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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 13



’’Elite tunnel huh.....’’ with a thought from Luo Feng, 365 blade pieces went out of the crack that Luo Feng purposefully left in his backpack and quickly flew out to form the soaring shuttle.

Luo Feng jumped and stepped on the soaring shuttle. Once he was on the soaring shuttle, his speed and agility increased by quite a bit.



With a speed that could rival a car, he flew into the black tunnel. The black tunnel was extraordinarily dark. After flying for around 500 meters, Luo Feng finally saw several new paths in the road.

’’Nine paths? A maze?’’ Luo Feng frowned. According to what royal guard 'Allure' said and his own experiences, he knew that this archaeological ruin #9 uses a disqualification type of training, so it has all sorts of training content.

’’A maze appeared? For what?’’ Luo Feng was confused, ’’Okay, I'll first pick a path’’

Luo Feng flew into the first path from the left.

In just a moment, another nine paths appeared at the end of this path!

’’Damn, nine after nine...... at this rate, even the greatest expert will get lost’’ Luo Feng carefully examined his surroundings. Around him were ancient tunnels formed by the black tree branches. Nothing stood out.


In a path around 300 meters away from Luo Feng, a blurry black shadow seeped out of the walls in the path made out of the black tree branches. In a moment, as if water was dripping, the black shadow fell onto the floor of the path. It slowly came together, forming a black robed person wearing a silverish gray mask.

The same thing was happening in the other paths. In the nine paths in front of Luo Feng and the nine paths behind Luo Feng. Each of the paths 'gave birth' to a black robed man wearing a silverish gray mask.

A total of 18 black robed men started gathering towards Luo Feng.

’’Hm? People?’’ Luo Feng saw a black robed man come out of a faraway path with a glance. This black robed man was wearing a silverish gray mask and had green eyes. His eyes were revealing his unhidden killing intent!

’’Another one!’’

A black robed man came out of another path. Three, four, five, six..... eight, nine! Nine black robed men stood in front of the nine paths, their green eyes filled with killing intent as they stared at Luo Feng.

’’ROAR~’’ a roar carried from behind Luo Feng.

’’There are nine behind me too!’’ Luo Feng's spiritual force clearly discovered that there were nine black robed men headed towards him one step at a time as they growled quietly.


Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The nine black robed men behind charged towards Luo Feng along the tunnel like lightning. The nine black robed men in front did the same. Each of the black robed men were filled with killing intent.

’’I can't get stuck between them in this tunnel, or else I'll be in big trouble from this two pronged attack’’



With his foot on the soaring shuttle and his hexagonal shield and ghost blade in hand, Luo Feng charged forwards like a blood red phantom.

’’Break through!’’ Luo Feng's eyes became cold.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Six curved blade pieces danced like floating butterflies. They drew past an arc as they immediately charged towards the closest black robed man. The black robed man howled as the silverish gray gloves on his hand actually tried to stop those extremely fast blade pieces!

’’PU!’’ each blade piece held over 500,000 KG of impact force. All six blade pieces attacked the black robed man at the same time!

Like a cannonball, the black robed man flew out. As he flew out of the tunnel, he even hit another black robed man.

’’Roar~Roar~’’ the nine black robed men in the tunnel behind were clearly not as fast as Luo Feng.

However, the other eight black robed men in front of him didn't charge alone. Instead, they blocked the path.

’’Those who block me will die!’’

’’Break through! Break through! Break through!!!’’ Luo Feng's speed accelerated to his limit. A horrifying speed of 1000 m/s caused a sonic boom. Even the air itself was curved under such speed. The six blade pieces in front of Luo Feng cleared all obstacles!

Yet, the eight black robed men howled crazily in front of the tunnel ahead as they waved their right hands that had the silverish gray glove on!

’’Injuring ten fingers cannot compare to breaking one of them!’’ Luo Feng's eyes were cold.


At the instant he charged out of the tunnel, the soaring shuttle drew past an arc and charged towards the right. He only had one target the black robed man on the very right! And Luo Feng's left hand was holding the shield, ready to deflect any possible attacks.

’’PING!’’ ’’PU!’’ three heavy fists smashed into the shield that Luo Feng was holding. Each of the fists were as heavy as mountains: over 100,000 KG!

Thankfully the three fists didn't land at the exact same time. Otherwise, Luo Feng might've died just from the vibrations!


Fresh blood sprayed out, his left arm was completely broken!

’’Die!’’ Luo Feng's eyes didn't even look at the other black robed men. He only stared at the black robed man to the very right.

The six blade pieces cruelly charged towards the black robed man's head and neck.

’’ROAR~’’ as the black robed man on the very right roared with anger, he swung his two hands like lightning. Sadly, Luo Feng's blade pieces were too fast..... over mach 10. Two of them successfully slashed the black robed man's neck. PU! The first blade piece couldn't even cut through one millimeter. PU! However, the second blade piece slashed through half of the neck!

