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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 12



’’The final two hours? It seems like you can only enter this archaeological ruin #9 at certain times’’ thought Luo Feng to himself. At the same time, he remained silent as he entered the silverish gray elevator with the seven other powerful wargod fighters.

The red robed old man pressed the button!


The elevator doors closed and the silverish gray elevator started to descend. ’’CHICHI~~’’ the opening quickly closed and the depths of the amazon rainforest went back to silence! Even so, none of the various monsters roaming around in the amazon rainforest dared to come near this place!

HUA! The elevator doors opened.

What appeared in front of them was a black hallway forged out of alloy. There were lights along the hallway.

’’Everyone, welcome to the base of the human camp in archaeological ruin #9’’ the red robed man spoke fluent chinese, and then followed up with fluent english, ’’Right now, we are kind of in a rush, so I won't go on. Everyone, please follow me!’’

The red robed man walked ahead and the other eight people followed behind.

There were nine checkpoints along the black hallway. Finally, they arrived in an empty lobby that was around a few hundred meters wide. There were almost a hundred people from all over the world gathered in the lobby and most of them were in front of computers.

’’Welcome, wargods!’’

’’Wargods, we will pray for your success!’’

’’Go go go, we'll receive our fellow wargods when they return. We will have absolutely amazing champagne!’’

The various members in the underground base seemed to be overpassionate. However, Luo Feng and the other seven remained silent. The red robed old man smiled on the side: ’’Ignore these guys. All of them have remained here for too long, so they get a bit excited when they see outsiders. Alright are the eight of you ready?’’

He said that in chinese and english.

Luo Feng and the other seven remained silent. They just stared at him.

’’Very good. Open the entrance!’’ yelled the red robed old man loudly.


An arc shaped portion of the alloyed wall in front of the lobby split open and revealed a circular tunnel.



The eight wargods who remained silent the whole time looked at the round tunnel with shock. Even their eyes were filled with complete shock. Luo Feng also couldn't hide his surprisement. When the tunnel first started opening, the first two to three meters were still made out of alloy. However, further in..... was a weird dark brown color, as if tree branch after tree branch tied together to form this tunnel.

At the end of the tunnel was actually a mirror that continuously emitted light. It's probably a mirror.

’’Keep going forward through the tunnel and enter that mirror that's emitting light. That actually isn't a mirror, but the entrance to archaeological ruin #9!’’

’’Once you enter, there'll be no turning back’’

’’Wargods, I pray that you can come out alive!’’ the red robed old man looked at Luo Feng and the other seven wargods. The people in the empty lobby also looked at Luo Feng and the seven others.

After going in, their lives will be left to fate!

The eight wargods remained silent for a bit. ’’Everyone’’ Luo Feng walked towards the tunnel, ’’I'll be going in first’’



With Luo Feng in front, the other wargods also entered the tunnel one by one.

’’CRAAAACK~~’’ the alloyed wall behind them closed. There was no way back.

After stepping on the dark brown tree branches that formed the peculiar tunnel, a weird smell emanated. Luo Feng smelled it: ’’Hm, this smell is coming from this tree branch? How come it smells like the 'black god set'?’’. Only after the black god set sticks to you can you smell its light, yet never fading, smell.

’’The shining mirror? Is the entrance to the archaeological ruin?’’ Luo Feng looked in front of him.

’’Brother Luo Feng, I wish you good luck’’ yelled Ta Ba Yan on the side.

’’Good luck to you too!’’

Luo Feng laughed and then stepped forward into the shining mirror without hesitation. As if it was the surface of water, the mirror easily swallowed Luo Feng.

’’I'll go next’’

the black man spoke his native language, clenched his teeth, and then stepped into the circular mirror.

One by one..... all eight people entered.

This was a black lobby. The front part of the lobby was a semicircle shaped. The entire lobby was a few hundred meters wide. A dreamy light shone from the black lobby's ceiling, causing the entire lobby to seem quite dream-like.

’’This is archaeological ruin #9?’’

Luo Feng stood inside the lobby and looked around him. His face slightly changed, ’’Where's everybody else?’’


At the same time, Ta Ba Yan and the other wargods also appeared in their own black lobbies. These black lobbies were exactly the same.

’’Just what you'd expect from an archaeological ruin’’

’’Right when I stepped through, everything was blurry, and then I appeared in this lobby. I'm even separated from everyone else!’’ Ta Ba Yan looked at his surroundings with curiosity. Despite saying that, they all knew that each wargod would encounter different things with different difficulties inside the ruin before even entering.


a dreamy light encapsulated Ta Ba Yan.

’’xxxxxx’’ a complicated sound rang in the lobby.

’’Thankfully there's a translation software’’ Ta Ba Yan lowered his head and looked at his tactical communications watch. Just two seconds later, the tactical communications watch gave its translation ’’please enter the type-a tunnel’’. After that, a few words appeared on the display of the tactical communications watch matching the translated 'ancient ruins language’’.

The black lobby was currently rumbling slowly. Only after about half a minute did a black tunnel appear. Beside the tunnel were a few complicated letters.

