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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 2



’’Boyfriend?’’ Xu Xin looked at her brother Xu Gang with her eyes opened wide. Does her brother not know...... that she and Luo Feng haven't confirmed their relationship yet?

’’Boyfriend?’’ Luo Feng had an odd expression on as he remained silent.

However, his image of Xu Gang improved a bit. Even though this 'brother in law' values position and authority too much, he can't blame him. Luo Feng was unamused during their first meeting, but truthfully, Xu Gang did it for his sister! And now, he's actively promoting their relationship.....

It's not bad, having a brother in law who can grasp the situation.

’’Luo Feng’’ smiled Xu Gang, ’’I was quite disrespectful during our first meeting, I hope my younger sister's husband can overlook that.....’’

Within a blink of an eye, Luo Feng's identity raised from Xu Xin's boyfriend to 'husband'.

’’Brother!’’ Xu Xin couldn't help but to yell.

’’Ah’’ Xu Gang said in a weird tone, ’’My sister is embarrassed. Luo Feng, I'll treat you next time. As for now, I'll head back with uncle Bo and the others so we won't distract you two’’ as he said that, he pulled on Sun Chao's arm as he dragged him away, ’’Sun Chao, go, let's return. Don't intrude on their world of two people’’

Sun Chao's expression was frozen and awkward as he was dragged away.


Sun Chao, Xu Gang, and their family stepped out the airport and were split into three cars.

In an elegant, long limousine.

Sun Chao and Xu Gang sat in the back row. Xu Gang wasn't as energetic as before as he calmly glanced at Sun Chao beside him: ’’Sun Chao, you better not mess with my sister and Luo Feng's relationship, or else.....’’

’’We grew up together, so as your older brother, I'll remind you. Our Xu family's higher ups completely approve of and support my sister and Luo Feng's relationship. Whoever messes with that, even if your dad protects you, won't have a good future’’ said Xu Gang quietly, ’’The stuff between my sister and Luo Feng is currently our family's most important thing’’

Sun Chao remained silent, saying nothing.

After a while, Sun Chao came up with the phrase: ’’Xu Gang, that Luo Feng..... could it be the Luo Feng from the Dojo of Limits?’’

’’Oh, you know?’’ laughed Xu Gang.

’’Two days ago overseas, my dad called me and mentioned this Luo Feng. He said this Luo Feng has quite the image in the Palace of Wargods’’ Sun Chao let out a deep sigh, ’’At the airport just now, your words were enraging me. However, I felt like I heard the name 'Luo Feng'. And I remembered after getting on the car’’

Xu Gang laughed as he looked at him: ’’Still want to fight over my sister?’’

’’Fight over what?’’

Sun Chao glared at Xu Gang, ’’Your sister always ignores me and never gives me even the slightest bit of respect. However, I didn't care back then..... I just thought that I haven't spent enough time with her yet. That's why I came over with you guys this time. However, who would've known that Xu Xin's boyfriend is this Luo Feng. I can't fight over that. If I really try to, my dad will probably break my legs!’’

Sun Chao's father is a wargod level fighter! One of the Xu family's guest wargods.

Because of his father's position, Sun Chao had the right to manage a business under the Xu family in America. Sun Chao was quite clear..... even his father can't catch up to this Luo Feng, so would he dare to mess with him? Fighting over someone's girlfriend, and that someone is Luo Feng. Is he looking for death?

’’And you. Xu Xin has a boyfriend like this and you don't even remind me in advance’’ said Sun Chao with dissatisfaction.

’’You're blaming me? My schedule was packed and I had to help look over our family's business in America. From beginning to end, I only met you three times in America. How should I know you only came back to the country to chase after my sister. Didn't you say..... that you were homesick and wanted to visit your parents?’’ Xu Gang glared.

Sun Chao was speechless.

That was just an excuse..... I guess I came back for nothing. Whatever, I guess I can go visit my parents. As for Xu Xin, first, she isn't interested, and second, my heart becomes cold whenever I think of Luo Feng's legends. F*k..... that guy is an 'invincible wargod' who can easily kill me with the amount of effort it takes to eat food or drink water.


Around 8 PM, night arrived. The dim light from the street lights scattered across the concrete sidewalk.

Luo Feng and Xu Xin walked side by side. They ate dinner together, and now, Luo Feng is walking her home!

’’Rich people sure are different. Land in a headquarter city is priceless, and yet the place where rich people live is so quiet. Barely any people are here’’ smiled Luo Feng, ’’If it was in the sector of another area, then the streets would be filled with cars and people by now. The rich people's sector barely has anyone’’

Xu Xin speechlessly glanced at Luo Feng and then said: ’’You're talking about rich people? You don't have money? Even if you take out all the usable money my family has, it still wouldn't be enough to purchase your auto jet!’’

Even though the Xu family is one of the country's twelve families and extremely rich, most of their money is invested in capital assets. The money they can actually use is indeed not enough to purchase Luo Feng's auto jet.

’’How did you know about the auto jet?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

When they were eating, Luo Feng knew that Xu Gang and the others purposefully withheld his information when they were overseas. However..... paper can't contain fire. After the incident at the Palace of Wargods' auction house, Luo Feng became even more famous. Xu Xin learned about this through the HR alliance's internal discussion forums.

