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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 14



In the half transparent crystal house in the maze in the depths of the archaeological ruin.

’’Failure means death?’’

’’Three years?’’ Luo Feng's face was looking extremely bad. He can't even contact the outside world within the archaeological ruins! And this special 'death mission' gave him a duration of three years. If he was actually stuck in these ruins for such a long time, what would the people outside think?

They would probably think he's dead!

And then they would contact his parents. Even Xu Xin would know.

’’What should I do, I'm not even dead!’’

’’If I stay in here for a long time, I won't even be able to contact the outside world’’ Luo Feng was extremely anxious. When he thought of his family and Xu Xin thinking he's dead, he couldn't help but to become even more anxious, ’’F*k, can't believe I ran into this stupid test. I rather not have the treasures I receive from succeeding!’’

Luo Feng couldn't think of what would happen to his family if he wasn't there for three years!


’’I need to break out of this testing room as fast as possible!’’ Luo Feng scanned across the walls of the crystal room. There were large amounts of complicated engravings on them, but Luo Feng couldn't bother with them anymore. He clenched his teeth, whoosh! whoosh! whoosh! Six throwing knives transformed into six lights as they blasted within a circle with a diameter of 3 cm.




Again and again, Luo Feng crazily attacked with all of his power!

’’BREAK!’’ Luo Feng screamed from his heart.

’’I don't want to stay here for three years!’’

He attacked again and again. However, not a scratch was left on this weird crystal-like material.

’’It's no use, no use’’ Luo Feng helplessly kneeled onto the floor of the crystal house.

Logic told him that since this mission gave him a full three years, breaking out of this crystal house is, without a doubt, extremely difficult. If only..... if only he could contact the outside world with his tactical communications watch to tell his family and his girlfriend that he's still alive, then that would be good too.

But, he can't contact them.

If something happens to his parents, then what's the point of these rewards?

’’If I can't oppose this, then I can only accept it’’

Luo Feng's gaze was as sharp as a knife as he scanned across the diagrams and words of the instruction manual, ’’if you give me three years, then I will break out of this testing room within three months’’


Luo Feng pressed the button of the tactical communications watch. As if he was taking a video, he recorded all of the diagrams and words on the wall into his tactical communications watch and then translated it to 'diagrams and Chinese' through his 'translation software'. After around 20 minutes, the secret instruction manual for controllers, 《basic 312 moves》, was complete.


As of now, it was 22:56 9/29/2057 in Beijing, China.

Luo Feng has already started studying the instruction manual for controllers, 《basic 312 moves》. His desire to go home caused Luo Feng to focus completely into his studies. There was food and water in the archaeological ruin! If he's thirsty, he would drink. If he's hungry, he would eat. As for the rest of the time, it was completely used into studying these basics!

After starting, Luo Feng realized how deep this instruction manual, 《basic 312 moves》, was!

In terms of complexity, who knows how many times more complicated this is compared to the 《Celestial Deity Catalog》.

The 《Celestial Deity Catalog》 is just a bunch of dull drawings where one has to model these drawings with throwing knives. This takes upon the idea of ’’practice makes perfect’’, as the person continues to push his throwing knife control to the extreme. From this, the person is able to improve his control! These drawings were created by 'Hong' through an AI system. The drawings get harder and harder.

However, the《basic 312 moves》 is different!

The ones who built this archaeological ruin #9, which was built to contain the training method of the basics of the spirit reader 'controllers', is a certain organization in the universe! This instruction manual gave birth to an uncountable amount of powerful people tens to hundreds of times stronger than Luo Feng in the distant past!

The thing that Luo Feng bought back then that was treasured by Hong, 《Spirit Reader Basics》, was created with the knowledge that humans had over the course of a few dozen years.

But the 《basic 312 moves》 was created with thousands of millions of years of testing!

Once he began training, Luo Feng immediately realized the difference between the two!

Luo Feng improved quite slowly after practicing the 《Celestial Deity Catalog》for such a long time, but after practicing the 《basic 312 moves》..... his ability to control throwing knives increased with a whoosh. Even Luo Feng was surprised at his improvement.



’’Still not enough’’ in the crystal house, Luo Feng, whose face was stubbled, stared at the crystal wall. There were no marks on the crystal wall, and the ten blade pieces that crashed into the crystal wall danced back to the soaring shuttle, ’’Ten whole blade pieces, each blade piece with an impact force of over 500,000 KG, is not even close to enough’’


Luo Feng yet again sank into the 《basic 312 moves》. From six blade pieces to ten blade pieces, only two months and 21 days have passed! Keep in mind that after practicing the 《Celestial Deity Catalog》for a month, he couldn't even go from six throwing knives to seven! When the two are compared, the difference is shocking.


Underground base of archaeological ruin #9.

’’It's been three months!’’

The red robed old man shook his head as he sighed, ’’Three whole months, and Luo Feng hasn't come out yet. Notify the Dojo of Limits’’


The many members of the base quickly sent the message.


Luo Feng had no idea how shocked the outside world was while he buried his head in his studies! As of now, of the eight wargods that entered archaeological ruin #9, five people came out. Of these five people, two of them succeeded while three of them were handicapped. There were another three people that didn't come out!

