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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 15



Ever since they heard of the news, Luo Feng's family was in pain. However, like someone drowning trying their hardest to grab onto something, they wanted to believe that Luo Feng was alive since he wasn't confirmed to be dead yet! So they waited anxiously. They also couldn't bear to notify Luo Feng's girlfriend, 'Xu Xin' about this.

Time passed day by day. There are no walls on earth that can block all wind. Since Xu Xin is part of the Xu family, she kind of realized what was going on after Luo Feng went missing for five months. When she anxiously asked Luo Feng's parents, they could only tell her the truth......

Even though they were extremely sad, they were all waiting!

Without an absolute confirmation, they won't give up.


Depths of the archaeological ruin, inside the maze's crystal house.

Luo Feng had tons of facial hair, but his eyes were as bright as the stars. He lowered his head and looked at his tactical communications watch.

’’A year, it's been an entire year’’

’’I've been in this archaeological ruin for an entire year’’ with a thought, his formless yet powerful spiritual force flew out like a dragon as it rolled up blade piece after blade piece. A full 14 blade pieces started dancing around him. They then transformed into 14 flowing lights as they smashed towards the same point on the crystal wall!


14 blade pieces, each one with an impact force of over 500,000 kg, which adds up to a total of over 7,000,000 kg! Even an advanced level wargod wearing a black god set will become heavily injured from the impacts. If they are attacked multiple times, then their organs will be completely destroyed!

’’RUMBLE~~’’ the crystal house shook a bit.

’’Not enough. Over 7,000,000 kg of impact force isn't enough?’’

Keep in mind that the usual 'advanced level wargod' usually has a fist strength of 300,000 kg. With a multiplier of three, their attacks will only end up at around 900,000 kg. Luo Feng is at least eight times more powerful! This strength is definitely way beyond any advanced level wargod.

It could even threaten an 'existence surpassing the wargod level'.


It is not enough!

’’I definitely will be able to get out’’

’’Dad, mom, Xu Xin..... wait for me’’ Luo Feng closed his eyes. Two tears couldn't help but to flow down his cheek, which were quite visible since Luo Feng's face was filled with dust.


Virtual space, a huge conference room.

A silver floor, silver walls, and a huge silver round table. There were only six chairs that were so black they seemed to be able to swallow up sunlight! As of now, there were five white robed people and one black clothed person sitting on the chairs! This was indeed the 'round table conference' of the highest level of the Dojo of Limits.

The head 'Hong' and the five investigators were here.

’’Head, it has been an entire year since Luo Feng has entered archaeological ruin #9. Even people who couldn't understand and couldn't read what was in the archaeological ruin back then took at most seven months! After people were able to understand, it took at most half a month!’’ a white man spoke slowly, ’’So we can confirm it?’’

The black clothed man said softly: ’’Confirm Luo Feng's death’’

The expressions of the five investigators slightly changed.

’’Transfer Luo Feng's property to his family’’ said the black clothed man, Hong, without emotion, ’’keep the auto jet in the Dojo’’


The five investigators heeded the command. However, they were a bit amazed that 'Hong' cared about Luo Feng's family so much. For someone like 'Hong', dealing with Luo Feng's property is nothing important at all. And yet, he personally gave the command. Even though Hong said leave the auto jet in the dojo..... keep in mind that an emperor level auto jet is extremely expensive: over 200 billion!

Nobody would say anything if Luo Feng uses an auto jet. But if Luo Feng's family has this auto jet..... it would be a disaster!

And since Hong personally ordered the transfer of property, nobody would dare to try to take some for themselves.

Keep in mind that Luo Feng's property is worth a gigantic amount!

’’Sadly, we can't even hold a memorial for Luo Feng, since he died in archaeological ruin #9’’ sighed investigator Liu. Usually, a memorial will be broadcasted across the entire country for wargods that have died! Even the leader of the country and various wargods will participate. Citizens from all over the country will watch the broadcast.


Memorials will not be publicly held for wargods that have died in archaeological ruin #9.

One reason is that they need to make up a cause of death to hold the memorial.

Another reason is that, the Thunder Dojo once held a memorial for the wargod that stayed in archaeological ruin #9 for seven months. But who would've thought that he would actually come out again. Wouldn't it be awkward for someone to come to life after broadcasting his death to the entire country?

Ever since that incident, memorials were not publicly held for those who died in archaeological ruin #9.

’’Head, we should probably start discussing who should be the new examiner for Jiang-Nan headquarter city’’

On 9/30/2058, a notice was posted on the website of the Dojo of Limits.

The news of Luo Feng's death!

The couple Luo Hong Guo and Gong Xin Lan received the news that day.

Even though they also received a gigantic amount of wealth under Luo Feng's name that day, the two of them were still extremely sad.

And when Xu Xin received the news that day, she couldn't handle it. She directly quit school and left. She rode on a train alone and left Jiang-Nan headquarter city to a foreign place. Even though the people of the Xu family were easily able to track her down, the head of the Xu family gave his command

Let Xu Xin stay outside. Just protect her secretly, and do not bother her.