’’Oh, the words are the same, so this must be the type-a tunnel. This is the only tunnel here anyway!’’ Ta Ba Yan directly walked towards the tunnel. After he entered, the entire black lobby instantly disappeared.


You can say that, at the same time, seven of the eight wargods were headed towards the depths of the archaeological ruins along the tunnels.

In the black lobby, a dreamy light encapsulated Luo Feng.

’’What's going on? This colorful light has surrounded me for over 60 seconds already. How come there's no response at all?’’ Luo Feng was quite confused as he raised his head and looked at the colored light. He had no idea that the other seven wargods were quickly released from the light and were already headed to their respective tunnels to the depths of the archaeological ruin.

Only Luo Feng!

’’xx, xx, xx.......’’ a piercing sound that had rhythm to it suddenly rang across the black lobby.

’’Translation software’’ Luo Feng lowered his head and looked at his tactical communications watch. The software was running, and what came out of the tactical communications watch was the sound ’’Alert, alert, alert......’’

’’Alert?’’ Luo Feng froze.

Luo Feng did not know that a situation like this has never occurred since humanity discovered archaeological ruin #9.

The dreamy light that was surrounding Luo Feng suddenly disappeared. At the same time, crystals that were as thick as a finger shot down from the walls of the black lobby. At least a hundred crystal ropes shot towards like lightning. They were even faster than the vines in the misty island back then.

’’Not good’’ Luo Feng wanted to dodge.

Sadly, these crystal ropes were unbelievably fast, so Luo Feng had no time to respond as they instantly wrapped around him. The crystal ropes wrapped Luo Feng into a dumpling.

’’What's going on?’’

’’How come I never heard that you get tied up right after entering?’’ Luo Feng quickly controlled the soaring shuttle in his backpack. Six blade pieces flew outside of his backpack and slashed towards the crystal ropes like lightning.

The blade pieces of the soaring shuttle that could cut through steel like tofu couldn't even leave a mark on the crystal ropes.

’’Break open’’ Luo Feng struggled with all his power.

’’PU!’’ ’’PU!’’ ’’PU!’’ ’’.....

He continued to slash with his blades.

Sadly, as if a tiny child was struggling, nothing he did could get him out of the crystal ropes. Luo Feng soon understood..... that his strength is nothing in this archaeological ruin! Makes sense. Is an archaeological ruin that can grant black god set after black god set something he can oppose?

’’Archaeological ruins are indeed filled with mysteries. Who would've thought that I would run into a situation like this right off the bat. However, these crystal ropes are merely immobilizing me. They don't seem to want to kill me’’ Luo Feng thought to himself.

And at this moment

A flowing light flowed through the crystal ropes that were tying up Luo Feng and headed towards the ceiling of the black lobby! As if a machine was sending a signal. This process lasted for about 30 seconds. Suddenly

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

All the crystal ropes quickly retracted and merged into the walls.

’’xxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxx.....’’ a bunch of words rang across the black lobby.

Luo Feng looked down towards his tactical communications watch.

Complicated words appeared on the display of the tactical communications watch. At the same time, it spoke in chinese

’’Congratulations. Your brain vigor is 21, greater than 18. You are qualified to enter the 'elite tunnel' of the training base. Because this is the first time the elite tunnel has opened in the past 5,000 years, please wait 15 minutes’’

Luo Feng stood in the black lobby, his thoughts in a mess.

Didn't that royal guard Allure say that..... there were only the type-a and type-b tunnels throughout the entirety of archaeological ruin #9? How come an 'elite tunnel' popped out all of a sudden?

And this is the first time in the past 5,000 years?

And it even talked about some brain vigor.

’’What is brain vigor?’’ Luo Feng was confused, ’’My brain vigor is 21, greater than 18? It looks like a brain vigor of 18 is the bottom line of qualification. From the words of this archaeological ruin, it seems like nobody out of all the wargods that have entered so far were able to enter this elite tunnel’’

Is this good or bad?

The good part is that the 'elite tunnel' is different from the original type-a and type-b tunnels, so there might be an unexpected reward.

The bad part is that, once he enters the 'elite tunnel', the experiences of previous fighters won't help!

Since this is the first time it has opened in the past 5,000 years, nobody knew what would happen after entering this 'elite tunnel'.

’’15 minutes sure is taking a long time to pass’’

’’There is no signal on my tactical communications watch at all. It looks like you can't connect with the outside world within the ruins’’ Luo Feng glanced at his watch. However, he wasn't surprised. If the outside world could connect with the people in the ruins, then the Dojo of Limits, Thunder Dojo, etc. would know much more about the archaeological ruins.

Time passed slowly.....

Luo Feng waited silently.

’’xxxxxxxx.....’’ a bunch of words rang across the black lobby. At the same time, the lobby started slightly rumbling.

Luo Feng lowered his head and looked at his tactical communications watch, which translated the phrase: ’’Please enter the elite tunnel’’

He raised his head!

A dark tunnel whose end could not be seen appeared in the wall of the black lobby. Beside the tunnel were a few complicated words that matched the words displayed on his tactical communications watch.


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