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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 23


Volume 06 Chapter 23 - The Way to Reach the Star Traveller Level

Translated by: Zebulin

That night, Li Yao and Venina panicked while they were arrested. They were directly sent off to the Dojo of Limits world headquarters on that same night.

Meanwhile, Luo Feng and Xu Xin were snuggling together while they talked about what happened over the past year.

’’Sleeping here tonight?’’ Luo Feng hugged Xu Xin as he smiled.

’’You wish’’

Xu Xin said in a displeased tone. After that, she looked at the time on her watch, ’’It's already 12, Luo Feng, send me back’’

’’Okay’’ smiled Luo Feng. The two of them chatted for such a long time, so they have calmed down quite a bit.

They rode the auto jet and left Yang Zhou city's Ming-Yue sector and headed towards the Xu family's place in the main city sector. In just a few minutes, the auto jet arrived at the skies of the Xu family's home.

Inside the auto jet that was in the sky.

’’Luo Feng, I need you to promise me that, whenever you do something dangerous in the future, you have to tell me first’’ Xu Xin stared at Luo Feng, ’’I won't stop your work or your goals! But, I need to know about your situation.....’’

’’Xu Xin’’ Luo Feng nodded, ’’Okay. I will tell you in the future. In the past, I just didn't want you to worry’’

’’I am willing to worry about you’’

’’I want to worry about you!’’ Xu Xin stared at Luo Feng, ’’But what I am most afraid of, is you not telling me anything!’’

Luo Feng slightly nodded, his heart felt warm.

Even though his girlfriend comes from a big family, the family's elite education made his girlfriend smart and considerate. On the internet, he read that some girls are always sticking to their partners, not giving them any space at all. And some girls will dwell on even the smallest, insignificant things.

But Xu Xin isn't that kind of person, which makes Luo Feng glad.

’’Oh yeah, can you still re-enroll after quitting school?’’ asked Luo Feng.

’’I arranged to quit school, not take a break. It will be hard to re-enroll the normal way. I could use our family's special connections.....’’ Xu Xin shook her head, ’’But I don't care about the little paper degree. While in university for two years, I have basically finished learning the basic knowledge I need. I have also experienced the university life, so that is enough. I am preparing to start my own company’’

’’Start a company?’’ Luo Feng froze.


Xu Xin nodded, ’’The family prepared to have me take over some things, but, I didn't want to take over them immediately. No matter what I do, I want to start from the bottom and go forward one step at a time. I want to first start a company and get some real world experience. After that, I'll take over my family's business’’

’’Oh, Luo Feng's girlfriend sure is a capable girl’’ laughed Luo Feng.

’’You don't like that?’’ Xu Xin looked towards Luo Feng.

’’I do. Since as a fighter, there will be many times where I won't be able to be with you. Even if we marry in the future, I don't want you to be a housewife without a business’’ said Luo Feng. As of now, all the young couples think this way. The husband and wife usually both need jobs.

Without a job, there isn't much to do.

’’Thank you, respectable representative Luo Feng, for understanding this young maiden's thoughts’’ Xu Xin smiled and did a bow like the girls of the ancient times used to do. After doing that, Xu Xin herself couldn't hold it in as she started laughing.

After sending Xu Xin home, Luo Feng was in a good mood.

Yang Zhou city's Ming-Yue sector, Luo Feng's home's training room. Deep into the night, Luo Feng sat cross legged.

’’Such high efficiency’’ Luo Feng looked at the news he received on the mini quantum computer, ’’They arrested Li Yao and Venina so quickly. Okay, tomorrow afternoon, 15:30, Dojo of Limits world headquarters court case? Li Yao, Venina..... tomorrow, we can finally end this’’

Luo Feng closed the message. As of now, Luo Feng really hasn't considered the Vulture Scorpion couple as his opponents!

After his position changed, his view changed too.

Maybe the youth back then that was running around in the wilderness in panic was afraid of the Vulture Scorpion couple's astronomical bounty, as he had to be extremely careful in everything he did. But after experiencing the 'elite training camp', 'misty island', and 'archaeological ruin #9', the youth grew. As a result, the Vulture Scorpion couple was no longer this youth's opponent.

’’The so called archaeological ruin, as the bald crystal person said it, was left behind by a race in the universe! Like archaeological ruin #9 was left behind by the master of Yun Mo planet. And that Yun Mo planet is just one planet in the wide, vast universe’’ Luo Feng felt a bit of danger for some reason.

The fact that a race in the universe can leave behind this ruin.

Represents that this race in the universe will arrive one day! When that happens, who knows whether that would be a blessing or a curse for the humans on earth.

’’And the bald crystal person also said that, in the future, when earth is discovered by the countries in the universe, the more powerful I am, the better off we would be. I can even potentially help my country’’ Luo Feng subconsciously stopped treating the monsters on earth as his opponents. The real danger for earth.....

lies within the universe!

When compared with the powerful countries and races in the universe, earth as of now is indeed very fragile. Even star traveller level fighters were rare. And earth's so called 'high technology'..... is a joke compared to the rest of the civilizations in the universe.

’’What I need to do now is exactly what the bald crystal person said to do, train! First, I'll set 'Hong' and 'Thunder God' as my targets, then I'll train hard to surpass them’’

’’And become the world's most powerful fighter!’’

Luo Feng's eyes were determined.

Back then, the bald crystal person said that the 'method for Luo Feng's breakthrough' was left in his mini quantum computer. But after coming back today, he first had to deal with Vulture Li Yao and then comfort his girlfriend. He didn't have time to look at it again! Now that he's free, Luo Feng immediately started looking through it.

