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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 18



Human underground base of archaeological ruin #9.

’’Wargod Luo Feng, here is a clean set of clothes’’

’’Wargod Luo Feng, do you need anything else?’’

Luo Feng, who looked like a 'black person', took a glance at the two girls at the door and waved his hand, ’’No need!’’. With a thud, the door to the room closed.

’’Haven't had a bath for a year and three months!’’ Luo Feng swiftly took off his battle uniform set and his clothes and then charged into the tub in the bathroom. Hot water continuously came out of the faucet. When Luo Feng went in, the tub of the water swiftly became black. There's no helping it, Luo Feng only had water to drink in the archaeological ruin.

Want to take a bath? In your dreams!

As he lay in the tub and allowed the hot water to wash his body, Luo Feng couldn't help but to use his 'mini quantum computer' to make a call. The mini quantum computer has already copied all of the phone numbers and other crucial data from his 'tactical communications watch'.

’’It's been a year. I wonder how my parents are and if they're doing well’’

Actually, Luo Feng wanted to make this call right when he came out of the archaeological ruin. But since he was blocked by the massive amount of workers in the underground base, Luo Feng could only find a room to take a bath and then make the call from there.

’’Beep Beep Beep ’’

The call went through.

Jiang-Nan headquarter city, Yang Zhou city Ming-Yue sector.

In a quiet room.

Luo Hong Guo was laying on a bed, his face pale white. Beside him was a hanging plastic bag since he was receiving IV treatment. Two nurses were currently with him in the room.

’’It's a phone call from Luo Feng, it's a phone call from Luo Feng.....’’ the ring tone rang.

Luo Hong Guo, who had a pale face and closed eyes, instantly opened his eyes and ferociously turned his head towards the cellphone on the counter. He couldn't care about anything else as he struggled to turn his body and extend his left hand to reach for the cellphone. This scene caused the two nurses beside him to jump with shock, one of them quickly said: ’’Mr. Luo, you cannot move your waist. Let me do it’’

’’No problem’’

As if he had infinite power and the waist that was hurting was somebody else's, Luo Hong Guo actually managed to swiftly pick up the phone.

As he looked at the display, Luo Hong Guo was in disbelief: ’’It's actually Feng. Who is calling, Feng?’’. Keep in mind that the Dojo of Limits has already confirmed Luo Feng's death. Luo Feng's parents didn't know that Luo Feng was in archaeological ruin #9, so they thought that the Dojo had a way to absolutely confirm Luo Feng's death.

After taking a deep breath, Luo Hong Guo accepted the call.


’’Hello’’ Luo Hong Guo's voice was hoarse, low, and had a bit of worry and a bit of expectation in it, as if he was holding a piece of tofu and scared that it would break at any time.

’’Dad, it's me’’ the voice filled with energy and power that rang in Luo Hong Guo's dreams who knows how many times, that familiar voice that was so familiar it couldn't get any more familiar..... caused Luo Hong Guo's eyes to widen. Luo Hong Guo's hands started to shake: ’’Feng, Feng, is that you?’’

’’It's me, dad’’ said Luo Feng.

’’Why don't you hurry up and video chat so I can see you’’ followed Luo Hong Guo. He was scared that someone was pranking him, since it isn't hard for modern technology to mimic someone's voice.

’’Dad, I'm taking a shower and I have a huge moustache’’ Luo Feng was a bit embarrassed.


The video started!

Luo Hong Guo stared at the screen of his cell phone. Within the heat of the bath was a human figure. His long hair was wet and he had a huge moustache. However, the shape of that face, and especially those eyes, caused Luo Hong Guo's eyes to light up. In the video, a throwing knife flew up and swiftly flew past Luo Feng's face, quickly cutting off that big moustache. What was left was a handsome young man!

It was indeed Luo Feng!

It was indeed the Luo Feng that he, Luo Hong Guo, has raised for 20 years!

’’Feng, Feng, you aren't dead, great, this is great’’ Luo Hong Guo's eyes teared up. He and his wife were extremely saddened because of what happened to their oldest son over this period of time.

’’Dad, sorry, I was stuck in a place and couldn't come out. I just came out, and now I'm in South America. I'll be back home in a few hours’’ said Luo Feng.

’’Okay, okay, no rush. Your things are more important’’ said Luo Hong Guo.


Crack, the door to the room opened. Luo Hua, who was in a cotton sweater, came in with a cup of fresh milk.

’’Don't worry, dad, everything has been dealt with. I will be home soon. Is everything fine at home?’’ the voice from the phone carried over, which caused Luo Hua, who was bringing in some milk, to freeze.


Luo Hua widened his eyes in disbelief, and his tears practically started streaming down instantly!

The two nurses on the side were flabbergasted. They were clear about how capable this Mr. 'Luo Hua' was. He is the eighth largest stockholder of China's largest bank, ICBC, with property worth over a hundred billion. People who go in and out of his home are people with extremely high authority in the stock market and agents of the country's special forces.

Even they are nurses arranged by the country's special forces to take care of Luo Hua's father, and such a person started crying all of a sudden?

’’Everything is fine, everything at home is fine, everything will be fine when you come back’’ followed Luo Hong Guo.

’’Okay, I will be back soon’’

The phone call ended.

Luo Hua walked towards his father and said with disbelief: ’’Dad, that's a phone call from bro? Bro isn't dead?’’

’’In just a few hours, he'll be home’’ followed Luo Hong Guo.

’’Haha, ha, ha.....’’ Luo Hua seemed to be crying and seemed to be laughing, ’’I knew bro would be fine. I knew it!’’. Ever since he was young, Luo Feng was like a gigantic tree that was protecting him. He even became a fighter to earn money to help him stand up again. In his heart, Luo Hua is extremely grateful to his brother.

