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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 21


Volume 06 Chapter 21 - Representative Luo Feng

Translated by: Zebulin

Many fighters in the HR alliance building watched through the window. The soldiers surrounding the plaza also watched Luo Feng! With Luo Feng's speed on the soaring shuttle, even representative Lan cannot save Li Yao from his hands.

The choice is in Luo Feng's hands!

’’Yes, it isn't worth it’’ Luo Feng's expression was calm.


The golden silk net dropped from midair and untied itself, releasing Li Yao who was so heavily injured that he wasn't far from death! The golden silk net quickly shrunk into a ball and flew towards Luo Feng. Luo Feng extended his arm to grab the ball and then glanced at Li Yao. After that, he glanced at Venina in the distance and couldn't help but to sneer: ’’Venina, I admit I underestimated you’’

Whoosh! With his foot on the soaring shuttle, Luo Feng turned his head and transformed into a flowing light as he flew away.

’’Phew’’ the soldiers in the surrounding squadrons let out a sigh of relief. They knew that there were T111 bombs on the street. With the power of the T111 bombs, they would be affected too since they were on the plaza.

’’Averted this crisis’’ the middle-aged man in the traditional Chinese robe secretly let out a sigh of relief.

’’Phew!’’ Venina also let out a sigh of relief.

Venina ran to her husband Li Yao and supported him: ’’Are you okay?’’

’’Yeah, I'm not dead’’ Li Yao looked towards the direction where Luo Feng left, his face extremely pale.

While on the soaring shuttle, Luo Feng was moving at over 1,000 m/s. With this alarming speed, he flew out of the main city sector and entered the food storage sector between the main city sector and the surrounding cities.

A headquarter city is split into a main city sector and eight large cities!

Why would they split up a perfectly fine headquarter city?

Because, the large amounts of land between the main city sector and the eight large cities are used to produce food for the humans in the headquarter city.

’’I underestimated Venina!’’

’’If I got rid of Venina from the start, none of this would've happened’’ Luo Feng was as fast as lightning on his soaring shuttle as he flew past field after field, ’’However, thankfully representative Lan's words reminded me of, yes, the rules of the Palace of Wargods! Since I can't kill Li Yao myself, I'll use the rules of the Palace of Wargods to kill them! In the end, it's the same thing’’

He was stuck in the same place for a year and three months.

And right when he came out, he saw his father injured and lying on a bed. The resulting anger blinded Luo Feng. As his anger filled his entire chest, he directly went to kill Li Yao without thinking about anything else!


A wargod that kills another wargod in public in a headquarter city will receive the death penalty! Representative Lan is correct. However, he, Luo Feng, can just completely reveal his strength..... as of now, he can completely compare to an 'existence surpassing the wargod level'. A representative who kills a wargod out of anger for the sake of his family's safety.

Will at most receive a punishment like sitting in jail for a few years.

Wargods and representatives have completely different amounts of authority.

If a chairman kills a wargod, there won't even be a punishment! If the first chairman, 'Hong', kills a representative or chairman, nobody would dare to call for Hong's punishment!

’’Li Yao and Venina, the importance of your lives don't even come close to the importance of the lives of those tens of thousands of civilians’’

’’Well, this is good too’’

’’I don't have to risk sitting in jail for a few years to kill Li Yao’’ because of the words 'Palace of Wargod rules', Luo Feng was swiftly thinking of a plan! A plan that results of the death of Li Yao and Venina!

’’First, I need to make sure everyone knows my strength, know that I have strength comparable to an 'existence surpassing the wargod level'!

’’After that.....’’

Ming-Yue sector.

’’Luo Hua’’ Luo Feng walked to his brother's room. Luo Hua, who was sitting in front of a computer, turned his head and had a look of confusion on his face. Luo Feng said directly, ’’Which special forces sector did you ask last time to protect dad and mom? Contact them and tell their director to come to our home’’


Even though Luo Hua was confused, he immediately made the call.

Within a minute, a disc shaped fighter jet landed in Ming-Yue sector. Three directors of the country's special forces arrived at the living room of Luo Feng's home.

’’Hello, Mr. Luo Feng, we have met before’’ smiled the old man with white hair.

’’Sector leader Liu Yan’’ smiled Luo Feng, ’’Director of sector 9’’

’’Haha, Mr. Luo Feng sure has good memory’’ after shaking hands, the old man Liu Yan said, ’’I wonder what kind of business Luo Feng has after finding us in such a rush?’’

’’It's like this’’

Luo Feng's expression became serious, ’’For a while, Li Yao and Venina used all sorts of tricks to deal with my family, and my brother requested for your help back then’’

’’Yes, such a thing has happened’’ the old man Liu Yan nodded.

’’You guys should have enough evidence to prove that it was Li Yao and Venina that were behind these schemes right’’ asked Luo Feng

Liu Yan smiled: ’’This is Jiang-Nan headquarter city, territory of China. Most of their actions are within our surveillance. We indeed do have enough evidence to prove that Li Yao and Venina are the masterminds behind the actions used against your family!’’. Liu Yan leaned towards Luo Feng's side without hesitation.

’’Very good, I need you guys to supply me with sufficient evidence’’ said Luo Feng seriously.

’’No problem, the evidence will definitely be absolute. You have to believe that in our territory, we have absolute control’’ smiled Liu Yan.

