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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 20


Volume 06 Chapter 20 - Luo Feng, Death Penalty!

Translated by: Zebulin

The rock pavement of the plaza shattered and rocks flew everywhere.

’’Golden silk net!’’

When the golden silk net came towards him, Li Yao, who was already getting beat up like a dog, dramatically changed his expression and fiercely roared: ’’OPEN!’’. What could be seen was Li Yao's black arms ferociously expanding, expanding to a length of three to four meters long. They tried to grab the two ends of the golden silk net and burst it open.

’’CHI!’’ At the instant the golden silk net trapped Li Yao, as if there were a pair of hands tying up the ends, the eight openings of the golden silk net were swiftly sealed.

And Li Yao also instantly attacked with a force of over 1,000,000 kg!


Even though the golden silk net was tight, Li Yao still wasn't able to break it open. Since he has already been completely tied up, how can he escape? This is what the emperor level monster, the 'black widow spider king', uses to trap emperor level monsters. Even emperor level monsters have to try super hard to break out of it, so how can Li Yao break it?

’’Not good!’’ Li Yao, who couldn't escape, saw out of the corner of his eye Luo Feng's eyes that were filled with intense killing intent as he stood on his soaring shuttle. He also saw 16 flowing lights!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

16 flowing lights, like 16 roaring dragons, directly flew towards Li Yao!

’’I CAN'T DIE!’’ roared Li Yao in his heart.

’’Chi!’’ ’’Chi!’’ Li Yao, who was stuck, instantly decided to do something in this crucial moment. His black legs started to extend and become longer and thinner. They became half of their original width. Those skinny black legs were able to slip through the holes in the golden silk net and step on the ground of the plaza.

Li Yao now had two long black skinny legs that were two meters long!


The 16 flowing lights yet again smashed into Li Yao, ’’AHHHHH!!!’’ Li Yao clenched his teeth and his eyes became blood red, ’’I CAN'T DIE, I CAN'T DIE!!!’’. When that horrifying impact force of over 8,000,000 kg smashed into him, even though the black god set cancelled out most of it, Li Yao couldn't help but to crazily spit out blood. He felt like all of his organs were going to rip apart. However, his powerful will helped him hold on.


Using the powerful impact force of the 16 blade pieces, Li Yao's black skinny legs started running! He was already fast enough, and with the impact force of the 16 blade pieces, he flew out like a black shooting star, smashing sculptures on the plaza into pieces in the process. Those black skinny legs then suddenly changed direction as they charged towards the crowds on the streets.

’’Not dead yet?’’ Luo Feng's gaze became cold as he stood on his soaring shuttle.

’’Crazy, Luo Feng is crazy, I can't believe he's trying to hunt me down in a public area like the HR alliance plaza! Crazy, he doesn't want to live anymore. As long as! As long as I can grab a bunch of ordinary people to become my 'shield', I still have a chance to live’’ Li Yao crazily charged towards the street with his two long skinny legs formed by the black god set.

There were tons of people on the streets, and many people stuck in the traffic jam got off their cars. Over ten million people were staring and each of them seemed to be quite excited!

The process where Luo Feng was chasing after Li Yao was as fast as lightning.

Before most people even reacted, Li Yao was already charging towards them!



Li Yao, who was completely black and had two long skinny legs that were two meters long, indeed seemed so peculiar that he was horrifying. The way he charged towards the crowd like lightning caused many people to panic. And at this time..... Luo Feng, who was on his soaring shuttle, instantly reached a speed of over 1,300 m/s! He brought a horrifying sonic boom with him as he directly landed in front of Li Yao.

’’You can't escape’’ Luo Feng stood in front of Li Yao, his 16 blade pieces hovering beside him as he coldly looked at Li Yao.

’’LUO FENG, YOU CAN'T KILL ME!’’ roared Li Yao as fresh blood continuously flowed out of the side of his mouth. Luo Feng's two attacks greatly injured Li Yao. The only reason he was able to sprint was because of his will to live on.

Luo Feng gave an ice cold smile.

Suddenly, Luo Feng's expression slightly changed. A blond haired girl in the packed crowd on the streets filled with people and cars raised a tiny controller in her hand towards Luo Feng. She revealed a weird smile: ’’Luo Feng, let go of my husband!’’

’’Venina?’’ Luo Feng slightly frowned.

With a thought, the golden silk net hovered, making Li Yao look like a pig waiting to be slaughtered as he was hovering in midair, unable to escape! And Li Yao couldn't use the ground to help him in the air!

’’VENINA!’’ yelled Li Yao in the golden silk net.

’’Why should I let go of your husband?’’ Luo Feng looked at Venina calmly. Instinct told Luo Feng that directly killing Li Yao could leave to grave consequences.

Luo Feng has always ignored the Venina in front of him.

Because in Luo Feng's heart, Li Yao was the one doing everything behind the scenes. But Luo Feng didn't know that Venina was the one who sent out the astronomical bounty! The 'laser cannon' used to hunt down Luo Feng in the continent of Australia was also something Venina got! And even the idea of destroying Luo Feng's family, was suggested by Venina!

Li Yao is nicknamed vulture, because many people who know him use this nickname to show his violence.

And Venina is nicknamed scorpion, because she is poisonously cruel!

