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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 24



’’《Soaring Sky》’’ Luo Feng lowered his head and looked at the book in his hands.

He has never seriously read this instruction manual after receiving it. The pages of the book were made out of a special black material, unlike any material on earth. And the bit of starlight on the cover had a fear inducing aura that couldn't be detected unless carefully observed.

’’Even a book is made like this’’ Luo Feng flipped open the first page.

’’This is the instruction manual passed along the controllers of Yun Mo planet. Those who read this cannot spread its contents to other people. If you pass its contents to other members of Yun Mo planet, you will receive a punishment of 60 years of hard labor. If you pass its contents to people outside of Yun Mo planet..... death with no exceptions!’’

Just these short phrases shocked Luo Feng.

Clearly, this Yun Mo planet is an extremely strict organization. You can't even pass its contents to other members of the planet, and passing its contents to the outside world is absolutely forbidden!

’’I passed the death mission, so the bald crystal person clearly treated me as a member of Yun Mo planet’’ Luo Feng flipped to the second page.

’’The 《Soaring Sky》instruction manual is a unique instruction manual for using the soaring shuttle’’

’’The soaring shuttle is one of the spiritual weapons created by the master of our Yun Mo planet, 'Hu Yan Bo'. However, only when combined with the instruction manual 《Soaring Sky》, can the soaring shuttle's true power be unleashed. The soaring shuttle can allow the controllers of Yun Mo planet to defeat enemies that are more powerful than them’’

’’The soaring shuttle has three main forms’’

’’The first main form can be trained when your battle ability amplifier reaches 12’’

’’The second main form can be trained when your battle ability amplifier reaches 30’’

’’The third main form is the soaring shuttle's ultimate form. You need to have reached the 'universe level', have your own domain, and have a battle ability amplifer of 48 to train it’’

’’The contents that describe the first main form of the soaring shuttle in the instruction manual,《soaring sky》, can be flipped to immediately. To read the contents describing the second main form, your battle ability amplifier has to have reached 30 to have the ability to open that page. As for the contents describing the third main form, your spiritual force has to have reached the 'universe level' to be able to open that page’’

’’The next part describes the first main form of the soaring shuttle’’

After reading this page, Luo Feng didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.

It looks like it isn't even possible for him to read through the entire instruction manual right now. ’’Let's try’’ Luo Feng tried flipping through the pages one at a time.

He flipped through the pages made out of the special black material one at a time. However, after he flipped through about a third of the pages, Luo Feng wasn't able to flip any more, as if the rest of the pages were stuck together with glue. On the last page Luo Feng could read was a complicated, mysterious diagram. Beside it was a line of words一一 ’’seep your spiritual force into the diagram to read the contents of the soaring shuttle's second main form’’

’’Looks quite mysterious’’ Luo Feng stared at this diagram and, with a thought, his spiritual force extended into the diagram.

Instantly, his spiritual force fell into a new universe. At this time, Luo Feng himself was like one of the planets in that vast universe. As if the end of times has come, a countless amount of planets started crazily flying towards Luo Feng. Over thousands of billions of them! An infinite amount! This armageddon-like scene shocked Luo Feng. He tried to use his spiritual force to control the planets and block them away.

’’RUMBLE~’’ not even a second has passed and Luo Feng has already been smashed into pieces by the infinite amount of planets. The spiritual force he extended into the diagram was directly destroyed.

’’Huff, huff’’

Sweat appeared on Luo Feng's forehead as he looked at the diagram in front of his eyes, his heart still shocked.

’’What is this thing? An illusion?’’ Luo Feng was flabbergasted. He hasn't even heard of any spirit reader on earth who could create such a realistic illusion.

’’Looks like it's just like the instruction manual says. My battle ability amplifier has to reach the required level to read the second main form's contents. And now, my battle ability amplifier is only 16, which isn't even close!’’ Luo Feng figured out in archaeological ruin #9 that the maximum amount of small weapons you can control at once represents your battle ability amplifier!

Luo Feng's battle ability amplifier is 16!

Across the entire earth, not a single spirit reader is more powerful than him. Of course, across the vast universe, Luo Feng's skill is nothing. He can only brag a bit on earth.

’’The soaring shuttle is split into the 'attack form', 'defense form', and 'flying form'’’

’’The 'flying form' of the first main form is the soaring shuttle itself. The attack form is the 'mountain drill' and the defense form is the 'mountain bulwark'. The first main form is split into three stages. The first stage can be trained when your battle ability amplifier reaches 12. The second stage can be trained when your battle ability reaches 18. The third form, when your battle ability amplifier reaches 24’’


《Soaring Sky》is split into three main forms, where each main form has three stages. Which is to say, there are nine stages total!

As of now, Luo Feng's battle ability amplifier is 16, so he can only train the first stage of the first form!


’’This master of Yun Mo Planet, 'Hu Yan Bo', is fantastic. How did he even think of this, coming up with ideas like these’’ as Luo Feng continued to read, he praised the master of Yun Mo planet more and more. According to the instruction manual, 《Soaring Sky》and the soaring shuttle is just one of the various creations that the master of Yun Mo planet, 'Hu Yan Bo', has created.

That archaeological ruin #9 was also left by Hu Yan Bo.

