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Swallowed Star - Volume 6 - Chapter 1



Recently, not only does the entire Ming-Yue sector know the name 'Luo Feng', virtually all the residents in the surroundings of the Lotus Pond park know that name.

Lotus Pond park is right beside Ming-Yue sector. It is a public park.

Back then, Luo Hua met Nan at this park by pure chance. This park is very crowded and is also the main place where information spreads. Things about Luo Feng mainly spread from here. Legends about Luo Feng.....

The first one is about the special triangular shaped fighter jet parked in Ming-Yue sector. According to what others have said, this fighter jet was purchased by Luo Feng. People who are familiar with such things commented that the usual fighter jet used in the military is priced over 1 billion, and that's an estimate. Fighter jets that are able to venture in the wilderness alone usually cost more than 10 billion. Only a portion of wargods are able to buy it, and this fighter jet seems a bit special.

So it's probably even more expensive!

The residents of neighboring sectors thought to themselves about the meaning of '10 billion Chinese dollars' and all of them froze at the thought.

Secondly, it appears that Luo Feng has become the examiner of Jiang-Nan city's Dojo of Limits! What kind of position is the examiner you ask? A position that's even bigger than the chairman! There are barely any people in Jiang-Nan headquarter city who have more authority than him. Even the mayor of Jiang-Nan city and the general of the army has to be polite around him. You definitely have to raise your thumb when mentioning such people!

The third legend is about the two famous handicaps in Ming-Yue sector. One of them is the brother of the genius fighter Luo Feng, 'Luo Hua'. Because of his relationship, he almost killed himself in the lake of Lotus Pond park. A handicap attempting to commit suicide..... this topic was discussed for quite a long time by the people in the park. And this handicap was actually healed! He's grown two legs out!

As for the other handicap, Zhang Ke. This is a 'warlord level' fighter, quite respectable. However, many people saw...... that Zhang Ke, who was once missing an arm, actually has two perfectly fine arms now. Afterwards, news spread from Ming-Yue sector: because of their relationship with Luo Feng, the two handicaps, 'Luo Hua' and 'Zhang Ke', received some extremely valuable medicine to recover their legs and arm.


People haven't been able to stop discussing about these three huge legends.

Of course, a lot of people were envious of 'Zhen Nan’’s parents. Back then, Zhen Nan's parents' interference with their daughter's relationship almost caused Luo Hua to commit suicide..... but now, Zhen Nan's parents are happily welcoming Luo Hua with open arms. According to the legends, Luo Hua even bought a villa in the sector that Zhen Nan's family lives in.

The most amazing part is that Zhen Nan's parents were originally regular people. Who would've thought they would climb up to such a point!

However, everyone knows that.....

All of this is thanks to that extremely mysterious person Luo Feng! Only 19 years old, and yet he already stands at the top of the entire Jiang-Nan headquarter city. Even around the world, he is quite an influential figure. A lot of people in the surroundings became especially interested after hearing that Luo Feng apparently doesn't have a girlfriend yet.

Getting with Luo Feng's brother brings so much already.

If you can get with Luo Feng himself, then your next few generations will definitely be in happiness too.


Ming-Yue sector, a training hall in the first floor of Limit Hall.

Luo Feng, who was sitting cross legged on his soaring shuttle in a training uniform, hovered in mid air as 12 blade pieces circled around Luo Feng like bees. They crazily danced and would sometimes accelerate and sometimes decelerate. These 12 blade pieces seemed to be playing with each other as they frequently zipped past each other. Perhaps even a 0.01 second difference would cause them to collide.

’’Got it!’’ Luo Feng let out a face of happiness as his 12 blade pieces stopped and hovered in the air.

Luo Feng lowered his head and looked at his tactical communications watch that was currently acting as a stopwatch '3.08' flashed past.


’’The second drawing of the 《Celestial Deity Catalog》 is finally complete’’ Luo Feng was extremely happy, ’’Next, I'll start practicing the third drawing of the 《Celestial Deity Catalog》’’. Truthfully, Luo Feng's spiritual force was barely enough to complete the second drawing, so that's why he completed it in just a few days.

From the third drawing on..... is where the real test begins.

’’Golden silk net!’’

Luo Feng looked towards a net that was bunched up in the corner. This gold colored net, under Luo Feng's watch, hovered and swiftly expanded. The small lump seemed small, but it became surprisingly large after expanding in the center of the training room. A length of 8.3 meters and a width of 6.1 meters. This net was formed by densely packed, thin golden strings that were around 5 mm thick.

’’Cover!’’ Luo Feng thought to himself.

The golden net instantly descended to the ground below like a magic carpet.

’’Capture!’’ the golden net, like a palm, directly covered the fist strength testing machine to the side.

’’The most important thing when using the golden net is speed’’ thought Luo Feng to himself, ’’If I want to capture Li Yao with the golden net, then I have to control it quickly!’’. Clearly, the speed at which he controls the golden net can't even begin to compare the speed at which he controls his throwing knives or the blade pieces of the soaring shuttle. Because, compared to those two things, its surface area is way too large, leading to an astonishingly large amount of air resistance.


For the entire morning, Luo Feng stayed on the first floor of Limit Hall as he practiced in his private training room.

Limit Hall is extremely spacious and not many fighters train there. So chairman Zhou Zheng Yong and the three chiefs took the initiative to remodel one of the training rooms in the first floor of Yang Zhou city's Limit Hall. They also sent over a lot of equipment to make it a training room suitable for wargods to train in.

