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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 10



’’A drop in the ocean’’ Luo Feng slightly nodded as he sighed.

’’No, you don't understand’’ Li Da Wei shook his head, ’’Without personally experiencing the struggle for life every single day back then, there is no way you can understand..... how my generation feels!’’

Luo Feng froze.

Li Da Wei sighed: ’’I was born in a beautiful time. The year I was born in was during the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong: 1997! My family can't be considered rich, but we were well off. I grew up without any worries: I played online games and read web novels. My parents would always scold me a bit every day, which irritated me quite a bit’’

Luo Feng looked at Li Da Wei with shock.....

Online games? Web novels? In this age, all the students spend their free time from class in the 'Dojo'. Becoming a fighter is the dream of every young person.

’’Don't look at me like that. Since you haven't experienced such a peaceful period, it is unimaginable’’ Li Da Wei let out a smile as his eyes looked back on his memories, ’’During that time, we would even chat on online discussion boards and shitpost. We could gather for dinner and go on field trips. There truly were no worries at all!’’

’’However ’’

’’2015! It all started on January of 2015!’’

’’We instantly fell from heaven to hell! That year was the year I was preparing for my high school exams..... however, there were no exams!’’

’’Nightmare befell!’’

’’The virus spread across the entire world via air. Anything that needs to breathe was infected. My friends died one by one. The girl I had a crush on, the brothers I played basketball with, my neighbors, my guildies from my online games, all of them died one by one! I almost broke down. I thought I was going through a nightmare.....’’

’’Sadly, I realized that that was just the beginning of the nightmare!’’

’’On the second half of the year of 2015, countless mutated monsters started attacking the cities where humans gathered! From a few scattered battles to full blown wars! We didn't care about these primitive monsters, since we thought they wouldn't stand a chance against human weapons. But we were wrong!’’

’’The real disaster began!’’

’’Cities were invaded and humans started running for their lives! Almost six full years of running. I passed by the angel of death multiple times. I struggled for my life every single time, for failure means death. Because of that, I had to pull through. From a simple youth who never experienced pain, to a cruel, experienced warrior!’’

Li Da Wei's voice became low: ’’In those six years, I watched my father die for me!’’

’’I watched the girl I love who escaped with me lose her life to the mouth of a monster. I could only clench my teeth and run away while wiping my tears!’’

’’I trained bitterly and squeezed out my body's potential!’’

’’Finally, humans relied on laser cannons and powerful fighters to end up in a stalemate between the monsters on land. And thus, the Grand Nirvana period ended. Humans entered the 'headquarter city age'. And I..... officially joined the army!’’

’’With a blink of an eye, around 30 years passed’’

Li Da Wei seemed to smile without worry, but Luo Feng felt like that smile contained too much bitterness to express.

’’For 30 years, humans and monsters fought. Even though the scale wasn't as large as the battles in the Grand Nirvana period, it never stopped’’ Li Da Wei shook his head as he said, ’’Just counting the armies under my control, do you know how many people have died in the past 30 years?’’

Luo Feng froze.

’’A rookie replacing a veteran...... I can't even say how many times that has happened’’

’’Death notices being sent to their families one by one. They died so humans can exist’’ sadness could be seen in Li Da Wei's eyes, ’’However, I powerlessly realized that a new monster type will appear in each sea monster's assault every year. A stronger monster will appear every year’’

’’What does that signify?’’ Li Da Wei stared at Luo Feng, ’’It means that, the sea monsters are continuously becoming more powerful!’’

’’I'm scared!’’

’’I am very scared’’ a tear could barely be seen in Li Da Wei's eyes, ’’Humans can never go on the offensive, and the monsters in the sea can continuously evolve and become more powerful. I am scared that there will be a day..... that humans will go extinct!’’

Luo Feng's heart froze.

’’However, for sea monsters to attack humans, they have to go through the rivers to attack the inland area’’

’’So ’’

’’I will dedicate my life to blocking them. I will definitely not allow them to advance by a single millimeter! The farther they are blocked from the land, the bigger the buffer the headquarter city has. Ever since I became the commander of the southeastern military sector, for a whole 11 years, 6 months, and 3 days, the sea monsters have not been able to advance a single step further along the Huangpu river!’’

As Luo Feng heard this, his heartbeat accelerated. From his heart, he truly started to respect the senior in front of him!

Because of their sacrifice, young people like him are allowed to grow up in headquarter cities peacefully.

’’I'm going to do everything I can against these sea monsters for the rest of my life!’’

’’All I want..... is for my future grandsons to have a future, to have hope!’’ said Li Da Wei softly.

Future, and hope?


If the headquarter cities are invaded again, will the future generations have any hope?

’’Luo Feng’’ Li Da Wei lightly patted Luo Feng's shoulders, ’’In this age, humans can only rely on two trump cards to survive. One is the high tech 'laser cannon', and one is the power of a fighter, fighters as powerful as 'Hong'’’

’’For humans to survive, they can either invent a weapon more powerful than the laser cannon as of now!’’

’’Or, another ultimate fighter like 'Hong' and 'Thunder God' can appear. Or even a fighter that surpasses 'Hong' and 'Thunder God'!’’

