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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 17



The bald crystal person was the central AI of the entire archaeological ruin. However, it's not the type of AI that 'Hong' makes, but an AI with human intelligence and even a bit of human emotion! Its original program was to serve Yun Mo planet, so it thought of itself as a member of Yun Mo planet!

Yun Mo planet, only those with true talent, perseverance, and intellect are able to join! Otherwise, even a star traveller level fighter doesn't have the right to join.

Luo Feng is extremely talented!

To be able to finish the test in one year and three months, his perseverance and intellect is clearly displayed. Only someone like this has the right to enter Yun Mo planet! Sadly, something happened to Yun Mo planet. All these years, this central AI hasn't been able to contact Yun Mo planet, so it could only guess that something has happened to Yun Mo planet.

However, it is an AI, so it must obey the program it is following. Year after year it continued its mission on earth.

Now that there's finally someone who was able to become a part of Yun Mo planet, its tiny 'emotion' hoped for Luo Feng to surpass everyone on earth.

’’Yeah, I'll work hard’’ nodded Luo Feng, ’’I wonder if there is anything above the star traveller level?’’

’’Of course. Star traveller level fighters are only able to survive in space while they wander around’’ said the bald crystal person, ’’Above the star traveller level is the star level! Star level fighters are also split into nine stages. And above the star level is the universe level!’’

’’Star traveller level, star level, universe level.....’’ Luo Feng kept that in mind.

’’Star traveller level fighters can fly between the stars’’

’’And star level fighters, to you fighters on earth, have the ability to destroy the sky and earth. They can fly in space without a spaceship, but only for a short time. They cannot survive for a long period in space’’

’’Universe level fighters can wander around in space with just their body. Each of them are truly powerful!’’

’’For your earth, universe level fighters are deities that you cannot oppose. Even 'Hong' and 'Thunder God' are ants in front of them. They can just exhale a breath and the resulting shockwave would kill Hong. They can fight with battleships in the universe. Each of them are extremely powerful’’

’’Reaching the universe level counts as joining the ranks of the powerful fighters in the universe’’ smiled the bald crystal person, ’’Of course, just merely joining them. If they choose to, a universe level fighter can easily have a few dozen stars, a countless amount of beautiful women, authority, servants’’

’’And, only above the universe level can you truly cause the many countries in the universe to fear you’’ said the bald crystal person.

Luo Feng held his breath.

’’A countless amount of beings in the universe are at the student level’’

’’Star traveller level fighters merely exist, star level fighters are kind of powerful beings. Universe level fighters are large, respectable figures. It takes a countless amount of stars to give birth to one universe level fighter! And there are barely any fighters above the universe level! Even countries around the universe have to respect those fighters’’ said the bald crystal person.

Luo Feng was flabbergasted. It takes a countless amount of stars to give birth to a universe level fighter? One can imagine how rare universe level fighters are.

Not bad, looks like earth isn't doing too bad.

’’Keep working, Luo Feng!’’

’’You have hope for the star level! If you work hard, get lucky, meet famous people, etc. You still have a sliver of hope of reaching the 'universe level'’’ said the bald crystal person.

Luo Feng didn't even know what to say.

Does this AI even know how to comfort people? He has to work hard and get lucky and meet famous people to just have a sliver of hope. That's basically saying Luo Feng, you have a one in a hundred million chance to reach the universe level!

Well, the bald crystal person can't be blamed.

It takes a countless amount of planets to give birth to a universe level fighter! Even though Luo Feng is talented, you cannot measure the amount of lifeforms in the universe. There are probably hundreds of billions of more existences that are more talented and are more determined than Luo Feng. The chances of becoming a universe level fighter? They are indeed extremely small.

That is an existence that can fight against a battleship with their bare hands! Extremely powerful!

’’You aren't encouraging me, you're making me lose confidence’’ said Luo Feng helplessly.


’’Earth is your home. Keep working hard. If there is a day where this location is discovered by other countries in the universe, then the stronger you become, the better it will be for you. You might even be able to help out your home planet’’ after saying that, the bald crystal person dissipated and became a countless number of flowing lights, ’’the tunnel is open, you can return home’’

’’Go back home!’’ Luo Feng's heart was beating quickly.

The palace walls moved and then formed a tunnel made out of a huge amount of dark brown colored tree branches. At the end of the tunnel was a shining mirror! Back then, he went through this mirror to enter the archaeological ruin.

’’I can finally go back’’

’’Dad, mom, Xu Xin.....’’ Luo Feng put the soaring shuttle and the other things into his backpack and then took large steps as he headed towards the mirror through the tunnel. After that, he stepped out of the mirror!

Archaeological ruin #9, underground base.

This base was formed by various different organizations on earth. Whether the five great countries, two dojos, or the HR alliance, all of them have the right to send people into archaeological ruin #9. The various people here also come from various different organizations.