’’An effective method for breaking through the star traveller level that cannot even be found on earth now’’ Luo Feng was filled with curiosity. Soon enough, he found the method in the mini quantum computer on his arm.

He started reading carefully.

’’Student levels, are infinite across the universe’’

’’From the student level to the star traveller level is the most important step, and also the most basic step, for a life form's advancement! Once past that step, the life form officially goes from the student level to a genetic fighter or a spirit reader in the universe’’

’’This instruction manual will describe the method as to how to become a spirit reader of the 'star traveller level one stage'’’

’’Spiritual force, which can actually be called the power of your spirit, power of your soul’’

’’The body is divided into body and spirit, or body and soul. The spirit and the soul is the same thing’’

’’Spirit (soul), is divided into the power of your spirit (power of your soul) and consciousness!’’

’’When the power of your spirit becomes powerful enough, it can leave the realm of consciousness, control materials in the outside world, seep into other life forms' realm of consciousness, etc. A strong enough power of the spirit is spiritual force!’’

’’How can the spiritual force of someone at the student level nine stage breakthrough to the star traveller stage?’’

’’First, your spiritual force needs to reach the peak of the student level nine stage!’’

’’Next, out of your 'consciousness' and 'spirit, namely 'consciousness' and 'spiritual force', your spiritual force has to spread across your entire realm of consciousness. It is something with form! And consciousness is an intangible existence without form! Consciousness, what is it? What purpose does it serve?’’

’’You can say that spiritual force represents the soldiers while the consciousness represents the general!’’

’’The entire combat power of an army depends on both the soldiers and the general!’’

’’Simply put, when a regular person's spirit is vigorous, they can lift up heavier objects. And when the spirit is lethargic, they might only be able to lift half of the usual weight! In these two situations, the body's power stays the same. But the two states of the spirit, 'vigorous' and 'lethargic', could lead to different levels of battle power’’

’’Just like how the consciousness is important to a fighter, the consciousness is also important to spirit readers!’’

’’Capable generals will be better at commanding the soldiers’’

’’If two people are both at the student level nine stage, the one with the more powerful consciousness can accurately control 10 small weapons, or even more. And the one with the weaker consciousness might only be able to control four or five small weapons! This is the difference!’’

’’There are many ways to train the consciousness’’

’’For example, going through painful and difficult times will strength a fighter's will. Actually, a 'solid will' is one way to represent a powerful consciousness!’’

’’Of course, that is a very primitive way. There are many ways in the universe to train the consciousness. The main way of our Yun Mo planet is the secret instruction manual of the controllers, 《basic 312 moves》, the secret instruction manual of the illusionists, 《basic 186 moves》. Out of the two branches, one of them is direct while the other is indirect. Both of them are effective’’

’’Of course, students have varying talents. Some of them have low brain vigor while some of them have brain vigor of over 20, and even over 30, over 40!’’

’’Higher brain vigor makes their breakthrough requirements harder too. But a powerful consciousness will allow them to reach greater heights!’’

’’So, when both your consciousness and spiritual force reach the requirements! Then the next step is your breakthrough!’’

’’When you reach the border and feel like you can breakthrough at any time, you do not know the amount of time it actually takes to breakthrough. When this happens, there are three ways!’’

’’The first way is to wait for your chance or a special situation. When your emotions are stirred up, your 'consciousness' will become invigorated and you could breakthrough! But there also exists the chance of waiting for three or five years and no breakthrough opportunities come’’

’’The second way, is to continue to strengthen your consciousness! A powerful consciousness could let your spiritual force instantly breakthrough’’

’’The third way, is the method this instruction manual is going to describe, '81 spirits forging', which is a process split into 81 steps. Each step requires 1.5 hours. When undergoing this 81 spirits forging, stopping in the middle means you have to start from the beginning again, so you must finish it in one go. Once you finish the 81 steps, you can breakthrough to the star traveller level’’

’’Below, is the specific way of doing the 81 spirits forging.....’’

Luo Feng was extremely excited as he read this. This instruction manual the bald crystal person left for him is definitely an extremely valuable treasure! Way better than the 《Spirit Reader Basics》Hong gave him.

After it was translated, the words were super easy to understand.

It basically described the source of a spirit reader's power spirit! Which is the soul! This spirit is split into two things, 'spiritual force' and 'consciousness'.

’’Consciousness is the general and spiritual force is the soldier?’’

’’Yeah, according to what the bald crystal person said, my consciousness and spiritual force have reached their limit and can breakthrough at any time’’

’’But, if I just foolishly wait, who knows how long I'll have to wait for?’’ Luo Feng instantly decided, ’’I'll just follow the 81 spirits forging!’’. Luo Feng didn't even know that, even across the vast universe, the instruction manuals for breaking through the student level nine stage to the 'star traveller level' are all extremely valuable.

Some powerful races and countries in the universe are not willing to share them.

’’Every step needs 1.5 hours and there are 81 steps in all. Which means I need a little more than five days’’ Luo Feng took in a deep breath, ’’The court session is tomorrow, so I don't have enough time. After the verdict is given and the Vulture Scorpion couple is executed, I'll finish this 81 spirits forging in one go’’

’’Next, I'll take a look at the 《Soaring Sky》instruction manual’’

’’According to what the bald crystal person said, only through the 《Soaring Sky》can I truly unleash the power of the soaring shuttle! Maybe my power will raise by quite a bit tonight’’ with a thought, an instruction manual with a bit of starlight shining from it floated out from the surface of his black vest. This was indeed the soaring sky instruction manual that he received from the archaeological ruin, which Luo Feng has always left in his vest formed by the black god set.


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