Dogs that bite don't bark. Luo Feng didn't know that..... the truly cruel one in this couple that is always scheming is this woman.

Venina looked at Luo Feng while she stood in the crowd.

’’Luo Feng’’ Venina held the small controller, ’’In the villa sector beside the HR alliance and on this street, I've planted T111 bombs! If I press this button.....’’ the surrounding crowd went into an uproar in an instant. Many people were screaming and running around in every direction.

’’then boom, tens of thousands of people in this sector will lose their lives’’ Venina's voice sounded like a demon from hell as it reverberated around every surrounding person's ears.



And Luo Feng focused his eyes and stared at this woman in front of him.

’’Cruel enough’’ said Luo Feng lightly.

’’If you want to kill my husband, then, let's just all die together’’ Venina's voice was soft. However, Venina had no other choice. She and her husband have antagonized too many people back then. Thankfully, Li Yao risked his life and managed to receive a black god set after entering archaeological ruin #9. After that, the couple was able to live a peaceful life.

If her shield, Li Yao, dies, then Venina's life will be ruined!

’’Everyone stop!’’


’’Put down your weapons’’

The army stationed near the HR alliance's building swiftly rushed over. A few agents of the country's special forces also swiftly came. The one leading them was a middle-aged man wearing a traditional chinese robe. The middle-aged man cursed in his heart: ’’F*king shit, three advanced level wargods fighting together. If they want to fight, then fight, but they even dragged in regular people. Now tens of thousands of people could die at any time!’’

The power of the T111 bomb is extremely powerful.

’’You all’’

’’Wargod Luo Feng, Madam Venina, let's talk this out peacefully’’ the middle-aged man squeezed out a smile, afraid of angering any of the two parties.

He has more authority, but the people in front of him are advanced level wargods!

’’I would suggest you guys not to search for the T111 bomb’’ Venina glanced at the middle-aged man, ’’I placed it in a position that is extremely hard to locate. Even if you can find them, you should know how hard it is to defuse this bomb! Once you begin to defuse it, I will know instantly and will directly press the button’’

The middle-aged man in the traditional chinese robe broke out in a cold sweat!

He hates messing with figures like these with both power and authority. An advanced level wargod and the director of the HR alliance in China, messing with such a figure would lead to grave consequences.

’’Luo Feng’’ Venina stared at Luo Feng.

’’Either my husband and I and tens of thousands of innocent Chinese civilians die together’’ Venina's voice echoed around Luo Feng's ear, ’’Or, you let go of my husband and nothing happens to anyone! The choice, lies in your hands!’’

Luo Feng was expressionless, but his gaze became colder and colder.

’’Wargod Luo Feng!’’

’’Madam Venina’’ the middle-aged man in the traditional Chinese robe started to panic a bit, but he thought to himself, ’’Why isn't Mr. Lan here yet?’’


The temperature of the shattered HR alliance plaza started to drop. It was already winter, and now the temperature dropped below 0. The fountain instantly froze, and the air started to become chilly. A middle-aged man with slightly green hair flew down from the sky.

’’Representative Lan’’ Venina, Li Yao, and Luo Feng recognized the person who came.

’’Hmph, even if you guys have a grudge, don't drag in regular people’’ as if he has been frozen for a thousand years, representative Lan's gaze caused one to shiver.

’’Representative Lan’’ Venina shook her head, ’’I had no choice. This Luo Feng wanted to kill my husband inside a headquarter city, so I had no other choice! I am not his opponent, so this is the only path I can take. If my husband is going to die, then let those tens of thousands of innocent civilians die with him. Furthermore, the choice lies within Luo Feng's hands. If he lets go of my husband, everyone is happy’’

There are 52 representatives on earth.

There are over 10 'existences surpassing the wargod level' of Chinese descent. Even though only three or four of them are completely loyal to the country, quite a few of them still live in seclusion in the country. They would occasionally help the army and the country, or the HR alliance...... anyways, they can help whoever they want to and still live in seclusion peacefully.

'Ice Blade' Lan Ran is one of the representatives living in seclusion in Jiang-Nan headquarter city.

Only when a major event occurs will Lan Ran show up.

And this time, Lan Ran has to intervene.

’’Luo Feng’’

Representative Lan hovered beside Luo Feng, ’’Luo Feng, you should know the laws of the country and the rules of the Palace of Wargods!’’

’’Quite a few rules in the Palace of Wargods are absolute. Nobody is allowed to infringe upon them’’

’’Killing the family members of someone in the Dojo is one rule!’’

’’Openly killing a fighter in a headquarter city, is also one rule!’’

’’Wargods are not allowed to fight each other in a headquarter city, is also one rule!’’

Representative Lan said lowly: ’’Powerful wargod fighters are the wealth of humanity! Each one of them is important’’

’’And the fact that you dared to openly hunt down a fighter in the plaza of the HR alliance while over ten million people are watching means you deserve the death penalty! But the wargod you want to kill is part of the Palace of Wargods! So your crime is even worse! Even if you kill him, you still get the death penalty! The laws are set by the five chairmen. Are you really going to give up your life for Li Yao's? And also kill tens of thousands of innocent Chinese in the process? Some of them are teenagers that are still growing, and some of them are just naive babies. Is it worth it?’’ representative Lan stared at Luo Feng.


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