Zhang Qing, who was wearing a white robe, stretched in front of the computer, ’’Man, I'm bored. Sigh, this novel still hasn't updated yet’’. The members of this underground base indeed had very little to do. Other than the basic operations of the base, they just had to receive wargods and contact their organizations. Other than a few notebooks for work, there were various computers here for entertainment.

’’After I play some games, I'll be off work’’ Zhang Qing suddenly froze.


Zhang Qing rapidly turned his head!

The near hundred members of the entire underground lobby all turned their heads towards the large door. That door is the door to the tunnel that leads to archaeological ruin #9. Other than manually opening it, the door also automatically opens when the sensors sense a wargod coming out.

’’Someone is coming out?’’

’’Wait, the wargods this year already came out two months ago’’

Another batch of wargods were indeed sent in again on 9/29/2058. However, the slowest one came out on 10/25. Now it's already 12/26. Ever since the translation software was created, nobody stayed in the ruins for a duration of three months before coming out.

’’Damn, someone stayed in for three months’’


’’Oh lord’’

All the members stood up and looked towards the slowly opening door. They all wanted to see which wargod stayed in for three months before coming out.


The door was mostly open and someone who was completely black stepped out.

’’A black person?’’

They all froze as they looked at the person in front of him. This person was black and his moustache was dirty, so he really seemed like a black person.


A beam of light scanned past Luo Feng.

’’Welcome back, wargod Luo Feng’’ this was the electronic sound of the underground base.

’’Luo Feng?’’

’’IT'S LUO FENG!!!’’

’’HOLY, one year and three months.....’’


The entire lobby went into an uproar. Luo Feng's death back then was a huge incident. Even the head of the Dojo of Limits, 'Hong', treated that case seriously. Many people didn't think that Luo Feng would die, but who would've thought that one year and three months later, Luo Feng would come out of the archaeological ruin again.

’’Welcome, wargod Luo Feng’’ someone came up to receive him.

However, most of the people in the lobby were still going crazy’’

Holy! He stayed in archaeological ruin #9 for a year and three months. Ever since the translation software was made, the longest it took for someone to come out is half a month! How could this happen?

’’Report, Luo Feng is back’’

’’Reporting to headquarters, the Chinese wargod, Luo Feng, is back!’’

The various members of the underground base started to do their work as they notified their respective organizations. This was definitely an earth shaking piece of news! The genius, an invincible wargod, stayed in the archaeological ruins for an amazing one year and three months.

Dojo of Limits world headquarters, inside the gigantic spaceship structure.

Top floor, in an empty room.

The black clothed man, Hong, held a spear as he closed his eyes. He stood there silently, and then slowly began to practice his moves one at a time. He did them extremely, extremely slowly, but the weird thing is that once he started to do them, the surrounding space itself seemed to curve. The space became so curved that the spear became blurry.

’’Knock, knock, knock’’ an anxious knocking sound rang from outside.

’’Hm?’’ the black clothed man, Hong, slightly frowned.

Everyone is banned from interrupting his training sessions. The only ones allowed to even reach this area are the five big investigators and the three royal guards, nobody else has the right. But none of these eight people are dumb. So unless something extremely important is happening, nobody would distract him.

’’Come in’’ said the black clothed man, Hong, coldly.

The door opened automatically.

Three people came in, which were two royal guards with black robes and golden masks, and investigator Liu.

’’What's going on?’’ Hong was extremely shocked.

It was really shocking that three people came in together.

’’Head’’ investigator Liu was a bit excited as he said, ’’Luo Feng came out’’

’’What’’ Hong froze.

Beside him, the royal guard with the beautiful figure said quietly: ’’Head, Luo Feng, who stayed in archaeological ruin #9 for one year and three months, came out alive’’

Even Hong was surprised.

Too extraordinary!

One year and three months inside an archaeological ruin that even he doesn't understand. Since Luo Feng stayed in there for such a long time, he must've had some special rewards.

’’Depart right now, I'll personally go welcome wargod Luo Feng of our dojo’’ the black clothed man, Hong, let out a comforting smile.

The five powerful countries, two dojos, and the HR alliance received this piece of news at virtually the exact same time. All of those powers were stunned. The archaeological ruins are something that even modern age technology cannot understand. Despite that, even though Luo Feng had the translation software with him, he actually managed to stay in there for one year and three months. Something special must've happened.

Jiang-Nan headquarter city, Jiang-Nan mountain water sector, in the villa on top of Marvelous Mountain.

’’Not bad, Luo Hua, you managed to save your old dad's life from that’’ Li Yao sat on the sofa, his eyes shining with a fierce light while he held a glass of red wine.


Someone charged into the living room like lightning, it was indeed the blond haired Venina.

’’What're you so in a rush for?’’ frowned Li Yao. He took a sip of red wine and closed his eyes in extreme satisfaction.

’’Luo Feng is back!’’ said Venina in a rush, ’’He came out of archaeological ruin #9’’

Li Yao, who had his eyes closed in satisfaction, widened his eyes out of disbelief. The glass slid off his fingers and CRASH! smashed onto the ground. It split open and the red wine that poured everywhere seemed like fresh blood.


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