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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 11



Hong Ning headquarter city. The Dojo of Limits world headquarters was an old, gigantic spaceship. At the parking area beside the gigantic spaceship landed a dark blue triangular fighter jet.

Inside the auto jet.

’’We can't use the 'Black God set' in the archaeological ruins, so I have to leave it here’’ Luo Feng extended his right hand. Soon enough, the black membrane gathered on his right hand and transformed into a black glove, ’’I still have to give up control’’

After the black god set absorbs the blood of its host, it undergoes a transformation: it becomes tied to its owner's body like never before, as if it was its owner's skin. It could change into tens of thousands of different things and even hide below skin! However, there is one downside..... once it's on you, it is very hard to get it off.

There are two ways to get it off your body.

First way, death of the owner!

Second way, force out the blood that the black god set absorbed. This way, the black god set will automatically come off.

’’Now, I'll get the black god set off. I have to let it absorb my blood again later’’ laughed Luo Feng helplessly.

In a moment, the black glove fell onto the seat of the auto jet.

’’#1, put away the black god set’’ after saying that, Luo Feng left the auto jet.


Inside the gigantic spaceship. Right when Luo Feng arrived, he was led to a certain resting lounge. The lounge was huge and had a few dozen seats.

Six people were already in the lounge. With a glance, Luo Feng determined that a man and a woman were of Chinese descent. The one sitting with his eyes closed was Indian. As for the other three, there were two black people who were also sitting silently and a white man with curly golden hair.

’’Hello, Luo Feng, I am Ta Ba Yan from Kyoto headquarter city’’ the Chinese man came over and introduced himself, ’’From what I know, out of the 8 people departing this time, only you and me are from China. Oh, lady Li who I was talking to is from Hong Ning headquarter city’’

’’Oh’’ Luo Feng slightly nodded, said a few words, and then sat on the side.

To prepare to enter the archaeological ruin.....

Soon enough, the 8th and last member arrived. All the wargods of the Dojo of Limits headed to archaeological ruin #9 have arrived.

’’Everyone, please follow me’’

Under the lead of a man wearing a loose red robe, Luo Feng and the other seven wargods from all over the world arrived at a room made out of a weird purple colored wood. Luo Feng and the others have never seen the purple wood that made up the room. However, it had a weird smell that could help someone gather their spirits like never before.

A man wearing black was currently standing in the room. His back was faced towards Luo Feng and the group.


Luo Feng and the other seven people all slightly bowed.

Only after that did the black clothed man turn around. He scanned across Luo Feng's group as he said emotionlessly: ’’Archaeological ruin #9, even though it's one of the safer archaeological ruins, its death rate is still very high. If any of you want to leave, you can say it now. Otherwise, it will be too late for regrets after entering the archaeological ruin’’

Everyone stayed silent.

’’Very good’’ said the black clothed man calmly, ’’Allure, come in’’

His sound spread out.


A blurry image came together outside the door, which showed to be a mysterious girl who was wearing a golden mask and a black robe. Her black, long hair was spread out. Because the mask was blocking her face, you could only see her eyes, nose, and mouth. However, just from those, you could tell that she is an extremely beautiful person.

Especially those eyes, it seemed to attract the deepest part of one's soul.

’’She's mixed race’’ Luo Feng determined this from her eyes, ’’Allure of the three royal guards, no wonder she got that nickname’’

The three royal guards are the most loyal subordinates of 'Hong'!

Because they are always with Hong, the three of them are more powerful than the average strength of the five investigators.

’’The eight of you will depart to archaeological ruin #9 in a bit. Allure will lead’’ commanded the black clothed man.


Everyone heeded the order.

’’Luo Feng stay, everyone else leave’’ commanded the black clothed man.

Soon enough, only Luo Feng and the black clothed man, 'Hong', remained in the room.

The black clothed man said calmly: ’’Luo Feng, you asked the inner section about the archaeological ruins through phone? You don't want to go?’’


Luo Feng slightly bowed, ’’I did make a phone call to ask about it. At that time, I thought that it wasn't worth it to enter the 'archaeological ruin', because after risking my life, the only thing I get in the end is a..... 'black god set'. Because of that, I was quite hesitant at that time’’

’’You changed your mind?’’ the black clothed man looked at Luo Feng with a bit of shock.


Luo Feng nodded, ’’The path to aim for the limits of life is filled with difficulty. Of course I can't shy away from any challenges!’’

’’Pedestrians can get hit by a car’’

’’Even in a sector, a dropped vase could hit your head. Nothing is absolutely safe!’’

’’I picked this path because I need the courage to fight. If it's absolutely safe, then there's no point in challenging it. Only because there is danger can my blood boil and fill me with the will to fight! And also, I was already told that my chances of success is over 80%, so what do I have to be afraid of?’’ Luo Feng's eyes were bright.

The black clothed man looked and nodded to himself.

This young man in front of him is talented, but to become truly successful, talent isn't enough.