’’Out of the way!’’

Luo Feng, who was travelling over 1,000 m/s, roared as his eyes became red. The ghost blade in his right hand instantly transformed into a thunderbolt!

Thunderbolt, quick to the extreme!

Luo Feng was on his soaring shuttle, moving at a speed of over 1,000 m/s, completely using the fourth stage of the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》, and using his thunderbolt technique...... this blade is the strongest attack Luo Feng has ever done! The blade directly slashed past the heavily injured black robed man. BOOM! First the blade slashed past, and then Luo Feng's entire body smashed into him!

The black robed man blew up.

’’ROAR~’’ ’’ROAR~’’ the other black robed men charged towards with rage like lightning. Each of them were sprinting at a speed of 800 m/s, which is much faster than Li Yao's speed. Each of them rivaled Phantom Demon Catalan.

Including the black robed man that Luo Fent blew away earlier!

A full 17 black robed men crazily pursued!

’’Too late for you guys’’ Luo Feng charged towards the very right tunnel like lightning.


With a sonic boom, Luo Feng left behind an afterimage as his speed on his soaring shuttle reached 1,300 m/s, which is 500 m/s faster than the black robed men. So..... in just a few seconds, Luo Feng left those black robed men behind. However, Luo Feng continued to fly down path after path for half a minute before stopping.

’’Nine paths after nine paths after nine paths, never ending.....’’

’’They better be able to find me after all this’’ this maze's design shocked Luo Feng.

In terms of complexity, this maze was quite simple.

It's just that, how do you even construct such a huge maze?

’’After running so much, I probably won't be able to find the way back for a while’’ Luo Feng shook his head as he laughed, ’’At least I got through this part! Those 18 black robed men were too hard to deal with, as each of them could rival a fighter at the peak of the wargod level. The gloves they were wearing were also quite peculiar’’. Once surrounded by the 17 black robed men.....

Luo Feng has no confidence in surviving without his black god set.


All 17 black robed men were at the place they were battling at earlier. The pieces of the dead black robed man's corpse were scattered around the ground. Suddenly, as if it melted, the pieces of the corpse slowly sank into the ground and disappeared.

The bodies of the 17 black robed men became blurry as they transformed into a shadow and merged into the ground.


In the depths of archaeological ruin #9, the hundreds of thousands of thousands of transparent crystal ropes extended towards the same direction. At the same time, a flowing light flowed through them as they gathered towards the same point.

The black tree branches formed a wide path. There were nine paths ahead!

’’Another nine paths! Will I ever reach the end at this point?’’ no matter how good of a temper Luo Feng had, he couldn't help but to stop.

Every path was exactly the same!

’’If I succeed, I can get a black god set. But, what counts as succeeding?’’ Luo Feng looked at the paths in front of him and thought to himself helplessly. If he was directly told that..... defeating a few black robed men counts as passing, then he could work hard and go for it. But right now, there was no sign at all.

Luo Feng couldn't help but to shake his head.


In a silent path, Luo Feng was still thinking about what to do. And without a sign.....

’’Whoosh!’’ ’’Whoosh!’’ ’’Whoosh!’’

Like rain, transparent flowing lights shot down from high above. These transparent flowing lights instantly formed a crystal house that was five meters high and eight meters wide. It trapped Luo Feng inside.

’’What's going on?’’

’’Before I could even react, it formed a crystal house and locked me up?’’ Luo Feng looked at this crystal house. With a thought, six throwing knives smashed towards a circle on the same crystal wall with a speed of over mach 10.

The crystal house slightly shook. Sadly..... not a mark was left on the crystal wall.

’’What is this house made out of?’’

’’Even diamond would've turned into powder from that impact’’ Luo Feng was a bit scared. A total impact force of over 3,000,000 kg within a 5 cm diameter circle couldn't even leave a mark.

’’xxxxxx.....’’ a mysterious sound reverberated within the crystal house for quite a while.

Luo Feng was overjoyed. The archaeological ruin was finally giving a message. He quickly looked down towards his tactical communications watch and his translation software immediately translated the entire message

’’Elite student Luo Feng, your test, the death mission, has officially begun!’’

’’For the duration, you will receive food and water’’

’’The instruction manual of the basic 312 moves of the spirit reader 'controllers' will be carved onto the wall of the testing room. After learning these 312 moves, you will have a chance to break out of the testing room’’

Luo Feng scanned the wall of the crystal house. On the semi-transparent wall of the crystal house were large amounts of all sorts of complicated engravings, over 300 human body diagrams, and archaeological ruin words beside them for further explanation. Luo Feng felt like they were extremely complicated just by looking at them.

This seems to be the basics of the spirit reader 'controllers'? Just the basics?

’’The death mission requires you to: break out of the testing room within three years!’’

’’If you cannot break out of the testing room within three years, then you fail’’

’’Failure, means death!’’


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