In his life, his brother is extremely important! When the news of Luo Feng's death spread around, not only were his parents sad, he, Luo Hua, was also sad. However, he had to hold up the family.

He isn't even 20 yet, but he had to fight against Li Yao's schemes and deal with all sorts of sly foxes. Luo Hua was indeed very, very tired.


In a cafe in Kyoto headquarter city.

Xu Xin was currently sitting on a couch in the cafe. There was an extremely thin laptop in front of her. The desktop photo of the laptop was a photo of her and Luo Feng together. In the photo, Luo Feng was smiling extremely dramatically, as if he was a child. Xu Xin tapped the screen and opened a folder.

As she held her cup of coffee, Xu Xin silently looked at the photos inside the folder.

’’Hello, may I borrow your cell phone for a bit?’’ a handsome young man smiled as he walked by.

Xu Xin glanced at him. Her eyes were cold. After that, she looked back to her laptop without making a sound.

The handsome young man slightly frowned, but when he saw out of the corner of his eye the photo that Xu Xin was currently looking at on the laptop, which was a photo that Xu Xin and Luo Feng took together on top of a building in the wilderness, the handsome young man couldn't help but to walk away and curse in his mind: ’’Damn, she already has a boyfriend. The cabbage is given to a pig. Eh, wait. The background of that photo seemed to be a ruined city, and there were monsters?’’

A couple taking a romantic photo in a city in the wilderness?

’’I saw the wrong thing, I saw the wrong thing’’ the handsome young man couldn't believe this.

And at this time..... an extremely sad song rang, which caused the handsome young man to turn his head in confusion: ’’Using such a sad song as a ringtone?’’

Xu Xin's body shook on the sofa. She set this song as the ringtone for Luo Feng's number. She took her cellphone out and accepted the call.

’’Xu Xin, it's me’’

Instantly, the layer of ice sealing Xu Xin's long frozen heart melted.


Exit of the underground base.

Luo Feng, who was wearing a black casual outfit and holding a gigantic backpack, smiled as he watched two flowing lights fly towards him in the sky. After making the two calls, Luo Feng's heart became much more relaxed.

The two flowing lights in front of Luo Feng was Luo Feng's emperor level auto jet! After he came out of the archaeological ruin, Luo Feng gave the command to his auto jet...... which instantly came flying over.

’’Hm? that's ’’ Luo Feng saw the other blood red triangular shaped fighter jet beside it.

The two fighter jets descended simultaneously.

The hatch opened and a staircase extended out. The black clothed Hong stepped out first, whereas royal guard 'Allure' and investigator 'Liu' followed after.

’’Head’’ Luo Feng slightly bowed.

’’Good, you didn't let me down’’ the black clothed man, Hong, directly walked in front of Luo Feng. His eyes seemed to see straight through Luo Feng, ’’And I feel like, Luo Feng, you're different from before. You must've received quite a bit this past year and three months. Go, let's talk on the fighter jet’’

’’Yes’’ Luo Feng clearly knew the head's strength: star traveller level six stage. But because he has a domain, even those at the star traveller level nine stage probably aren't his opponent. He is invincible in the star traveller level!

The difference between the representatives at the star traveller level one stage and the head's strength is like the difference between a 'beginner level warrior' and an 'invincible wargod'!

And the difference between him and the head is also very huge.

The prehistoric level auto jet was in front while the emperor level auto jet was behind.

Inside the prehistoric level autojet, the black clothed Hong, Luo Feng, Allure, and Liu He sat on a chair that formed a circle.

’’Luo Feng, you have the translation software, so why did you spend a year and three months inside archaeological ruin #9?’’ the black clothed man, Hong, looked at Luo Feng, ’’Did you discover some secret in this archaeological ruin #9?’’. As the number one man on earth, he also received some technological inheritances from the ruins, so there are barely any things left that can pique his curiosity. Archaeological ruin #9 happens to be one of those things.

’’Yes’’ nodded Luo Feng.

’’What secrets, can you tell me?’’ the black clothed man, Hong, looked at Luo Feng.

Luo Feng knew in his heart that the reason why the bald crystal person took the initiative to delete all that information from his tactical communications watch was to prevent the people on earth from knowing them! Only members of 'Yun Mo planet' are allowed to know them.

’’My brain vigor is higher, so I triggered a special death mission’’ said Luo Feng half truthfully.

’’Death mission?’’

The people on the seats were astonished. The black clothed man, Hong, continued asking: ’’Did you receive the same rewards as the other wargods? There must've been something different’’

In the past, as long as they entered archaeological ruin #9 and succeeded, they all received a black god set.

’’I did receive something extra’’

’’Not only did I get a black god set, I also got an instruction manual for spirit readers’’ said Luo Feng.

’’Oh?’’ the black clothed man, Hong, was a bit disappointed.

He is a fighter! All of his energy is put into his training. As of now, according to what 'Hong' knows about the universe, even though he is at the 'star traveller level six stage', his true power is way higher than that. Many star level fighters don't have their own domain.

With a domain, he is invincible in the star traveller level!

With such a high state in his fighter abilities, of course he won't waste any more time on training spiritual force.


Inside archaeological ruin #9, in the dark brown maze.

The bald crystal person, whose entire body was shining, walked forward step by step.

’’Luo Feng indeed didn't say anything about what happened in the ruins’’

The bald crystal person could barely feel a feeling that humans had, a sliver of 'sadness', as he sighed, ’’Master, it's been 50,000 years. I haven't been able to contact you for 50,000 years’’. Even after 50,000 years, as an AI, it could only obey the core program and pick out wargods.


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