Usually, if you aren't able to come out of the archaeological ruin alive, then you would be determined as dead!

However, keep in mind that one of the three people that weren't able to come out was the famous 'invincible wargod' Luo Feng! Nobody would think that Luo Feng would fail! Even if he failed, he should at least be able to escape with a disability. But no news of Luo Feng and the two other wargods could be heard.

Dojo of Limits world headquarters, in the gigantic spaceship-like structure.

The black clothed man, 'Hong', stood there silently as he looked outside through a window.

’’Head’’ said Allure respectfully.

’’I didn't think that, I really didn't think that.....’’ Hong sighed deeply.

Of the eight that entered, five came out. The fastest one came out in just three days! The slowest one came out in 15 days! The last three never came out..... including Luo Feng. Usually, if they don't come out after three months, then they would be determined dead!

Before the translation software was made, the longest time it took for a wargod to come out was seven months, since they couldn't read or understand anything that was going on in archaeological ruin #9.

But after the translation software was made, efficiency was greatly increased. The longest time it takes for someone to come out is just half a month!

The Dojo doubled that time, making the final date 'three months'.

If they aren't able to come out of archaeological ruin #9 within three months, then they would be determined dead!

’’Three people couldn't make it out’’ the black clothed man, Hong, said quietly, ’’Notify their family members of their death! Luo Feng is an exception..... notify his family that Luo Feng could be dead, but not confirmed’’

’’Yes’’ Allure bowed.

’’But head, it's been three months?’’ Allure couldn't help but to say.

The black clothed man sighed: ’’I still cannot believe that Luo Feng would die in this archaeological ruin #9. Go!’’

’’Yes’’ Allure left.

The black clothed man, Hong, silently looked outside the window. He first saw Luo Feng in the elite training camp. At that time, Hong was shocked at Luo Feng's talent! After that, his hopes for Luo Feng increased steadily. He even handed the 'soaring shuttle' over to Luo Feng. He thought that Luo Feng would become his right hand man one day.

But he didn't think that.....

Luo Feng would die in archaeological ruin #9, one of the safer ruins.


Dawn, Yang Zhou city, Ming-Yue sector.

’’Hong Guo, what is going on?’’ in the kitchen, Gong Xin Lan yelled, ’’We weren't able to contact Feng for three months. I've been panicking the whole time’’


In the living room, Luo Hong Guo laughed as he looked at his newspaper, ’’Our son is one of the most powerful people on earth! He kills monsters like he's cutting through vegetables. The commander of the south eastern sector even came to thank our family last time’’


The doorbell rang.

’’Maybe Feng is back’’ Luo Hong Guo immediately got up, but Gong Xin Lan was even faster than him;she ran from the kitchen all the way to the door to open it.

’’You guys are?’’

The couple Luo Hong Guo and Gong Xin Lan looked at the two people in front of them with confusion on their faces. Standing outside their door was an extremely beautiful woman, and another woman beside her. Below the steps to the door were four more people: the chairman and the three chiefs of Jiang-Nan headquarter city's Dojo of Limits.

The six of them had painful expressions on their faces.

’’Hong Guo, something isn't right, I'm a bit scared’’ said Gong Xin Lan quietly.

’’Chairman Zhou? Quick, come in’’ smiled Luo Hong Guo.

The six of them came in.

The woman in front bowed: ’’Mr. Luo, Mrs. Gong, I am Luo Feng's teacher Jiang Fang’’

’’Oh, teacher Jiang Fang. I've heard of you’’ smiled Gong Xin Lan.

’’I came today to notify you of something’’ Jiang Fang's eyes had a bit of sadness in them. She couldn't have imagined that the talented, yet hard working youth would.....

Luo Hong Guo and Gong Xin Lan exchanged glances.

’’Our Dojo suspects that your son, Luo Feng, has died, so they wanted us to notify you two’’ said Jiang Fang quietly.


Gong Xin Lan's eyes widened as she immediately collapsed.

Luo Hong Guo's body froze, but he still went to hold his wife. Luo Hong Guo's tears couldn't help but to stream down.

Jiang Fang also held Gong Xin Lan. Gong Xin Lan's collapsed body froze as she looked at Jiang Fang in front of her with widened eyes. Her voice was shaking: ’’Teacher Jiang, impossible, this is impossible. Our Feng is definitely fine. Impossible, impossible.....’’ Gong Xin Lan's face was shockingly pale.

’’We aren't sure, it hasn't been confirmed yet’’ followed Jiang Fang.

’’Yes, not confirmed yet’’ Luo Hong Guo held Gong Xin Lan, ’’There won't be any problem. Feng will come back’’

But Gong Xin Lan cried without a sound.

Not sure?

What kind of power is the Dojo of Limits? The strongest power on earth! The Dojo of Limits sent a few wargods to notify the two of them. If they didn't have a clue, would they just come and randomly say something like that? Father Luo Hong Guo was clear..... that there is over a 90% chance that his son, Luo Feng, is dead.

’’Hello, chairman Zhou’’

Luo Hua walked in his home with a bright smile on his face, but after looking at his father and mother, he couldn't help but to panic as he ran over: ’’Dad, mom, what's wrong?’’


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