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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 19



The emperor level auto jet and the prehistoric level auto jet were both hovering in midair.

Luo Feng took out a black god set from the emperor level auto jet, got on his soaring shuttle, and then flew back into the prehistoric level auto jet.

’’Head, the black god set’’ Luo Feng put it on the seat.

’’Yeah’’ the black clothed man, Hong, slightly nodded his head.

However, in his mind, 'Hong', for once, didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. Because the 'AI' of the auto jet he sold only has a simple AI that listens to Hong's commands. Hong commanded that auto jet to listen to Luo Feng, so of course the fighter jet obeyed! If Luo Feng and Hong gave a command at the same time, then the auto jet would actually listen to the one with the highest authority, 'Hong'.

After the news of Luo Feng's death spread around.

Hong took back the auto jet and also took away the black god set! After knowing that Luo Feng came out, Hong hurriedly put the black god set back in!

Oh my gosh!

When has he, Hong, ever been so embarrassed before? Good thing nobody knows about this.

’’Luo Feng, let's split up here’’ said the black clothed man, Hong.

’’Yes, head’’

Without caring about anything else, he said goodbye to the two existences surpassing the wargod level, stepped on his soaring shuttle, and flew into his auto jet.

’’#1, go home’’ commanded Luo Feng.


The dark blue auto jet instantly accelerated to over mach 10 as it headed towards China's Jiang-Nan headquarter city's Yang Zhou city.

The sky was gray, there was no sunlight. The cold breeze carried up a few fallen leaves.

There were quite a few children in Ming-Yue sector. The teenagers ignored the cold as they did some strength, agility, and blade exercises. Many people take the way of the fighter seriously in Ming-Yue sector. Around the teenagers were quite a few parents, and some of them were fighters that were guiding these teenagers.

’’Look, a fighter jet’’

’’Oh? It's dark blue, like wargod Luo Feng's’’

’’It does look like it. It basically seems identical’’

Quite a few people in the sector looked towards the sky with shock. The dark blue triangular fighter jet was currently descending. It landed on the lawn.


The hatch opened. A youth wearing a casual black shirt who was carrying a gigantic backpack ran towards one of the villas. The various adults and children in the sector looking from afar were all stunned, stunned at the face of that youth!

’’Luo Feng?’’

’’It's Luo Feng? Is this a ghost, I thought the Dojo of Limits announced his death?’’

’’The dojo in our headquarter city even held a memorial’’

Quite a few people were flabbergasted.

’’Brother Chen, I'll see you later’’ Luo Feng, who was still running, smiled towards the stunned Chen Gu.

’’Luo, Luo, Luo.....’’ Chen Gu looked towards Luo Feng with shock as he pointed at Luo Feng. However, not a single phrase could leave his mouth.

In the memorial, the original fire hammer squad members were extremely, extremely sad.

And f*k, now he's alive?


Ming-Yue sector was definitely going to be in an uproar today. Jiang-Nan headquarter city was definitely going to be in an uproar today.

In Luo Feng's home's backyard.

Brother Luo Hua and mother Gong Xin Lan all stood there. Beside them were a few bodyguards and servants.

’’Feng’’ yelled Gong Xin Lan.

’’Mom’’ Luo Feng ran over. His mother was visibly much more older than she was a year ago.

Luo Feng couldn't help but to glance at Luo Hua as he said lowly: ’’What's going on. How come you didn't boil the thousand year black crow root into a medicine and give it to mom and dad?’’. Luo Feng told his brother a long time ago that the he and his parents should drink the medicine made out of the thousand year black crow root. But Luo Hua and his parents said no rush..... they wanted to see if they could find other relatives first and then split it between all of them.

’’Bro’’ Luo Hua shook his head, ’’I'll tell you later’’

’’Where's dad?’’ Luo Feng was confused.

After going missing for a year, with his dad's temper, he should've came out by now.

’’Your dad is in the room’’ Gong Xin Lan pulled his son's hand as she headed towards the room.

In the quiet room, father Luo Hong Guo lay on the bed. When Luo Feng opened the door and went in, Luo Hong Guo's eyes contained an excitement never experienced before. His son, that he thought was lost forever, is standing in front of him! Luo Hong Guo even wanted to get up from bed.

’’Mr. Luo, you cannot move. Please watch your waist’’ the two nurses were shocked and then ran over.

’’Dad, what happened to you?’’ Luo Feng's face instantly changed.

He sat beside the bed and grasped his father's hand. He started to frown deeply: ’’Dad, wait, your face is so pale. How come you can't even get up?’’

’’No problem, the doctor said I just have to rest for about a year and a half’’ Luo Hong Guo let out a smile, a smile that came from the bottom of his heart, ’’If dad can see you, then it doesn't matter how injured I am. I am really, really happy today. Really happy. Extremely happy’’ as he said that, a joyful tear started to appear in the corner of his eye.