’’Luo Feng the great examiner, your jet is parked in Ming-Yue sector, but no pilot ever enters or exits it. Could it be, that you're a pilot?’’ Xu Xin started giggling.

Luo Feng was speechless.

A pilot? Every pilot of every fighter aircraft needs extensive training. No matter how much of a genius they are, they cannot become a fighter aircraft pilot without huge amounts of training.

Luo Feng wasn't a pilot, the people of the HR alliance were easily able to determine that. So, Luo Feng must be riding in an 'auto jet'! Most regular fighters don't know about it, but the higher ups of the HR alliance were clear about it. Even the higher ups of the Dojo of Limits like the examiners and investigators have to pay, after discounts, 180 billion Chinese dollars for an 'emperor level auto jet'.

Other countries and the HR alliance wants to purchase it?


As long as you can pay the price. Buy it for 200 billion? In your dreams!

’’How about, we ride on the auto jet?’’ suggested Luo Feng.

Xu Xin wanted to, but she looked at her watch: ’’It's late now, so if we rush over there to ride on it, it'll probably be 11 or 12 PM by the time we get back’’

’’It won't be long’’ smiled Luo Feng as he commanded, ’’#1, come here’’

’’What are you doing?’’ asked Xu Xin in a confused tone.

Luo Feng smiled mysteriously as he raised his head towards the sky.

Xu Xin, still confused, also raised her head towards the sky.

A flowing light stopped in the sky above, which was indeed the dark blue triangular fighter jet. It slowly descended. Xu Xin saw the triangular fighter jet in the air, mouth agape: ’’So fast.....’’

’’The auto jet's top speed surpasses mach 10. As long as I'm on earth, I'll be able to send it a command’’ Luo Feng smiled as he pulled Xu Xin's hand, ’’Come on, let's go up there!’’. Immediately, blade piece after blade piece appeared from Luo Feng's neck. The 365 blade pieces quickly formed into the soaring shuttle. Luo Feng stepped on the soaring shuttle with one hand holding Xu Xin's hand and the other hand holding her waist.


The soaring shuttle flew up and the hatch of the hovering auto jet opened automatically.

’’This, this.....’’ Xu Xin looked downwards with shock.

She's flying?

After that, Xu Xin reacted: Luo Feng was holding her!

’’Xu Xin’’ Luo Feng held Xu Xin's waist as his body pushed against hers. He felt the temperature coming from Xu Xin's soft body and couldn't help but to lower his head and look at Xu Xin. His heart moved and he lowered his head..... and kissed.

While the wind blew in midair, Xu Xin was absentminded: her first kiss was stolen just like that.

After their kiss.

Luo Feng lowered his head and looked at Xu Xin, who was bright red, as he softly said: ’’From now on, you, Xu Xin, will be Luo Feng's girlfriend’’

’’You're so forceful’’ Xu Xin couldn't help but to glare, ’’And what if I don't agree?’’

’’Then I'll let go and let you drop’’ Luo Feng had a playful smile on as he purposefully loosened his hand a bit.

Xu Xin's body shook a bit and she was shocked as she saw the trees and streets below. She couldn't help but to say, ’’Be careful, the ground is like 70 to 80 meters away’’

’’Do you still dare to disagree?’’ laughed Luo Feng.

’’Hmph’’ Xu Xin giggled, ’’It took you so long to confess that I thought you were too scared to’’. Indeed...... Luo Feng and Xu Xin frequently video chatted and their chats last for one to two hours. Even though none of them said it clearly, the way they acted was exactly like how people in a relationship would act.

They were just missing the confession.

’’Because, in the past, I didn't have enough power. I didn't want trouble you’’ said Luo Feng softly.

Xu Xin's eyes became red and couldn't help but to bury her head in Luo Feng's chest.

Just like that.....

The auto jet hovered in midair. Beside the auto jet, Luo Feng was hugging Xu Xin while he stood on the soaring shuttle. For a long time......

This night, was fated to be a special one.


Outer space.

The stars were plenty. This infinite universe is quite mysterious. Nobody knows what wonders the universe holds.


A golden stream of light swiftly approached earth from outer space at a speed nearing the speed of light! This golden stream of light swiftly pierced through the atmosphere and fell towards the earth.

Earth, Pacific Ocean. Around a few hundred miles away from the islands called the 'Hawaiian Islands’’ before the Grand Nirvana period.


The golden stream of light directly flew into the sea. The weird thing is, even though it descended at a speed nearing the speed of light, it didn't cause the surface of the ocean to change at all. The waves were the same as always. Not only did the ocean not change at all, no satellite or apparatus was able to detect this golden stream of light!

Deep in the sea!

Around 3,000 meters deep, the golden light already dissipated, leaving behind a black, oval shaped egg that was around 12 meters in diameter. There were peculiar golden markings on the surface of the black egg. Keep in mind that the 'dragon eggs' of earth only had a diameter of around one meter.

At this moment

was complete silence!

Every satellite from every country, and even the special devices from the archaeological ruins, were operating as usual. None of them were able to detect its arrival!


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