Li Da Wei looked at Luo Feng: ’’Luo Feng, when I was young, nobody taught me anything. Because of that, I went down the wrong path. I'm an intermediate level wargod, but this is my limit. I have no hope of improving’’

’’But you are different!’’

’’You aren't even 20 years old yet..... Luo Feng, an existence surpassing the wargod level can be compared to an army of a million people! And 'Hong' and 'Thunder God' are even more powerful, making them unrivaled’’

’’Humans are able to peacefully live in headquarter cities now because 'Hong' went to negotiate with the countless 'emperor level monsters' on land. So, one 'Hong' is more valuable than a country's entire army. I hope...... you can reach that level, or even surpass that level’’


As he watched Luo Feng's auto jet fly away, Li Da Wei had a complicated expression on as he silently mumbled to himself: ’’I am already old, and Luo Feng..... your future is limitless’’


Luo Feng's thoughts were in disarray because of the words that Li Da Wei gave to Luo Feng at the Huangpu river's military base.

He trained like crazy in the past mainly for the sake of his parents and brother! Ever since he became an 'invincible wargod', even though he still worked hard, he didn't have much pressure anymore.

Enemy 'Li Yao'? Hasn't cared about him for a while.

Family? They're doing great.

Money? Right now, money doesn't serve much of a function.

Authority? Even leaders and heads of organizations, families, and armies are all passionate when faced with him.

’’Dad, mom’’

Ming-Yue sector. Luo Feng walked into his home.

’’You're back. Breakfast is already ready for you. Maid’’ yelled his father who was reading.

’’Your brother is jogging outside. Ever since he got his legs back, he loves to jog’’ his father's smile was bright, ’’Oh yea, Feng, when are you planning on getting married. The only thing your mom and I want to do is to hug our grandsons’’

Luo Feng sat in front of the dining table.

He drank hot porridge and listened to his father. Suddenly, he felt like..... he was extremely happy. The warriors in the military base give up their lives in battle so the civilians in the headquarter cities can live peacefully..... maybe, this is why commander Li Da Wei and countless soldiers work so hard.

’’Hey, Wei’’

He sat on the floor of the training room as he smiled while holding his cell phone, ’’What, you're going to travel with your girlfriend this summer? How romantic. Yea. alright. However, I don't have much time now, since I still have to go out at the end of the month! I'll see you later. Yeah, okay, see ya!’’

Luo Feng's face was filled with smiles. Wei was having a good life too.

His parents were also happy and his brother's relationship was going great.....

Luo Feng recalled the words that commander Li Da Wei said

’’All I want..... is for my future grandsons to have a future, to have hope!’’

’’There's still a future. There's still hope!’’ mumbled Luo Feng to himself, ’’I also want my parents to enjoy the rest of their lives. I also want my brother to marry and have kids and have a family! I don't want all of this to be destroyed by monster hordes. I want the future generation to have hope!’’

In this moment

Luo Feng was determined like never before.

’’I also want, to pursue the limits of life and surpass my limits! Become a representative, a chairman, and even more powerful than them! Continue to surpass!’’

’’I also want, to become like 'Hong' and use my own power to make the monster hordes of the land tremble!’’

’’I also want, for the future generation to have a future, and to have hope!’’

Luo Feng's eyes were filled with determination!


’’Move forward!’’


’’When I close my eyes for the final time when I die, I don't want to have any regrets because I didn't work hard enough in the past!’’

After this time's cleansing of the soul, Luo Feng's beliefs were hardened like never before. For the entirety of September, Luo Feng dedicated himself to his 'blade technique', 'technique', 'fitness level', 'Celestial Deity Catalog', and other things he has to train. His dedication, instead of making him feel bored, made him feel a joy that came from within the deepest part of his heart.

His body's genetics started to perfect themselves.

His strength improved again and again.....

This physical change to his body made him feel great.

Forcing himself to train leads to poorer results. If he enjoys his training and the feeling of becoming a more powerful being, the rate at which he improves becomes alarming.

Dawn of September 29th, the time when Luo Feng tested himself!

And..... his fist strength reached 258,103 kg, which is over 256,000 kg. He has officially stepped into the 'advanced level wargod level fitness level'!


Afternoon of September 29th, around 2 PM.

He wore a new blood red colored SS battle uniform which he bought at the cheapest price from the 'Palace of Wargods' and had a SS ghost blade on his back. Luo Feng's body seemed like a polished jewel. As he stood there, he seemed like a blade that could shoot towards the sky as he possessed infinite fighting spirit!

’’Dad, mom, I don't know how long I'll be gone this time. Luo Hua, while I'm gone, take care of dad and mom’’

’’Got it, bro’’

’’Be careful out there’’ followed his parents.

Luo Feng slightly smiled and then directly walked outside towards his auto jet. The hatch of the jet automatically opened. Luo Feng entered it and the hatch closed.


The dark blue triangular fighter jet swiftly ascended and flew out of Jiang-Nan headquarter city's defense network. It then transformed into a stream of light and rushed towards the Dojo of Limits world headquarters.


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