Luo Feng nodded, but his heart was filled with a bit of anger and confusion.

Not right!

’’Luo Hua, what is going on?’’ Luo Feng looked towards his brother.

’’You two go out’’ Luo Hua waved his hand at the two nurses. The two nurses swiftly left, leaving the four members of the Luo family in the room.

Luo Hua looked at his brother: ’’Bro, I'm useless’’

’’Can't blame your brother’’ father Luo Hong Guo stretched his arm from the bed to stop Luo Hua, ’’Feng, over this period of time, especially the three months after the Dojo of Limits announced your death, our family has never had peace. All sorts of methods were used to deal with us. They even used some of the residents in the sector...... your mom has had to consume sleeping pills every single day to be able to sleep’’

Luo Hua's face turned green as he clenched his fists, his gaze was as sharp as a blade!

’’Luo Hua’’ Luo Feng looked towards his brother and said lowly, ’’Tell me’’

’’It's Li Yao’’

Luo Hua took in a deep breath, ’’Starting from three months ago, Li Yao has been using all sorts of methods to deal with our family via the HR alliance. Even though he didn't dare to directly kill the family members of a fighter in the Dojo of Limits, but...... certain methods are even worse than death! I could only do everything in my power! I even used the 'thousand year black crow root' and contacted a major figure through bro's friend, commander Li Da Wei, to transfer 120 billion worth of ICBC stocks to me. I became the eighth largest stockholder of ICBC, which gave me the authority to arrange members of the special forces to protect our family’’

’’But Li Yao never gave up his revenge’’

’’All sorts of methods against the mind, the body, no matter how underhanded they were..... he used everything’’ Luo Hua shook his head, ’’Now mom and dad can only stay at home. I have no other way. Last time, dad just crossed the sidewalk and ended up getting in a traffic accident. Luckily, he had bodyguards protecting him, or else he wouldn't be alive anymore’’

The more Luo Feng listened, the uglier his face became.


The left hand he was holding the steel edge of the bed with became powder.

’’He actually, actually.....’’ Luo Feng's face turned green, ’’I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS LI YAO IS THIS SHAMELESS!!!’’

It's all his fault!

Ever since Li Yao hid in Europe like a turtle, he couldn't be bothered to deal with him after he became famous. However, after the news of his death was confirmed, this Li Yao actually came to unleash his revenge on his family members right away. Luckily his family had the 'family members of a fighter in the Dojo of Limits' identity, so Li Yao couldn't come and attack them himself.

If his brother was just a bit less capable, then......

’’Bastard’’ Luo Feng's body was shaking a bit.

Anger surges, intense hatred rises!

His killing intent couldn't be controlled!

After a few minutes.

After comforting his parents, Luo Feng was in the training hall upstairs.

’’I made a mistake once, but I won't make the same mistake again!’’

Luo Feng touched the ice cold, dense blade pieces of his soaring shuttle, his blade-like gaze caused one's heart to go cold, ’’Li Yao, you think I'm too scared to touch you because you keep hiding in a headquarter city?’’. There are indeed laws that ban people from killing each other in headquarter cities, and killing a wargod in a headquarter city is even more serious.


Luo Feng understood that the so called law was to keep the country in order. As of now, his true power can compare to someone at the 'star traveller level one stage'. Once he seriously begins to study 《Soaring Sky》and brings out the soaring shuttle's true potential, he will become even more powerful.

More powerful than the average representative.

An existence surpassing the wargod level killing a wargod. That might anger some people, but the consequences won't be too major, Luo Feng can still accept them.


Luo Feng looked towards the mini quantum computer and turned on the 'Palace of Wargods Sharing System'. Back then, Li Yao and Venina used this system to track down Wang Tong and the other wargod's position! The Palace of Wargods wanted wargods to use this system to help each other when they're in trouble, so every wargod has this system installed. And today..... it is going to be used by Luo Feng to track down Li Yao!

’’Oh, he's still in Jiang-Nan headquarter city’’ the skylight above opened.


Luo Feng, who was wearing black, stepped on the soaring shuttle and soared into the sky.

He flew along an arc as he charged towards the auto jet. HUALA, the hatch automatically opened.

’’Golden silk net!’’ Luo Feng looked inside the cabin and his spiritual force, like a formless gigantic hand, directly grabbed the golden silk net. Luo Feng gazed towards the southwest, his gaze was like a blade, ’’LI YAO!’’

Jiang-Nan headquarter city's HR alliance building, 32nd floor.

Li Yao and Venina were currently talking to the manager of the HR alliance's building.

’’Still three more hours before the passenger plane takes off’’ Venina lowered her head and looked at her watch.

’’Don't panic’’ said Li Yao lightly, ’’What are you scared of?’’