’’So that's what the complicated engravings on the 365 blade pieces of the soaring shuttle are for. But how do they work?’’ Luo Feng didn't understand some of the latter contents.

Take an assault rifle for example. The instruction manual tells you how to use an assault rifle, but it won't tell you how to make one

And there were no principles of the soaring shuttle written here.


’’Absolutely amazing’’

Luo Feng was a bit excited, ’’I'll go to the wilderness right now to test out the first stage’’

Deep into the night, Luo Feng stepped on his soaring shuttle and directly flew out of Ming-Yue sector. He transformed into a flowing light as he swiftly flew out of Yang Zhou city sector and arrived at the wilderness.

Around 300 km away from Yang Zhou city.

An image fell from the sky and completely spread his spiritual force out, which caused the scavenging monsters on the ruined highway to run away in fear. Luo Feng looked towards a hill around 100 meters away. The soaring shuttle in its original form instantly split into 365 thin blade pieces, which hovered in front of Luo Feng.

’’Combine! Mountain Drill!’’ Luo Feng focused his eyes.


The 365 blade pieces instantly gathered together and became a single entity as it formed a round drill! There were even spirals on the surface of the drill. It seemed like an electric drill workers use to drill through walls!

’’Not sure if it'll work on the first try’’ Luo Feng swiftly recalled how to operate the mountain drill.

’’BREAK!’’ Luo Feng stared at the hill in the distance.

12 golden thin lines reached their maximum power as they were controlled by Luo Feng's spiritual force. They immediately went up along the engravings of the mountain drill. Immediately, golden thin lines appeared on the originally gray soaring shuttle, each thin line carrying an astonishing amount of power, as if they were going to split the sky and earth. A total of 12 golden thin lines extended from the bottom of the mountain drill to the top as they extended towards the tip. One of them arrived first.

CHI! The 12 golden thin lines immediately dissipated and the mountain drill returned to its original gray color.

’’Failed’’ Luo Feng shook his head helplessly.


Chi! The 12 golden thin lines dissipated again.

In terms of his power, Luo Feng's current limit is 16 small weapons. So controlling 12 portions of spiritual force to activate the 'mountain drill' isn't that hard. However, it is hard to get all twelve engravings to perfectly reach the tip at the exact same time.

Thankfully, Luo Feng's amplifier has reached 16, which makes the first stage a bit easier.

If his amplifier was 12, that would mean he just reached the requirement, so he would probably have to spend a lot of time to succeed.

Time passed slowly. Luo Feng tried over and over again.

A bit of light started to appear in the originally dark sky. The winter mist emanated. In the ruined highway of the wilderness, the shadows of monsters started to appear! When these monsters saw the corpses of other monsters surrounding a mysterious person, they didn't dare to come near.

The sky became brighter and the clouds towards the east started to become red.

Finally一一 The sun started to appear from the east.

’’Break!’’ Luo Feng's eyes were focused on the mountain drill in front of him like lightning.

12 golden thin lines were instantly conjured from the complicated engravings on the surface of the silverish gray mountain drill. Like snakes made out of lightning, the 12 golden thin lines instantly extended to the tip of the mountain drill! As they arrived at the exact same time, it seemed as if the 12 golden thin lines were calling upon the forces of nature.

The 12 golden thin lines instantly started rotating!


The mountain drill transformed into a golden light as it rotated and pierced the air. Its speed accelerated to an unbelievable level. The golden light that the mountain drill formed directly pierced into the hill, as if it had limitless power. ’’RUMBLE~~’’ Smoke and dust spread out, and the mountain crusher flew back from the other side of the hill.

After the dust cleared out around the hill in the distance, half of the hill was missing. Under the destructive force of the mountain drill, the hill was only half of its original height.

’’Such high speed, such powerful piercing power!’’

’’It's at least 50% faster than my original attacks’’

’’According to the instruction manual, the first form, mountain drill, has around three times more power than my normal attacks! And a star traveller level two stage has around two times the power of a star traveller level one stage! Which is to say, with the mountain drill, I am stronger than a regular 'star traveller level two stage'’’ Luo Feng's heart was filled with excitement. This is the difference between an elite with a background, and a fighter without any guidance!

Almost all of the fighters and spirit readers on earth have no sort of inheritance. All of them train bitterly without understanding anything. Even if they receive a spiritual weapon, they don't know how to use it.

And Luo Feng?

After becoming a member of Yun Mo planet, he immediately received the instruction manual 《basic 312 moves》, which greatly increased Luo Feng's battle ability amplifier. After that, he received the 《Soaring Sky》 instruction manual, which increased his attack power greatly. Both sides were greatly increased, which allowed him, an elite at the student level nine stage, to skip a level and be able to fight a 'star traveller level two stage'!

This is the benefits of receiving guidance!

Luo Feng spent five hours to successfully complete 'mountain drill first stage', and another three hours to successfully complete 'mountain bulwark first stage'. As of now, even when compared with elite students from large organizations from other parts of the universe, Luo Feng isn't much weaker.

’’With the inheritance of Yun Mo planet, after I reach the star traveller level one stage, the other representatives will pose no threat to me’’ rapid increase in strength caused Luo Feng to become excited.

However一一 he was also a bit worried. He just received the entry-level teachings of Yun Mo planet and instantly became so powerful! Once the powerful races and countries in the universe actually arrive, will earth really have the ability to fight back?


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