This young man, compared to the last time he saw him, has at least double the fighting spirit! A flowing fighting spirit that seems to have been hammered repeatedly! If you truly want to break past the limits of life and become the most powerful fighter on earth, then you need an unstoppable fighting spirit that isn't willing to give in to anything!

’’Good. All I want to tell you is..... even though 'advanced level wargod level spirit readers' that entered the archaeological ruin #9 have failed, none of them died’’ said the black clothed man.

Luo Feng's heart skipped a beat. No wonder.....

No wonder Hong wanted him to go, as if Hong knew nothing would go wrong.

’’Of course, there are barely any advanced level wargod level spirit readers in the first place, so we don't have enough data to absolutely guarantee your safety’’ said the black clothed man, ’’Go join the group’’

’’Yes, head’’

Luo Feng left immediately.


A universe level auto jet was currently soaring the air with amazing speed.

Inside was indeed royal guard Allure and the eight wargods.

’’You guys can just call me Mrs. Representative’’ it felt extremely comfortable to listen to Allure's voice, ’’Our destination is archaeological ruin #9. Archaeological ruin #9 is in the depths of the amazon rainforest in South America and is one of the safer archaeological ruins’’

The white guy suddenly said with curiosity: ’’Mrs. Representative, so there are other archaeological ruins?’’

’’Of course!’’

No one could see Allure's full facial expression, but you could see the ends of her mouth curve upwards, ’’I can tell you of one. Archaeological ruin #1 is the first archaeological ruin we found on earth. It is located in the depths of the sea around Bermuda in the 'North Atlantic'’’

Including Luo Feng, everyone couldn't help but to gasp.

Archaeological ruin #1? First one found?

’’However, as of now, there is no way to enter the entrance of archaeological ruin #1’’ Allure's voice was a bit evil, ’’Even the most powerful person and the hardest metallic weapon..... after entering, will instantly be destroyed!’’

Luo Feng and the others were at a loss for words.

All the humans on earth can't even get past the entrance of this archaeological ruin #1.

Even 'Hong' and 'Thunder God' cannot enter. It seems that even 'SS grade materials' and even higher quality materials will be destroyed..... ’’I probably shouldn't even bother thinking about this place. I need to bring up my skill first’’ thought Luo Feng to himself.

’’Everyone, listen carefully, I'm only going to say this once!’’

Allure's voice became slightly louder.

’’Archaeological ruin #9 is an archaeological ruin that uses a 'disqualification' type of trial. When you enter, fighters usually continue through the 'Type-A tunnel'. Spirit readers will be arranged to go through the 'Type-B tunnel'’’ after Allure said this, everyone started listening carefully.

It seems like.....

Spirit readers and regular fighters are treated differently inside.

’’After entering the depths of the archaeological ruin, everyone will encounter different things’’

’’The difficulty will be different too!’’

’’However, those who succeed will receive the ruin's reward, a 'black god set'. Those who fail, even if they don't die, will become handicapped!’’

Allure suddenly stood up and faced towards the control area of the universe level auto jet: ’’Command..... ruin #9’’


Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Eight red lights flew out of the auto jet and shot towards Luo Feng and the other wargods' tactical communications watches on their wrists. The group became confused.

’’Don't panic’’ the sides of Allure's mouth slightly curved upwards, as if she was about to laugh.

’’There are words inside archaeological ruin #9. However, they are different from any language on earth’’ said Allure, ’’If you don't understand what is being said and can't read the words in the ruin, you will waste a huge amount of time. Early on, nobody understood these words. There were wargods that spent a full seven months before coming out’’

’’Understanding what is being said in the ruins will save you guys a lot of time’’

’’So before entering, I will install a piece of translation software in your tactical communications watch. This translation software can translate everything in archaeological ruin #9 to Chinese and English. After you guys come out, I will be responsible for uninstalling this archaeological ruin #9 translation software’’

After five minutes, the installation process finished.

South America, amazon rainforest. Night. The universe level auto jet was flying downwards. It then slowly descended.


The hatch opened.

Luo Feng and the other seven wargods and 'Allure' walked out together. What was around them was a forest whose ends could not be seen. A few monsters could be seen too, but none of them dared to come close. A 'CHI CHI' sound rang, and the dirt on the ground started rumbling. The ground unexpectedly split into two as it separated and revealed a tunnel towards the underground area that was five meters wide.


A silverish gray elevator actually rose to the surface. The elevator doors opened and an old man wearing a red robe came out.

’’Representative Allure’’ the red robed old man slightly bowed.


Allure looked towards Luo Feng and the other seven people as the sides of her mouth slightly curved upwards, ’’Alright, hurry and enter and then go in the archaeological ruin! Each of you will encounter different things. I hope all of you can come out alive!’’. After that, representative Allure directly flew into the universe level auto jet, which quickly flew away.

’’Everyone, please make haste. Archaeological ruin #9 will only be open this year for two more hours’’ reminded the red robed old man.


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