’’That Luo Feng is going to be back’’ frowned Venina, ’’I said a long time ago that we should have just rode a plane back to Europe. Wouldn't that solve everything?’’

’’A plane?’’ Li Yao shook his head, ’’That plane worth only about ten billion? If we fly a short distance around the headquarter city, then there would be no problem. But for long distances, there are many flying monsters around uninhabited areas, like the land and sea in the wilderness! Once an accident happens ’’

Only 'passenger airplanes' are able to travel over long distances, or auto jets, or extremely advanced and expensive 'disc shaped fighter jets' that are priced at around 50 billion.

’’Furthermore, this is a headquarter city, and you're still scared that Luo Feng will mess around?’’ sneered Li Yao.

’’Hm?’’ Li Yao froze as he looked outside the french window.

’’Look outside?’’ Mr. Zhu was shocked.

What could be seen was a black image in midair with his foot on the soaring shuttle as he charged towards this window like a bolt of black lightning!

’’It's Luo Feng!’’ exclaimed Venina.

’’LUO FENG!’’ Li Yao's entire body was instantly protected by the black membrane as it formed into a black battle uniform and a black helmet. Only his two eyes were revealed.


The glass was smashed apart!

’’LUO FENG YOU DARE ’’ Li Yao roared as he smashed towards the window to his side and directly leaped into midair outside.

From Li Yao's perspective, the area outside could be easily captured by all sorts of surveillance cameras, so Luo Feng wouldn't dare to mess around.

’’Hmph’’ Luo Feng swiftly passed through.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Flowing light after flowing light instantly shot out. A full 16 flowing lights, like 16 roaring dragons, caused powerful sonic booms that shattered the entire floor of the elegant lobby. Even Mr. Zhu was blown off to the side. Luo Feng only stared at Li Yao, his eyes seemed to be burning with fire.

The 16 flowing lights followed an arc. They were so fast that Li Yao had no chance to dodge, and they all simultaneously smashed into Li Yao's body.

’’Hmph, throwing knives?’’ a bit of disdain crossed through Li Yao's eyes.


The incredible destructive force instantly carried through the black god set. Even though it was weakened by 90%, the incredible impact force was still alarmingly large. Each throwing knife had an impact force of over 500,000, so 16 throwing knives combined to a total of over 8,000,000 kg! Even after 90% of it is taken off, there's still over 800,000 kg of impact force left!

Which is to say, Li Yao, with nothing to protect him, has to handle over 800,000 kg of impact force with his bare body!

Back when Luo Feng was inside archaeological ruin #9, he relied on his shield to dissipate the large impact force of nearly 1,000,000 kg from the mysterious black robed man's attack. Even so, his arm still broke! Just his shield was able to dissipate half of the force, and his broken arm also took away quite a bit of it. The actual force that hit Luo Feng was 300,000 to 400,000 kg, but that still made Luo Feng spit out blood in pain.

And Li Yao, has to deal with an impact force that exceeds 800,000 kg!

Usually, Li Yao would be killed!

But luckily, the 'black god set' spread the force of impact to every location of his body. And his fitness level is at the peak of the advanced level wargod level, which was quite a bit more powerful than Luo Feng's fitness level when he first entered archaeological ruin #9!




Li Yao's face became flushed red as fresh blood sprayed out of his mouth like a fountain. Just from this horrifying impact force, just this one time! Caused Li Yao to lose most of his battle power.

’’Impossible, impossible!’’ Li Yao roared in his heart, ’’I am at the peak of the wargod level and I have a black god set! Even 'representatives' surpassing the wargod level can only damage me in one hit. Barely any representatives are able to kill me in one hit. But Luo Feng, he..... could it be, that he made a breakthrough and is now an existence surpassing the wargod level?’’

Wargods all knew that advanced level wargods with 'black god sets' cannot be killed by wargods. Even representatives would have trouble killing them in one hit.


There were many pedestrians below on the plaza of the HR alliance building. Quite a few tourists were even taking photos for memories in the plaza.


As if a cannonball fiercely smashed into the plaza, the stone pavement of the plaza instantly blew up. The surrounding patrolling soldiers were shocked and were panicking. The tourists in the plaza taking photos from afar were also shocked as they started screaming. Some of the flying rock even smashed into people. Pedestrians also panicked as they screamed and a few rocks even flew onto the street.

Many cars on the street abruptly stopped, causing a traffic jam. Quite a few drivers angrily honked their horns.

’’Holy!’’ many passersby stared at the plaza.

What they saw was a youth in casual black attire on his soaring shuttle as he amazingly hovered in midair. From the hole in the plaza came flying out a man who was covered in black.

The gaze of the youth on the soaring shuttle was ice cold as he waved his hand!

The golden silk net that was focused into a ball in his left hand instantly struck Li Yao in an instant like lightning. It then automatically spread out and trapped him, as if he was a pig waiting to be slaughtered.


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