The reason why Liu Yan is being so cooperative! Is because he received a phone call when he was flying over on his disc shaped fighter jet: ’’Old Liu, that Luo Feng has the strength of an existence surpassing the wargod level!’’


China, Kyoto headquarter city.

In an elegant lobby were the leaders with the highest level of authority in China, the highest ranking military personnel, and even an existence surpassing the wargod level a middle-aged man wearing leather clothing of the previous century's style. All of these people are major figures that can shake the country of China.

A display was projected onto the wall of the lobby as it played a video.

Everyone was watching.

’’Yes’’ the middle-aged man in the old leather clothing nodded, ’’Look, this Luo Feng is controlling 16 small weapons. With Li Yao's advanced level wargod level fitness level and the 'black god set', a huge amount of force is required to make him spit out so much blood in midair with just one attack. And in two attacks, Li Yao was rendered defenseless! The amount of impact force is definitely greater than 6,000,000 kg!’’

’’And, Luo Feng was originally a spirit reader at the peak of the advanced level wargod level. A spirit reader at this level can usually control things like throwing knives with a limit of 520,000 560,000 kg of impact force.

’’Luo Feng is controlling 16, and he clearly won't control more than he can just for the looks. 16 throwing knives would result in an impact force ranging from 8,000,000 9,000,000 kg’’

’’Luo Feng's strength, has definitely reached the level of an 'existence surpassing the wargod level'’’ after saying that, the middle-aged man took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, lit one up, and started smoking.

Smoke emanated within the lobby.

Within this lobby were the top people of China, but none of them would call this person an 'old guy'. He seems to be around 40 years old, but he's actually almost 80.

’’I can't believe our country of China has yet again gained another existence surpassing the wargod level’’

’’I suggest we contact Luo Feng immediately’’

This news was indeed first grasped by the country of China. However, the incident at the HR alliance's plaza was huge, so how could it be hidden from everyone else? The Dojo of Limits and the Thunder Dojo just had to give a phone call to the Chinese government to immediately receive the most accurate recording. All 360 degrees of the scene were clearly recorded. You could even clearly see Luo Feng, Lan Ran, and everyone else's faces.

The Dojo of Limits, the Thunder Dojo, and even the HR alliance swiftly received the news.

From the video, with each organization's capability, Luo Feng's strength was easily estimated: 16 throwing knives with a total impact force of 8,000,000 9,000,000 kg! These numbers shocked everyone.

A regular advanced level wargod level can only unleash an attack with 800,000 to 900,000 kg of impact force!

Luo Feng's power is 10 times that!

Definitely comparable to an attack from someone at the 'star traveller level one stage'!


When the powerful fighters of the Thunder Dojo received this piece of news, they got so angry that they started yelling swears. They were raging about the Dojo of Limits' bullshit luck! They actually got yet another 'powerful representative fighter'. And when the HR alliance received this piece of news, they swiftly prepared a strategy pertaining to the matter of Luo Feng, Li Yao, and Venina's conflict.

Ming-Yue sector seemed calm, but tons of things were actually secretly happening.

’’Mr. Luo Feng’’ Liu Yan pointed at the laptop, ’’The evidence is currently transferring. After 10 seconds, all sorts of documents, videos, etc. will finish transferring’’

Luo Feng stared at the laptop that Liu Yan personally brought.

Even with Liu Yan's identity, he doesn't have enough authority to bring around all those classified documents with him.

’’Transfer complete’’ smiled Liu Yan.

’’Good. Thank you, old Liu’’ Luo Feng felt much more relaxed.

While Luo Feng was still in the HR alliance's plaza, he instantly thought of a simple plan. The plan had three main steps

1. Get enough evidence to prove that the masterminds behind the attacks on his family are Li Yao and Venina.

2. Broadcast his strength and become a representative!

3. Use his identity as a representative to sue Li Yao and Venina through the 'Palace of Wargods'.


His cell phone started ringing. Luo Feng took out his cell phone: ’’Hello’’

’’Luo Feng, it's me, Liu He’’ a gentle voice carried over.

’’Investigator Liu’’ smiled Luo Feng.

’’Haha, still calling me investigator. Luo Feng oh Luo Feng. You sure hid your strength well. When the head personally headed over to the amazon rainforest to pick you up, you didn't even speak about your strength! And now, the head and the rest of us have already seen the video where you publicly heavily injured Li Yao in Jiang-Nan headquarter city’’ laughed Liu He, ’’The head said right then that your strength has reached the level of a representative!’’

Luo Feng froze.

He was planning on taking the initiative to broadcast his strength, but who would've thought that the Dojo of Limits already knew about his strength before he started.

Well, it's good if they know!

Once he sues Li Yao and Venina, they will definitely not get off lightly thanks to the sufficient evidence he has. A wargod that dared to attack a representative's family, would such a person be let off lightly? A wargod attacking another wargod already results in a huge punishment! Sometimes even the death penalty! And to attack a representative's family undisputably results in the death penalty!

’’From now on, you are also an existence surpassing the wargod level’’ Liu He's voice was filled with joy, ’’Soon enough, our Dojo of Limits will publicly announce a day to the entire world where the head will personally grant you the title of investigator! You will be the sixth investigator of our Dojo of Limits!’’

’’Luo Feng, in the future, people will have to call you representative Luo Feng and investigator Luo Feng!’’ Liu He started laughing loudly.


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