His feet also moved, BANG, and the legcuffs shattered.

’’LUO FENG!!!’’ Li Yao furiously soared into the air, ’’I WILL KILL YOU, I DEFINITELY WILL!!!’’

’’You're not getting away’’

Luo Feng ferociously roared and then stepped on his soaring shuttle as he swiftly flew into the sky.


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