Jiang-Nan headquarter city, Jiang-Nan mountain water sector, a villa on top of Marvelous Mountain. After a year later, it welcomes its owner again.

Inside the villa.

’’HAHA, HAHAHA, I AM SO HAPPY, SO HAPPY!!!’’ inside the villa, Li Yao raised his hands and then clenched his fists. He took in a deep breath and turned his head to his wife Venina, ’’The Dojo of Limits finally confirmed Luo Feng's death. Too bad I couldn't kill him myself’’

Venina said quietly: ’’No, doesn't he have family? He dared to kill our child, so we.....’’

’’Yea’’ Li Yao's eyes seemed to have a horrifying green light in them.

’’However, his family is still the family members of someone who was in the Dojo of Limits’’ sneered Li Yao, ’’If we kill them, then we'll get in trouble too. The best way is to use civilians to torture his family! Make them break down and even..... kill themselves in pain! That way, nobody can blame us’’

Li Yao looked towards Venina: ’’Now if I use the HR alliance, nobody will stop me right?’’

Last time Li Yao tried to do something like this, the chairman of the HR alliance's underground assembly stopped him.

’’Luo Feng is already dead. Who would care about the family members of a dead man?’’ laughed Venina without a care.

When Luo Feng was here.....

Even the HR alliance has to fear him. But now that he's dead, what do they have to be afraid of?

’’Then let's begin’’ smiled Li Yao.

’’Let me organize it. There are tons of psychology experts. It will be quite a simple task to torture them and break down their minds’’ smiled Venina.

Ming-Yue sector.

’’WHAT? My mom got into an argument with someone at Lotus Pond park and was injured?’’ Luo Hua couldn't believe this, ’’But even if she got hit, why would my mom cry so much?’’

Nanny Tai quickly said: ’’That bitch said way too much. Even I was enraged. But she had so many housewives helping her’’

Luo Hua squinted.

Even though Luo Feng was the one who stood out the most in the Luo family, Luo Hua is also extremely talented, especially in terms of intelligence. Even Luo Feng admits that he isn't as smart as his brother, since his brother was able thrive in the stock market as such a young age. The stock market is the place that can reflect human nature, and Luo Hua was fighting in the stock market ever since he was handicapped.

As of now, he definitely counts as an expert in the stock market.

It's just that..... he was always overshadowed by his brother! No matter how much money he makes, he never will be able to make as much as Luo Feng! However..... he isn't dumb. Rather, he's extremely intelligent.

’’I always feared that my brother's enemy, that Li Yao, will come back’’

’’Could it be him?’’

Even though he might be overreacting a bit, Luo Hua didn't dare to relax. As of now, he manages the gigantic amount of wealth, tens of billions of dollars, that Luo Feng left behind. And he still has a 'thousand year black crow root' spirit of nature, which is said to be a treasure that cannot be priced.


Two months later.


Li Yao and Venina's faces weren't looking good.

’’We can't do anything either. That little Luo Hua of the Luo family actually hired six 'advanced level warlords' as bodyguards. Whenever their parents go out, two advanced level warlords will follow them!’’ said a young man respectfully, ’’We do not have the ability to arrange 'wargods' to help us, so we can't do it the hard way’’

’’So we tried a different approach that doesn't require force, but ’’

’’Luo Hua has now become the eighth largest stockholder of China's ICBC, so he can use China's special forces to protect his family’’

Li Yao and Venina were flabbergasted.

ICBC, that is China's largest bank with assets around ten trillion. They manage over 50% of the stocks of the country's financial sector, so the top ten stockholders indeed hold an astonishingly high amount of authority. However, the top five stockholders are all huge organizations and not a single person! How can a little shrimp like Luo Hua become the eighth largest stockholder of ICBC?

Even if he has tens of billions of dollars, someone has to be willing to sell him all of those stocks.

It's virtually impossible to purchase so many stocks in such a short amount of time in the stock market.

’’In China, our HR alliance cannot compare to the country's special forces. This is their territory’’ bowed the young man as he said.

’’GET OUT’’ roared Li Yao.

The young man didn't dare to make a sound as he left.

Li Yao's face was looking horrible: ’’Luo Feng was hard enough to deal with, but who would've thought that this normal person named Luo Hua would make it so hard too. What method did he use to become the eighth largest stockholder of ICBC?’’

’’Hmph, I can't beat your brother’’

’’But I don't believe, that I can't beat you either!’’

’’Luo family.....’’ Li Yao's eyes were flashing with a cruel light.

And when Li Yao started doing all sorts of things to deal with the Luo Family.

On 12/26/2058, which is around one year and three months after Luo Feng got stuck in the crystal house.

In the maze, the crystal house was slightly transparent and extremely beautiful. However, it was even tougher than an emperor level monster's scales and has trapped Luo Feng for one year and three months!


After a boom, flowing lights broke through the crystal house's wall, and a large black figure walked out with large steps with excitement.

’’I'm finally out’’



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