And so, this training room became Luo Feng's private training room.

’’Hey, mom, is food ready?’’ Luo Feng smiled as he pushed open the door of his home.

’’Almost almost’’ in the kitchen, Gong Xin Lan was personally cooking as a maid assisted her. Mother Gong Xin Lan didn't have many hobbies, so she just cooked all the time. And since she was usually free all day, she plays some mahjong with the other housewives in the sector. Her days were quite comfortable.

Luo Feng looked towards the living room, where his father was currently laying on the sofa as he watched the news on TV.

’’Bro, you're back’’ a boy and a girl walked out a room to the side.

The teenage boy's face seemed a bit pale and he was a bit skinny. However, he also seemed a bit handsome with his tall figure. The girl holding his hand also let out a slightly formal smile in front of Luo Feng. These two were indeed brother Luo Hua and Zhen Nan.

’’Nan is here’’ Luo Feng smiled as he nodded, ’’Luo Hua, you better take her out somewhere this afternoon’’

’’Got it, bro’’ smiled Luo Hua as he nodded, ’’Oh yea, bro, I have quite a few photos of girls here;other people told Zhen Nan to bring them to you. Interested in looking at a few? There are quite a few beautiful girls’’

Luo Feng froze.

’’Oh yea’’ mother Gong Xin Lan peeked her head out the kitchen as she yelled, ’’Feng, when i went to exercise in the park this morning, quite a few people talked to me about this too. I also have quite a few photos of brilliant girls. I approve of some of them’’

Luo Feng smacked his head.

Ever since he came back, too much stuff like this has been happening.

’’Mom, didn't I say not to mention things like this any more?’’ Luo Feng shook his head with a bitter face.

’’Bro, you won't lose anything by getting to know them. Some people don't even have the chance to meet with beautiful girls. All of these girls are quite brilliant. If they aren't brilliant, then they wouldn't be confident enough to send their information over’’ Luo Hua's eyebrows raised, ’’AHH ’’ Luo Hua looked towards his girlfriend beside him, since he was just pinched by her.

Luo Feng shook his head.

’’Mom, dad’’ Luo Feng turned his head, ’’I won't be eating dinner at home tonight, I have some stuff to do this afternoon’’

At 4 PM of the same day, Luo feng rode on his auto jet and headed towards the main city sector from Yang Zhou city.

After parking the auto jet on the roof of the Dojo of Limits headquarters, Luo Feng rode on a Dojo of Limits private car to the airport.


Luo Feng was wearing jeans and a black T-shirt. However, within the T-shirt was a black piece of armor, which was formed from the 'Black God Set'. And within this black armor were the 365 blade pieces of the soaring shuttle, which were spread out around the armor.

First, it's convenient, since wearing this armor is equivalent to Luo Feng bringing around his most powerful weapon, the 'Soaring Shuttle'. Second, it's safe! In terms of defense, the Black God set may be powerful, but according to the manual..... the material making up the soaring shuttle is even more amazing than the Black God set's material!

’’Arrived’’ Luo Feng looked over.

In the air, a dark blue light pierced the sky as it arrived. It then hovered in the sky above. This was indeed a large commercial plane. This large commercial plane slowly descended and then stopped.


The hatch opened and a staircase extended out automatically.

Including Luo Feng, there were six others who were here to welcome those who arrived. To able to come to the place where the plane landed shows that they are people of authority. Including Luo Feng, there were only six people. Most of the people welcoming those who arrived are waiting outside the exit.

’’Xu Xin’’ Luo Feng raised his head and looked over.

Within the many passengers coming down the staircase, one of them was a girl wearing a light green collared shirt and jeans, which completely attracted Luo Feng's eyes. Under the refreshing summer day, Xu Xin's figure showed clearly. Ever since she was young, Xu Xin's unique aura caused her to be even more attractive.

’’In high school, Xu Xin was like a neighbor. When she was a manager in the HR alliance's first floor's bar, she gave off the feeling of a professional worker.....’’ Luo Feng admits that he has been attracted to Xu Xin ever since his freshman year of high school.

Xu Xin also looked down from the stairs and couldn't help but to smile as she saw Luo Feng below.

The passengers continued to walk down.

When Xu Xin walked off the stairs, she directly headed towards Luo Feng. She had a bright smile on: ’’And I thought you weren't coming’’

’’When did I ever go against my word’’ laughed Luo Feng.

’’Xu Xin’’ a sound carried from behind.

Luo Feng couldn't help but to look over. A youth who appeared to be around 20 years old walked over. His clothes and shoes were clearly expensive, and the watch on his wrist..... also seemed to be of a famous brand. His smile gave off a feeling that he was naturally of high class. Luo Feng couldn't help but to ask Xu Xin: ’’Your Xu family's?’’

’’Not really’’ said Xu Xin quietly.

The teenager glanced at Luo Feng. Luo Feng's attire was quite normal, like a random college student off the street. The youth elegantly extended his hand as he smiled: ’’Hello, My name is Sun Chao, I don't know if you're Xu Xin's.....’’

’’Ah, Luo Feng!’’ an overjoyed voice rang.

Luo Feng turned his head and saw Xu Xin's brother, 'Xu Gang', in a suit as he ran over and smiled passionately. After seeing the youth beside him, he smiled, ’’Who would've thought that I would meet Luo Feng right when I return. Haha, this is great. Ah, Sun Chao, Let me introduce to you. This is my sister's boyfriend, Luo Feng’’


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